BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — They fought to save a life, and now they say they’ll fight the fine.

It all revolves around the rescue of a deer trapped in icy water Thursday night.

Alex DeMetrick reports that good deed was rewarded with tickets.

Strangers banded together to pull a deer out of the freezing water of the Patapsco River on Thursday night.

“We seen the deer going under,” said Khalil Abusakran. “It couldn’t maintain.  It was starting to freeze, and it was really getting bad.”

Abusakran brought a raft, and Jim Hart joined him.

“We had oars and shovels to break the ice, for the deer to get out,” Abusakran said.

But in the excited aftermath of the rescue, a Natural Resources Police officer on the scene wrote both men a ticket.

“And he didn’t say anything,” Jim Hart said. “We went in and out of the water numerous times.  He didn’t stop us at all.”

They say they were ticketed for not wearing life vests, although both are over the age for mandatory use of flotation devices.

“No, we didn’t have life vests on, but we’re not 16-years-old,” Abusakran said. “There were personal floating devices in the boat.”

Natural Resources Police would not go on camera, but told WJZ the rescuers were warned they would be violating Maryland law. 

The ticket itself doesn’t check off any specific violation, just a $90 fine.

They’ll fight it in court, as they fought for the deer.

The two men ticketed say they will fight the citations at a court hearing in Annapolis set for Feb. 18.

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  1. brenda says:

    Thanks to those who resciued the deer. i suppose if it would have been a person a ticket would not have been issued. this is waht is wrong in the world today, you try to be nice and helpful and you get punished but if you commit murder you get a slap on the wrist.

    1. martino says:

      So I guess Lennie Skutnick got a ticket too when he jumped in the Potomac
      He didn’t have a life vest either.

      1. dan long says:

        Good thing it was not in md. waters.

      2. john says:

        I wonder if they fined that Sullenberger guy after he landed his plane into the Hudson. I don’t think he was wearing a life jacket when he got out.

      3. Leroy Jenkins says:

        Oh, heck, if they would have jumped in to save the deer they wouldn’t have been fined. But since they were in a boat, they violated a regulation and, tsk, tsk, we can’t have such!

      4. CC says:

        Hope that officer never has to struggle in those waters. You’ll have to let him know how sorry you are that you can’t help him since you have no life vests!

    2. CleanFun says:

      The cop probably threw the deer in the lake to begin with.

      1. johnsmithtt says:

        lolll good one

      2. jack says:

        hear, hear!

      3. Apt604 says:

        How about throwing the cop in the lake? With a flotation device, of course.

      4. SerfOfObama says:

        Yes, a cast iron one.

    3. Janet says:

      Thank you for saving the deer. You did the right thing.
      “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”
      St. Francis of Assisi

      1. Lisa A. says:

        Amen , Janet, my feelings exactly! St. Francis of Assisi was a man of wisdom and discernment. I wonder if he was the person who also wrote how Apathy and indifference is worse than hatred. No disrespect intended toward the officer- but I think in certain situations, one needs to bend towards the direction of the Heart and not always toward the left side of the brain.

      2. mike says:

        jesus, let the deer die. overpopulation of deer in the US cause thousands of car accidents every year, killing hundreds. the deer clearly walked into the water, let him stay in there. would be a totally different story if those men would have drowned or died trying to save the animal.

      3. norm says:

        Overpopulation of deer cause car accidents? Not the roads or cars, right.

      4. condom says:

        The deer were doing just fine before the earth became overpopulated with humans

      5. blacklion2 says:


      6. Moishe says:

        To condo, y where u born

      7. Justin Goofoff says:


        I propose you lessen the population by one. Take a condom ( small one will fit your hear), slip it over you head and breathe deeply.

      8. Mario says:

        I wonder if this group of false do gooders will save the zebras from the next cheetahs’ attack in the plains of Africa. This is nature, I would have let the stupid deer drown that dumb prick

      9. Elizabeth Sorensen says:

        I too thank those who saved the deer from a cold and watery death. They showed true compassion, integrity and willingness to save a struggling soul. They should be given a medal, not a fine. We need more like people willing to get out of themselves long enough to help others, animal and human. We need more people like these rescuers in this world. I would have done the same and would also fight the fine.

        “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: That’s the essence of inhumanity.” George Bernard Shaw

        “The greatness if a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Gandhi

    4. STUGOTS says:


      1. wch says:

        Did you really have to work long and hard in coming up with and typing out this post?

      2. Charles Ross says:

        D.N.R. new meaning Deer NEGLECTING REJECTS

    5. Tracy Tomblin Propst says:

      Like the old saying goes, “No good deed goes unpunished”

      1. BillyBob says:

        You mean “No good deer goes unrescued.”

      2. Pocaholmes says:

        Oh Tracy, that is my favorite saying. It’s so true.

    6. AvgDude says:

      Now I remember why cops sometimes get called “pigs”. What a disgusting display of bureaucratic evil on the part of that worthless excuse for a LEO. He should be fired just for being such an a-hole.

      1. davec says:

        Unfortunately, you are EXACTLY RIGHT.

        They are at the option to not enforce. they get a kick from the power trip and the money.

      2. Jimmy King says:

        it was not a cop

      3. just me says:

        My friend, if people be fire for t-h-a-t reason, there will be many office-holders out of job.
        Many in quite high places.

      4. jeff says:

        sorry Jimmy King I have to disagree. if the POS has a gun, a tin shield, funny clothes, and over-inflated ego, a mushroomed head from self-promotion and some stupid sense that they are above the law, they are a cop. Period!!!!!! a ticket was issued. only cops or their henchmen issue those!!!!

      5. sam says:

        A government is only as smart as the people running it. If the people voted for stupid politicians who hired stupid police officers, then we should not be surprise if this kind of stupidity happen.

    7. Rhonda Coe-Hanna says:


    8. mike says:

      oh by the way, there IS a law that states that you must wear a life jacket if the water is colder than 50 degrees F. regardless of how old or how good a swimmer you are. Oh yea, its called hypothermia.

      1. Dan says:

        You are an antagonist and a pathetic one at that. There is NO LAW that says adults need a life jacket in this situation. Grow up. Head on back to Media matters and argue just to hear yourself argue. Friggin troll.

      2. Danny says:

        Awesome analysis Dan! Bravo Zulu (extremely well done to you!).

      3. Michael says:

        Neither of you figured out that Mike was being humorous… the Law is hypothermia.

    9. bruce says:

      Sorry state of affairs when the authorities simply lack common sense. Now the good samaratines have to waste time going to court, and the ticketing could deter others from undertaking efforts to be good samaratins in the future. Hopefully, senior authorities will offer an apology and the Court will throw the tickets out — if that could be done before the good samaritans have to waste their time going to court in the first place, all the better.

      1. Danny says:

        And a Bravo Zulu to Bruce for posting the perfect “where do we go from here” solution to the problem!

    10. Piet Blackwolf says:

      Next time they see the officer,throw him in the water.Don’t think he will have enough brain to know how to swim.

    11. riverdweller says:

      The natural resources officer shuld have been helping – not watching – them.
      Then he gives them a ticket ! Another example of a little bit of “ticket power” going to a non thinker dufus’s head.

    12. norman says:

      You have that right. People help others or in this case an endangered animal and get ticketed. Murder somebody and you go free. If they were in and out of the boat several times in the adventure to save the deer, the warden could have reminded them to put on the life jackets. In my state they just have to be in the boat.

    13. McGill says:

      I will donate money to help pay for the fines or the court cost…. Whos with me?

      1. Sharon says:

        I think that’s a great idea. I live in California butI would be willing to help pay the fine of htese two heroes.

    14. Leo Grillo says:

      Send me the ticket and I will pay it and send the guys life vests and rope to carry for next time. Good job guys!

      1. Ted says:

        We don’t need to be paying these fines for them, what we need is the people to take back this country and get rid of these government agencies that have nothing better to do than think up ways to fine us, tax us, and control us!

    15. Elliott Glazer says:

      It was truly a good deed. Government often gets things wrong, but we seem to want more and more government.

    16. JCB says:

      No good deed goes unpunished. In a socialist state.

    17. derekcrane says:

      This limp-wristed lefty “natural resources police officer” should be fired and given a 15 minute dunking in the ice water to cool of the ardor of his “Cause.”

    18. judy b says:

      a pit bull attacked my dog and torn half her face off. animal control came, and the man put his hands on his hips and told me he should give me a ticket. My dog did not have a license. I through she did have a license.

      I was thinking people doing animal control had a heart, but after this I am not sure. The man seem to have a cold heart.

      Thanks guys for helping that poor deer. So sorry you were treated so bad for doing something good.

  2. Guest says:

    I hope that there is more to this story than what is said….. I cannot believe that a police officer would give a ticket to this man for saving the life of a deer! It does seem that he was punished for doing the right thing. And that is terrible!

    1. Helene says:

      Amazing that you can’t imagine that. Are you living in the USA? Blindfolded or so?
      I don’t mean that wrong. But America is the sickest place in the world…Criminals govern the country and animal rescuers are punished…interesting…

      1. John says:

        I hear ya .But apparently you haven’t traveled to other countries …. this is not the sickest place in the world … please … a bit of an over statement

      2. Goldenfoxx says:

        I can think of sicker places to be – like living in a country that cuts women’s noses off, beats them to death, mutilates their private parts, kills all girl babies, decapitates and mutilates people. Amazing that you can’t imagine that but it does exist. I don’t see that taking place in the USA. While it may be true that criminals govern the country, we can do something about that – it’s called voting them out of office. When that fails, we have a Revolution. Give me America any day.

      3. Brenda says:

        I agree with Helene and as far as GoldenFoxx comment, the reason why we dont have alot of these treacherous type things happen in our country is because lower level crime like Mr. Arrogant Policeman are put out on public display to be ashamed of themselves for acting innapropriatly. If the lower level issues like this are not taken care of immediatly it moves on to higher levels of crime to what you have mentioned.

      4. SmithWinston6478 says:

        Helene, You’re right. The bad guys are laughing at us because we have their Trojan Horse in our Whitehouse. To call him a traitor is to insinuate he was once on our sde.
        “Vienes una tormente!” – Warning to Sarah Connell ending the first ‘Terminator’ movie.

      5. John W. Tobin says:

        Just a little note. Criminals govern EVERY country. Even yours, I’ll bet!!

      6. baltimore joe says:

        my son and his girl friend are the two carrying the deer in the photo, the dnr cops were called to help but we were wrong, they did nothing but stood there making smart comments, laughing, and writting tickets. this is why there is so little respect for the dnr cops from the outdoorsman and waterman in here maryland, this was a chance for the dnr to do the right thing and maybe change there image a little but they blew it i think they must trade there brains in for there badges

    2. Justin Orwen says:

      And people wonder why nobody wants to help people in various situations anymore. Everything is illegal, you are probably breaking some law right now and dont even know it.

    3. HH says:

      Guest, there is always more to a story than what is told! Unfortunately you never hear the whole thing!

    4. David Caskey says:

      Several things , we do not live in a free country. That concept went out the window many decades ago. Then those that think we can get the crooks out of office. Good luck. All we have a choice of is what brand of crook.

      This same thing happened with Katrina. Many folks went down with to NO with boats but fish and game gave them tickets for trying to get people off their roof tops without life vest.

      We need a revolution.

    5. Ar Amytas says:

      These guys were not policemen, but conservation officers. C.O.’s don’t know the law any more than a pig knows about Sunday.

      1. Instigatorus says:

        I ran a major river rafting operation years ago. The State conservation officers were huge pains who went around ticketing rafters for dubious “violations”. I assume it was to generate enough income to keep their jobs. The last thing on their mind was doing anything to preserve the flora and fauna. Meanwhile, if something serious or dangerous broke out, they made themselves scarce. Our opinion of them was not high. I dealt with local PD and park service rangers, and they were always great. These clowns walked around with scowls and were not helpful.

      2. Ted says:

        Yea, you experienced the problem with government. Those in government don’t have a clue as to how they are paid or where the money comes from. We need to cut government at all levels. Vote Conservative! I don’t have an answer other than that. Government is too damn big, too stupid and too intrusive in the lives of all Americans.

    6. Thomse says:

      The weren’t really fined it’s just the new good human tax. Don’t you know you have to pay the gov’t for the right to do anything.

    7. Terry G says:

      Present day enforcement officers are the new Tax collectors of our society…where have you been?

    8. dan long says:

      It’s not a police officer.It’s somebody that checks if your fish is legal or if you are using a gas motor instead of electric.

    9. Tripletap says:

      The cops all over including any low life creep that can issue tickets are doing just that. What a crock and the coward didn’t even have the cajones to step into the drink and help. He oughta be fired and sued for false arrest!

    10. ZMG says:

      It is interesting to hear everyone complain about America. First of all there are millions of people dying to get in here everyday, so if you don’t like it then please leave.

      I know deer are cute and fuzzy but you don’t see people rushing to save other people anymore. I understand you don’t want it to suffer but you need to think before you react. I work in public safety and see way to many people hurt or killed over an animal that gets out fine.

      Whether or not the officer was right is a different story. Personally I would have been a little upset at people in freezing water with no life jacket but would not have fined them. . .maybe a little side lecture on the dangers and what to do.

      Please stop blaming America for everything. If this country was not free you would not have this forum to express yourself in. You have it way to good, if you don’t believe me next time you are on your plush vacation in the caribbean try to leave the resort and see real poverty.

      Gob blee and Merry Christmas.

      1. RufusVonDufus says:

        Only in Crocodile Dundee do the animals shoot back. Trying to save “someone” could result in you getting shot, but trying to save Bambi you need not worry about getting shoto–unless this C.O. shoots youi.

      2. Germina60 says:

        I would rush to save someone even if it meant risking my life.
        God always blesses those who give free and more to those who die saving another person. I am sorry you don’t know Jesus and all his many blessings.

      3. Bob says:

        Millions of people wanting to come to the USA? Yeah, from third-world countries. We’re number 37 in health care and our kids are among the most poorly educated among industrialized nations. One in five of our kids is fed thanks to Food Stamps. Our economy is worse than any country in Europe, regardless of what the media would have us believe. We’re freakin’ bankrupt and lucky that we’re among the few countries that prints its own money via its own central bank backed by little more than the good faith of the government. (And we’re seeing just how much faith we can put in this bunch.) How many Scandinavians are clamoring to enter the US? No, this country is not what our media wants us to believe. We’re not No.1 anymore (except in the sale of toxic debt still cleverly marketed by our banksters) and we’re sinking faster than you seem to realize.

      4. Chris Abernathy says:

        “Personally I would have been a little upset at people in freezing water with no life jacket but would not have fined them. . .maybe a little side lecture on the dangers and what to do.””

        The idea that Americans need to be lectured by the government is just as offensive as giving out a ticket.

    11. itonic5 says:

      If this would have taken place in Oakland CA the cop would have shot the deer numerous times and then issue tickets.

    12. Traditionalman says:

      I’ve spent 37 years on the job and I will be the first person to say that the officer who wrote that citation shamed the badge they wear.

      1. stupid is as stupid does says:

        the only shame traditionalman is that you even made a comment not knowing the situation

  3. KottaMan says:

    As a former county cop in MD, I say that If this guy got a ticket for no vest, it’s absurd. In an exigent situation like this, I am sure 100% of the people would be thinking “rescue” first before the word “vest.” Did the guy even have a vest with him? What happened to “good judgment” on the part of the current crop of officers?

    1. chuck says:

      Typical case of a cop with no common sense, too much authority, and a penchant for revenue enhancement. Can we all say the word STUPID? I hope the judge in this particular case chastises the cop!

      1. Goldenfoxx says:

        Why not fine the cop for taking up court time, and pay the two men $90 each for saving the deer. That would be righteous justice. The cop will think twice about writing a frivolous ticket. It’s authority gone wild!

      2. stupid is as stupid does says:

        chuck, if you are a cop, you are an embarrassment for even making such a comment. were you there? do you know the truth? I pray that you are retired or at least on your way

    2. chuck says:

      I’m a cop and the decision of that cop is an embarassment for all of us. Throw him under the ice instead of the deer.

    3. B Leonard says:

      Our wonderful endless tax dollars going to work again, to employ a moron, this officer should be fired for just plain stupidity. And the lack of getting proper treatment for an animal. If he didn’t participate and just stood there watching, then he should be charged with cruelty to animals. Fire his ass!!!!

    4. Jim Anderson says:

      If they have to pay a $90.00 fine, let me know, I will pay for them! Coming from a law enforcement family ( md state police and secret service) I am sorry! My wife would jump in to save a mouse.

      1. Rick Daniels says:

        My wife would scream and want me to kill it.

    5. Bobito says:

      I’ve never yet met a cop who let common sense get in the way of exercising his authority.

      1. Terry says:

        Hum…Must have been arrested before….NOT all Officers of the Law are as blatantly ignorent as this person. So lets not toss a broad blanket over all Law Enforcement becuase yet another ignorant badge happy wanta be slip through the process.

    6. dave warren says:

      the above story is typical for democrat run states, you get what you voted for, the officer is only ding what the law states, clear and simple, next time you vote, remember goverment intrusion.

  4. Trish Reibert says:

    Unbelievable. Only in Maryland would you get a TICKET for doing the right thing. They let murderers, rapists and child moletstors roam the streets free, but save a defenseless animal and they fine you. Cop must have been waiting for the deer to drown so he could get a free meal. Hope the judge throws the ticket at the cop.

