Healthwatch: FDA Allowing Marketing Of First Rapid Diagnostic Test For EbolaA look at the latest health news headlines.
HealthWatch: Study Finds Married Adults Live Longer Than Unmarried AdultsHealthWatch: Study Finds Married Adults Live Longer Than Unmarried Adults
Healthwatch: Air Pollution Linked To Hair LossA look at the latest health news headlines.
Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $8 Billion To Maryland ManA jury found that Johnson & Johnson failed to warn 26-year-old Nicholas Murray, of Maryland, of the drug's side effects. Murray claimed that taking the Risperdal as a child caused him to develop breasts, an incurable condition known as gynecomastia. Thousands of others have filed lawsuits alleging the same.
HealthWatch: Regular Exercise Beneficial For All Cardiovascular PatientsHealthWatch: Regular Exercise Beneficial For All Cardiovascular Patients
Flu Season Is HereFlu season is here and now is the time to get your flu shot.
Healthwatch: Over-the-counter Medicines Used in Suicide Attempts For YouthA look at the latest health headlines.
Johns Hopkins Professor Wins Nobel PrizeGregg Semenza won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1), which helps cells cope with low oxygen levels.
Mical Seafood Inc. Recalls Tuna Products for Possible Scombroid PoisoningMical Seafood, Inc. voluntarily recalled its frozen, wild-caught yellowfin tuna poke cubes, tuna loins, tuna ground meat and 6 oz tuna steaks because of potentially elevated levels of histamine.
HealthWatch: Fruit Juice Isn't Necessarily Healthier Than SodaExperts say fruit juice isn't necessarily healthier than soda.
Mold Found In University Of Maryland Campus AgainFaculty posted photos of mold growing on books and chairs in some University of Maryland classrooms.
19 Vaping-Related Deaths Reported Nationwide, Maryland Health Officials Investigating 23 Cases Of Severe Lung IllnessAs the vaping-related death toll rises to 19, Maryland health officials are requiring doctors to report cases they are treating as they investigate 23 cases of severe lung illness.
Healthwatch: Men Should Not Drink 6 Months Before Partner's PregnancyA new study says men shouldn't drink for 6 months while they are trying to have a baby with their partner.
Food Insecure Youth More Likely To Have Obesity And DiabetesResearchers say young U.S. adults who are food insecure are much more likely to have obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma.
HealthWatch: Coastal Living Can Improve Mental HealthResearchers in England said coastal living can improve one's mental health.
Healthwatch: Cancer Therapy For Postmenopausal WomenA look at health headlines.
HealthWatch: Number Of Vaping Related Deaths Rises To 12HealthWatch: Number Of Vaping Related Deaths Rises To 12
Healthwatch: Children With Anxiety Suffer From Anxiety, DepressionA look at the latest health headlines.
HealthWatch: Lifestyle Changes Could Prevent Breast CancerResearch finds one in three breast cancer cases could be prevented through lifestyle changes.
HealthWatch: Pediatric Heart Transplant Criteria RevisionHealthWatch: Pediatric Heart Transplant Criteria Revision
Maryland Individual Health Plan Premiums DropThe Maryland Insurance Administration has approved an average rate decrease of about 10% for individual health insurance plans in the state's health care exchange.
Healthwatch: People Who Have Headaches More Likely To Experience Back PainLatest health headlines
HealthWatch: People Over 65 Should Be Screened For Memory ProblemsThe American Academy of Neurology says people over 65 should be screened every year for thinking and memory problems.
HealthWatch: Male Breast Cancer Screening In High-Risk Patients Are SuccessfulA new study finds mammography is effective at detecting breast cancer in men who are at high risk of developing the disease.

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