Running is not just for those in marathon condition. If you have a desire to lead a healthy and active lifestyle while making new friends along the way, then joining a running club might be for you. Check out these local groups and see what they have to offer. New members are always welcome at Baltimore’s best running clubs.

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Photo Credit: Thinkstock

NCR Trail Snails

Price: free

The NCR Trail Snails have a motto, “We’re behind you all the way!” This is a very supportive group comprised of a wide array of runners ranging in age and skill level. The group alternates its course every Saturday, running either the NCR trail or Loch Raven Reservoir. They describe themselves as an informal group and are always looking to add more fun-loving runners to the mix. After runs, the group grabs breakfast together. The group meets Saturdays at 7 a.m. during the summer and 8 a.m. during fall and winter.

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Baltimore Road Runners Club

P.O. Box 9825
Baltimore, Md. 21284
(410) 630-1580

Price: $6 kids younger than 18/$17 full-time students/$22 per adult/$28 per family

In addition to being a serious running group, the Baltimore Road Runners hosts member-sponsored social events throughout the year. New members are always welcome regardless of age or skill level. While workouts are free and open to anyone, there is a fee associated with membership. The group meets for a free workout session Thursdays at 6:30 p.m., a perfect introduction to what might be your favorite new running group.

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Federal Hill Runners

Price: free

This dedicated group of runners has never missed a Monday night in the past 10 years. It meets in front of Federal Hill fitness Mondays at 6:30 p.m. The club is open to everyone, and newcomers are always welcome. The best way to join is to just show up. Many members gather for dinner after their run, making these fun social gatherings as well. Federal Hill Runners is a social group ranging in skill level and age. Most members stay within the four- to six-mile range, and several come out just to walk. The club alternates routes including the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry.

Baltimore Women’s Classic

Price: free/$25 training program

The Baltimore Women’s Classic is a nonprofit organization. While members do meet up for regular runs, the group’s main event is held in June. An eight-week training program is offered in preparation for the race. This is the second-oldest all-women’s event in the United States. The group is home to members of all shapes, sizes and athletic abilities. Run times and days vary among members.

Baltimore Pacemakers

Price: free

The Pacemakers offers runners a unique way to explore the city. Routes vary depending on season and distance but always offer members a scenic tour of the city they love. Members range in age and experience, including mothers with jogging strollers and individuals in their 70s. New members are encouraged to come out and see for themselves just how fun running can be. Runs take place Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7 a.m. The group meets for coffee and breakfast, and supports small, local businesses by finding new places to gather.

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Run, Gab, Gulp & Go

Price: free

This is a fun group comprised of people who just love to run. Members range from individuals training for marathons to people simply focused on staying active and fit. It’s an incredibly social group, often meeting for dinner, drinks and outings. It takes advantage of scenic locations to meet for runs. Run times and days vary depending on the season. The group (also known as RG3) often utilizes local lakes, parks, trails and waterfront venues for its running pleasure, and it’s always looking to add new members to the group.

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