Healthwatch; Monitoring Diet Takes Less Than 15 Minutes per Day, Study SaysMonitoring Diet Takes Less Than 15 Minutes per Day, Study Says
Healthwatch: FDA Proposing New Regulations To Make Sunscreen SaferThe FDA may make new regulations for sunscreen and other health news stories.
Healthwatch: Skin Cancer Patients Who Smoke More Likely To DieSkin cancer patients who have a smoking history are more likely to die.
Healthwatch: Insulin Pill Could Be Alternate To InjectionResearchers have pioneered a pea-sized capsule that can deliver insulin orally rather than requiring an injection and other health stories.
Healthwatch: New Tonsillectomy Guidelines For Those Under 18There are new guidelines for children getting a tonsillectomy.
Healthwatch: People Who Don't Wear Seatbelts, Likely To Have Kids That Also Don't Wear ThemA look at health headlines for Feb. 4, 2019.
Healthwatch: Statin Therapy May Help HeartHealth news roundup.
Healthwatch: Cycling, Treadmill Workstations Better Than Standing DesksStanding desk are better for your health than sitting all day. But now a new study says the cycling and treadmill desks are even better.
Healthwatch: Concern Children Could Develop Addiction To Prescribed OpioidsThere are growing concerns that children could get addicted to prescribed opioids.
Healthwatch: Americans Look For Healthy Food Options When ShoppingMost Americans do look for healthy food options while grocery shopping and other health news.
Healthwatch: Gunshot Victims Cost Taxpayers $86M A Year, Study SaysGunshot victims who return to the hospital for treatment are costing taxpayers $86 million
'If Students Are Sick...Delay Return' UMD Health Official SaysUniversity of Maryland officials sanitized campus over winter break, but are asking students with fevers to delay their return after a student died from Adenovirus in the fall.
Healthwatch: Rick Of Heart Disease Could Start Before ChildbirthA roundup of latest health headlines.
New Federal Rule Should Make Hospital Costs Transparent, But Instead It's Causing More ConfusionA new federal rule is supposed to make health care costs more transparent, but some are finding it even more confusing than before.
Healthwatch: HPV Vaccine Appears To Offer 'Herd Immunity'The latest health stories.
Pets Can Get Hypothermia, Frostbite TooAs Maryland deals with an arctic blast for the next few days, pet owners are reminded to bring animals inside.
Healthwatch: Parents Using Non-Scientific Cold-Fighting StrategiesParents Using Non-Scientific Cold-Fighting Strategies
WJZ HealthWatch: Moving Around 30 Minutes A DayMoving around 30 minutes a day reduces your risk of early death
Healthwatch: Teen suicide, alternative sleeping pillsLatest health headlines.
Healthwatch: Doctors Call For More Data On Women For Opioid TreatmentToday's health headlines
WJZ HealthWatch: Radiation In CT ScansNew study finds big difference in the amount of radiation used in CT scans
Healthwatch: Device Could Help Patients With Epilepsy And Parkinson's DiseasonIn today's health-related news.
New Health Insurance Laws Take Effect In MarylandNew health insurance laws take effect in Maryland Tuesday.
WJZ HealthWatch: College Students More Likely To Catch MeningococcalNew study shows college students are more likely to catch meningococcal

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