There is very little more tempting in life than a juicy steak, and the best cut of steak may very well be the prime rib. But where can your average Baltimorean go to sink their teeth into this tender slice of meat-heaven? Baltimore is actually a town brimming with restaurants which pride themselves on their preparation of all things beef, but the five places listed below may very well be the best in the area for that tender meal that will stick to your ribs.

Stoney River Steakhouse And Grill
825 Dulaney Valley Road, Suite 157
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 583-5250

Stoney River Steakhouse is an upscale establishment in Towson where you can go to get the choicest cuts of steak, including a fine prime rib. While the location is technically in the Towson Town Center, they have a street entrance and are only superficially attached to the mall proper. Their prime rib of beef has been aged and slow roasted to a tender finish (your choice of how finished, of course). You choose from a twelve or sixteen ounce, and the dish always comes with sides.

Christopher Daniel
106 W. Padonia Road
Lutherville, MD 21093
(410) 308-1800

Prime rib is prime rib, right? Well you’d be surprised how many different ways this succulent piece of beef can be served up. At Christopher Daniel, a swanky little sit-down affair in Timonium, the prime rib is served up on a mouth-watering sandwich, comfortably nestled in with caramelized onions and melted swish cheese, with a French dip for flavoring. Swing in to Christopher Daniel, order a red wine off its extensive wine menu and try something different in your prime rib.

Fogo De Chao
600 E. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 528-9292

Fogo De Chao showed Baltimore once and for all why Brazilian dining is truly superior. In addition to the buffet and menu, Fogo De Chao has a unique food delivery system which involves servers bringing choice cuts of meats, including every variety of beef, around to your table on platters for you to select from in an all-you-can-eat fashion. The restaurant provides you with a little “red light/green light” system, alerting servers when you are ready to see more meat, or aren’t interested just now. Flanks of freshly grilled meat will be brought on spits and carved before your eyes until you shout that you have had your fill — like something out of a Disney cartoon. It is the dining experience of a lifetime, and if you haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and haul your tail down there today!

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Michael’s Steak & Lobster House
6209 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 633-6485

Michael’s is a humble and unpretentious little surf ‘n turf restaurant which might find itself frequently overlooked. This is a shame for a number of reasons. It sports reasonable prices, a full bar and some mouth-watering lumpy-meat crab cakes; however, Michael’s real claim to fame — the one which fans of the restaurant can’t stop talking about — is just how doggone thick the cuts of steak are! Michael’s serves its steaks up in a number of different cuts and styles, sometimes smothering them with mushrooms or giving them that au jus soaking, or just seasoning them and serving them with the meat falling off the bone. Any way you go, you can’t go wrong. Just go to Michael’s.

The Prime Rib
1101 N. Calvert St., Suite 102
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 539-1804

Steak, more than any other meat, sets the table for high-class dining. There is no better example of this than The Prime Rib — a restaurant named after a cut of steak, which maintains a 1940s nightclub look and tuxedoed waiters who cater to the diner’s every need as if they were royalty. Befitting of a first-class, Zagat-rated restaurant, the menu has some variety without being extensive, focusing more on the quality of the dishes than the quantity of options. It has a signature dish and that dish is, of course, a “signature cut of roast prime rib.”

If you are thinking all of this sounds a bit pricey, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, one might argue that it is worth it to have the experience — which Zagat compares to Mad Men. And the flavorful Prime Rib is definitely worth it.

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