Best Places To Get Your Hair Braided Around Baltimore

June 23, 2011 6:47 AM

Zigzag, weaves and interlaced twists of hair make for unique braids. For interesting and fun designs in braids, check out our lists of the best places for hair braiding.


Taru Hair Braiding

5900 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Taru Hair Braiding weaves a lot of different styles into their hair braids. Receive braids with extensions of human and synthetic hair. Maintain dreadlocks, cornrows and twists. Taru Hair Braiding specializes in kinky twists, flat twists and three braids. For Senegalese hospitality with a twist, visit Taru Hair Braiding.


Braiding House

6901 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD, 21244

Make an appointment at the Braiding House for a fresh braided look. Braiding House’s professional braiders have years of experience and they are committed to customer satisfaction. The Braiding House works with many different braiding styles including lacing braids, Nubian twists and two strand twists. They also carry the largest variety of human and synthetic hair for women, men and children. Come back to the Braiding House for touch-ups and maintenance.


Braider On Wheels

825 East Jeffrey Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21225

Come to them or let them come to you, Braider On Wheels is ready to accommodate. The stylists of Braider On Wheels are up-to-date with the current trends in braids and extensions. New customers, print out the coupon from their website for first-time visit savings. Are you envious of the braids of your favorite singer? Bring a photo in and Braider On Wheels will match. Whether straight, wavy, deep wavy or fluffy, Braids On Wheels is ready to roll.


Sofi Hair Braiding

6318 Sherwood Road
Baltimore, MD 21239

Sofi Hair Braiding has mastered the ancient art of hair braiding. Handed down from generation to generation in Africa, the origins of hair braiding have been traced to Egypt around 3,500 BC. For a modern look to the traditional hair braid, visit Sofi Hair Braiding. They provide fast service and unique designs. Ask for box braids, invisible braids, pixie braids or silky braids.

Stella’s Hair Braiding Salon

13220 Laurel Bowie Road
Laurel, MD 20708

Stella’s Hair Braiding Salon is dedicated to providing Maryland with the styles and braids from African heritage. From Togo, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Liberia and West Africa, the stylists of Stella’s Hair Braiding offer the very best styles from Africa and around the world. Stella’s has been in business for over 15 years and their staff has 40 years of combined experience. Choose from micro braids, Senegalese twists, flat twists, Casamas braids and other hair weaving styles. Call for an appointment and enjoy a braiding experience celebrating African heritage.

By Lance Duvall