“This car has definitely proved itself this month.”

The Ride
The Driver: Scott
Car in Question: 2009 Nissan Versa
Spotted at: Towson Commons, 1 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Towson, MD 21204
Odometer: 11,390


Q: Scott! Great Nissan Versa. How’d you get it?

A: It was my brother’s car from a couple years ago. He’s now living with me in Philadelphia and we’re sharing it. I’ve actually been driving here for a month.

Q: Did you find anything incriminating of your brother’s?

A: No. It was very hermetically sealed.

Q: How’s it been driving?

A: Really great! I’ve been using it every other day for my job. I’m an assistant to a faux finisher. We basically go to clients’ houses all over the Philadelphia suburbs and do wall treatments. I use it for work.

Q: Is there anything in there now?

A: Maybe some blankets. There is a French press in the car. It’s not for work. It’s just been floating around the car for a while. It’s a thermal French press. It looks pretty industrial. It’s also a Nissan brand, but it’s not the car Nissan brand.

Q: You’ve had the car for a month. Had any memorable trips?

A: Coming down from Philly this weekend, we fitted five people and a cat. It was a very utilitarian car ride. The cat was thankfully cooperative. She was in a crate on top of everyone’s bags.

Q: What’s her name?

A: Catbeard.

Q: Have you and your brother gotten in any arguments over Catbeard?

A: We haven’t yet, but that’s because he hasn’t needed the car. He got a job a couple days ago though, so it might be problematic.

Q: Are you here from Philly visiting family?

A: I’m from Baltimore, but live in Philly. We came to visit for the weekend.

Q: What’d you do for transportation before you got the car?

A: Bicycle. I still use my bike, but then jobs I had in the past didn’t require a car the way this one does.

Q: Do you wish your parents got you a car sooner?

A: Maybe a little bit. A car is also a huge responsibility though. It’s definitely convenient and helpful, but it can also be expensive and need a lot of extra work. I did cave the other day though. I drove it for pleasure and then went to see a movie. That was something I’ve never been able to do in the past. There’s definitely a difference from doing it with a bike.

Q: How else does the car compare to the bike?

A: I can listen to music when I’m driving. I never used headphones on my bike because it’s really dangerous. I burned my first CD-Rs since middle school and have been listening to those.

Q: If you and your brother decide it’s time for separate cars, what do you think the next one will be, realistically?

A: Realistically? I don’t know. I don’t think I know enough about cars to really answer that well. I know what I unrealistically want though, an El Camino. They’re sweet!

Photos and interview by Eldis Sula

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