  5. PAMELA R says:


    1. John N says:

      I hope your grammar improves.

      1. Mark R says:

        Classic John N…LMAO!

    2. Ray says:

      This is the nanny state most of you voted for. My response would have been to throw the officer in the water and make sure he doesn’t get out.

      1. Tom says:

        Sadly in the state of Indiana, it has been my experience that you have to take and pass a special prick test to be DN|R.

  6. Kim Moore says:

    Hats off to the rescuers. It is so hard to believe a police officer could be that heartless. Where does the police pride and caring come in. A civilan does a good deed and he gets a ticket. I hope the officer has time to think about what he did to humanity.

    1. TxnByBrth says:

      Kim…you give the police officer too much credit.

    2. jp says:

      Remember…. this is a “Natural Resources Officer” Not Police. Not even a real job. Just a government position to keep a looser who can’t find a real job off the street

      1. G says:

        “Natural Resources Officer” Another example of a phony public sector job created to “stimulate” the economy. Really sad and pathetic. If we wasn’t a police officer, why didn’t they just not give him their ID’s. Don’t they have the right to refuse because of who he was?

      2. JP says:

        The officers in Maryland are sworn officers with the same authority as state police. Please do not debase the officer for doing thier sworn duty, The judge is the authority on this and not all information is presented here. The officer may not have liked things and may not even show for the hearing. It is a thankless job and they do a great job with the limited resources they have, BTW, I am not an officer or related to one.

      3. kingfish20815 says:

        Fish cops are generally have at least one degree and well educated in the sciences far more so than the average college graduate. Generally speaking he knows what he is doing far more than a couple of fools who risk their lives for a lousy dear. Had this situation gone bad he would have been the one to supervise the recovery of the bodies and tagging the remains.

      4. Spencer Biles says:

        Wow – You sure have a miserable outlook on life. Sounds like you deserve it.

      5. Greg says:

        JP, “sworn officers” with sworn duty is still no excuse for a lack of common sense

      6. Erik Smith says:

        kingfish20815, you make good points. But the officer’s issuing a ticket after the fact wouldn’t have saved the rescuers’ lives, nor is it likely to deter kind people in the future. Had he been concerned with being effective rather than being officious, he should have stopped them, or required them to don their life presevers, as soon as he became aware of the situation. Issuing a ticket after the fact is just silly, to put it mildly.

      7. Jay says:

        Only thing those guys did wrong was pass up an easy shot.

      8. Jeff says:

        Wolud the same officer give a ticket if he was the one saved in the same manner? And if he didn’t give a ticket, would he have been reprimanded for not doing so? I mean it is his “Sworn Duty”?

    3. Dragonfire says:

      Hats off to the rescuers indeed. I am an avid hunter, and would have done the exact same thing to save that little white tail. Before I accepted one ticket from that jerk off cop, he would have had to write one more ticket. I would have thrown his dumb a$$ in the water. Report the stupid cop to PETA !!!

      1. S R Larson says:

        The fact that the “natural resources officer” did not participate in the rescue effort shows that he was there on the scene only to find a reason to write someone a ticket. Your tax money at work, kids!

      2. Islia says:

        The problem with your statement is that he realistically could have had the men arrested for all sorts of things. The ticket, which I am sure he knew is going to be tossed out, was a warning more than anything.

        In many venues, it is illegal to interfere with wild animals in distress. That deer, in struggling, could have swamped the raft and/or kicked the mess out of the men (and a deer can kick you hard enough to kill). I knew people who thought it was smart to rescue “sick” raccoons and other small animals, only to spend weeks getting rabies shots because they got bit during the rescue.

        Think about it–how many beached whales actually survive the “aid” provided by well-meaning people who are actually interfering with an act of nature?

      3. MJ says:


        If you read the other comments posted here you would realize the real issues are about freedom and common sense. Most of us do not want to live in a police state or nanny state. The officer abused his power when he ticketed the rescuers using the police powers of the state to back him up.

        I applaud those who stand for freedom and have to admit their funny comments have left me rolling with laughter

      4. Santa says:

        Dragonfire has been a bad boy this year. He’s full of too much anger and needs to give up hunting and take up yoga.

      5. Independent Voter says:


        Nonsense. I have rescued many animals, including a Great Blue Heron who was caught in about 50′ of fishing line some idiot left hooked into a tree. Yes he could have poked my eyes out or worse but I did it carefully, and I still watch him out my back window in our cove 3 years later. I hope if you are ever in trouble someone takes a chance to help you, even though you are too arrogant to help one of God’s creatures.

    4. Angelo Rombola says:

      It’s all about the MONEY!!!

    5. ttriffic says:

      no he was just another ass who has way too much pwer for his intelligence level and showed it with steller ziel

      1. ScottFree says:

        As you are just another idiot who cannot even spell stellar or zeal. While its true this clown needed to be pushed in to save the deer, you shouldnt question someone elses intellect without even being able to spell basic words

      2. ralph says:

        shouldn’t lol

      3. John Zehr says:

        “Steller ziel”? Are you German?

    6. Bob G says:

      The natural resources police officer is obviously inept and lacks common sense; his Supervisor should have a session with him and explain the difference between the “Letter of the Law” and the “Spirit of the Law.” Big difference!!

    7. Whitetail says:

      He is no cop… just throw the ticket away.

    8. Pete says:

      When are folks going to wise up and realize there are no more “Police Officers” or as we remember “Peace Officers”. Today they are all “REVENUE OFFICERS” and their sole task is to collect monies for their masters.

    9. Jim says:

      This Officer should be fired!! He is a joke to the profession…

    10. Luchidor says:

      the rescuers were a resource for a make work government agency. What happened to the motto, “to serve and protect”. Why didn’t the donut fetcher get in and help?

  7. Jacki says:

    Well bless you rescuers, glad to see if my poopsy oopsy pomaranian was drowning could count on you, as for the police I wish you would stop me from saving someone or something from drowning in front on my eyes.

    1. Mark says:

      As usual no good deed goes unpunished. Where the hell has common sense run off to anyway?

      1. Elliott J. Olson says:

        You can’t call it “common sense” any more because it’s too rare, like a superpower.

      2. Cicero1776 says:

        The JERK must have a quota nto fill. Not only are the heros wet and frozen, they must be inconvienced by making a court appearance. I;d help finance a suit of the ???officer??? What a dope.

      3. Marauder says:

        Kidnapped by liberals.

    2. john e nichols says:

      we have idiots in government

      1. Bruce says:

        We have idiots everywhere. It’s just that the idiots in government are more visible and more of a nuisance.

      2. z46360 says:

        Yup starting in the white house

    3. Doug says:

      Throw the pig cop in the icy water and see if he would like rescued.

      1. DJ says:

        Not a bad idea!

      2. Cicero1776c says:

        I’m with Doug.

      3. Another Doug says:

        Sorry ossifer, you’ll have to wait to be rescued.. Johnny has to run down to the supply store to get a lifejacket. Just hang tight, he’ll be back in an hour or two..

    4. PokerFace says:


      1. jeff says:

        at least barney fife had a heart.

    5. George says:

      The government sux.

    6. ken says:


      1. John Freeland says:

        And the 99ers get no help? Are the first 99 chopped liver? Give us a number Ken. Where is it we finally become decent people?

      2. Cicero1776 says:

        Ken, what in the world are you taking about. Do you read the biases newspapers or watch the alphabet soup news broad casts?? 99 week is no help?????? What is the magic number? Are you smart enough to figure it out> I don’t think so.

    7. Bob says:

      Obviously trained by the Maryland State Troopers who thought video tapping an arrest was the same as a one way phone tap. Stupid cops are everywhere in this state. Print the cop’s name so we can start a petition to have him suspended / fired for incompetence.

    8. Ardvaark65 says:

      Maybe that natural resources police officer will get fired just before Christmas!

    9. Mark says:

      Cut the budget of the “natural resources” department by 50%. I’m sure we can get by with 50% less tax-payer funded stupidity.

    10. lee warmer says:

      Q:you know why they bury cops three times deeper than us when they die?
      A: because deep down theyre good people.

    11. Teddy says:

      If when trying to save the deer these men get hurt and/or into some sort of trouble and then have to call in rescue personel at tens of thousands of cost to taxpayers…is it smart or worth it to save the deer then?

      …and after they saved the deer, what if the next day it walks in front of a truck? or is shot by a hunter for its food value? see, if the animal was a domestic dog or cat then the saved animal would generally be back in a safe home away from harm. Even if it was a cow, its a valuable animal, so it wouldn’t be then set free after its rescue.

      People need to think about things instead of jumping in feet first because of emotions. What if one or both of these men got injured and couldn’t work and support his family anymore? Did either of them even consider that possibility? Then they become a huge burden on society…just for the life of a deer that is one of hundreds of millions in the wild. Actually the deer population is growing so fast and out of control that people are being killed in car accidents because hunting has decreased as an American pastime.

      Just saying, use reason and think before acting upon your emotions. Didn’t everyone get mad about the guys who got stranded hiking on a mountain in a snow storm and had to be rescued at thousands of dollars in municipal costs? Is this really so different.

      Shoot the deer so it doesn’t suffer then use it to feed people in the homeless shelter…make more sense?

      …and the cop was just following the law and also doing his job and also acquiring revenue for your city that keeps your taxes down. If he was mistaken about the lifevest rule then the men will be found not guilty. If you don’t like the rule then change the law, don’t take the easy way out and blame the cop.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. mr. faquer says:

        so if a person is struggling in the water dont go save them, they may get drunk that night drive and kill a family??? and if the cop was following the law and just doing his job, why wasnt the citation filled out properly??? just my 2 cents

      2. Mike says:

        Following Ted’s stupid liberal idea, soldiers should not be allowed to carry a weapon because it could go off and hurt someone. Don’t play football because you could get injured. No basketball either – you could get an elbow in the eye. Don’t leave the house – it’s dangerous out there! Government sucks the life out of everything

      3. Mike says:

        “…and the cop was just following the law and also doing his job and also acquiring revenue for your city that keeps your taxes down. ” Yeah, the Nazi’s said they were only doing their job as well. How about considering the spirit of the law as well as the letter of the law. GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR FACE.

  8. katie says:

    This is a good friend of mine’s husband who saved this deer along with another man not pictured. They were on that bridge and helping that deer for hours yesterday. They called the police and they did nothing but give him a ticket. They called D&R and they came and told them to let the deer drown. I am so glad to have friends like these who are animals lovers. His wife is actually a dog grooming, and they care for animals all day. They’re good people and its ridiculous that they are getting fined when trying to do that right thing. Hopefully it’ll get thrown out in court.

    1. Chris Ness says:

      Ask for a jury trial. No jury of real people would ever convict them.

      1. Occam says:

        I hope the people given the ticket file a multi-million damage suit against the officer who gave them the ticket & against the organization that hired that officer.

      2. Jsmith says:

        Exactly. What the heck was the gov’t guy thinking?

    2. Horice says:

      This happens when we elect corrupt politicians who use their armed enforcers to collect yet another unjust tax. Fight the ticket and toss out everyone in office until this type of offensive use of power comes to an end.

      1. DW says:

        This cop has to be a liberal moron

      2. Brandon says:

        @DW: Strange, I was thinking he must be a GOP fascist NAZI. Look, I can insult too!

      3. HippieG says:

        The cop must be a conservative moron

      4. Reed says:

        I was thinking he was a liberal, probably one of those Obama-Reid-Pelosi supporters.

      5. Michael says:

        Laws such as these and those who enforce them are typically “progressives”, NOT Conservatives or true liberals. The Democratic party and moderate Republicans are “Progressives”. People really need to quit this left, right, Conservative and Liberal blame game. It is the Progressives that are destroying this country and taking our freedoms.

      6. Bruce987 says:

        To: HippieG

        Conservatives don’t do that.
        Must have been a facist Obama TSA officer or Socialist Union Leader.

      7. Carbon Black says:

        Brandon, the NAZIS were socialists. It is in their acronym.

        last I checked, socialists are on the left.

      8. lew says:

        DW- your “liberal moron” is redundant.

        Carbon Black- Nazi far right- Communist far left- end of at the same place so what was your point?

        The rescuers acted in the traditional American manner and merit honor. The cop should hang his head in shame.

      9. frank says:

        lew………NAZIs were socialist………………
        from Wikipedia:
        The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German: About this sound Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (help·info), abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known in English as the Nazi Party (from the German Nazi, abbreviated from the pronunciation of Nationalsozialist[5]), was a political party in Germany between 1919 and 1945. It was known as the German Workers’ Party (DAP) prior to a change of name in 192

      10. lew says:

        Frank- Hitler was a fascist; hence the NAZI Party was far right by definition. “Once in power Adolf Hitler turned Germany into a fascist state. Fascist was originally used to describe the government of Benito Mussolini in Italy. Mussolini’s fascist one-party state emphasized patriotism, national unity, hatred of communism, admiration of military values and unquestioning obedience. Hitler was deeply influenced by Mussolini’s Italy and his Germany shared many of the same characteristics.”

      11. lew says:

        Frank- to avoid arguing definitions, my original question “so what was your point? was that it makes no difference. From the political center, travel far left on the political circle or far right and one ends at the same place at the bottom, dictatorship.

      12. Carduus says:

        The Nazi party was not “to the right” as we think of it today. They wern’t commies but they were far from modern American conservatives. They believed in total government control but allowed certain sections of the economy to have private ownership. This sounds more like modern liberal or progressive ideas to me.

        Hitler was a big believer in universal health care. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

    3. Beverlyjane says:

      God Bless them Katie. They are good men!! God loves his creatures or HE would not have made them for us to care for. Animal Lover

      1. Carnivore says:

        He must want us to eat animals. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have made them out of meat!!

    4. Rowwdy says:

      Here is the glitch for you all. If someone had put that animal in the water on purpose…no amount of effort would have been spared to rescue it and the person would have been charged with a criminal offense. See the difference in mind set? LE including DNR cannot knowingly allow an animal to suffer. So the DNR coward was also in the wrong a he did absolutely nothing. I reiterate, dereliction of duty as well as violating the very laws he is suppose to uphold.

      1. M the deer slayer says:

        would have been better to just let it drown and ask for a permit for it…nothing like fresh jerky

      2. Billy Brazzel says:

        That was a deer trap.. Throw a deer in the ice water and cite whoever saves it.

      3. stupid is as stupid does says:

        that was dumb

    5. Julie says:

      Katie I would get the News People on this, to shame the system on a rediculous fine.

    6. jeff says:

      katie please thank them for myself and my daughter who works tirelessly for a wild life hospital as an unpaid volunteer!! also tell them that i will pay the fine if it is imposed.

    7. pam says:

      OMG….if there is really such a thing as karma, your friends will enjoy the blessings from this true act of kindness and mercy. This says all you need to know about what kind of people they are.
      “let the deer drown?” my god what have we come to?

  9. My Dogs Mom says:

    I hope everone will get the name and address of the rescuers and send them a buck or two. And I hope everyone will get the name and badge number of the jerk of an officer and demand his removal! I know I will!

    1. Curtis Quico Reed says:

      Leave them a “buck or two”…no pun intended.
      I’m sue they could use the “doe”. But this time…pun fully intended
      One idiot office doesn’t represent all the police. They should throw that clown into the river and demand that anyone who saves him has dry suit, life jacket, and proper training before allowing them to risk their lives to save him. See if he gives a rat’s ass about that when HE is the one about to drown.

      1. Eric Hartman says:

        Yeah, I’m not entirely sure attempted murder is the correct response. Hammurabi’s era is long over, dude.

      2. Anthony Miller says:

        i agree. 1st of all, regardless of the law, doing the right thing shouldnt be punished. secondly, ask for a hury trial. no group of people would convict. third–i hope the resource officer is fired, loses his home when he cant afford mortgage. then is forced to live under a bridge and eat random roadkill. then one nite he falls asleep under said bridge, rolls into Patapsco river and drowns. that would be my Xmas wish.

      3. Bill Tannick says:

        Eric – get a grip. I hope you don’t take every rant so literally…

    2. SourPuss says:

      I hardly think that the officers actions support his being fired. Who knows, maybe last week he saved a baby from a burning building. Geez people, quit the rush to judgment. He may be new to the force and doesn’t quite know all the rules and regulations yet. Who knows?

      1. jon says:

        I think he should be fired for stupidity

      2. Karen says:

        He obviously has a complete lack of sense and humanity–we don’t need any more evidence, he should be fired ASAP for being such a lousy human being!

  10. penny says:

    I think what they did was awesome… that police officer should be ashamed

    1. mIKE says:

      The BIG question is “Why didn’t the officer help them?”. Better yet if he would have been doing the right thing, they would have been assisting him. That’s such a shame!

      1. jaycee says:

        mIKE it has been judged by the supreme court that a police officer has no obligation to help any person in an emergency

        and no matter what any officer tells you the police officer cannot stop you from helping someone else in an emergency, you might get a ticket from the idiot cops like this one but most will just step aside and do nothing

        you seriously think a cop is going to do anything to not get that big ol taxpayer paid pension

      2. len0117 says:

        lol. an officer that actually helps?! In Maryland? LMAO. The only way they ‘help’ is by writing tickets to bring in revenue

  11. Laurie Thrasher says:

    There comes a time when law enforcement need to look the other way.

