Taking care of a child with special needs can be difficult, but there are plenty of centers and organizations in Baltimore that will be happy to help. Enroll in classes or seek after school programs from these helpful locations. – Lance Duvall

(credit: childrensguild.org)

The Children’s Guild6802 McClean Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21234

The Children’s Guild’s management and staff are agile thinkers who provide special education, group living and treatment foster care services. Children and adolescents who have been traumatized by life experiences, autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities have been coming to The Children’s Guild for advice and education. The Children’s Guild programs continue to improve with the newest findings in neuroscience. Working within a brain-compatible environment, their philosophy has proven to increase academic scores and decrease child care worker turnover rates.

(credit: hasa.org)

The Hearing And Speech AgencyGateway School
5900 Metro Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215

The Hearing and Speech Agency has partnered up with the Gateway School of Baltimore to help children with speech, language and hearing difficulties improve on both academic and social skills. Hearing and speech classes offer skill-building exercises for all school curriculums. Heavy emphasis is also placed on developing adaptive and life skills in promoting personal independence. All students participate in extracurricular activities including music, art and computer classes. The Hearing and Speech Agency has been providing quality care for individuals and families since 1926, and their work continues at the Gateway School.

(credit: kennedykrieger.org)

Kennedy Krieger3825 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211
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The internationally known Kennedy Krieger Institute has been improving the lives of children and their families with clinical programs, advice and treatment. The Kennedy Krieger School offers innovative programs in helping children with developmental disabilities. Discoveries in rehabilitation and brain and spinal research have improved lives. Kennedy Krieger is committed to continuing research in disorders of the brain and spinal cord by injury and illness. As Kennedy Krieger begins to find out new facts and information, keep in touch for the advice and tips to help your loved ones in need.

(credit: stelizabeth-school.org)

St. Elizabeth School, Inc.801 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218

Every student should be able to reach their full potential. At the St. Elizabeth School, the staff is committed to creating a sense of belonging and maximizing every student’s unique abilities. The St. Elizabeth School works with students diagnosed with autism, a traumatic brain injury, an emotional disturbance, speech and language disorders, ADD and ADHD. Their services include educational, clinical, and vocational and transition services to help students reach graduation. By the end of their schooling, students have been able to enter the workforce, help in the community and become successful at home. St. Elizabeth School is committed to helping all their students reach graduation.

(credit: woodbourne.org)

Woodbourne Center, IncWoodbourne School
1301 Woodbourne Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21239

The Woodbourne Center’s mission is to make a positive difference for the lives of young people and their families dealing with trauma and mental health problems. Children of Woodbourne have experienced trauma in some form from witnessing crime to parent abuse and neglect. The Woodbourne Center is committed to supporting and caring for these children and provides a safety net for children scarred by the life’s events. Woodbourne Center helps build up their strength and self-esteem to return to the community and homes. Restorative healing begins at the Woodbourne Center.