HealthWatch: Data Shows Americans In Rural Areas Have More Health ProblemsNew government data finds Americans in rural communities are dying more frequently from preventable causes compared to Americans who live in urban areas.
HealthWatch: Research Finds Vaping Can Harm Heart, Blood VesselsNew research finds vaping can hurt the heart and blood vessels.
HealthWatch: Childhood Trauma Leads To Chronic Health ProblemsA childhood filled with traumatic experiences is often followed by an adulthood with chronic health problems.
HealthWatch: Running Can Help People Live LongerNew research shows any amount of running can help people live longer.
HealthWatch: Rise In Kindergartners Not Getting Vaccinated For Religious ReasonsHealthWatch: Rise In Kindergartners Not Getting Vaccinated For Religious Reasons
HealthWatch: Measles Can Destroy Childrens' Immunity DefensesA new study in the journal Science suggests a bout of measles can actually destroy a child's immunity defenses.
HealthWatch: Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Can Lead To ADHDA new study at Johns Hopkins University backs earlier research that shows acetaminophen in the womb can increase a child's risk of ADHD and autism.
HealthWatch: New FDA Report Studies Causes Of Drug shortages In U.S.A new FDA report examines the causes of drug shortages in the U.S.
HealthWatch: Researchers Study Benefits Of Antidepressants And Talk TherapyA team from the University of Michigan and Harvard University says more people diagnosed with depression should have a chance to try talk therapy instead of first taking antidepressants.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Teens Who Use Flavored E-Cigarettes Likely To Vape MoreHealthWatch: Study Finds Teens Who Use Flavored E-Cigarettes Likely To Vape More
Saturday Marked National Drug Take Back DayVarious groups collected prescription drugs and vaping devices Saturday as a part of national Drug Take Back Day.
WJZ Live: Workplace Wellness and Gift Ideas For EmployeesIt's important to be healthy at work -- here are some ideas for you and also some ideas for employee gifts this year.
You Can Now Turn In Vaping Devices On Drug Take-Back DayVaping devices will be accepted during National Drug Take Back Day.
Healthwatch: Difference In Brain Structure For Obese And Regular Weight KidsA look at the latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Best Time To Take Blood Pressure Medication Is At BedtimeThe latest health news headlines.
Maryland Comptroller Creates Task Force To Examine VapingMaryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced Wednesday the launch of a task force to examine the effects of vaping and e-cigarettes.
HealthWatch: Study Suggests Colorectal, Pancreatic Cancer Death Rates Up 10 Percent In Past 30 YearsA new worldwide study suggests death rates from colorectal and pancreatic cancer are up 10 percent in the past 30 years.
HealthWatch: Study Says Parents Using Unsafe Sleeping Practices With BabiesHealthWatch: Study Says Parents Using Unsafe Sleeping Practices With Babies
HealthWatch: More Than 1,400 Vaping-Related Illnesses Now ReportedThe CDC says the number of vaping-related lung illnesses rose to over 1400.
Investigation Finds Most Baby Foods Contain Toxic MetalsToxic heavy metals damaging to your baby's brain development are likely in the baby food you are feeding your infant, according to a new investigation published Thursday.
HealthWatch: Frequent Drinking A Risk Factor For Irregular HeartbeatFrequent drinking, even in small amounts, may be a stronger risk factor for an irregular heartbeat than binge drinking.
HealthWatch: Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Lower Chances Of Birth DefectsResearchers say mothers who had gastric bypass surgery before becoming pregnant may be less likely to bear children with birth defects than untreated obese women.
HealthWatch: Increase In Young Adults Using E-CigarettesNew research finds an increase in electronic cigarette uses in the U.S. between 2017 and 2018 was driven by young adults.
HealthWatch: People Who Suffer From Acne Have More Sweets In Their DietHealthWatch: People Who Suffer From Acne Have More Sweets In Their Diet

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