BALTIMORE (WJZ) ―It looks like the economy didn’t hold back too many shoppers. Black Friday is still in full swing.

A live look at Arundel Mills Mall shows a full parking lot out there, as shoppers still search for the biggest and best deals.

Gigi Barnett
has a look at how the Black Friday bargains last well into the evening at Towson Town Center.

Thousands of holiday shoppers hit Towson Town Center on Black Friday. They are still out looking for the best bargains to  kick off this year’s holiday shopping season.

From top of the line jewelry to bath items, on Black Friday, it’s time to shop.

“I was up early so I’d thought I’d go,” said one shopper.

Store managers at Towson Town Center say this year’s Black Friday bargains are plentiful. The mall opened early and shoppers are optimistic.

“I hope that builds some momentum,” said Charles Crerand, Towson Town Center general manager. “There were tons of costumers out. There were some really good sales here, but I  think the costumers feel better about what’s going on.”

For stores like Walmart (midnight), Target (3 a.m.), Kohl’s (4 a.m.) and Best Buy (5 a.m.), Black Friday bargains began at the break of dawn.

Some deals went quickly.

“I was expecting to find more than what I found,” said Lea Price, shopper. “They ended pretty early this year compared to last year.”

After Black Friday comes cyber Monday. Since November 1, online shopping has jumped by $9 billion. That’s a 13 percent boost over last year’s online sales.

But on Black Friday, shoppers trekked through Towson Town Center. Some say they were shopping for others.

“I’m really trying to make it about him. This is not about me,” said Diane Beatty about her significant other. “It’s really about what he wants. I’m trying to update his winter wardrobe.”

So, then why was Beatty carrying a Forever 21 bag?

“We haven’t got to him yet,” she said with a giggle.

The couple still probably haven’t gotten to him yet.

Shoppers received early hours at the beginning of Black Friday and will get later hours Friday night. Towson Town Center is staying open an hour later. It will close at 10 p.m. instead of 9 p.m.

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