Healthwatch: Shorter People Have Higher Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

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HealthWatch: Increased Body Weight In Teen Boys Linked To Heart AttacksSwedish researchers have linked increased body weight in teenage boys to heart attacks before the age of 65.
HealthWatch: Benefits Of Fasting Every Other DayThe largest study of its kind finds healthy people who fast every other day experience significant health benefits.
HealthWatch: Study Says Being Optimistic May Help You Live LongerA new study finds optimistic people are more likely to live to age 85 or beyond.
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HealthWatch: Study Says Air Pollution Can Be DeadlyAn international study finds that air pollution can be deadly.
HealthWatch: Cancer Survivors Have Greater Risk Of Other Health IssuesAccording to a study in "The Lancet," cancer survivors have a greater risk of developing blood clots and heart problems.
HealthWatch: 21 New Measles Cases Confirmed In Past WeekThe Centers For Disease Control said 21 new measles cases were confirmed in the U.S. in the past week.
HealthWatch: More Studies Needed To Study Medical Issues Of LGBTQ YouthHealthWatch: More Studies Needed To Study Medical Issues Of LGBTQ Youth
HealthWatch: More Than One-Third Of Non-Smoking U.S. Kids, Teens Exposed To Secondhand SmokeNew CDC statistics show more than a third of non-smoking children and teens in the U.S. are exposed to secondhand smoke.
HealthWatch: Panel Recommends Screening All Adults For Illicit Drug UseFor the first time, a panel of medical experts say they have enough evidence to recommend primary care doctors screen all adults for illicit drug use.
HealthWatch: Pediatricians Can Help Parents Quit SmokingA new study suggests pediatricians can help parents quit smoking when they bring their child in for an office visit.
HealthWatch: Drinking A Lot Of Caffeine Could Trigger MigrainesIn health news today, a study finds drinking a lot of caffeine could trigger migraines.
HealthWatch: Most Senior Citizen Dementia Patients Living At HomeA new study at the University of California finds most older adults with advancing dementia do not end up living in a nursing home.
HealthWatch: Study Suggests Link Between Conflicts With Expectant Couples, Behavior Problems In ToddlersBritish research on first-time parents found moms who were stressed out during pregnancy were more likely to see their two-year-olds display temper tantrums, restlessness and spitefulness.
HealthWatch: Too Much Hemoglobin Can Lead To Increased Dementia RiskToo much or too little hemoglobin in your blood can lead to an increased risk of dementia later in life, researchers in the Netherlands found.
HealthWatch: Moving Homes During Pregnancy Linked To Premature BirthA new study found the physical and emotional strain of moving homes during the first three months of pregnancy is linked to a greater risk of premature birth and low birth weight.
HealthWatch: More Doctors Recommend Antihistamines For Respiratory InfectionsMore doctors recommend antihistamines rather than cough and cold medicines for respiratory infections in children.
HealthWatch: Consumer Products Cause Three Quarters Of Kids Brain InjuriesTraumatic brain injuries among children and teens in the United States are most often associated with everyday consumer products and activities, such as home furnishings and fixtures or sports, according to a new study.
HealthWatch: Smartphone Use In Young Adults Could Cause Health IssuesA new study finds young adults who use their smartphones five or more hours a day are at a higher risk of obesity and other health problems.
HealthWatch: Researchers Find Enzyme That Can Help Wounds Heal FasterExperts at the University of Michigan have identified an enzyme that may help wounds to heal faster.

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