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In this week’s That Thing You Missed watch Ron Burgundy mock Peyton Manning, an NHL player take a face plant, a football fan get kicked in the face and yours truly, Tara Lipinsky, make a fool of herself as Tailgate Fan visits the New York Jets.

Stay Classy Peyton


Ok, I know you’ve probably already seen this – but I would be remiss for not including it in this week’s roundup.

“Ron Burgundy” co-hosted ESPN’s SportsCenter and during his stint on the highlight show he interviewed Peyton Manning.

Peyton Manning, always a good sport, answered his questions with aplomb.

However, listen closely. The Broncos quarterback doesn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at his brother Eli.

No sibling rivalry huh?

Story via CBS Denver



 (Warning: explicit language)

Who doesn’t love a good rivalry game?

It’s one of the best parts of college sports. There are certain things you can expect at such big match-ups. An excuse to overindulge at a tailgate, acceptable drunken shenanigans, nasty verbal exchanges and sometimes even a scuffle between fans of opposing teams.

What you don’t expect is an old man to kick a coed in the face.

But that’s precisely what happened at the Arizona vs. ASU game this past weekend.

The take away? If you’re going to pick a fight with anyone – even a guy on AARP – make sure you’re sitting in the higher row.

Story via CBS Chicago

Now That’s What I Call Slapstick Comedy


The St. Louis Blues had some New York hockey fans feeling the blues Thursday night, but not before St. Louis forward Patrik Berglund provided a little comic relief.

While raising his stick behind him to take a big slap shot during the second period Berglund whiffed and fell flat on his face instead.

The Blues announcers couldn’t even contain themselves.

St. Louis went on to have the last laugh, however, steamrolling over the Islanders 5-1.

Story via

Bull Ring


If ya’ll don’t know how I feel about proposals during professional sport events by now, I’ll sum it up for you in a word. Tacky.

It’s been done at least 84,000 times already. Let’s move on fellas.

However, this Bulls Cheerleader getting engaged to a man who pops out of an inflatable Benny the Bull costume seems oddly appropriate.

Let’s hope for her sake the guy’s not really full of hot air.

Story via CBS Chicago

Real Tailgate Wives of New Jersey

And finally, every week we send out the hilarious Nick Stevens and Jerry Miller to cities across the country to pre-game with the most ardent fans in the most historic stadiums in the USA.

This week, Jerry Miller invited me along for the ride as we flyover New York Jets fans at Metlife stadium and I have a cameo as one of the ‘Real Tailgate Wives of New Jersey.’

I promise you it’s payback for everyone I’ve ever made fun of!

Story via Tailgate Fan

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