    1. John says:

      There comes a time when idiots need to be fired. Most LEO are good people, this person is a moron, the state should revoke his commission.

      1. Greybeard says:

        Agreed, John. There comes a time when names need to be named so we know which of our neighbors are absolute idiots.

  12. TracyLyn says:

    I am really shocked that these men would get a ticket for saving the deers life. What is the officer jealous that he didnt get the attention for saving the deer so to punish the 2 gentleman hes giving them a ticket? What nerve. But to these 2 men a personal thanks for what you did you are a wonderful example of what is right with people today!

    1. nickoury says:

      BINGO! You win the prize, that’s exactly the reason. Too lazy, scared or unconcerned to help out, so he had to validate his own existence by writing TRUE HEROES a ticket. Talk about a waste of life, he should be working for the federal government. O wait, he already is.

  13. Sheryl Mason Turgeon says:

    Thanks guys for saving this deer. And to the officer who fined them really? Was it necessary What if it was your son or daughter or a family pet would it be different?

  14. Ericka says:

    Just wondering about this life vest rule…Does it apply when saving a person drowning, or should we wait til a life vest materializes before saving the person?
    Not clear on the rule, but it’s absurd to be required to wear a vest when acting in an emergency.

    1. Henry says:

      Its manditory that there are enough life jackets for anyone aboard and under the legal age must be wearing it at all times. But in all honesty would you risk a wild animal fighting and pulling you overboard in freezing waters because it doesnt comprehend you are there to help? Those guys put themselves and every bystander, in uniform and not, in potentially great danger and thats what no one seems to understand or care about! If the animal wasnt as rundown and ill as it was it would have fought and defended itself from humans.

      1. dfern says:

        And this affects you personally in what way?


      2. Deborah Wright says:

        Gee Henry….
        I can see your point but sheesh!
        Seems to me your heart must be kinda tiny to be THAT unmoved and critical of such kindness and courage.

        Time to revisit the Grinch to learn a few kindergarten lessons.

      3. Henry says:

        Actually Deborah, I have been in EMS for over 20 years, my wife, brother and several cousins have been in law enforcement for over 30 years, I volunteer at the SPCA whenever I have the time and I’ve worked with the Humane Society for over 10 years so please do not mistake my realistic point of view as anything but that. There is a difference between saving a life and risking several others and an age at which you should know the difference! You may think I’m a grinch but I wont hold that against you, I know what kind of a person I am and I feel no shame about that. And I definitly dont support the “witch hunt” brewing for the officer that was doing his job!

      4. Skeeter says:

        Henry, grow a heart. If that was your pet or your fat ass drowning, I bet you would be very grateful if someone risks their own life to rescue you. You sound like a typical Barney Fife, everything by the book. No time for common sense. Nitwit…

      5. Henry says:

        Skeeter? Really, are you a muppet? I have a perfectly functioning heart, perhaps if you had ever read a book that didnt have pop-ups you would have a better understanding for reality vs Disney. I have done more good and helped more people AND animals than you could ever dream of helping!

      6. Robert J. Sciolino says:

        What ever happened to the concept of personally assuming the risk? I’ll tell you what happened…we all became children in need of a governing mommy and daddy. If I want to take the risk to jump into a lake or river to rescue an animal…I’m a grown adult and I made the decision as a grown adult. I’m not asking anyone to risk their lives if run into problems, that’s their choice as well. Instead, we have a nanny-state that compels us to obey. We truly are a nation of children with a growing stack of rules and laws for every footstep we take. Snap out of it henry.

      7. Joe says:

        Henry, it must be you who didn’t read the article. It clearly says there were life jackets in the boat, and that no one was of the age required to need one. Please get a grip….

      8. Henry says:

        So it sounds to me like if your house gets broken into or your car gets stolen or someone needs emergency medical help you dont need to call 911 you can handle it yourself otherwise its just the “nanny-state” stepping in where they arent needed right? I hope you dont drive home with a taillight out tonight!

      9. Henry says:

        Joe I didnt have to read the article, I was there!

      10. Dano says:

        The more you keep on going Henry the more everyone is right about you. You have no heart. If they choose to take a boat out on the river and pull out an animal who are you to tell them they can’t. I really don’t care who you are or what you claim to be, because all you appear to be from your comments here is Henry the heartless.

      11. Lindsay says:

        Henry, Thank you for your years of service and for your intelligent comments. Robert J. Sciolino I agree that we have lost all personal accountability. However, do you actually think if these ‘rescuers’ would have been pulled into the water by the deer they would not have screamed for help? And the civil servants who everyone is so eager to bash tonight would have been the ones to save them.

      12. Bobby L. says:

        Henry, If I was allowed to carry a gun and use it to defend myself and my family I wouldn’t need to call the police. Unfortunately, the police hold a monopoly on defense–they are the only ones who can shoot an offender and get away with it. As for fire and EMS, both thrive in the private sector throughout the country.

      13. Steven says:

        Let’s pretend, for a moment, that the DNR officer is the one drowning…would he still ticket his rescuers?

        Sadly, I think he probably would…

      14. LoneRider says:

        Look, a deer is not a pet. In many parts of the states they are over populated. Risking your life for a deer, is insane. If one of the men fell into the water the Officer would have gone into save the person, putting his life at risk. For an over grown Rat, sorry tasty overgrown Rat.

        How anyone can through equivalence of a deer to a family pet is beyond me. Even still, when it comes down to a human life, even a family pet is chattel. And, yes we have 4 cats and a dog, which get taken very good care of. But I would not put my life in great risk for one. I have a family to feed and raise.

      15. enoughAlready says:

        @Henry…you have apparently been in the business too long and it would appear that you have sided with the strict by the book approach.

        Without common sense and the ability to differentiate between POSSIBLE and PROBABLE folks like you cause death because of a legalistic inaction.

        I myself have had an unusual number of events where I have saved lives(mostly from auto accidents). The one that comes to mind was the pickup truck that went off the road and was sinking on its side in the creek. The guy(who was high come to find out) could not lift the door open to get out. I had to jump about 10 feet from the bank landing on his driver door…by the time I got the door open he had about 6 inches of air left.

        I took a risk but the other option was to let him drown. Sure I realize he could have freaked out and pulled me under water with him. But what kind of person could live with themselves saying “well I didn’t have safety gear so I didn’t try”?

        I think God said it best “Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

        Dying in the attempt to save another is far better than living as a coward.

      16. Nic says:

        Understandable,but I would have done the same thing and I got a deer this hunting season! Are you not endangering yourself when you enlist in the military? Would you get a fine for enlisting in the military? Just something to think about. These people did good!!

      17. Bobito says:

        Sure, the bystanders might die from the shock to the system of seeing someone do something so stupid as put something else’s life first.

      18. dreagan says:

        Henry is Barney Fife reincarnated! Keep your bullet in your shirt pocket, Henry!

      19. donttreadonme says:

        Henry, you are a moral coward. You are glad there exist regulations for you to hide behind in the event you are called upon to do the right thing. This way, you get to stand safely on the sidelines protected from making a decision that may involve some spine.

      20. Greg says:

        This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. They put bystanders in great danger by saving a sick, drowning deer? And the deer would have attacked and killed them all had it not been so sick? You MUST be a cop. Only a cop would think in such a backwards “public safety was endangered” way.

      21. mark says:

        I understand your new age logic, but I do miss the old days, before the days of fear of litigation madness set in, when the police officer would have likely taken charge of the situation and lead the way to saving the dear and then later received a letter of accommodation for the act. Now days the police dress in military garb and look like commandos when they respond to a traffic problem. I repeat, I do miss the old days. JMHO.

      22. Frank says:

        I think everyone is being to hard on Henry. I am no fan of government or the current political situation, but I think many have blurred that sentiment with this story. A deer is not worth risking your life over. Not if you look at it from a realistic point of view. The guys that did save the deer did what they felt best, and I honestly don’t blame them. It was an act of kindness, and in this world, that is a welcome thing. However…. if one of them would have ended up in the water, then what? You can say that was his decision all day, but it doesn’t change the fact that someone is going in after him. So, I kind of see Henry’s point, and he is right. I also think that since there was a happy ending in this one, that the authority on the scene should have just let it go. This story would be completely different then.

      23. Chris Taylor says:

        “So it sounds to me like if your house gets broken into or your car gets stolen or someone needs emergency medical help you dont need to call 911 you can handle it yourself otherwise its just the “nanny-state” stepping in where they arent needed right? I hope you dont drive home with a taillight out tonight!”

        YES that is EXACTLY how it should be. Upholding right and wrong is the duty of the CITIZEN. NOT THE POLICE.

        the job of the police is to “take over” for the citizen when they arrive to handle formal arrest transport and court proceedings.

        the police are WAY WAY overstepping their bounds in today’s society because we are a nation of sheeple.

        If My house gets broken into I DEAL WITH THE PERPETRATOR MYSELF and then call the police to haul him away and file a report.

        If someone steals my car. I GO FIND MY CAR and then call the police to take the perpetrator away.

        If someone breaks into my car the police do NOTHING except take my report with the slim hope that if there is another arrest it might be linked to my car (even the even the officer taking the report said not likely)

        so now I have live uplink camera’s in my car and a live GPS tracking system. Break into my car and YOUR PICTURE WILL be on the news the next day.

        WE THE PEOPLE. not WE THE POLICE is how our constitution starts.

        its the duty of CITIZENS FIRST to right wrong police SECOND. Distant Second.

        why do you think we have a 2nd amendment. its not just about guns but ANY ARMS including your fists and its about more than rebelling against government.

        SO please explain to me how he was “doing his job” I would have told him to F OFF and refused to take the ticket.

        I would rather be arrested (and resist) than even so much as recognize his authority.

      24. M. Schaeffer says:

        Yes. These do-gooders rescued “Bambi” by endangering human lives. It’s nice that the deer’s alive but it could have as easily died and taken several humans with it.

      25. dw says:

        You are a moron and a idiot

      26. Rowwdy says:

        Well Henry, looks like you are full of boasting. I was in LE over 20 years and have a newsflash for you….there are variables to every situation. You cannot tell if that animal was too rundown to defend itself simply because it was floundering in the water. Ice water weakens you within seconds…even animals. Or didn’t you learn that in your shelter work? The fact the DNR officer stood by and said did nothing is dereliction of duty. Btw: I have been in animal rescue for some 20+ years as a volunteer. I do know just a little about it. A citation was out of line and power tripping.

      27. jon says:

        henry you admitted you were there, sounds like thou doust object too vehemently to the whole incident. do you have two less tickets in that little ticket book of yours???

      28. alephcheth says:

        Gee, Henry…if I’m ever in trouble and need someone compassionate to help me and care for me…please don’t be there. You’re one courageous, selfless specimen of something that’s almost human.

    2. Thomas Anderson says:

      Ok, now my BS meter is pegged. First, “Henry” knows everything about everything. Then when logic is applied, it’s “I don’t need to read the article, I was there!”.

      Sorry Henry, no you weren’t. As a professional that you state you are, you would be writing reports all day. While I am not a spelling nazi, your lack of spelling skills indicates you are likely pretty young, or stupid, and not in the habit of writing, which debunks you being in any of these professions.

      Lastly, if you had “been there”, that would have been the first thing you said, not the last after you lost the argument. You ARE a loser.

      1. reb362 says:

        Thanks Thomas Anderson, you stated the same conclusion I came to after that B.S. artist Henry. He’s a troll, or if he is such a professional, he should quit before his selfish authoritarian attitude causes the death of someone. He reminds me of the NY EMTs that refused to assist a pregnant woman while in line at a bakery, and the Pittsburgh EMTs that refused to walk up a snowy driveway to assist a father dying of a heart attack in front of his children, instead telling dispatch the victim should have walked to him! Well, both EMTs were fired, and the NY EMT ended up shot dead in a night club. Karma, Henry, karma.

  15. Dave says:

    The DNR officer probably wrote them the tickets to cover his butt. He most likely intentionally omitted the offense so that when they went to court it would be thrown out summarily. While I don’t know that I’d put myself in harm’s way for wildlife that is overpopulated to begin with, I admire the guys’ dedication to saving the deer. Glad nobody was injured or killed.

  16. jule kemp says:

    This is so crazy these men were doing a good deed and then they get fined for it. What has this state come too, people can get away with killing dogs or cats but when someone saves a deer they are in thr wrong, the officer that gave them a fine should be punished for his actions

  17. Brenda Bianconi Cole says:

    I think the police often forget that they are public servants. Their job is to keep us safe from others, and maintain order. That used to be the reason people picked these types of careers. Now a days, more often than not, the police I’ve encountered are bullies working for a paycheck and a nice retirement. Power trippers are ugly and have a cold heart. I bet no ticket would be given if you were pulling him out of the drink.

    1. Fargenkneipper says:

      Thank you for your entirely uninformed opinion, Pizza Princess. Is that anchovies I smell or that YOU????

  18. Sister says:

    Now, if the policeman was in a boat & he had on a vest but fell overboard, would the gentlemen, if they were close by, not be allowed to save him? Would they be ticketed if they tried to save him and they were not wearing a vest. I hope all animal lovers will steip forward, appear in court and pay these gentlemen’s fines. Kudos and heartfelt thanks to these 2 gentlemen.

  19. pat says:

    I just hope that WJZ will follow up after the court date. I would like to find out how this turns out. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    1. LurkerBee says:

      There won’t be a court date. There’s no charge on the citation, hence nothing to put on the docket. The citation will be voided.

      1. billy martin says:

        So what was this Public Servant’s point exactly?

  20. Steven says:

    Ok, people a deer and a child is two different thing. A deer is a animal and a child is a person. Risking life for a child is understandable, not a deer, People like this should be locked up for being stupid, I hope that they have to pay the fine and all the court fee’s that go with it.

    1. Karen Stanovich-Jordan says:

      Suppose it was your dog out there. Would you just let it die or try to save it?

      1. Steven says:

        I would let it die. A dog life is not wrath as much as a humans life. As a firefighter we do not go in to a burning house to save a dog, we go in a burning house to save people. A dog or a deer is not wrath dieing over…….

      2. Jane V. says:

        Steven, I am beginning to think SERIOUSLY about whom I would rescue. The deer and the dog are already in one category. You are edging toward a different one.

      3. dw says:

        Steven i think more of my dogs than most people if you and one of my dogs were both drownding guess who would be saved

      4. Fargenkneipper says:

        I’d throw you in to save it for me.

    2. admin says:

      That’s about the dumbest statement I’ve read in quite some time. Why should anyone be fined or locked up for doing something like this? Who cares if they risked their own well-being. That’s their choice and they have the freedom to make that choice. Good grief. Whoever wrote a tickey for that is the idiot who needs to be locked up. More government intrusion telling people what they can and can’t do.

      1. Chuck Ring says:

        But Steven, who I guess is saying he is a fireman, believes a pet/animal is not “wrath dieing for” Could he me “worth dying” for?

        Spelling again … I’ll be.

    3. Jessi says:

      I don’t think it was stupid at all. As the article said “Good Samaritan” meaning they wanted to do the right thing, whether a child or an animal, they didn’t want to see it suffer. More people should be so kind.

    4. Harry Callahan says:


      I hope that YOU, not your dog, fall through the ice one day and I hope that I’m there on the scene so that I can watch YOU drown.

      1. katie says:


      2. Rowwdy says:

        That is really sick Harry. Demented!

    5. Debbie says:

      ITalk about being heartless, I suppose if it were your pet you would let it die as well….

    6. katie says:

      Wow your an idiot.

    7. Hairy Herry says:

      It comes down to how much one values a viable life. Sorry, but I don’t buy the human vs animal selection in this case if I’m not personally involved. As far as the officers and rescuers who fetch people from the ice are concerned, they didn’t accept their jobs at the point of a knife or other coercion. It’s no different than the good men and women volunteering to fight for the United States.
      It’s just like the stupid seat belt laws for adults, taking away our choices, saving no money, and making us more like the Sheeple we deserve to be if this charge isn’t fought.
      Wake the hell up, please!

  21. Tonya says:

    Wow….DNR needs to retrain their officers I see!!!! Before you hand out tickets for something that was NOT illegal in any way, shape or form, you need to know the law you jackwagon!

  22. charlie alvear says:

    these men should not have to waste their time even going to court,how ridiculous, the department of rejects, thats how i see it.

  23. Karen says:

    My brother in law helped rescue this deer. We were watching fromn the bridge. They got it out, warmed it with blankets and took it to the park to be released. DNR told them to let it die. I praise these men who were out in the bitter cold saving a life. Way to go guys. I wish there were more people like you in the world.

    1. Tonya says:

      Amen! It’s a living creature with feelings as well even if not human. If you have a heart you would have tried to save it someway, somehow! I would never forgive myself if I walked away from an animal who I could have at least tried to help! Karen your brother in law should be praised…God bless him!

    2. kathy ward says:

      Amen… again!

  24. Rebecca says:


    One would think that Natural Resources police would see the brevity of the situation in which the compassionate citizens saved the life of the deer. Hello.. it is the Holiday Season, who would let Rudolph drown? However, this is yet another instance of police abuse of power. If the officer did not even have the ability to identify the specific charge in the violation he issued, he certainly did not have the right to impose a fine. The is a blatant abuse of power and should be dismissed before it comes to trial by the officer’s supervisor.

