BALTIMORE (WJZ) – A parking debacle leaves Ravens fans fuming. The city handed out more than $7,000 in parking tickets, even though fans paid for the spots.

Adam May reports on an organization accused of illegally selling parking spaces.

While the Ravens were beating the Dolphins Sunday inside M&T Bank Stadium, outside on Worchester Street dozens of people got parking tickets for $252 for parking angled, instead of parallel.

“I had no idea I was breaking the law,” said Bo Haggard.

That’s because Bo Haggard paid someone $40 for what he thought was a legit spot.

“I assumed it was an organization that was renting the space out for the game,” said Haggard.

Second Chance, a non-profit organization sells reclaimed building materials, and trains workers.

“If people were smart enough to know it was a public street, we wouldn’t have charged them,” said Mark.  “We had no idea everyone would end up with tickets.”

To be fair, Second Chance isn’t the only group that makes money during Ravens games, selling what should be free, public spaces.

“We’ve run into, this before, and when we get a compliant, we try to respond to them,” said Frank Murphy, transportation.

Baltimore City Transportation officials have no plans to waive the tickets, even though Haggard claimed one person apparently got off the hook.

“About 30-40 cars down the line got tickets accept for one car, which had FOP tags, and he was three cars down from me and he didn’t get a ticket,” said Haggard.

The owner of Second Chance agreed he would reimburse each person their $40. But it’s up to individuals to fight the tickets in court.

City officials say if citizens suspect someone is illegally selling parking, they should call 311.

If you got a ticket, you can contact Second Chance for your $40 refund or e-mail Mark at


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