BALTIMORE (WJZ)  — A local teen was electrocuted after touching a fence at an area ball park.  Now her father is on a crusade to make sure that never happens again.  Kelly McPherson has more.

Stray voltage is what you call it when an object–like a pole or a fence–becomes electrified because of nearby wires.  It can be deadly.

A former Baltimore Colt and his wife are on a mission to find stray voltage.

“This is what killed my daughter,” said Anthony Green.

Four years ago, the Green’s 14-year-old daughter, Deanna, died after touching a baseball field fence in Druid Hill Park.  It had sunk into the ground to touch an exposed wire; 227 volts electrocuted her.

“I don’t want it to happen and that’s why Bub and I are so intent on having the city address the issues,” said Deanna’s mom, Nancy Green.

They’ve found a New Jersey company that can detect objects that become electrified.

“There’s nothing visible but there is electric field radiating off of them so this truck will sense that.  Sort of like a radio receiver would sense radio signals,” said Power Survey Company owner Tom Catanese. 

A sound will indicate high voltage so that objects can be checked out.  If you touch a wire from the energized pole to a grounded metal manhole cover, you can see the electricity.  Putting a hand on those objects wouldn’t necessarily electrocute someone.  The conidions would have to be just right–like simultaneously touching a grounded metal fence.

“You can’t roll teh dice on it because we’re living proof that it can happen,” Green said.

The truck regularly checks other major cities, too.

In New York, “we typically find about 800 problems,” Catanese said.

So far, the company says it’s found between 300 and 400 in Baltimore. 

The Greens are taking that list to City Hall in the name of their daughter.

“She may not be here with us, but she’s working today and as long as we have breath, we’ll fight to have this addressed,” said Nancy Green.

The mayor’s office could not comment Tuesday night because the city could potentially be brought back into a lawsuit filed by the Greens.

Some repairs to electrical work has been done in city parks since Deanna’s death.

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  1. Kellie McKinnon Caddick says:

    This is INSANE. How many more children are going to have to be injured or worse yet DIE because Baltimore City government obviously does not care. If I lived in the city or owned a business in the city I would SERIOUSLY consider taking my tax dollars somewhere else. The city leaders spend a ridiculous amount of time making sure they find tax money – how about spending some time to actually PROTECT the people who PAY the tax money by fixing this problem. And, here we are four years later and how many City administrations didn’t do anything? SHAMEFUL!

  2. Gale Arrington says:

    What a disgrace! City officials who take an oath to serve their constituents allow a deterioration of Baltimore and continue to do little if anything to rectify these safety hazards. Druid Hill Park is still a hazard after my niece was electrocuted! Great job WJZ and Fox 45 for news coverage exposing this disastrous city and it’s so called leaders. For a power survey company to state that Baltimore is one of the worst (hazard wise) he has ever surveyed speaks volumes as to the leadership of this city and their concern for safety. CHARMING!

  3. Rochelle Andress-Beachaump says:

    There comes a time when we must put politics aside and truly be accountable for the mistakes that we all make as human beings. Obviously there were errors made along the way that has caused stray electric to run rampant through our city. I am sure all of our city officials have children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews or loved ones of any age that utilize the city’s parks. Ask yourself how you will you feel if a tragedy such as the Green’s tragedy occurs to one of your loved ones and you then have to live with the guilt that you were in a position to rectify the problem but chose not to get involved because of politics. Here’s an idea; why don’t our city politicians come together and do what’s politically correct for everyone SAVE our Children and Loved Ones Lives. Acknowledge the Problem, Fix the Problem and Be Accountable for the Problem

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