  25. julia white says:

    its crazy.. Kahlil and the other guy were within 3ft in the boat and DNR made them come back. so my son SCOTT BRYANT is the one whom actually Lassoed the deer and pulled her to the shore and up the bank. we all then put our coats and some other brought blankets and warmed the deer they carried her up and transported her to the park and let her go. DNR said to me” LET MOTHER NATURE DUE HER JOB, LET THE DEER DIE” that is INHUMANE.. she was freezing and suffering. Here my son is a deer hunter but even he couldnt watch her drown and die. I would think someone who works for DNR THE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES should care and respect nature. EVEN THE POLICE WOMAN ON THE SCENE TRIED TO HELP THE BOYS.. DNR TOOK AWAY HER AUTHORITY.. SAID IT WAS THIER JURISDICTION.. unreal..

    1. julia white says:

      also. the boys had a throw device and two of our life vests on the site. they werent wearing them but we had them..

    2. Ilsie says:

      Honestly? If the deer fell in the river, it WAS Mother Nature doing her job. While the young men’s hearts were in the right place, they interfered with a natural occurrence.

      What will likely happen is that the deer will end up dying of starvation or, as many have said, at rifle point. Most cities have to stage planned kills because when the deers have no place to go in a city setting, they go into people’s yards and into the parks and into other places where they can spread disease.

    3. caleb says:

      If the news media and PR wouldn’t get in the way, the proper thing for the DNR officer to do would have been to shoot the deer and stop the “rescue.” To the casual observer who wants to do things to make them feel better, it seems inhumane, but the fact is the deer will die anyway. Deer have an extremely high metabolism. That means the energy expended trying to stay warm and fight off the “rescuers” will probably cause it to starve, and deer deal very poorly with stress. Just stressing a deer can kill it. I’ve spent 15 years managing wildlife and I can tell you that you can’t “save” a deer, you can only be compassionate and put them out of their misery. The second reason the DNR officer should have shot the deer was to protect the lives of the rescuers that would need to be called to save the “rescuers” if they became trapped. A deer’s life is not worth a humans.

  26. bano says:

    What is wrong with this officer? It was a beautiful and heart-warming story about courageous men saving a deer in distress. This officer must be the same one the shot the dog at the park because he must hate animals or was abused in his early life.

    1. Ken says:

      The officer’s record needs to be checked to see if there are other instances where he abused his authority. We don’t need people like this working for Natural Resources. I wouldn’t be surprised if this officer stays up at night shining his badge.

  27. Sherry Webster says:

    I’m sure, even after being issued the ridiculous ticket, those same young men wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing again. I applaud them. A wonderful story not involving a shooting or murder is a nice change!

    1. Jimmy King says:

      lol hopefully it is your car that hits the deer and not mine

  28. baltlaw says:

    So let’s see. You save the deer, and then the hunters shoot and kill it. Seems odd to me.

    1. Thomas Anderson says:

      Uh, let me explain something to you, and I’ll hopefully dumb it down enough for you to understand it. Hunters don’t torture animals and make them suffer. These two men didn’t want the deer to suffer. Secondly, only a small fraction of deer are shot by hunters.

      Do you want to make any more insipid observations?

      1. Carduus says:

        Most deer are hit by minivans from Kansas…

    2. DW says:

      Baitlaw if you dont see the difference you are not to bright.

  29. bill Warlick says:

    just like a cop unintellagent and disrespctful self centered and like to couse as much trouble as they can for you

  30. Jessi says:

    @Sherry–I whole heartedly agree.

  31. wayne says:

    whats up with this police officer? what if it had been a child.

    1. skeeter says:

      rules is rules

  32. Jeff says:

    I’d rather live in a society surrounded the morals of these guys, rather than the police state the idiot DNA cop envisions. Get a life dude, you should have been running out to get hot coffee for these guys rather than reaching for your ticket book. It’s obious by the responses posted who f’d up here. Beer’s on me guys

  33. Barbara says:

    OMG……STOP wasting the taxpayer’s money on something so ignorant. Come on now……..Yes WTZ news….please keep up on this story.

  34. Pam Kinlein says:

    WOW! It seems that ” No good deed goes unpunished!” definitely applies here. That NRP officer should be ashamed of the way he reacted to the caring thing those men did. If they were that selfless concerning a wild animal, just imagine the lengths they would go to for another human being. Kudos to Mr. Abusakran, and Mr. Hart! They are TRUE heroes in my opinion! I only hope that the judge hearing their cases disputing the fines feels the same way… Pam

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      No, it’s “No good Deer goes unpunished.” Typical bureaucratic authoritarian egotistic Police State mentality. Welcome to Obamamania. Heil Pelosi, Heil Ried.

  35. Marylou says:

    Just for a moment, imagine if the ending hadn’t been so happy, that the rescuers themselves had become stranded. No doubt people would be criticizing this officer for not having done something. As I see it, the guy was stuck in a Catch-22 situation.

    1. skeeter says:

      But, it DIDN’T happen that way. What if what if what if? Stop looking for a reason to NOT do the right thing. I would have tried to rescue the deer, and after being ticketed, I would have tried to DROWN the idiot in uniform.

      1. Phil Dragoo says:

        Was the officer attempting to waterboard the dear, and the rescuers were interfering in national security?

        Perhaps someone is so intoxicated with his authority he is unable to wield it responsibly.

        So many questions.

  36. charles hawkins says:

    Is their ever a point when some things are over board I can’t say that those good ppl did anything wrong the officer just watched while they did the right thing if anything he should get some type of trouble

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      Ve must alvays be FOLLOWING ORDERS!! Don’t you understanding?
      Heil Obmaa!

  37. Kerrie says:

    This is what happens when we live in a country with too many laws!

    1. Bobito says:

      Wrong. This is what happens when you live in a country with too many cops.

  38. Rick says:

    The cold heartedness of some cops never ceases to amaze me! He must have needed to make quota, and not thinking clearly, cuz these guys were over the age of 18, and NOT REQUIRED to wear a life jacket. DUH! Go find some ILLEGAL hunters/ poachers, and leave good guys like those men alone!

    1. Sheila Flanigan says:

      DNR has attitude issues. they would rather have the deer die. The rescuerers desirve a metel not a fine. Sheila

    2. Koji Young says:

      Real cop don’t write that kind of ticket.

  39. Ashley Evang says:

    Has this state gone down that much that cops have nothing better to do but to ticket people actually doing good? Mr./Mrs Officer I think you need to leave them alone and go on these corners where people are selling drugs. I shook my head at this. This is a shame on cops and citizens in Maryland. And I think its bad that a 18 year girl has to say this. Man its a shame.

  40. charles hawkins says:

    But what if it was a person would they have got one for that too

  41. Melissa Calp says:

    It makes you wonder if those 2 guys would have gotten a ticket for helpiing someone from DNR, if they were in the same boat….. Mmmm

    Give me a break!

  42. appalled says:

    how could ANYONE be so HEARTLESS as to give a ticket to someone doing good for another life…cop must have had a quota to make or must be a real miserable person. cop needs to spend time in icy waters…HATS OFF TO THE HEROES…GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART.PATHETIC, SIMPLY ABSURD…

    1. Sumner Cohen says:

      I agree , these cops are incompetent and should be fired. If there was a real threat to citizens they wouldn’t know what to do. Thewy would probably pee in their pants like a bunch of babies.

  43. Kris says:

    The State of Maryland at work once again. I know that they are in a bad way for finances. BUT please these men were over 18 and saving a life. The only one who can decide when a life ends is God. They were doing what I would have done. I just don’t understand you can do anything to a puppy and not have a ticket or fine and that angers me to no end but do the right thing and get punished for it to Wow what have we come to!!
    For Steven your the one who is unfortunate here how do you sleep at night with that type of opinion I hope that you learn something from this even if it is only to keep your unpopular opinion to yourself

  44. Ashley Evang says:

    @Charles Hawkins: That is a great question. maybe the cops would have tried to find something else to ticket them on if they were saving a human. Who knows?

  45. Toni Evans says:

    The sad part is that they might not have to pay the ticket but might have to pay court cost……sad, sad, sad!!!!!!!!

  46. kathy ward says:

    This is a prime example of “no good deed goes unpunished.” These good samaritans saved an animal and broke no laws – yet were ticketed. HUH??!! What possibly could be the motivation of the officer… certainly it wasn’t the law. What has happened to common sense and civility in our society?

  47. Kris says:

    Well said Kathy I agree. I wish I knew what was happening in this society where you get punished for good now too!!

  48. Mike & Karen says:


    With so much negativity in this world, what a breath of fresh air to hear about people with so much compassion. And how does our state reward these good deeds…tickets and court dates. Lighten up Maryland, be thankful and rewarding to people who demonstrate compassion and good deeds!!!!!! We need more people like them,Good Job we are proud of you and will stand behind you on Feb.18th.

  49. Kris says:

    Balls No one jumped into the water and you didn’t listen to the story they turned the deer loose so how do you know what happened. Your opinion is very negative and no one is voicing hatred of authority so you need to get over it

  50. susan scher says:

    would anyone be interested in setting up a fund to cover the cost of these tickets and the lost day of work ( for when they have to go to court) for these guys? we can probably do it thru the tv station no wonder people don’t want to do anything that we used to consider just the right thing to do i think we should all help to “pay it forward”

    1. Kris says:

      susan let me know I don’t know how much I could do but I agree we should do something keep me posted

    2. kathy ward says:

      If common sense fails to prevail… I would be willing to make a contribution . See the post by GG…. encouraging 🙂

  51. Paige Phipps says:

    These men had risked their lives to save the deer that would have died if these men hadn’t come along. And yet they get a ticket? That’s completely ridiculus! What has the world come to? Running around saying “promote the death of wildlife?” that’s what it seems like to me. It’ll be funny when that cop says “I was just having an off day when I wrote that ticket.” Because that is completely unacceptable. Hypothermia kills; and these men risked it for an animal. That’s a hero.

    1. jrbandit says:

      just another sign of the times, the officer shows no common sense like much of the world today!

  52. Ken says:

    The officer needs to have a heart, come forward and offer to pay the fine!!

  53. Eric M. says:

    DNR Really? Go stop underage party’s or drug usage within the State Parks don’t need to ticket someone for doing what is right for once!

  54. Matthew Don Pablo Curtian says:

    Just goes to show that some people around this time of year have nothing better to do the rain on others parade. Maybe the Cop should have done something. I know a few who would. Please don’t call him an officer because he didn’t have the courage to help them men help this animal.

    1. Fargenkneipper says:

      Hey, how many frigging names do you need, Hammerhead??

  55. kathy ward says:

    If reason fails to prevail… and these tickets are not invalidated within the system (given no statutes were broken), I likewise would be willing to send in a donation, if the station sets up an account for these men. I thank heavens for the humanity of these men. They are true, altruistic heroes.

  56. GG says:

    Actually, if the ticketed people were to contact the officers’ supervisor, they may get somewhere . There is the possibility that the tickets were issued erroneously, especially if no box was checked off……and the PROPER personal flotation devices were on board the raft for each person. If this is the case, it may never have to go to court. Sign me…..someone who knows.

    1. kathy ward says:

      Thanks GG… valuable information

      1. GG says:

        Kathy…I wish people would realize that all the name calling gets people no where. Officers have a job to do; they are human and make mistakes; it may also be that they were correct in issuing citations, but that the recipients don’t understand the charges or choose to publicly deny fault. Either way, those saying the officers should lose their jobs are going overboard (no pun intended)…..this is something NOT worth losing a job over. I guess there are a lot of folks who think they are perfect. And, either way, going to court is the accused’s chance to tell their side of the story.

    2. dustin says:

      the box was checked off. the supervisor will not disagree with a good ticket.

  57. Thomas says:

    Tar. Feathers.

    What would Sam Adams do?

  58. Robin says:

    Street level bureaucrats! They do not know how to think for themselves.

  59. mot_klt says:

    No good deed ever goes unpunished. What a jerk.

  60. Tiffany says:

    All of you idiots who support an expanded role for government. This is what you’re signing up for.

  61. Alec Jones says:

    Our present condition, achieved in a manner unprecedented in the history of nations, illustrates the American idea that governments rest upon the consent of the governed, and that it is the right of the people to alter or abolish governments whenever they become destructive of the ends for which they were established.

    Thomas Jefferson

    1. swathdiver says:

      So what are we waiting for Jones?

    2. Daniel says:

      Would love to buy you a beer for that one…..I think it needs to come to that. The cop is probably someones cousin, uncle, or kid….maybe even a result of needing to hire in certain demographics.

  62. Czechbikr says:

    Just another money grab by cash starved communities issued by a cop who will retire on 3/4 of his salary in 10 years to enjoy it for another 40.

  63. greg says:

    I bet he’s a Democrat

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:

      The deer is a Democ-rat? I bet he changes his loyalty tomorrow Didn’t end up on the spit, and can go work with Santa again!!

      1. Bobito says:

        No, the ticket writing cop is a Republican. That’s almost certain.

  64. swathdiver says:

    If these indeed are the facts of the case, the officer should not be in a position to serve the public. Jerk.

  65. Gordon Corey says:

    Sanctimonious POS.

  66. km says:

    Consider the fact that such a rescue would draw media attention and subsequent , possible questioning of a wildlife officer’s overlooking (potential overlooking) of the law if he/she didn’t acknowledge an infraction of water safety regulations.

    But, in writing the ticket, it happened to be void by an “innocent” mistake in filling it out. This is only theory that plays IF LurkerBee’s assertion is correct that a ticket must cite a charge.

    1. Sean O' says:


      Thanks for your analysis. It makes perfect common sense. I’m betting that that’s exactly what happened.

      But I’m really glad that the article occasioned the outpouring of good will expressed in most of the comments, even though they’re probably misdirected.

  67. Potatoe says:

    The Grinch is alive and well in Merry-Land

  68. The Fisherman says:

    You think that is bad? Just try to deal with the Marine Police in your every day work!! I am absolutely NOT suprised.

  69. Melissa M says:

    Oh, dear. As Howie Carr of Boston Radio says – No good deed goes unpunished.
    My thoughts are w/these men and grateful nothing happened to them in the process of saving the deer.

  70. Melissa Ellis Moore Merrill says:

    Oh, dear. As Howie Carr of Boston Radio says – No good deed goes unpunished.
    My thoughts are w/these men and grateful nothing happened to them in the process of saving the deer.

    1. I.B. Chllin says:

      Hey, generally when you get divorced, you lose the names, too.

  71. clarese says:

    What a worthless excuse for a cop, and they wonder why people don’t respect them.

  72. Aunt Bee says:

    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” ~ Will Durant

  73. Mike says:

    Nothing else better to do then fine good samaritans during the holiday season…. good job rent-a-cop!!

  74. kit says:

    They need to fire the officer who had such poor judgement as to write these tickets. The person does have enough basic mental capacity to be in that job.

  75. john in hartford says:

    How ’bout:
    The two men throw the consy in the water; and tell him;
    “Sorry Can’t get you out we’d be breaking a regulation!”

    1. fargenkneipper says:

      Is there a law in Connect-the-cut that you HAVE to hump your sister?

  76. kathy says:

    What an idiot what a jerk the state should give it to the cop to use as toliet paper

    1. goteyeonyoubuddy says:

      Dumb & Dumber!. Just unbelievable an insensitive dumb azz person is on the state payroll………..oops, most are in this catagory. Had it been a child, would they give a ticket? Hope the judge throws it out and fires this idiot.

      1. goteyeonyoubuddy says:

        I’m still so pizzed at this idiot officer I cannot calm down. This was an emergency
        and two life loving people worked to get this deer out of the freezing water. I only wish in my heart I could come up there and pistol whip this dumb, stupid, idiot officer for being such an animal hater. Dam, I only wish I could say how I really feel. This man prob. couldn’t walk when I get through with him crying Uncle.

  77. Kenny West says:

    Bunch of government robots – stand around and watch you do something noble the whole time looking for something they can write up a ticket for – would have been appropriate to throw this useless piece of trash in the river.

  78. David says:

    I cannot stand officiousness on the part of bureaucrats. Just because they can Lord it over us doesn’t mean they should. What the jerk even bothering to help with the rescue? Methinks not.

  79. Janet Hood says:

    This is rediculas at least they did something unlike DNR if they wanted to take the risk then let them! they are a hero to everyone else and the police had no excuse to do what they did this close to the holiday!

  80. Jimmy Doolittle says:

    I STILL want my Country Back.

  81. Htos1 says:

    Just keep electing democrats who come up with kind of shiite!ALL “social” laws dating to 1964 should be repealed and be be subjected to an electronic referendum via the internet.A “committees of Correspondence” if you will.That’s how the decision to conduct the revolution of 1776 came about.

    1. Bobito says:

      What makes you think a fascist cop is a Democrat? The part of god, guns, wars, tax cuts for the obscenely rich, too many police, everyone in prison, security, security, security, is the Republican party.

      1. VoxLibertad says:

        As a Minarchist this it is easy to see why he would blame “liberals”. Typically speaking it is usually “liberals” that get stupid, idiotic laws passed, saying all the while… “It’s for the children”. what goes unnoticed by many of the neocons, is that they are the ones who back the police state, which is the arm of government that enforces stupid laws. Both sides blame one another, but the fact of the matter they are both one in the same.

        Until the people of this country fight for individual FREEDOM and individual RESPONSIBILITY, in just the same ways as these men are fighting, then, it will only get worse. MUCH MUCH WORSE.

  82. Ron Lockard says:

    FIRE HIM!!!!!!

