HealthWatch: Pediatric Heart Transplant Criteria RevisionHealthWatch: Pediatric Heart Transplant Criteria Revision
Maryland Individual Health Plan Premiums DropThe Maryland Insurance Administration has approved an average rate decrease of about 10% for individual health insurance plans in the state's health care exchange.
Healthwatch: People Who Have Headaches More Likely To Experience Back PainLatest health headlines
HealthWatch: People Over 65 Should Be Screened For Memory ProblemsThe American Academy of Neurology says people over 65 should be screened every year for thinking and memory problems.
HealthWatch: Male Breast Cancer Screening In High-Risk Patients Are SuccessfulA new study finds mammography is effective at detecting breast cancer in men who are at high risk of developing the disease.
HealthWatch: 16-Week Vegan Diet Improves Body Weight, Blood SugarHealthWatch: 16-Week Vegan Diet Improves Body Weight, Blood Sugar
Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour Bags RecalledGeneral Mills Monday announced a voluntary national recall of some bags of Gold Medal Unbleached All-Purpose Flour due to concerns that E. coli may be present.
Healthwatch: Doctors Prescribing More Off Label Medication For ChildrenThe latest health news.
Healthwatch: Cancer Breakthrough Could Prevent Hair LossA look at the latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch; New Moms With High Blood Pressure Follow Up CareThe latest health news headline.
Healthwatch: Shorter People Have Higher Risk For Type 2 DiabetesHealthwatch: Shorter People Have Higher Risk For Type 2 Diabetes
HealthWatch: 2/3 Of Med Students Have Hypertension2/3 Of Med Students Have Hypertension
HealthWatch: Experts Say Your Gut Can Provide Clues About Your HealthNew research suggests your gut may provide important clues about your health.
HealthWatch: Hearing Aids Have Other Health Benefits For Older AdultsA new study examines the health benefits of hearing aids for older adults.
Maryland To Get More Than $42M In Federal Funds To Fight Opioid EpidemicMaryland will get more than $42 million in federal funding to help fight the state's opioid epidemic.
HealthWatch: Aromatase Inhibitors For Lowering Breast Cancer RiskThe U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has added aromatase inhibitors to its recommended medications for lowering breast cancer risk.
HealthWatch: Increased Body Weight In Teen Boys Linked To Heart AttacksSwedish researchers have linked increased body weight in teenage boys to heart attacks before the age of 65.
Healthwatch: Good Heart Health Must Start EarlyA look at the latest health news headlines.
Department Of Health Launches Electronic Toolkit In Effort To Prevent Overdose DeathsIn conjunction with International Overdose Awareness Day, the Maryland Department of Health launched a tool in an effort to prevent overdose deaths -- the Naloxone Electronic Toolkit (NET).
Healthwatch: Surgeon General Issues Warning About Marijuana DangersA look at the latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Teens Using Oral Birth Control 30% More Likely To Be DepressedA look at the latest health headlines.
HealthWatch: Benefits Of Fasting Every Other DayThe largest study of its kind finds healthy people who fast every other day experience significant health benefits.
HealthWatch: Study Says Being Optimistic May Help You Live LongerA new study finds optimistic people are more likely to live to age 85 or beyond.
Healthwatch: E-Cigarette Ads Fueling Teen Vaping CrazeHealthwatch: E-Cigarette Ads Fueling Teen Vaping Craze

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