BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Governor Martin O’Malley is in the national spotlight.  Wednesday, he was named chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. 

Adam May reports on O’Malley’s rising influence.

This chairmanship increases Governor O’Malley’s national exposure.  In fact, he was introduced as a crown jewel of the Democratic party.  He was elected the new chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, which means he will have more influence shaping the party’s platform and election strategy.

“These are the times when some states will win and some states will lose,” he said.  “We never retreated from setting goals for improving education and public safety and we never backed down from our duty to be fiscally responsible.”

O’Malley’s rising national status fuels speculation about his future.

“He might be in line possibly for a vice presidential nomination,” said Matt Crenson, political analyst.

But O’Malley says he’s taken the position to help his party, not himself.

“I mean, let’s face it, it’s more convenient for me to be chair of the DGA than it is for other colleagues who have to travel all the way across the country to come to D.C.,” O’Malley said.

The Democratic Governors Association will have their annual meeting in Feburary.  During that time, he is expected to meet with President Barack Obama.

Comments (8)
  1. Jeanne says:

    I don’t think he should have won as governor, I hope he gets better, the politics is a game and a joke.Ehrich should not give up hope, and OBAMA WIFE should stop shopping so much and put our deficit back where it should be getting better , who needs all those people to wait on you.

  2. Mike says:

    What a joke….. this guy is so imcompetent

    1. alex says:

      The guy is a disgrace to the people of MD. MD is such a blue state but why? Democrats want to spend, spend and spend. Not sure about you, but I work hard for my money and am willing to pay my fair share, but what about the folks that do not pay their fair share? We all suffer. . Do the people of MD really think that this current administration with TaxOmalley, Busch and Miller are the best we can do? We all need to wake up. If he does become a candidate for a presidential position, this country will be worse off than it is now. Oh yeah, Big Bob was not the answer and his arrogance showed again during his run for governor. We need candidates to step up to the plate. Oh I forgot, they are all thieves, remember Sheila?

  3. Mike Kane says:

    i am so happy for the govenor – and i voted for him also

  4. old14spice says:

    Is Owemalley the “best” that the democratic party has to offer? Not to mention a possible democratic nomination for president? Owemalley has done a horrible job for maryland.The only thing he is good at is juggling numbers to make himself look good while the state slips farther and farther behind.take a look at the last democratic presidents…Carter,Clinton and now King Obama! If this is what the country has to look forward to , we are all in trouble!

  5. patg375 says:

    The only “problem” with this state is the ego driven,self centered Monday night quarterbacks that think they “know”best on how this state should be run.,yet don’t have a clue,.then leave posting that insult thier own intellilect.,let the man do what the majority voted him to do.

  6. old14spice says:

    Actually, the majority you speak of consists of minorities from Montgomery,PG and Baltimore city!Those are the only counties he won.Ehrlich swept the rest of Maryland. I dont think the minorities wanted new taxes either….however a vote for owemalley is a sure bet for continued handouts.The clue in this news story should have been that owemalley won 4 of the 23 counties,not really the majority you think it is.