  83. Charles Farley says:

    Another instance of government gone berserk.

  84. Lois Szymanski says:

    I suppose the officer could worry that he would be seen on the news and called on the carpet for not writing a fine. This in mind, I hope he forgot to check a box on purpose, knowing it would void the ticket. It is ridiculous, at any rate. They should get a reward, not a fine.

    1. fargenkneipper says:

      Well, how much can we put YOU down for, Big Time?? Put your money where your mouth is. In my PANTS!

  85. Brandy says:

    i am hoping that when copper fall in ice next time no deer help him for rescue!

  86. John Free says:

    What the hell is a “natural resources police officer”…..what agency does this twerp work for..???

    What is the email address and web site of his superiors and who funds this out of control beaurocracy????

    1. kathy ward says:

      I do not know for certain, but I assume they’re under the guises of the DNR. I’ll be writing as well…. once I’m able to determine the correct agency to contact.

    2. Daphne Heppding says:

      DNR is I think Forestry. My neighbors son worked at a state park and he was DNR

      1. Daphne Heppding says:

        DNR needs to put their boots cause the s++t is getting deep

  87. Chad says:

    Reveal his name. He won’t be working in the same job any more.

  88. jerry mc says:

    I hope this idiot is not allowed to have weapon. He would make a good officer “Fife”. I just read that another glittering jewel of colossal ignorance that is a natural resource officer has been arrested have sex with a 13 year old.

    God help us.

  89. tubaman says:

    I don’t believe we have such idiots as public servants in this country.Even if they were breaking the law I would have looked the other way and not said a word.

    1. goteyeonyoubuddy says:

      In the case of an emergency, there are no laws that can be broken. Were they supposed to stand by and let the animal die? What if it had been a child? Would the officer give a ticket for the same reason, while it’s life & death? I can’t find enough mean words to say to this idiot and remain a lady.

  90. CBO says:

    Ah, American justice at work again. I swear common sense has died in America.

  91. LurkerBee says:

    Trust me, a citation needs a charge recorded on it for it to be valid. A citation lacking a charge is a citation asserting nothing. Without that charge, the courts have no way of knowing what to put on the docket, so chargeless tickets are automatically voided. When the citation referenced in this story is forwarded to the District Court’s Data Entry department, the clerk who receives it will enter the info on it into the Mainframe, with the note stating no charge was recorded & it needs to be voided. After the void is approved, it is removed from the system. If these gentlemen pay the ticket before this happens, they will automatically receive a full refund.

  92. amd007 says:

    Power in the wrong hands okay!.

  93. at says:

    We have too many cops and not enough vigilantes

  94. Daphne Heppding says:

    Why did DNR come ? The officer should file a complaint against the wanna be DNR officer. You guys are gonna get a blessing for being heros. Right on! You saved Rudolph. Merry Christmas. The Grinch needs to get a lessen in heroism.

    1. kathy ward says:

      Thanks, Juanita! I figured it was the DNR!!

    2. fargenkneipper says:

      How about ICE?? Do you know THAT website, Chica????

  95. juano says:

    Have you had enough government yet?

  96. big hank says:

    We need to get ride of these snot bag little Hitlers who think putting a badge on makes them a god. We need real men with some common sense. Of course the guy could be following a a directive from management to maximize the number of tickets to grow revenue and meet his quota. Who knows?

  97. barneyg says:

    unfortuanley its always the idiots who are in power….. Just look at the president and house and senate.

  98. Janky says:

    The revolution will be started by some bee ess like this.

  99. Hank says:

    Not as dangerous as idiots with internet access Burt!

  100. redcobra says:

    Should have let natural selection occur.
    Too many deer anyway.

    1. Wally says:

      Too many people, too. Maybe someone will consider that thought if you are ever in need of emergency services.

  101. Melissa says:

    What a jerk! Would they have been fined if it had been a person instead of a deer? They saved a life, whether it be an animal or human, these two men should be commended.

    1. paul abey says:

      This is what the MD waterman have to put up with everyday!! But its never publicized!!

  102. steve says:

    should have thrown the stupid officer into the water – and keep on throwing him back

  103. Hank says:

    Seriously people spell check! You just sound like idiots when everyday words are spelled so wrong!

  104. Phil says:

    And Liberals STILL wonder why Conservatives want a small government that will leave the public alone…

    1. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

      The right left paradigm…the ultimate con, with the American sheeple, the mark.


    2. Bobito says:

      So why do conservatives always want lots of security, lots of police, more prisons, and big government spending lots of money on the military? I suppose it’s because they believe in civil rights, civil liberties, and small government?

  105. Don says:

    In the peoples republic of Maryland, they elect the fascist democrats all the time. Then are surprised to find they have no rights left.

  106. Bob says:

    Why didn’t the officer assist?, instead of writing a ticket. They should publish his name so every one could send him a LOVE note!

  107. Charles Austin Miller says:

    See if I ever go into icy water to save a f——g natural resources officer. Revolution now.

  108. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    Between this and the plainclothes cop that pulled a gun on the biker with the helmet cam, sure seems like MD is a friggin nanny police state..

    1. Dr. Reginald Anuswiper says:

      Nice name.

  109. Hank says:

    redcobra, THANK YOU!! What would have happened if that deer fought and pulled someone overboard??? For you bleeding hearts out there, humans take priority over animals, just the way life goes. To sit here and try to say an officer wouldnt “help” a deer so they probably wouldnt help a human is ridiculous (thats the correct spelling!) Guess what kids, you cant treat a wild animal for hypothermia so protect your kids from hearing this but, Bambi didnt make it through the night!

  110. Buck says:

    I would put my hoof down if I had to shell out that doe.

    1. FEDup says:

      Priceless comment. Well done, Buck.

    2. sooz says:

      buck… such a good comment that my friend from san diego emailed it to me in orlando. haha!

  111. SLIDINGINTOIT says:

    NAZISM …


  112. Ray says:

    Was a ticket also issued to the deer for not wearing a life preserver? That officer needs more training before being unleashed on good citizens, IMHO.

  113. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:


  114. Jeremy E. Simpson says:

    Publish the officer’s name and let’s see if we can get a picture and shame him/her into another profession.

    1. None Ya Biz says:

      A better idea: How about painting a bullseye on his forehead.

    2. Kevin says:

      Excellent idea, Jeremy… If he thought it right to
      issue the ticket he should have no problem making
      his identity known.

  115. Chuck Spears says:

    They were fined because overpaid underwoked .gov officials don’t like it when the public does their job for them.
    Probably a union issue too.

  116. Joseppi Tanner says:

    Ok I hope you libs , {which is probably who rescued the deer}, are starting to see the result of a government run wild!

    Quit voting for these idiots! Vote common sense !

  117. Art Fold says:

    Welcome to facist Amerika. Just a fine and NO specific violation? That man needs a new job.

    1. None Ya Biz says:

      No….He needs hunted down and dragged out into the street.

  118. Common Sense says:

    “A natural resources police officer,” i.e., a low grade moron in a green county jacket. Throw that idiot in the lake and as he drowns, tell him “tough luck,” he’s going to die because you don’t have a life vest and don’t want a ticket.

    1. None Ya Biz says:


  119. guyfawkes says:

    I’m really starting to hate the goverment and all its fools.

  120. kathy ward says:

    There’s a pretty wide range of responses and sentiments here… Bottom line… whether or not you believe the actions of these men were justified , wise, and humane – or cavalier and stupid, they most certainly did not break any laws. Enough said. The rest could be debated for the next 10 centuries.

  121. Esdraelon says:

    apparently the resources officer had to justify being there and doing nothing….so he wrote tickets instead

    1. kathy ward says:

      I think you may have nailed it!

      1. kathy ward says:

        I don’t think this will ever make it to court.

  122. Mary Ratcliff says:

    It makes me burning mad that this evil government bureaucrat
    has to spoil a good rescue story with this nonsense!! The man
    who wrote them a ticket should be fired immediately! I’m going to
    write a letter to demand exactly that! Fire this guy! Those guys
    should be given a medal for being a hero for their daring rescue!!
    I hope Animal Planet will do a story on them right away!

  123. Carucao de Aco says:

    Pay the fine or they will ruin your credit, stop you from working and put you on a no-fly list.

    Welcome to the police state.

  124. Joe says:

    everyone should send an email to the DNR at tell them what an outage this is and that DNR should rescind these citations!

    1. Bob says:

      Thank you for the e-mail address. I sent a message asking that the officer receive a psych eval ASAP. He’s clearly a pathetic little man and such people pose a threat to everyone when allowed to carry a badge and gun.

  125. Doug Hartman says:

    A wanna be cop could only make to game management.

  126. roadstarbob says:

    His previous employment was parking lot enforcement.

  127. kronis says:

    Sheesh. The police officer should be publicly flogged until he renounces his stupidity.

  128. Ranger Smith says:

    Typcal government employee. Nothing to see here folks, let’s keep moving along.

  129. Keith C. Parsels says:

    I know where a government cut to save money can come from, one less natural resources police officer should save something!

  130. Liberty or Mortum says:


  131. Louis says:

    What does Gov. O’Malley say about this? Is he proud of that NRO?

  132. gullyborg says:

    The officer should have been helping the rescue effort. Even if all he did was get on the radio and call for support, it would have been helping. Instead, he watched, did nothing, and wrote a ticket to reward people for risking their lives to save a suffering creature. Shame!

  133. None Ya Biz says:

    They should have thrown the natural resources police officer in the water and let him drown.

  134. Mary Ratcliff says:

    Everybody should write letters to get the evil ticket writer fired. Our tax dollars
    don’t need to be funding somebody who would do that!! Let’s also contact
    Animal Planet so they can do a story on these brave heros! GIVE THEM A
    MEDAL – they are HEROS!!

  135. Clutch says:

    I thank the two men that saved the deer and I curse the idiot that gave them a ticket.

    The next election, how about trying voting freedom first?


  136. Clifford Petersen says:

    Yup! we had a FISH COP in our area take away a young racoon that had been rescued when its mother was killed on the highway, kid had raised it for months, very friendly – BUT IT”S AGAINST THE LAW so he SHOT IT!

  137. A. Hunter says:

    Venison is good eatin!

  138. Dave, Rochester NY says:

    The officer should be fired. Simple. Society has no use for him.

  139. Jim says:

    No good deed shall go unpunished. Merry Christmas

    Now you know why so many people just look the other way.

  140. roger says:

    Game wardens like that give all a bad name. What an a$$.

  141. robert m says:

    Fire the useless cop, here is a fine example of excess government

  142. Dave says:

    I agree, fire the officer. Why should we pay for someone so counterproductive?

  143. mIKE says:


  144. Mike says:

    They should have taken the “officer” back out there and left him in the icy water to drowned. Then it truly would have been a win-win situation.

    1. fargenkneipper says:

      Should you be masturbating so much at your age?? Are your parents circus geeks??

  145. Hank Warren says:

    Endless bureacrats giving out absurd fines, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  146. LA says:

    Let the DNR know how you feel about it.
    John R. Griffin, Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources
    Maryland Department of Natural Resources
    580 Taylor Avenue
    Tawes State Office Building
    Annapolis, MD 21401

  147. Tim, Katy TX says:

    The underlying problem here is that we are rapidly becoming a police state. Why do we have “natural resources police”, and why are they telling adults what they can or can’t do as long as they are not violating someones rights. When the government begins to acts like a nanny then it is time to take back control. I guess Louis and Clark would be in jail if they lived today…

  148. Bob says:

    The whole idea of police was “to protect and serve.” Apparently, along the way that’s been trampled on and replaced with “to rule the streets and harass citizens.” Frankly, we could have that with ’50s-style street gangs – they were also very good at keeping undesirables out of the neighborhood while simultaneously shaking down the locals – but at least we didn’t have to pay for them a salary to harass us. More and more it seems like “police” are an idea that just doesn’t work, and we might be better off with neighbors looking out for neighbors.

  149. Brenda says:

    Its just anothe way of O’Malley Man soaking the people of Maryland for money. What if it had been a human in the freezing waters. Would those guys be ticketed for saving a life without a life vest????

    1. Chris Taylor says:

      YES they would have been tickets and maybe arrested for “obstruction of justice” when the police said you should have let US do the savings. its already happened.

  150. Rex Range says:

    Typical hotbed of East Coast liberal idiocy run amuck. Throw the idiot “officer” in the icy water and if he gets close to shore, kick him back in. Moron.

  151. Baillie says:

    It was an Auditor waiting for Rudolph to drown.

  152. Andre says:

    Extortion by the overpaid underwoked gov’t officials. Probably a union issue. They will distroy our republic within next 15 years. People do not see it and I urge you to talk to immigrants who left communist countries and came to the USA before 1990. They remember “Patriot Act” over there… Talk to them, please. Already 4th ammendment is violated every day by TSA, Big sis and other agencies violate our free speach freedom. During Katrina, 2nd ammendment was cancelled in New Orealns, …and so on. They are idiots with power. They will defend their jobs, because they do not qualify for any job in private sector. They are very dangerous, because that’s how Stalin, Hitler, Amin and other dictators rulled.

  153. Wilder Napalm says:

    Always remember “No good deed goes unpunished.”

  154. rainman says:

    for all the concerned citizens bashing the police officer, try saving a life of a PERSON that is freezing from the cold and homeless. These officers risk their lives daily from people making bad decisions

    1. Mike says:

      He could have given them each a warning or told them in advance to put on the floatation devices. Sometimes you need to show common sense, but you have to have some.

      Now because of his actions, every DNR officer will be looked at as ticket crazy.

    2. Fat Bob From Planet B says:

      The cops I know spend their time collecting from the bars that serve underage kids, shaking down brothels, and planting drugs on minorities.

  155. suibne says:

    it was michael vick.

  156. suibne says:

    yet….michael vick will get a puppy.

  157. Thanks to Good Samaritans says:

    F the DNR officer behind this…he really should be embarrassed over this story. Sure hope he doesn’t fall through the ice somehow one day while these fine folks are around…after all, all they’d be able to do is look at him and say sorry but we can’t help you, we don’t have a life jacket.

    Huge thanks to the wonderful people who put their own safety on the line to save this helpless deer…you’ve helped restore a little bit of my faith in humanity. The DNR officer…not so much.

  158. wayne says:

    You vote moron democrats into office over and over and this is the result. Brain dead civil servants.. Servants? That is a laugh. These people are your masters.

  159. John West says:

    Just tell me who the idiot was that wrote the ticket and where he lives and I will personally go to his house and beat him half to death with a life vest.

    1. Anon says:

      Probably not smart to threaten an officer…

  160. JD says:

    Barney Fife is alive and well…

  161. jake says:

    a LEO that can’t help but be a prick for no reason

    he needs to go

  162. Ange says:

    Revenue. As simple as that.

  163. Dave says:

    God you people on the east coast just let yourself get run over by the left wing nut jobs that force stupid laws on you! Take control of your state!!! Get your freedom back!

  164. Frank says:

    It is a good thing the cop is a civil servant. He is obviously too stupid to hold a real job. — No common sense. He should be in Congress

  165. kyle doyle says:

    Police state more laws every year keep pushing and we will push back

  166. Helix says:

    We have a new winner for the Officer Barney Fife award for the year. Ask yourself whether Andy Griffith would have written that ticket or not.

  167. Jack says:

    1. Talk to a lawyer and get ready to sue the beauracrat for malicious prosecution.

  168. BIGJ says:


  169. Red says:

    Good for them and the cop should shove his ticket where the sun don’t shine! That sounds like the People’s Republic of Maryland.

  170. Keith Myers says:

    Ridiculous. Kind of thing that gives law enforcement a bad name. Now that it’s made the news I bet they don’t have t pay anything.

  171. Gene from Aberdeen says:

    I’ll gladly contribute if the police officer gets fired for not helping them.

  172. Mike says:

    No good deed goes unpunished. Would you please publicize the name of DNR’s finest officer?

  173. Santa says:

    Keep the deer and fire the ass.
    My thanks for the rescue—Rudolph

  174. norman west says:

    that story is an example of types of people……the rescuer and the ticket writer…guess who is the real animal in the story….

  175. Common Sense says:

    Call for DNR Director’s job. Isn’t the Director responsible to keep wannabee’s from getting badges to make everyone bow to them now because they got picked on when they where in high school?

  176. Tom in Boston says:

    Was it Officer As Swipe by any chance that wrote that? He has relatives all over Massachusetts too..

  177. johhjn smith says:

    Here we are writing a ticket and having a Marxist Law enforcement officier de;iversuch.

    The Life is more important than the stupid life jacket……

  178. Trisha Johnson says:

    Welcome to liberal dominated government. The government thinks for you so you don’t have to do it for yourself. However, if you do think for yourself, you will be fined.

  179. Johnny Rico says:


    Expect more of this. The sheeple of this nation have allowed government ot control every aspect of their lives. Perhaps if the liberals who wanted more cops on the street start feeling the effects of unneeded enforcement, then we can get things changed. If not, get ready for more. This is just the beginning.

  180. MD nat res dept needs mental training says:

    I wonder if the idiot officer has kids. Maybe one day they’ll be playing around by the icy lake, fall in, and we’ll see who’s gonna have time to put on a life vest to save them.

    “Help” says Mentally Ill Natural Resources Officer’s kids.

    “Don’t worry. Just stay there kids… let me find some life vests first and I’ll be back… since I don’t want to BE TICKETED!” says rescuers.

