Best Resources For Single Moms In Baltimore

January 24, 2011 9:28 AM

Best Resources For Single Moms

Being a single mom isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Baltimore has a large network of community organizations and other single parents to help you through all the phases of child rearing. Whether you are looking for parenting tips or to connect with other single parents, these are some of the best resources for single moms in Baltimore.–Melissa Dahne

More than Moms, A New Kind of Playgroup

What started as a small group of young moms nursing babies and swapping birth stories has grown into a larger, yet still tight-knit, parenting community that offers support both online and in-person. Group organizer Hillary Pennington offers a standing playgroup every other Tuesday. Parents are welcome to drop off and pickup their kids at her house at their convenience, as long as they bring a snack to share! In addition, the group goes on field trips, has weekly stroller brigades and hosts Mom’s Night Out. More than Moms has a group on Meetup ( where you can RSVP for events and read reviews.

Raising Him Alone

1111 Park Avenue, Suite L-151
Baltimore, MD 21201
(877) 339-4300

The Raising Him Alone campaign focuses specifically on increasing the chances of success for black males being raised by single mothers. The campaign provides research and strategies on the following four areas: health and wellbeing (mental health), educational support and advocacy, financial literacy, and reconnecting fathers and sons. Raising Him Alone connects single mothers with the people, organizations, and resources that can help them the most. The campaign publishes books that speak directly to single mothers, such as “Raising Him Alone: Things Black Women Can Do to Raise Boys to be Men” and “MAMA USED TO SAY: Ordinary Women with Extraordinary Wisdom.” The campaign’s website contains a number of strategies for things like keeping boys busy, helping them with their homework, monitoring their technology use and talking with them about sex.

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Within the Family and Parenting section, the Baltimore edition of features a special section written for and by single moms in Baltimore. The site contains an extensive archive of articles that cover topics such as “A Single Mom’s Guide to the BWI Airport” and “Why Maryland Single Moms Should Care About the Public Health Debate.” In addition, you can check out author bios to learn more about their experiences as single moms, what activities they enjoy and their own favorite resources.