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Beatnik Bar

Beatnik Bar

2101 Maryland Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(443) 742-2123

As Shakespeare predicted about 400 years ago, now is the winter of our discontent. Of course by “now” we don’t mean 2014, we mean the summer; when road trips, beach weekends and constantly losing our sunglasses make us feel like kids again.

Throw in our favorite childhood pastime (arcade games), and our favorite adult pastime (drinking), and you’ve got Beatnik Bar, a Station North hipster haven that somehow manages to not take itself too seriously.

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A small, divey, bare-bones atmosphere prevails, but Beatnik manages to keep a clientele more likely to have fun with video games, chess sets and extraordinary cocktails, than wallow in their misery surrounded by empty MGD cans. Whether or not you’re lucky enough to snag the PAC–MAN tabletop, you’ll always be able to enjoy the five rare craft beers that are always on tap to quench your thirst, plus the perfectly crafted cocktails made with fresh, organic ingredients, from the staples (Sidecars, whiskey gingers) to the creative, including the Beetnik (a Hendrick’s martini with beet infusion) and the Cactus Pear (pear cider, tequila, Campari, lime).

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If all that drinking and gaming starts to work up an appetite, Beatnik’s tiny menu (usually two or three dishes per night) packs a big punch, with locally sourced ingredients helping to create mouth-watering plates like Thai chili honey chicken wings, shrimp tacos with fried lotus and tofu salad, and the Asian-inspired Egg In A Nest.

Gourmet food, homemade cocktails, arcade games and weekly jazz music? Let the games begin.

By Jesse Husid

Jesse Husid writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS Baltimore.