    Who are you hiring over there in MD??? Nit-Wits?

  181. pat says:

    We all know why they got the ticket. The officer was a coward who was going to let the deer die. He was shown up for what he was.

  182. fritz says:

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  183. Kevin says:

    US citizens love the feminized nanny-state they live in. Any so-called freedom that you think you have will soon no longer exist because of it. Merry Christmas id10ts….

  184. Johnny Rico says:

    Now you people understand how hunters feel about the new crop of liberal socialist game wardens who look for ways to run hunters out of the woods. These officers grew up on PETA, HSUS, Greenpeace and have found out a way to make hunters pay. And pay we do. Obscure laws we never knew existed are suddenly brought into action by these thugs. My buddy was written a ticket two weeks ago for hunting on private land without WRITTEN PERMISSION. The landowner gave him oral permission to hunt there, but the game warden saw him as he was driving past, pulled over and wrote him a ticket saying he didn’t care that the farmer gave him oral permission, it had to be in writing.

  185. bob says:

    is america filling with imbecilles? idiot cop … fire him!

  186. grailh says:

    Did you ever think that this mught be one of Santa’s young reindeer? You might have just saved Christmas!!!

  187. cluelessinky says:

    When will the authorities whom we give the power to act, use some common sense and make reasonable judgments?

  188. Johnny Rico says:

    Jordan Lake State Park in North Carolina a couple years ago gives us another example. My uncle, aunt, and cousins were having a picnic on the shores of Lake Jordan. My uncle and cousins were fishing and everything was going fine until my uncle went back to the car for more beer. He left the fishing poles laying on the blanket. My aunt moved the poles off the blanket to get ready to eat. Two game wardens had been watching them with binoculars from a nearby thicket. You guessed it; they wrote her a ticket for fishing without a license.

  189. Lance Ward says:

    I see a lot of people calling this the “Cops” or “Police”. The article states a Natural Resource officer. There is a difference. Actually, Fish and Game has far more expanded and intrusive powers than City or County police. I’m sure this bleeding heart was bored, and mad that the fine rescuers subverted natural selection.

  190. Johnny Rico says:

    If you are an illegal alien with no ID, the game wardens will leave you alone. Illegal aliens get a free ride with fish and game violations. Even hunting, they get off free. United States Code, Section 8, make possession of a firearm by an illegal alien a felony. Not one illegal alien has been charged with this in Maryland in the past year.

    Big brother is here people. He aint going away unless we act which, due to the apathetic nature of the sheep in this country, won’t happen.

    1. Fat Bob from Planet B says:

      Quite down, nazi boy. No one is taking away your right to shoot your gun, or your mouth.

      1. Rowwdy says:

        Go back to “planet b” Fat. You are so out in left field, you just don’t belong on our planet.

    2. Rowwdy says:

      Exactly right Johnny. Apathetic people have allowed this country to be taken over by goose stepping, brown shirts.

    3. Chris Taylor says:

      well in reality that law is illegal and should NOT be enforced. illegal aliens have a a secondment right too.

      THE CONSTITUTION APPLIES TO HOW WE BEHAVE. it does not state that UNITED STATES CITIZENS have the right to bear arms. it RECOGNIZES that the right to bear arms in an inalienable RIGHT OF PEOPLE.

      so I am glad that is one law they do not enforce.

  191. Harry Obrian says:

    That’s what happens when you totally embarrass an inept and incompetent socialist government worker like that ‘natural resources’ jerk who should have been doing his job and saving that deer himself.

  192. Johnny Rico says:

    Cops and police and game wardens are all the same these days. Empowered to arrest you whenever they want to for any reason.

  193. Joy says:

    Thank God for guys like that who rescued a helpless animal. For the jerk who issued the ticket…..shove it up your a..!!!

  194. Georgiavol says:

    This dumb#ss DNR cop will quit inside a month. Who would ever want to work with such a loser?

  195. TONY SPORANO says:


  196. SheriTX says:

    A waste of tax dollars…oh wait! MD is primarily Democrats….never mind.

  197. Peggy G. says:

    Someone should give the cop a ticket for lacking common decency.

  198. Jack says:

    Unfortunately, the DNR officer is still alive. Too bad they did not throw his dumb, sorry ass into the icy waters and let him drown. Pure idiocy.

  199. bambihugger says:

    MfrCA–you should eat your own young

  200. Not Chicken Little says:

    Kudos to the rescuers for helping the animal even though it meant putting themselves in considerable danger. And two thumbs down for the officer who needs to be reprimanded IMO.

  201. Rose says:

    Answer: If you find a natural resources officer drowning in freezing water, then just let them drown in the icy water.

    1. James Woods says:

      You can understand the reason why we have the ‘regulations’ we have since you don’t want a rescue operation turning into something that requires another rescue operations but when there is an immediate threat of danger to someone or something you have to do what you have to do.

      I guess the bean counter would of let the deer drown. Or would he write it a ticket?

  202. James Woods says:

    Just imagine if it were an illegal alien out there. Not only would the ticket writer probably of jumped in to help but we’d of had thousands of dollars of medical treatment help on scene.

    No one deserves to die in a situation that can be prevented; deer or otherwise.

    But I can guarantee you no tickets would of been issued for the rescue of an illegal.

    These are the exact types of bean counters in government that need to find new minimum wage jobs since we can’t afford to pay these mindless morons running around with ticket books.

  203. Tim Hammond says:

    The article said they had oars and shovels. The oar should have been used on the cop and the shovel to dug the ditch for the body. Death to the New World Order. We are not your slaves. The Tribulation starts the day Palestine is recognized as a nation. It will happen in 2011. The Rapture comes first.

  204. Danbury says:

    No good deed goes unpunished!

  205. rem says:

    AMERIKA SUCKS!!!! How’s that New World Order & Policed State Working out for everyone.. Enjoy.

  206. Toad says:

    Small brain/lot of power makes for a dumba$$ government employee.

  207. Seattle says:

    Some 10 year old girls here found a seal pup on the beach unattended and took it home and put it in their bathtub. Their Dad comes home and makes them take it back, naturally. Somebody sees them and calls Fish and Wildlife to assist the still unattended pup. Two armed agents go to their girls’ door and makes a huge deal taking everyone’s ID and they got a ticket and court date. The guy was threatening a felony arrest too. Unbelievable. Not sure I’d help one of them if they fell through the ice.

  208. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I don’t always think about sex. Somethings I think about OVERTHROWING THE GOVERNMENT! They should have beat this government axxhole with an axe handle!

  209. Strawman says:

    The day is coming when out of control cops will be hoping for good Samaritans. The few that are out of control with power are making it hard to like the good ones.

  210. Pat Fenis says:

    I wish I was a conservative lawyer and could defend these men in court.
    I hope someone will step up and provide a legal defense pro bono.

  211. Dean Surritte says:

    i say lets throw the cop in the river, maybe he will get some common sense ! what a dirt bag,

  212. Ron says:

    That sap should be looking for poachers. These guys didn’t deserve citations at $90 a crack.

  213. Tim Hammond says:

    Reading through these comments is scary. Most of you people have not for a clue what is going on. The USA is over. The ONE WORLD GOVT is here. We are in the end times of the Bible. The riots in Greece, Ireland, Italy, UK, and France will be here soon. The illuminati have bankrupted each nation to subdue it. Don’t believe me? Try this link
    Everything is a deception. All terrorism inside the US including 9/11 was done by our own govt. TSA pat downs and excesive tickets are just ways to keep you down. Jesus is the only thing that matters and he will be coming back soon.

    1. rbcintexas says:

      Tim – a year or two ago I would have said that you are nuts but with what I have see, heard and read, anything is possible, I have no doubt that people controlled by the uber rich are controlling things from behind the curtains and we have lost our nation. I have no doubt that it is not a question of if we are going to have another bloddy revolution, the question is when. They are pushing teh American people and something has to give. Just remember what they are doing. The radicals are now at the top controlling things and they are agitating the people to revolt as in Greece. As Communist Van Jones, one of Obama’s bussies has said – it is top down, botttom up and inside out. Every last thing that is happening from inflation to the dollar dropping and everything else we are going through is being done to us on purpose and it is Obama, Congress and a whole bunch of radicals.

      1. Tim Hammond says:

        Hi and thank you for commenting. Three years ago inwould have said I was nuts too, lol. Read the book of Daniel. In ch7 it describes the one world govt which lasts for 7 years. The Tribulation starts in Daniel 9:27 with a 7 year covenant. The contents of that covenant are in Revelation 11:1-2. Israel gets the right to build their third temple and Palestine gets Jerusalem. What is the top subject at the UN? Forcing Israel back to it’s 1967 borders and recognizing Palestine as a nation. The very day that happens (and it will be in 2011) the Tribulation starts. The 42 month is the key because the treaty is for 84 months (seven 360 day years). The treaty is broken at the midpoint when the Antichrist goes intotje temple and claims to be God – the abomination that causes desolation. We are in a 70 year countdown from May 14, 1948. That means achrist returns in 2018 but you have to come back 7 years for the Tribulation which is 2011. The Rapture of the church has to happen before the Trib. The rooms of Isaiah 26:19-21 are the same ones in John 14:1-3. I Corinth 15:51-55, 1 Thess 4:16-18, Song of Solomon 2:8-13. Things are about to get crazy and in Hosea 4:6 God says his people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

    2. Bobito says:

      Reading through these comments IS scary. Yours proves the point.

  214. noseitall says:

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  215. rbcintexas says:

    This is crazy. What have we become when we have tickets being written for saving a deer from drowning, for kids operating a lemonaide stand, children getting expelled for a piece of candy – have our government officials gone mad? People we have to do something to stop the tyranny that we are now living under on so many levels.

  216. Pat says:

    Welcome to MD, the most taxed and least represented state in the union. The police here are neutered in all aspects – except collecting fines. Speed traps, vehicular minutiae, nuisance fines, etc. Heaven help you if you need to report a crime. I’ve actually had to chase police who were running away so they didn’t have to file paperwork. What they did to these people doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  217. carter says:

    Bawlimore Cops are all related to each other… Let it go.

  218. JSimple says:

    LOL – next time, put a noose around the deer’s neck and drag it out and enjoy the venison. Unbelievable.

  219. Billy says:

    Another victimless “crime” with which the state can fill its coffers. Yay….they’ll be able to hire more tax feeders to find even more outrageous ways to pilfer your money.

  220. Devil Dog says:

    Don’t pay the ticket. Make them take up the offense.

  221. Ange says:

    Barney Fife is alive and well in Baltimore County…………….

  222. ruban says:

    Let’s get the fact it appears the citation is for no life vest on the boa, which it does not matter your age it is a law you need on for each passenger on the boat. The headline could have read 2 men die trying to rescue a deer. Yes it was very nice of them to risk their lives doing this deed ,BUT they also put the lives of public safety at risk by not being prepared . Calling the communications number only ties up the public safety personnel from doing their job. Would you call 911 if you were not happy with the county police did something that you do not agree with?

  223. Alexander says:

    From Atlas Shrugged – 1957

    Dr. Ferris is the government worker and Mr. Rearden is the industrialist.

    “Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?”, said Dr. Ferris.  “We want them broken.  You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against—then you’ll know that this is not the age of beautiful gestures.  We’re after power and we mean it.  You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it.  There’s no way to rule innocent men.  The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.  Who wants a nation of law abiding citizens?  What’s there in that for anyone?  But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted—and you create a nation of law-breakers—and then you cash in on guilt.  Now that’s the system, Mr. Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

    ‘Nuff said

  224. Mhu Cao says:

    Find the loser who wrote the ticket and kill him. It’s time we trim the herd, starting with jerk-o law enforcement. All liberals are next.

  225. erfaust says:

    The Peoples Republic of Maryland- This is what has moved thousands like us to West by God Virginia

  226. Charlie Harper says:

    Deer are evil, but this is going a bit far. I guess this is why they used to call them pigs back in the 60s.

  227. Nemesister says:

    A natural resources police officer. Well, folks, that says it all. The over reaching government with its myriad of bureaucracies has stolen our freedom. These mindless faceless idiots with the power of their own little domain are making our lives miserable. It’s time to revolt! Off with their heads! Take our country back!

  228. Goodgold says:

    Our government officials run amok – no common sense, just a feeling of power.

  229. Mhu Cao says:

    Local law enforcement think they are junior G-Men. Some men & women are cool, but the majority are power-tripping fools, using some half-baked zero-tolerance policy instead of common sense and discretion. They don’t follow the Consitution and they aren’t on the side of the People. Their as bright as mall cops and have the same lack of integrity.

  230. marcus says:

    Throw the officer in the water, tickets and all.

  231. Bambi says:

    I sure miss America…

  232. d h says:

    This is a cop who needs to be tasered and left in an alley with a sign around his neck, “DO NOT RESCUE”.

  233. tigress17 says:

    First of all the men supposibly got a ticket for not wearing a life jacket, but they were of age and did have two flotation devices in the boat with them, they were in a rubber boat. Officer Miller, the DNR that wrote the tickets and the fire department were just standing around waiting for the deer to drown, so we took action. Miller said “That the men were risking their lives to save an animal that will get hit by a car anyway”.

  234. ralph says:

    And this DNR officer is probably the same one that is getting 20 calls a day about all the deer eating everybody’s plants and gardens and running in front of their cars.

  235. Let Nature Take its Course says:

    Eco-systems are carefully balanced systems. I’m sure it’s heartbreaking to see, but if an animal is dying of natural causes, humans shouldn’t intervene. Where will these rescuers be when this deer doesn’t have enough food to make it through the winter?

    Now obviously these people had their hearts in the right place. But they should take a cue from the US Parks Service. If an animal is dying in Yellowstone or any other national park BECAUSE OF HUMANS (hit by car, fed non-native poisonous food) they intervene. But if humans did not cause their distress, they will not rescue the animals.

  236. Dean in Iowa says:

    Ticketing these guys is wrong on SOOO many levels.

    Is this dear not a “Natural Resource” of the people of Maryland and the United States? By what right does DNR allow a natural resource to be destroyed?

    Let it die? Do these idiots at DNR comprehend how many 100K’s and MILLIONS we spend in this country to save helpless animals every year? We should never try to rescue beached whales? Or pull mother ducks and her ducklings from a sewer? or spend all kinds of time and resources trying to find a duck that had been pierced by a blunted arrow?

    Let nature go without interference? Not me! God gave me intelligence to know hen to let nature do her job and when to interfere? Let nature do her job? So nobody better mow their lawns anymore. They’re interfering with nature. I shouldn’t have picked up that pigeon low those many years ago and nursed it back to health because I was interfering with nature? And we’d all better let our pets go too!! The only time we’re going to be safe from interfering with nature is when we give up fire and the wheel and climb back up into the trees.Where’s PETA to crawl up this cops backside?? Oh yeah. No political power trip here.

    So it sounds like this DNR cop was just standing there and watching thse deer die? Charming, just charming. 🙁

    Kudos to these GOOD Samaritans!


  237. d h says:

    I want to add that Kai Johnson is a coward for not giving his opinion of the situation. Or is it the cowardace of his boss who would not let him. Get some balls Kai. The least you could have said was that the cop punished good behavior.

  238. John-Pierre M. Hannam says:

    That cop should be doing something more useful like standing on the side of the road with a speed gun. Hearing about cops like this makes me proud to be a taxpayer in Maryland! O’Malley must be so happy …

  239. Gearson Fredge Crawley says:

    “And he didn’t say anything,” Jim Hart said. “We went in and out of the water numerous times. He didn’t stop us at all.”

    They say they were ticketed for not wearing life vests, although both are over the age for mandatory use of flotation devices.”

    -Why didnt he simply stop them first instead of the ticket?

  240. cuda65 says:

    Used to be the police were on OUR side … now they are the enemy. They’ve made that clear by this and countless other episodes around the country in recent years. All they care about is their JOBS and their REVENUE. Everything else doesn’t mean squat to them.

  241. Animal Lover says:

    I have an idea that would make the local authority less eager to pony up bogus charges, wasting energy and resources so frivolously.
    Axe this officer’s job in the next budget review to lessen the burden on the taxpayers.
    Why wasn’t he doing the job of preserving this animal’s life?
    He should be canned for that, alone.

  242. Ron Reale says:

    They should have put the officer under the ice, it is exactly what he deserved.
    PHUCK these government drones.
    Ron Reale

  243. Jeme says:

    Reversing the incident, lets say it was the park ranger that was in the water and these two brave men came to his rescue, I just wonder if the non common sense officer would of issued a citation to those hero’s. Folks are country is in such bad shape, I honestly believe the public servants and the military would turn on the American public. Parents, school systems, and government have excused the common sense rule of living. It’s bye bye America and it’s happening fast.

  244. dan long says:

    Mall cop in woods strikes again

  245. DAVID says:

    Suppose the men had fallen in during the rescue attempt and could not escape from the icey water just like the deer. Suppose they had drowned who would be responsible then and who would pay the rescue and ambulance bill for them ?

  246. Ray Mink says:

    I wonder if they would still be cited if it was a human instead of a deer?

  247. dan long says:

    He’s not a cop.He just checks to see if your fish is legal and your motor boat.I blame O’malley—People’s Repubiic of Md.

  248. A. Stinnett says:

    These guys are HEROES.

  249. W.C. Varones says:

    I hope that worthless revenue pig dies a horrible death.

