The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore offers so much more than exhibits. Located in the famous Druid Hill Park, the zoo is home to many species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and also endangered species. The zoo is open every day from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. There is so much to learn as you meander your way through the zoo. With the summer season, the zoo has many special activities and exhibits coming up that guests can take part in when they visit. Here is a sampling of some of the special exhibits available to view at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore
1876 Mansion House Drive
Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, MD 21217
(410) 396-7102

Zoo Snooze – Overnight At The Zoo
Waterfowl Lake

Dates: Saturday June 25 – Sunday June 26 , 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 9:30 am

The Zoo Snooze allows visitors to take in the zoo in a completely different light- at night! According to the website, “participants will tour the Zoo from a whole new perspective, visit natural habitats looking for nocturnal creatures, explore animal senses through participatory games, listen to camp light stories and songs, hang out with old friends and get to know some new ones!” This is where families will want to be overnight to gain a new educational perspective on the wild things within. Admission includes dinner and a continental breakfast along with other activities.

Morning/Afternoon Penguin Feeding
Penguin Coast Education Center

Dates: Sunday March 1 – Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 10:30 am and 3:30 pm

The Penguin Coast at The Maryland Zoo In Baltimore is the place to be to watch the feeding of the African penguins. Watch the more
than 50 animals in their “natural” habitat as they interact with each other and the keepers. The meal consists of various kinds of fish,
which the birds swallow whole. Come back daily around 1 pm to hear a keeper chat, and you can learn more about these endangered little birds.

Bald Eagle Keeper Chat
Polar Bear Watch

Dates: Sunday March 1 – Friday July 1 , 2015 @ 11:30 am

The national bird of the United States, the bald eagle is unique to the North American continent. Join the zookeepers as they discuss the size, diet, behaviors and other interesting facts about this unique bird. You can also meet the zoo’s resident bald eagle, Vega.

Where The Wild Things Art
Penguin Coast Education Center

Date: Wednesday July 20, 2016 @ 5:30 pm

A play on the title of Maurice Sendak’s book, “Where The Wild Things Are,” this event promises to be a wonderful one as The
Maryland Zoo partners with the Painted Palette for an evening of fun. You can use your inner creativity as you create a painting that is all yours and expresses your individuality. This special night includes a complimentary beverage, a canvas, paint brushes, easels and aprons. There is also a photo opportunity for participants. This activity is for ages 15 and above.

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Animal Craft Safari
Various location throughout the zoo

Dates: Various dates throughout the year

The Animal Craft Safari, taking place on dates throughout the year, is a great way to get the kids involved in learning throughout the whole year. The Animal Craft Safari taking place on August 18 is an opportunity to learn about “the world’s largest land mammal”. Participants will create their own elephant to take home. Parents are encouraged to attend with their children as they engage in movement activities to learn new and interesting facts.

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