Maryland’s budget crunch means making some hard decisions, and the O’Malley administration is offering an option to state employees who might otherwise face layoffs.

Political reporter Pat Warren has details about the governor’s proposal.

The O’Malley administration got together with members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union, put their heads together and came up with a buyout.

Furloughs are the price state workers pay for Maryland’s budget woes. A rally in Annapolis last year failed to prevent the days off-no pay that shrink employee paychecks. And workers felt the pinch.

“The fat has been cut, the muscle has been cut, we’re down to the bone,” said Sue Espy at last year’s rally. “What do we want? Public services! When do we want em? Now!”

Now at the end of 2010, a new money saving measure asks employees to end their service in the form of a buyout. The union is all for it.

“Yeah, if they have the opportunity,” said Patrick Moran, AFSCME. “If they think it’s going to serve them well and help them make that next step, we’re encouraging people to do that.”  

Between a layoff and a buyout, state workers today prefer the buyout.

“I think it would be a good idea, the people who think it would be an advantage could take it and probably save the state some money,” said one constituent.

“I think its good for those who are getting close to retiring,” said another.

“Ok, great. Well, you know, if it works for some people, I’m all for it,” said another.

And it’s just part of what the state will have to do because the budget deficit estimate is about $1.6 billion, and there’s no way a buyout is going to take care of that.  

It’s a $15,000 buyout with an additional $200 for each year of service.

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  1. Adam says:

    Make out much better on unemployment.

  2. TJN says:

    How much would it take for omalley to hit the trail?

  3. Josyegirl says:

    All we hear is how our state has no money but O’Malley and the rest of the government keeps on spending?????? I’m confused?

  4. Jeff says:

    I didn’t Vote for him, How much more can State employees take from this clown

  5. Das Jamie Erfahrung says:

    O’Malley is up to his no good, again.

  6. lynn says:

    impeach him

  7. Linda Stemberger says:

    hate him he is a crook and a liar

  8. Bruce Green says:

    The Buyout does not apply to employees of Maryland Auto Ins Fund or Injured Workers because their salaries do not come from the budget. Yet those very same employees are subject to furlough purportedly to save money from the budget. So which is it?

  9. Binford says:

    You all have to grow up with these comments and look at it finacialy. Every state in the nation has people who lost jobs, those jobs provided a tax base which is now longer. Where is the money going to come from if you dont have a tax base? Its a domino effect sadly. The state cant run a deficit like the feds.

  10. RT says:

    So we’re basically going to pay people not to work? If the state never got this big to begin with we wouldn’t have this problem. I don’t understand why we are giving these people an option to be bought out. Personally I think we as tax payers are getting hosed again. If we’re just going to pay people anyway, why dont we do partial layoffs. Work one week take off the next ect. At least the people getting paid would be doing something. I suppose, I mean we all know state workers just sit on their hands all day and collect nice benefits.

    1. PF Flyer says:

      After giving the state of Maryland 45 years of dedicated service before my retirement in 2009 I find RT’s comments ( 12/10) a bunch of misguided rubbish. There are many hard working state employees who go above and beyond their assigned duties to provide the taxpayers of MD quality service. But again, it is easier to blame the current financial woes on the state employees than to place it where it belongs. The current administration and the liberal legislature!

  11. Dave McCall says:

    I thought that right before the last election that there was a surplus of money in the state.What happened?

  12. TJN says:

    binford, if you think md. can’t run a deficit like the feds its obvious that you haven’t been watching the way omalley been running the statee

  13. Lyy says:

    Gosh, I wonder how many State workers voted for him. I also see another sales tax increase in our future. Thanks O’Malley voters.

  14. chearts77 says:

    Laying them off would require O’Malley to pay an extended period of unemployment benefits to those he lays off. Some state workers are buying his BS about a buyout being better for them? O’Malley is not thinking about them.

  15. Jeanne says:

    Let’s put a vote to get O’Malley out, but our government goes to hell, take his raise and put it towards the deficit,politicians are the crooks, and Obama wife should not be able to shop like she does, who needs a hair dresser everywhere you go, how much has she put us in debt.

  16. old14spice says:

    Owemalley is nothing more than a COWARD! A fraud! A Liar! He has no visiion for tthia state and continues to take the easy way out. Thanks to PG, Montgomery, And the losers of Baltimore City that Voted to continue Martin Owemalley’s failed policies!

  17. old14spice says:

    Im willing to bet that programs like “casa maryland” (which supports illegals) has been FULLY FUNDED for the past 4 years…and will continue to be over the next 4!

    1. Germina 60 says:

      Obama through the national security and the North American Union is getting ready to approve (very quietly) entry into the US for 84 million more Mexicans. The Southern states are already Mexican and now the Northern states will be too. Obama will sign this by executive order because Congress would never approve it.

      La Raza the largest Marxist Mexican organization in the US will grow leaps and bounds with 84 million more Mexican entering this country.

  18. Germina60 says:

    Maryland is broke just like other states and Maryland’s taxes are in the top 10 states for highest taxes. I didn’t vote for O’Malley but he is right Maryland can’t afford more taxes and has to layoff or fire workers. Maryland has lost one third of the riches taxpayers because of the high tax rates and that is costing government jobs. People you can’t have extremely high taxes and keep jobs. It never has worked and it won’t work now. People will just leave the state like they are doing now.

  19. dmw says:

    “I think its good for those who are planning to retire anyway,” otherwise it is a little quick cash.

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