  250. martinizai says:

    I wonder if the officer would have issued a ticket if it was a person in those icy waters… Maked you think twice before getting all heroic up in Maryland without the proper floatation device.

  251. dan long says:

    what exactly does a natural resourse “officer’ do except check the size of your crabs.

    1. Tim Hammond says:

      Funny, I thought that was the TSA’s mission!

  252. steve says:

    That is the kind of guy I need for my company,
    A tear comes to my eye when I think of the cruel type needed to stand there while people risk their lives for a good cause and then give them tickets.
    I need him for my site bad.

  253. John says:

    I am so glad I left the East Coast years ago and never came back. Big Brother is always watching you. Ready with that ticket book. I have lived out west since the 1970’s and have gotten one ticket. Huge difference in lifestyles. I have no regrets.
    Merry Christmas to the deer.

  254. Jack says:

    These government bozos keep this s__t up and some of them are going to find their a_ses shot off.

  255. JM in San Diego says:

    “Natural Resources Police Officer”? Ha! No such thing. That’s a tree-hugger with a badge. Abolish the positions and save some tax money.

  256. DanDaley says:

    This is what happens in a state run by liberals! Insanity!

  257. helpful says:

    Want to give someone at the Maryland DNR Police a piece of your mind, go here;

  258. kathy ward says:

    Overwhelmingly, most people are good… these rescuers, the police, clergy, teachers, physicians… our neighbors, family members, friends. This officer is probably a decent man…. albeit misguided or confused. This needs to be further investigated, but I don’t know that it requires him to be fired… and certainly it doesn’t deserve calling for him to be tossed in to drown. [ I understand the anger and frustration over what happened… I feel it too, but calling for the officer to be tossed in to drown is beyond the pale.] I doubt that this will make it to court, but suspect that it will be remedied beforehand, so long as they didn’t break any statutes. But even sad situations such as these can serve as valuable learning experiences. It provides the DNR with an opportunity to re-evaluate training & education (both law and social), protocols and procedures. But based upon the story as written, these rescuers are heroes who should be thanked… not penalized.

  259. Nancy says:

    That cop is about a spineless, worthless, no good for nothing sorry ass excuse for a human being that I ever saw. They should fire him and ship him off to another state because he is a total embarresment to the state of Maryland!!!!! Thank god for the guys that saved that deer’s life. You guys are great!!

  260. Jim Plantz says:

    Cities and counties are ticketing anything and everything to get money. Field and game just gave Santa Barbara a $400,000.00 fine for killing a Salamander on a county job. That’s what you get for voting in an Endangered Species Act.

  261. Dew says:

    ….. and after your citation is repealed don’t hesitate to have your lawyer put the gestapo wannabe behind bars where he belongs!

  262. dallasdan says:

    The cop is a worthless POS. End of discussion.

  263. Casey Klaes says:

    The one man who got the ticket Kahlil abusakran is my uncle we are so proud of him for saving the deer, just one thing to the police officer a 90.00 ticket for saving a deer but if it was something like beating a dog to death someone would get away with that but saving a deer give me a break, don’t you guys have something better to do then to give my uncle a ticket for suck a great thing.

  264. True Patriot says:

    Deer are like rodents where I’m from, but it was a nice thing to do. The cop is obviously an idiot. Standard new piggy, hire the stupid people to protect our rights …makes it easier to turn us into a police state because they can’t think for themselves.

  265. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Deer, dear!
    They should have saved him for the freezer.
    But modern day Obamamania Police State Orwellian Think Police would never let you do that.
    Not unless you pay your Police State Save A Deer Tax, first.
    It wasn’t Bambi, was it?

  266. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Know why there are no feral cats in Red China, nor any black dogs in the Ilocano section except on chains in Lahaina, Maui? I think you know the reason.
    You just need the right adobo recipet, vinegar, shoyu, garlic and oil.
    Next, the Red Chinese will bring us “Soylent Green.”
    In nice small packages, of course.
    Some day, I shall have to learn how to skin a cat.

    1. Rick A Hyatt says:


  267. Dave says:

    The TSA is looking for people with that attitude.

  268. Jake says:

    Send him to the North Pole or to the South Pole or to China…………….

  269. Ted says:

    Typical government. An officer with control but without an ounce of brains or common sense writes a ticket for heroes. He has a job, insurance and overtime I bet. He/she doesn’t have an ounce of brains. When are these government types going to have to pay for stupidity?

    It is up to us–the American public. Don’t put up with this BS anymore.

  270. Rick A Hyatt says:

    But did they have a proper hygenic deer jerky permit???

  271. Toro says:

    Sounds like a zero tolerance ticket (this of course equates to zero intelligence on the officer).

  272. porterv says:

    An intelligence test is required to become a cop. If you are smarter than a turnip, you won’t be hired.

  273. Mark Matis says:

    When is it time for the pigs to rot in hell where they belong?

    1. fargenkneipper says:

      When your mother quits humping donkeys.

  274. Adrian Vance says:

    How much you want to bet that bop is a Democrat?

  275. RidgeRunner says:

    That “officer” should be suspended for improper judgment and bringing his department into disrepute.
    Sounds more like the mentality of a parking meter maid gone mad.

  276. Robo says:

    And this guy is paid from our tax dollars. What a waste of resources! This is one good reason why we need to limit our taxes.

    Worthless goverment position.

  277. Robet says:

    Typical for Maryland cops… Total FAIL

  278. MJ says:

    It’s a stupid law that requires adults to wear liifejackets or be fined and the legislators that passed that law are idiots. So is the cop that fined the rescuers. Henry you are a big baby and a whiner. America did not get to be the great country it is because our forefathers had to wear seat belts and life jackets.

  279. Ed says:

    Hehry is a cop, says he was there and is defending the ticket writer. You were the joker that wrote the ticket weren’t you Hemry?

  280. Son of Liberty says:

    Now the guy that wrote that ticket is a prime example of what a real dewsh is.

  281. Reggie says:

    They hire morons that have no ability to think or use common sense for the common good in situations such as these. This is happening all over the country, we the people are the enemy because the socialist government needs to steal our resources to fund their anti-American projects. You can find stories such as these all over the United States. They want your money, so they hire morons who they convince to write out tickets while they sit on their thumbs.

  282. Mike says:

    They should have used those tickets to get a fire going to warm that deer up.

    Seriously, most of these dumb a$$ laws are nothing more than revenue generators for counties and states.

    That cop should lose his job for this. He’s clearly unfit to “Protect and Serve”; actually, he’s too stupid.

  283. bb says:

    I got a parking ticket the other day. I parked next to a parking meter, and I paid the meter. Trouble is… they cleaned the streets that day and fined everyone who was parked there. They didn’t have to warn us… they are the government.
    When I went to pay the fine of $50… the website ended with “Revenue Department”.
    Don’t you get it?!?!?!
    Most of these fines are A SOURCE OF REVENUE for them.
    It’s not about stopping you from doing something… it’s about the government putting more money in their pockets any way they can.
    Our entire government has become a joke.
    There are 100 layers… From president down to alderman.
    So many layers in fact… that they need to set up ridiculous rules (like trip wires) so we will definitely trip them and end up having to owe them money.
    Our government is a joke… on every level.
    Nothing more needs to be said.

  284. N says:

    Gotta close that budget gap somehow

  285. bydand says:

    OK Tom, next time you get robbed or in a traffic acident, call a hippie

  286. Blammo says:

    Cops are idiots. They shoulda tied a large rock to his brainwashed neck and tossed him in !

  287. you get what you deserve says:

    You people in Maryland are to damn close to DC. You vote in a bunch of politicians to create a nanny state and the letter of the law, not the intent, a bureaucrat with power does not use “common sense.”
    I know you Democrats who voted in the likes of Coons don’t want to see the connection, but until you can – this is the “common senselessness” you have asked for. Government running your life-from the dyes and sweeteners in your breakfast to the amount of water in your toilet to the kind of light bulb you turn put when you ge to sleep at night.

  288. CHANGE IN 2012 says:


  289. JB1955 says:

    One good thing, besides the deer being saved , is reading that most feel that issuing these men tickets was idiotic. It’s refreshing to read that most folks have their heads on straight.

  290. John says:

    Yet another super dumb cop. Pigs one and all. Maybe he will drown in icy water while a deer watches from shore.

  291. pierider says:

    Man that is almost as stupid as arresting someone for growing flowers.

    End prohibition NOW!

  292. [insert Facepalm here] says:

    ” natural resources police officer” LOL! Wannabe BPD. And NOW we know why this yeahoo flunked the psychological testing to become any MD LEO.

  293. Jimmy Mac says:

    Just another Barney Fife sticking his chest out in the Land of the Fee and the Home of the Rave.

  294. Kathy says:

    Fire that idiotic cop. Next time it could be a person trapped in freezing water with that moron standing there with his little ticket book. Some people are simply too dumb to be given power of any type of power.

  295. Sansan says:

    Conservation officers are little Nazi inforcers of Obama type laws meant to control us. They don’t care about nature or the animals that live on our lands; it is all about control people!

  296. Piggy says:

    Government’s finest. He’ll probably end up as a professional groper for the TSA.

  297. Jon says:

    Welcome to the insanity of MD life. Anything to try to “steal” a dollar from a citizien!

  298. Don says:

    It sounds like this cop is acting on some kind of prejudice be it race or personal issues. I would insist on an investigation by internal affairs.

  299. Jesus_Loves_You! says:

    Nazis. Welcome to the Police State.

  300. Don says:

    Another cases of a pinhead civil servant who has no common sense.
    Thank googness the government minions are looking out for us.
    Where would we be without them?

  301. terru says:

    there is to much government

  302. Country Boy says:

    Ehh… What a Maroon Doc!

    Merry Christmas to all!

  303. Gracey says:

    Thank you so much you awesome heros for saving a dear deers life. You risked your life and health to save an innocent animal! How wonderful. this is the best news I heard in a while. As for the moron cop, you should have trown the ticket and him in the icy water and see if he wanted to be rescued and reconsider the ticket. Almost all of us here will go to court and fight the ticket with and for you!

  304. Chris says:

    This story is a little like my brother’s situation. He works hard and provides for his wife and child. Wife is unhappy. Wife files for divorce with government (ironically “Family Court”). A government employee, a judge, automatically, though my brother is legally innocent, takes from my brother his son, eighteen years of his income, and most of his stuff, while giving him loads of debt. Lesson: do not get a marriage license.

  305. bobbyboy says:

    I’ll bet the ticket writer voted 4 obama & is a democrat. Complete and total inconsistency. Had this been an illegal alien these folks would have been hailed as heroes & given awards. They (the rescuers) should claim the deer was an illegal and in a sanctuary city. Problem solved. bho (& democrats) are heartless, gutless cowards.

  306. Babba-Gi says:

    Maryland DNR = Do Nothing Right and Do Not Rescue.

    I capsized a sailboat one November at Deep Creek Lake Md. about 200 yards from a crowded DNR Visitors Center. Visitors waved at us as we sat freezing on top of the capsized boat for a half hour until a kind fisherman took my family off. Later I asked at the DNR center if they knew about the capsized sailboat and they said yes. It seems numerous visitors told them about it. The center had two DNR boats at their dock; one even said Rescue on it in foot tall letters. I guess this is why at Deep Creek Lake the DNR rangers are referred to as “Janitors With A Gun”.

  307. Denise says:

    Well God bless those men for saving the life of one of God’s creatures. Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished.

  308. Pat says:

    Notice the paper omits the officer’s name.The officer may be a metrosexual or woman motivated by jealousy – unable to do manly heroic acts – to achieve a revenue quota.

  309. mardler says:

    This is part of the reason why we need to slim government. Just as with the TSA, government goons think they are doing a good job if they follow process, rather than use their judgement. Their whole system is about process. Imagine how bad it would be if the government were twice as big. . . . That’s how Europe is. Let’s not go there.

  310. Mike says:

    Officer Stupid to the rescue.

  311. BikerBen says:

    A large number of these guys are just bullies. About the only thing one can do in cases like this is retribution. You have his name, you can easily obtain his home address, and you have all the time in the world.

  312. DanMc says:

    Fire the idiot enviro wacko cop. It’s people like this that need to be removed from any sort of public service.

  313. Kay says:

    Can’t anyone be a good Samaritan anymore without worry of lawsuits, being taken to court. What’s this world coming to. No good. Glad to see there are still people who care and are willing to show that they care. These guys are heroes in my book. I’d like to see follow-up to see how this turns out.

  314. JohnnyReb says:

    Should we really have expected something different from a government skank?

  315. Tony says:

    That officer should be ashamed of himself for what he did. I’ll bet if it was a box of Glazed Doughnuts on that ice, he’d be in there in a heartbeat.

  316. John G says:

    This ticket was for one thing, thinking outside groupthought.

  317. Ralphy Jay says:

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  318. MLS says:

    Rules are rules! If the deer had been wearing a life jacket none of this would have happened!

  319. Rojonecker says:

    The DNR officer was trying to let these idiots work themselves out of the gene pool. Had I been there, I would have stabbed the deer in the neck, dragged it home, then ate it…

  320. ed says:

    Must have been a jewish officer…the deer wasn’t kosher…………

  321. snapper says:

    No good deed will go unpunished by Baltimore County evidently. Maybe the greenies are right about the environmental threats if this is an example of the “natural resources officer” at work.

  322. Engineer in Virginia says:

    The game official shoujld be fired immediately for being incompetent and for embarassing the entire State of Maryland. When I first read this story, I thought it was some kind of joke.

  323. UyeahU says:

    Why must people in power throw their weight around? A good deed was done, and the officer made no attempt to stop the men. If they were in danger afterward, why not during the rescue. We have got to reign in this nanny state mentality. We need to recapture the freedoms our forefathers fought for. We are doing to our people with laws and regulations what the USSR did to their people with guns, only more slowly and insidiously

  324. David says:

    I think the problem is that deer are considered a nuisance. But that does not explain why a citation was issued for a statute that was not violated. Both were “consenting adults,” not kids. I think the officer was trying to get his brownie points for bringing in money.

  325. jim says:

    Seems to me this “game warden” is ready to be elected to the U.S. Congress!
    Can someone be fired for being stupid?

  326. Sue says:

    Repeat SUE the Him personaly !!!!
    Rule of Law dot Com Randy Kelton

  327. cottereaux says:

    Why did the natural resources police officer just stand there and not help? Guess a deer is not a natural resources? Or was he/she on a break?

    Further proof the government is hurting for money when an official issues a stupid fine.

  328. HarlanR says:

    Our fine liberal MaryLand gubmint at work. “Natural resources”…to a gubmint employee natural resources are green and pictures of dead white men on them.

  329. Cindy says:

    I pray that this officer never finds himself in need of rescuing with no one but the guys he ticketed for this to help. I would have been right there in the raft with them to help that deer! And if it turns out that they actually have to pay the $90 fine, I’ll throw in a $20 of my own to help them! And I’m sure there are others who would do the same thing. These guys should not have to pay a red cent from thier own pocket for this!

  330. Otis the drunk says:

    Way to go Barney. Looks like Sherriff Taylor has some splanin to do.

  331. Moby says:

    The officer should be fired. He obviously has nothing better to do and is therefore an unnecessary use of taxpayer dollars.

  332. HMichaelH says:

    If you think we do NOT have too much government, and the government we have is abusive and dangerous, then understand this story.

    This is beyond idiocy! The Peoples’ Republic of Maryland is out of control with it’s Liberal nonsense.

    HMH, Mt. Airy, MD

  333. k e says:

    The time has come to defund these environmental enforcement departments. It’s obvious they are a complete squander of resources.

  334. Bill Javert says:

    They should have thrown the cop and his ticket book into the water.

  335. Terry says:

    Had they offered to share the venison with the officer they may not have gotten a ticket.

  336. donttreadonme says:

    Henry, you are a moral coward. You are glad there exist regulations for you to hide behind in the event you are called upon to do the right thing. This way, you get to stand safely on the sidelines protected from making a decision that may involve some spine. Was the cop writing the ticket related to you? He seemed to have the same mindset.

  337. C Martin says:

    You goverment idiot a work

  338. john says:

    This moron cop deserves the turd annual award of the year.
    What a moron!

  339. Brian says:

    I’m sorry, but if anyone here knew the story of the Good Samaritan, he was helping a fellow human being, not an animal… not that I don’t love animals as much as the next guy, but come on…

  340. William says:

    Ive known a few policemen. One lives across the street. If you hear the way they talk about civilians you would be shocked. It really is an us agaisnt them mentality. They really believe all civilians are criminals that just havnt had the chance yet. They have a military mindset that reminded me how troops viewed Iraqies and Afgans when i was in the military. The few times ive been pulled over they talked down to me, belittled me and tried to provoke me to say something. In my opinion it is getting worse. So if you do a good deed, you get a ticket. If you try to help someone getting kicked on a bus, you get arrested with them and sued. If you wait on the police, they take forever and you might be dead by the time they get to you yet if you own a gun and protect your family your put into jail. Well i will continue to help people, animals and myself and to h-ll with the what our para-military police think. You would think im some big liberal leftest the way im talking. No im a rrepublican and alot of us are getting tired of it not being our country, not being allowed to be free to do something like helping a poor deer. Are a few policemen ok? Sure. But the overall attitude of most of them stink yet we must praise them or look like we hate the police. So thats my rant on this subject.

