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Photo Credit: Seasons 52

Photo Credit: Seasons 52

Seasons 52
10300 Little Patuxent Parkway, Suite 3150
Columbia MD 21044
(410) 715-1152

For many of us health foods and spinach are synonymous. I mean who can’t relate to Popeye’s bulging muscles after downing a few cans of spinach (which obviously you do all of the time). But in Columbia Maryland the new Seasons 52, located in the Columbia Mall, is proving that there are a whole lot of other ways to keep your Olive Oyl.

Though this fresh grill’s new location may not appear to be much from the outside— I mean after all it is located in a mall— once you walk in you’ll realize why Robin Sparkles (and every other girl you’ve ever met), is obsessed with the mall. Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly the reason they love the mall, but now it is another great perk.

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So figure this, you are headed out with your lady and she has “just a little shopping” to do. Joy. Off she goes while you head to Seasons 52. You’ll quickly forget you’re in a mall when you enter the large bar and are wooed by the nightly piano player. Combined with the overtly friendly staff, you’ll begin to realize that heading to the mall can be a treat for you too. 

Once you’re lady has dropped (from shopping) and returns, you can extract yourself from the bar and treat her to the fresh and rustic cooking. With nothing on the menu over 475 calories, you won’t have to worry about adding to your winter layer and you’re little lady will stay just that… For you not so closeted Vegans, you’ll find a home here as well. Just do as you usually do and let everyone know you are Vegan; you’ll find that these folks actually care and have gone out of their way to create a delicious menu just for you.

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If you are a Bevrivore—one who only consumes his meals through drink (there may already be a word for you)—we won’t judge. With 52 wines (ohhh I get it, like the name of the restaurant) there’s a wine for every week and everyone: carnivores, herbivores, bevrivores, vegans… one of these things just doesn’t belong. But if you’re not in the mood for a nutritious beverage like wine, mix your veggies with drink and consume your nutrition from unique cocktails such as the Cucumber Basil Smash.

With choices like these you may find yourself singing “Take me out to the Mall” more often. 

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Baltimore.