St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, which means that there will be a demand for green attire. From fun T-shirts to flashy glasses, the holiday allows a lot of stores to prepare for the celebration. There is no doubt that Baltimoreans take St. Patty’s Day seriously. Each year, there are hundreds of people lining the city streets from Fed Hill to Fells Point. To be prepared, here are some of the best places to check out St. Patrick’s Day attire in Charm City!

Charm City Tees
6311 Erdman Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 718-6618

Known as “Baltimore’s finest T-shirt company,” Charm City Tees provides promotional T-shirts for schools, sporting events and local business. Most importantly, Charm City Tees provide custom holiday shirts. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, custom T-shirts can be shipped the same day. With custom screen printed products, the company provides hoodies, polos, sweats and coozies. Charm City Tees can be contacted via email and phone for custom orders.

Natty Boh Gear
1624 Thames St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 276-1038

If you are looking for St. Patrick’s day apparel with a touch of Baltimore, look no further than Natty Boh Gear. It offers wonderful customer service and is always well-stocked. Located in Fells Point, this store has an excellent selection of items. This is the place for Orioles or Ravens games when you are looking for a quick shirt to bring to buy and wear. For the upcoming holiday, Natty Boh Gear provides “Baltimore-Lucky Boh,” “Natty Boh Shamrock Long Sleeve,” or “Natty Boh Logo-Green.” With the festivities around the corner, there is still a chance to stop by Natty Boh Gear and join in the fun.

Party City
6311 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 377-3100

Celebrate all the holidays with Party City due to their vast amount of party supplies. Not only can you purchase St Patrick’s Day shirts, but party supplies, costumes and party goods. There is no need to worry about a shortage because their stores are always well stocked  just for you to find what you need! Also, the store provides official sports team themed holiday items. If you’re planning to obtain St. Patrick’s Day attire and you love the Ravens or Orioles, be sure to pick up a few things. Party City is located around various areas in Baltimore so be sure to stop by early for your attire!

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Cool Stuff Here
714 W 36th St.
Baltimore, MD 21211

It’s a small store, but big purchases are made here. Jewelry, T-shirts and potential gifts can be purchased in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day. According to customers, this store sells anything from guitar strings to coconut shell rings. Helpful customer service and a laid back environment makes Cool Stuff Here a great place to visit. Great designs and local belt buckles makes this local shop unique and beneficial to anyone looking for the holiday.

Captain Jerry’s Custom T-Shirt
4121 Primrose Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 358-1600

St. Patrick’s Day is a great reason to visit this store. Captain Jerry’s provides great quality products with fair pricing. Not only that, but they specialize in screen printing, promotional products and graphic design. This company is in it’s third generation of family ownership since its establishment in 1976. If you want a standout shirt that has more than just the color green for this holiday, then this is the place. Unique logos, lettering and style is where it is at with Captain Jerry’s.

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