HealthWatch: Researchers Say More People Are Dying Of SepsisNew research indicates twice as many people are dying of sepsis worldwide.
Nationwide E-Coli Outbreak From Romaine Lettuce Is OverThe nationwide, monthslong E. coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce ended Wednesday, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration.
HealthWatch: One-Third Of Americans Aren't Getting Enough SleepNearly one-third of Americans aren't getting enough sleep, and the problem is getting worse each year, researchers say.
HealthWatch: 90 Percent Of Patients Wait Too Long To Get Knee ReplacementA new study finds 90 percent of patients who need knee replacement wait too long to get the procedure done.
Healthwatch: Losing Fat On Your Tongue Could Help With Sleep ApneaA look at the latest health headlines.
HealthWatch: Drinking Tea Is Associated With A Longer And Healthier LifeHealthWatch: Drinking Tea Is Associated With A Longer And Healthier Life
HealthWatch: Study Examines The Danger Of Swimming In Open WaterNew research examines the danger of swimming in open water areas.
HealthWatch: Smoking Cigarettes Doubles Chance Of Having Stroke, Study SaysA new study shows young adults who smoke cigarettes and use e-cigarettes are nearly two times more likely to have a stroke.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Teen Drug Use Leads To More Health ProblemsHealthWatch: Study Finds Teen Drug Use Leads To More Health Problems
HealthWatch: Adults Who Exercise Are Less Likely To Develop Some CancersResearchers found adults who get more exercise are less likely to develop seven kinds of cancer.
HealthWatch: Illinois To Become 11th State To Legalize Recreational MarijuanaIllinois will become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana on New Year's Day.
Healthwatch: 20% Of Non-Cardiac Surgery Patients Have ComplicationsA look at recent health headlines.
Trump Increases Age To Buy Tobacco Nationwide To 21You will have to be 21 to buy tobacco nationwide starting in 2020.
Healthwatch: Leftover Opioids Putting Children At RiskA look at the latest health news headlines.
Healthwatch: Antioxidents May Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer RecurranceA look at the latest health headlines.
Proper Handwashing Can Protect Yourself, Others From Getting Cold And FluDoctors says you should wash your hand for 20 seconds with soapy lather will help you from getting the cold or flu.
Imported Fish Products Sold In Maryland Recalled Due To Lack Of InspectionA California company is recalling nearly 22,000 pounds of catfish products sold in three states that was not re-inspected as it entered the country, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Weight Gain Comes From Eating Too MuchA new study from Baylor University finds weight gain comes from eating too much, not exercising too little.
Healthwatch: More Teens Vaping MarijuanaA look at health-related headlines
HealthWatch: Catching A Cold Could Lower The Odds Of Getting The FluNew research finds catching a cold lowers the odds of getting the flu at the same time.
Vaping Raises Risk Of Chronic Lung Disease, Study SaysA new long-term study says vaping raises the risk of chronic lunch illnesses in users.
Healthwatch: Parents Should Get Screening For Developmental Delays At Every Dr. VisitA look at the latest health news headlines.
WJZ Meteorologist, Anchor Tim Williams Explains Why He Was Off-AirTim Williams was out sick with shingles.
Healthwatch: Vaping-Related Health Illness Numbers Declining, But Hospitalizations ContinueA look at health headlines.

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