HealthWatch: Slower Middle-Aged Walkers More Likely To Die From COVID-19, Study FindsA study finds middle-aged people who walk more slowly are four times more likely to die from COVID-19.
HealthWatch: Mother's Diet During Pregnancy Could Have Long-Term Impacts On Child's WeightA mother's diet during pregnancy could have long-term effects on a child's weight.
Healthwatch: Suffering A Head Injury In Your 50s Or Younger May Have Long Term EffectsThe latest health news
HealthWatch: Researchers Warn Of Stroke Disguised As Eye ProblemThe American Heart Association warns of a stroke that's disguised as an eye problem.
HealthWatch: Taking Anti-Seizure Drugs During Pregnancy Doesn't Affect Child's DevelopmentA new study found taking anti-seizure drugs during pregnancy does not affect a child's development.
Take A Look Inside The Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Site At M&T Bank Stadium In BaltimoreThe new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines were administered at the M&T Bank Stadium mass vaccination site on Thursday.
HealthWatch: Adults In Rural Areas See Higher Rates Of Heart Failure, DeathAdults living in rural areas experience higher rates of heart failure and death, according to an analysis of U.S. county health records.
HealthWatch: Kidney Stones, Weak Bones May Be LinkedThere may be a link between kidney stones and weak bones.
HealthWatch: Deaths From Alzheimer's Have Doubled Over Past Two DecadesA new report from the Alzheimer's Association finds deaths from the disease have more than doubled over the past two decades.
HealthWatch: Two Genes Possibly Linked To Alzheimer's DiseaseResearchers in China have discovered two new genes they believe are linked to Alzheimer's disease.
HealthWatch: COVID-19 Survivors Protected For A Few Months, Study SaysScientists are working to determine if COVID-19 survivors are protected from the virus.
HealthWatch: Many Migraine Suffers Not Getting Enough ExerciseAccording to researchers, more than two-thirds of people who suffer from migraine headaches don't get enough exercise.
HealthWatch: Genetic Code Responsible For Detecting COVID-19Russian researchers say a generic code responsible for virus detection may explain why some people don't even know they have COVID-19 while others get very sick and sometimes die.
HealthWatch: Gap In HIV Testing Treatment Among Black AmericansNew CDC data shows a gap in testing and treatment among Black Americans with HIV, especially in rural areas.
HealthWatch: Mechanical Pets Help Reduce Loneliness Amid COVID-19 PandemicHealthWatch: Mechanical Pets Help Reduce Loneliness Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
HealthWatch: COVID-19 May Cause Eye AbnormalitiesCOVID-19 may cause eye abnormalities, according to a study.
COVID-19 In Maryland: February 17, 2021 (Noon Update)COVID-19 In Maryland: February 17, 2021 (Noon Update)
HealthWatch: The Pandemic Is Interfering With Children's Dental CareThe latest health news headlines.
HealthWatch: Blood Thinners Help COVID-19 Patients In Hospital, Study SaysA new study finds that when doctors give COVID-19 patients blood thinners within 24 hours of hospitalization, the patient is less likely to die.
HealthWatch: Fewer People Are Dying Of StrokesFewer people are having strokes as they get older.
HealthWatch: High Blood Pressure Can Lead To Heart Disorders, Study FindsHigh blood pressure can lead to heart rhythm disorders, according to a new study.
HealthWatch: Gout Drug Seems To Be Helping COVID-19 PatientsAccording to a study in the British Medical Journal, a drug used to treat gout seems to help COVID-19 patients.
HealthWatch: New System Could Help Doctors Treat Parkinson's DiseaseA high-tech monitoring system could help doctors treat Parkinson's disease.
HealthWatch: Lack Of Sleep Could Lead To More Depressive SymptomsNot getting enough sleep could lead to more depressive symptoms for older adults, according to a new study.

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