HealthWatch: Children Who Experience A Concussion Are More At Risk For Mental Health IssuesResearchers in Canada studied nearly half a million children and teens between the ages 5–18. They found those who had sustained a concussion had a 40 percent higher chance of turning to self-harm or being hospitalized with psychiatric issues compared to young people who had broken bones.
HealthWatch: Smoking In Under-Served Communities Nearly Double National RateA study in the Journal of Cancer gathered data through health centers serving people experiencing homelessness, as well as agricultural workers and residents of public housing.
HealthWatch: Diet May Be To Blame For High Blood Pressure During PregnancyResearchers found eating more fats and cheese increased risk, and eating more vegetables and fruits lowered them.
HealthWatch: Time Outside Beneficial To Mental Health, Study ShowsSpending time in the great outdoors boosted people's mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, a study has found.
HealthWatch: U.S. Birth Rates Dropped In Both 2020 And 2021Births in the U.S. dropped 2% in the first half of 2021. That's compared to a 5% decrease in the first and second halves of 2020.
HealthWatch: 30-60 Minutes Of Muscle Strengthening Every Week May Help You Live LongerResearch published in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine finds activities like weightlifting, push-ups and even heavy gardening led to a 10-20% lower risk of death from all causes.
HealthWatch: Gender-Affirming Medical Interventions May Help Transgender & Non-Binary PeopleA study shows that treatments including puberty blockers and hormone therapy helped lessen the odds of depression and suicidal thoughts over the course of 12 months.
HealthWatch: Study Finds COVID-19 Taking Toll On Children Who Lost Caregivers Or ParentsA new study published in the Lancet finds that since March of 2020, at least 5 million children have lost a parent or caregiver to COVID-19, putting the children at an increased risk of poverty, abuse and mental illness.
HealthWatch: Hotter Summers May Affect Adults' Mental HealthClimate change is leading to more extreme heat and the soaring temperatures can take a toll on mental health. A new study out of Boston finds that on extremely hot summer days, American adults were at an increased risk of visiting emergency rooms for mental health crises.
HealthWatch: Teens Who Break Drug Habit Before 30 Have Chance For Bright FutureA new study has found that teens who stopped using marijuana and amphetamines by age 30 were happy and socioeconomically successful.
HealthWatch: Aortic Valve Replacement Patients Under 50 Have Best Outcome With Ross ProcedureResearch shows that a surgical technique known as the Ross Procedure may be the best option for some heart patients.
HealthWatch: Three-Fourths Of Parents Say CBD May Be Good Opening When Medications Do Not WorkWhile a majority of parents have not considered a CBD medication for their child, 75% say it could be a good option if other medications do not work.
HealthWatch: Insomnia As Child Can Continue Into Adulthood, Study SaysA Penn State study found children with insomnia often continue to have sleep problems into adulthood. Researchers say it's important to address poor sleep habits in childhood.
HealthWatch: COVID-19 Survivors At Risk For Mental Health ChallengesChallenges possibly include anxiety, depression, or opioid and alcohol abuse that could arise within a year of recovery.
HealthWatch: Diagnoses For Stage 4 Breast Cancer Jumped Significantly Amid COVID-19 PandemicThe number of people diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer during an initial screening jumped significantly during the pandemic. That's according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
HealthWatch: 20 Minutes Of Exercise For Seniors Can Help Head Off Heart DiseaseA new study has found that just 20 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day when you're 70-75 years old can help prevent heart disease.
HealthWatch: Woman With Sleep Apnea During Pregnancy Face Increased Health RisksA new study has found that women who have sleep apnea during pregnancy and the first several years after delivery face elevated health risks, including high blood pressure.
HealthWatch: Clot-Busting Drug Aletplase Not As Risky As Previously Thought, According To StudyThe study found Aletplase helps stroke patients recover and did not increase the risk of bleeding.
HealthWatch: Adults With COVID-19 May Develop Other Medical ConditionsNew research finds that almost a third of older adults infected with the virus in 2020 developed a new condition that needed medical attention.
HealthWatch: New Study Could Help Address Racial Disparities In Breast Cancer TreatmentThe study suggests earlier treatment with a certain class of drugs could improve outcomes.
HealthWatch: Up To Half Of Children Consume Energy Drinks WeeklyA new study has found that half of children around the world consume energy drinks weekly. Researchers found that teens who consumed the drinks five or more days a week had more physical and mental issues compared to their peers.
HealthWatch: Children Who have Positive Interactions With Mothers Less Prone To ObesityA study in pediatrics finds that when children ages 4 and younger receive warmth and positive parenting from their mothers, it improves their ability to self-regulate their behavior. The findings suggest positive parenting, even in infancy, can have long-term effects.
HealthWatch: Pregnant Women At Risk Of Developing Severe COVID-19 Illness, Study SaysPregnant women are at risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19, according to a new study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The CDC recommends that pregnant women get vaccinated.
HealthWatch: Couples' Success In Therapy May Depend On GenesHow well couples respond to therapy might come down to their genes, researchers say. The research found that people with genes associated with higher sensitivity benefited the most from therapy designed to improve communication and prevent divorce.

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