Spicy Food isn’t for everyone, and so many restaurants keep it off the menu. If you’re among the percentage of the population who likes the kind of food that makes your mouth sizzle and your sinuses tingle, it may be frustrating looking for eateries that appeal to your cravings. Fortunately for you, we have dug up a number of local spots which thrive on throwing peppers and spices into their food and appealing to the palates of those who want that firey sensation inside. Check them out and tell your friends!
Spice And Dice Thai Restaurant
1220 E. Joppa Road, 108
Towson, MD 21286
(410) 494-8777
www.thaispiceanddice.comThai food is notoriously spicy, and Spice and Dice advertises the spicy aspect of its food right in its name, so you know its going to fit the bill in that regard. Not only does the food sizzle with spice, but its exceptional Thai food as well. We know you’re there for the hot food, but if you happen to bring a spouse or friend who doesn’t care for that sort of thing, Spice and Dice has you covered. It presents its patrons with two separate menus: Spice and Dice, and Noodle Charm. You don’t have to stick to one menu, either. Order a little from each, and S&D will be happy to please.

400 W. Lexington St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 576-7777
www.memsahibrestaurant.comMemsahib is an Indian Restaurant. That fact alone should tell you that it is going to put curry and other spices in a lot of its food. But this restaurant goes the extra mile and gives its patrons the full Indian experience. Lunch is a buffet, so come in and make your own plate of as little or as much of whatever you like. But if you have an evening to kill, and want to be transported to another country, come in for dinner. You will lounge at the couches, be served course after course with hand washing in between, and a belly dancer to top off the evening. Just be aware, this takes a while.

Tortilleria Sinaloa
1716 Eastern Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 276-3741
www.tortilleria-sinaloa.comTortilleria Sinaloa is one of the most appreciated Mexican restaurants in the Baltimore area, and it makes certain that it serves its guests some of the most authentic Mexican dishes – fully spiced. Not only is the food as spicy as you can handle, but there is plenty of it. Come on down and order a tortilla measured in pounds, heaping portions of chips and gaucamole or enormous tacos stuffed to the gills with combinations that will tickle your taste buds. And don’t worry about the health: the food is made from scratch with fresh, gluten-free ingredients.

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Big Bad Wolf’s House Of Barbecue
5713 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214
(410) 444-6422
bigbadwolfsbbq.comBig Bad Wolf’s is a hole-in-the wall BBQ place which may just be one of those hidden gems that deserves your patronage. The atmosphere is definitely greasy spoon, but the food may just be some of the best BBQ you’ll find to the immediate south of the Mason-Dixon. Try the pulled pork with Carolina Mustard sauce and the candied sweet potatoes. Finish this off with a side of hand cut, fresh made french fries. The restaurant has a series of sauces you can put on your food, ranging from its mild Kansas City Sweet all the way up to its XXX which is “Hot Enough For The Devil,” so if you’re craving spicy BBQ, this is the place.

2118 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 759-6147
www.ibarbaltimore.comiBar is a bar and restaurant, famous for its spicy chicken wings. The chief cook, “Cheffrey” Holter, puts together a house menu two times a week, so that the food is always new and interesting every time you visit. But if you like consistent and reliable, order off the regular menu which always has your old favorites in terms of buffalo wings and comfort foods. Dig into the giant homemade onion rings and then decide exactly how hot you want your wings: Buffalo Hot, Suicidal, Inferno or Devil’s Blood. Don’t worry, it has mild wings for your sensitive friends.

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