  341. Thron says:

    Hey, the liberals have almost made it a crime to become wealthy from creating jobs, why shouldn’t some left-wing Barney Fife make it a crime to save a deer from drowning?

  342. Greg says:

    Years ago, police throught of themselves as “Peace Officers” who kept the peace. Now they have the mentality of “Law Enforcement Officers”. It is their job, they are taught, to by God enforce the law without using their brain. Big difference.

  343. Jack says:

    I have several friends who are county deputies in Illinois and one who is the same in Wisconsin. Every single one of them will tell you they have no use for these Natural Resource Officers. They think most if not all of them let the authority they are given go to their head and abuse it constantly. Do not equate these guys or what they do with real police officers.

  344. benth164 says:

    Those jerks are no more than glorified Park or Forest Rangers who have now been allowed to carry weapons. These seudo policemen basically have no training as police officers, let alone the intelligence of what we would expect of our policemen. Those fine gentlemen who rescued the deer should go to court with a huge entourage of like minded citizens and fight this and humiliate the idiot who issued the ticket.
    I guess that idiot is lucky these good sameritans didn’t thow that idiot in the freezing water to die along with the deer.

  345. Mike says:

    Government employees are supposed to be public servants, not tyrants. Keep up the noise about this until that DNR agent is fired – he is not fit to serve.

  346. Bonnie Z., Florida says:

    Thank you, Rescuers, for helping “Bambi”!! Hooray, hooray! Glad you will fight the ticket on the grounds that you broke no laws and that the law did not apply in this case (over 16 years old). If I were an attorney, I would represent you pro-bono! I am a nurse, though, and appreciate your successful efforts in saving this little creature”s valuable life! Hope you all are doing well today and recovering from the ordeal. Bravo, bravo!! Well done!!

    1. Gonzalo Timmons says:

      Ahhhh, go save an alligator, Bonnie Bedpan.

  347. Rowdy Boots says:


    The deaf, dumb and mute “Officer” will get time off to attend court at the public’s expense while these two good men will pay for it all.


    1. Karl La Fong says:

      I think you would be MORE than qualified. Why? Thinking of applying?

  348. JR says:

    If the adults were assuming the risk to themselves for this deer, they shoudn’t be fined. They weren’t really ‘boating’ and the guy knew it. To ticket them for not wearing floation devices is moronic.

    But if anyone got into trouble during the course of this, the first thing that someone would do is to call 911 and demand ‘help’ from emergency personnel…who would be required to try to save them, at risk to themselves. You can’t blow that part off.

  349. jff says:

    LMAO …. good for the officer …. stupid deer

  350. Racial Victim says:

    Didn’t the BTK killer have the same kind of job and the same kind of attitude.

  351. Glenn Warren says:

    The police officer should be fired for not asking and encouraging the two men to wear the life jacket. what a jerk for giving them a ticket after the fact.

  352. SDG says:

    Nice job guys! Isn’t looking out and protecting wildlife part of the job? Why didn’t the DNR Official lend and hand? Find a new line of work you fool!!

  353. billy bob says:

    Why not ticket the deer?

  354. jonh says:

    risk your own life for a deer???? IDIOT’S……………and the ranger should be fired for stupidity!!!!

  355. GGG says:

    ITS NOT A REAL COP! its DNR, a ‘bunny cop’! in my experience they are as a group a bunch of power tripping dorks who view their role in the world as making people suffer for enjoying the outdoors. I have had several experiences in several states and NEVER found one of them to be ‘professional’. I am not a bit surprised.

  356. Eduardo Burkhart says:


  357. Mike says:

    Don’t be so quick to rush to judgment. On the Potomac River, it is MANDATORTY that you WEAR a life vest during the winter months, REGARDLESS OF AGE, not just have them in the boat. I suspect that this may be the case ON THE Patapcso as well. We might not like the laws, but just like speeding laws they are there to protect us and the police from having to put their own lives at risk saving fools without common sense. Nature is a cruel mistress, and this was simply an example of natural selection.

  358. Cj says:

    As a former (retired/disabled) Police Officer the most important attributes of being a cop are:
    Common Sense
    and knowing when not to see something.

  359. Simon says:

    Rarely is anything black or white, totally right or totally wrong.
    A ticket for doing what you believe is ‘the right thing to do’, that doesn’t place anyone else in danger – No. Would the DNR officer be expected to attempt to rescue them if things went wrong – yes. Would I hold it against him/her if their attempt did not include jumping in the freezing water to do so – no.

    We need police, EMS, firefighters, Coast Guard, and so on but there should be a point at which we look at just how the person ended up in their predicament. Jumping into a freezing river to rescue someone who did not choose to be there is one thing, doing the same for someone who went in intentionally is another.

    You face choices, make your decision, and hopefully do what is right (not what is legal, not what is smart, not what others would expect of you).
    It’s not often we get to make a decision that doesn’t have some negative or unintended consequences. Not my quote, and I wish I could remember who said it, but ” you have to decide which regret you want to live with”.

    The rescuers of the deer made their choice and they did a good thing. The DNR officer made their choice, I’m not impressed but I don’t have to see that face in the mirror every morning.
    What choice would the officer have made if things went wrong for the rescuers – we’ll never know.

    You pays your dime, you takes your chances.

  360. InTheBubble says:

    Off the pigs!

  361. Mannie says:

    I hope that so-called Law Enforcement Officer falls in the drink, and some Good Samaritan throws him an anchor.

  362. Everyone needs to send their thoughts to them here

    This kind of childish gestapo type thinking needs to be eliminated.
    We always need to remind the powers that be that we are the boss.
    We all need to ban together or we will all end up in their concentration camps.

    1. ______ says:

      Yup concentration camps. If the alien abductions and New World Order don’t get you first. Paranoid conspiracy freak.

      1. You are blind and ignorant. Go have a beer and watch a football game.

  363. duckandcover says:

    Keystone Conservation Cops strike again.

    Hey, man, don’t touch my junk…or my deer.

  364. todd says:

    The reporter should have published the name and address of this idiot officer so the rest of us could harrass and publically humiliate him.

  365. Wolfman Jones says:

    I don’t think cops ever had a high average I.Q., but this just reinforces my belief that it is dropping like a rock!

    1. Wolf on This says:

      Well, you obviously are qualified to judge low I.Q., using yourself as a standard, Wolfman Dumbrowski.

  366. dB says:

    hmmm… the officer sounds like an American Taliban.

  367. We need to research and find the officer that did this, we need his phone number so we can put it here. Come on people let’s do some research and find it.

    I found this story on drudge.
    Where did you find it?

  368. GothamCitysFinest says:


  369. john credico says:

    Fire the officer. What a nitwit!!

  370. Paul says:

    Perfect example of the State enforcing it’s will on the people, just because it can.

  371. Let’s find this guys phone number and put it here.
    Merry Christmas loser!!!

  372. steveturi says:

    If I was in the water and they rescued me and got fined, I’d throw the stupid policeman into the water and let him float for awhile—just like the other chunks of ice. Will these public servants of ours ever grow brains?

  373. JudgeMental says:

    Headlines: 2 people drown in deer rescue!!

  374. Mark Spencer says:

    Irony is that they’d probably be better off paying the fine. After court costs, they may end up paying more than the ticket itself.

  375. TWillie says:

    You can see the care and concern of the DNR officer for the welfare of the rescue party. Not once did he warn them of personal endangerment and/or try to stop them. After the first time he saw them, they were in ‘violation?’ yet he allowed them to continue the rescue thus continually breaking the law. The DNR officer should be reprimanded for his blatant behavior. grrr

  376. MAB says:

    My question is……. What type of person would even think of giving these guys a ticket for some supposed violation of a trivial rule? Answer….Only a government employee/bureaucrat! This is the type of mentality you get when government is in charge, follow the rules and with no common sense. Do we really want these types of people running health care and every other aspect of our lives?

  377. Swami says:

    It’s a short drive from the Nanny State to a Police State….before long, you’ll get a $90 ticket for possessing a Big Mac or a can of Coke.

    Mark my words!



  379. Renfield says:

    I have an idea for a new TV action series:

    “Tales of the Natural Resources Officers”

    Tonight, another story from the files of the Natural Resources Officers! Dah dah dah DAH!!

  380. Boomer says:

    This is just another example expanded government reglators that hire people that are too stupid to get a real job His Supervosor should be fired for having this idiot on the job

  381. Walter Buck says:

    You folks in Maryland have to be the nuttiest people in America. Asking what if this were a child? As if that is any comparison. It wasn’t a child, it wasn’t human Telling other folks you would like to see them DROWN! That’s a special kind of idiot right there. It was a freakin; deer, of which there is no shortage by any means.
    They risked their life for a lousy deer? That’s their business, the DNR should have given them a ticket for being the dumbest people walking upright, not some silly violation. Comparing these fellas to ‘heroes’? You folks wouldn’t recognize a hero. It certainly isn’t these fellas. Take some time and use your brain. This just reinforces why I would never go to Maryland for any reason whatsoever. If these letters are any indication, it’s the lunatic asylum of America. Stay clueless.

  382. Regardless of the few comments that support our loving government the numbers show that you are by far the minority. We are all sick and tired of this government. Bush, Obama it doesn’t matter, we are sick of you all, go away and leave us alone. Let us be free Americans!!! We will defend our country, both foreign and domestic. GOT IT!!!

  383. Patrick says:

    Gee, I can’t wait until the Government talkes over my health care. You can expect the same exact service.

  384. Jason says:

    Great you risked your life to save a rat. it will now go in and cause all kinds of property damage. if you really wanted to help it you should have let the cop shoot it.

  385. Jasonn says:

    Discretion of the cornerstone of good law enforcement and that weenie dropped the ball on discretion.

  386. DBTRN says:

    Let’s see what the judge says, maybe he/she will slip into a black robe and do something American for a change.

  387. Eric Ackerstrom says:

    This is so typical of Law Enforcement Officers here in Maryland. If this Officer really cared he/she should have helped save the deer.

  388. Santa says:

    Dragonfire is a bad boy this year. He needs to give up hunting and take up yoga.

  389. Michael says:

    Couple of things.
    1. The officer didn’t stop them.
    2. He wrote the ticket but… didn’t note a violation

    Giving the guy a break I am just say’n… He knows it will get tossed out, yet he wanted to let the rescuers know they’d done something both appreciated yet dangerous.

    If he’d have left and something bad would have happened – flotations devices don’t save anyone from hypothermia that would have been irresponsible and wrong of him… writing the ticket might keep someone alone, by themselves seeing the same thing from going into frigid water to save an animal – otherwise I don’t know.

    It just doesn’t add up. Why wait for the rescue, why not say anything? then write a bogus ticket and walk away?

  390. Beermatman says:

    What a Bum Hole; Be ironic if he fell in next week and not a life preserver for a 100 miles!
    The rescuer’s shhould be congratulated and rewarded not fined.

  391. Ginette says:

    Maybe there will be poetic justice some day and this ticket writing person will fall in to a frozen pond, the same men come by and say… “wait we’ll be right back, we have to get our life vests first!”

  392. Dave says:

    Putting the validity of the ticket aside.
    What most of you are missing is that this event could have ended very badly. Let’s say one of rescuers got in trouble then this would have resulted in a 911 call, dozens of EMS, police, and firefighters would have sent to the scene. What if one of the rescuers died? Is a deer worth a human life? What if a traffic accident or fire happened while fire fighters on this scene and cannot respond to a more urgent call?

    1. davec says:

      we dont make law and order based on STRAW ARGUMENTS OF WHAT “”MIGHT” HAPPEN.

      What might happen is your opinion.

      What WOULD hav happened is a living thing would have suffered a horrible death.

      Why dont YOU jump in freezing water and drown See if YOU want to be rescued.

      We have LAWS and ORDER in our CIVILZIED SOCIETY (that you dont seem to be part of) that does not want people and animals to suffer gruesome deaths.

  393. jess says:

    Let’s all camp in front of this revenue officers home and film everything he does. When he doesn’t use his turn signal, or spits on the ground, or doesn’t have his hands at 10 & 2, we will give the video to the “other” revenue officers and demand he be written multiple tickets.

  394. David says:

    This is what you get with OBAMA, it is what you get with the left – control vereyone and everything

  395. Captain Spaulding says:

    He probably got the job because the TSA wanted someone smarter.

  396. Bruce S. says:

    Seriously?!?! Just reading the headline told me that this had to have occurred in some blue-state enclave of idiots… What has happened to common sense? Just as when trying to help PEOPLE – it’s not about “compassion” but rather about doing as we’re told by those “in charge.” Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  397. Lm says:

    Some people need to learn the difference between “dear” and the real thing “deer” that was rescued.

  398. Pierrette Lachance says:

    its the barny fife syndrome

  399. JD says:

    What’s funny is that after court costs are tacked on, the state of city gov’t that oversaw this farce will have to account for this ahole. Who pays gov’t? Taxpayers. Waste of time and resources.

  400. Terry says:

    No good deed ever goes unpunished.
    As for the Natural Resources Officer…If he did witness the rescue and did not participate I believe I would contact the District Attorneys Office and see about filing a complaint of Deleliction of Duty against the Officer.

  401. George says:

    What I want to know is, how did the NRP officer(?) get there in the first place? Did someone call him?

  402. Concerned says:

    This ticket is Bush’s fault.

  403. Tagudinian says:

    The Government hires idiots. Bureaucrats become dumb over time and instead of becoming more well versed with their duties they become dull because they have no motivation to excel. Police or park ranger this ticket writer must be fired and fined. Common sense is not part of the qualification requirements to get the job of a police officer in Baltimore County.

  404. Johnny Rico says:

    Now you people understand how hunters feel about the new crop of liberal socialist game wardens who look for ways to run hunters out of the woods. These officers grew up on PETA, HSUS, Greenpeace and have found out a way to make hunters pay. And pay we do. Obscure laws we never knew existed are suddenly brought into action by these thugs. My buddy was written a ticket two weeks ago for hunting on private land without WRITTEN PERMISSION. The landowner gave him oral permission to hunt there, but the game warden saw him as he was driving past, pulled over and wrote him a ticket saying he didn’t care that the farmer gave him oral permission, it had to be in writing.

  405. kbworkman says:

    No offense marked? Just a fine?

    I don’t think that should be allowed.

    Just generating revenue? Yeah, that sounds more like it!!!

    Neither was of the age where they were required to wear life jackets, so what is the bureaucrats excuse?

  406. Johnny Rico says:

    It is YOUR fault the cops can now stop you for any reason they want. I just read about some dude who was stopped and then frisked because he had a pro-second amendment sticker on his vehicle. Funny, the same liberals who are sickened by what the DNR officer did yesterday, applaud gun owners being harassed. What they don’t realize is once the wolf is in the door it if very hard to get it out

  407. Bystander says:

    Wow, another police officer who doesn’t know how to properly use his/her authority. What a shock.

  408. whatnot says:

    The Elves save Rudolph, and the Grinch has a lump of coal for a heart.

  409. Johnny Rico says:

    Things like the Patriot Act, DREAM Act, putting 100,000 more cops on the street (clinton), gun control, etc are all about controlling people and making America a socialist society. Liberals laugh at this, but it gives them pause to think when DNR officers write someone a ticket, The ATF is getting ready to require mandatory reporting of gun sales along the border for the first time in history. If they end up doing this, then it will spread. You better do something about this America, right now.

  410. Officer Simpleton says:

    Wow – This kind of story gives cops a bad name. When cops are so dumb that they only can think in binary terms, they should not be on the force. This officer appears to be that dumb. Officer Simpleton.

  411. Johnny Rico says:

    America, before it evolved into a police state, allowed personal respondibility to keep morality within society. Wife beaters, unruly children, and common criminals were often times dealt with by society, not the cops. In 1950s America, someone wouldn’t cuss in front of women or children for instance. If they did, they were dealt with immediately and harshley. Now we call the cops for everything because we don’t want to get our hands dirty. The result is a lack of morality and virtue within society. Our own fault. Good luck getting that wolf out!!!!!!

  412. Blasco says:

    You can file this one under:”How to make a Conservative”

  413. jw5745 says:

    Nothing more pathetic than a minor bureaucrat functionary with a little authority….nothing will happen to him.

  414. Libertarian says:

    Nanny state alert! The idea that the government can fine you for not wearing a life vest is the same idea behind the government being able to fine you for not wearing a seat belt or a helmet when riding a motorcycle – that the government has some measure of control or authority over your body. If you want to assume the risk of jumping in a river without a life vest or not wearing a seat belt, then you should be free to do so, provided that in the event you get injured and insurance won’t cover you or won’t cover all your expenses, that you don’t try to secure taxpayer dollars to pay for your recovery and/or long-term disability.

  415. Royalty says:

    RIDICULOUS! This is your liberal society people. Following procedures and forget about your innate common sense.

    That game officer can go to helll as far as I’m concerned!

    Alternative outcome – Rescuers die trying to save deer. Had their families sued afterwords…then they could go to hell. However, that’s not what happened…so go to hell game warden!

  416. Jim Truesdale, Sacramento says:

    Welcome to the blue state, if this had happened in a red state, they would have gotten a medal for their efforts. This is why I left Maryland, unfortunately I ended up in California where there are even more idiots that ban the happy meal in San Francisco. The people of this country spoke loud and clear last month, stay the hell out of people’s business. I can’t wait until 2012 when the rest of these politically correct morons are tossed out of office. We have become the laughing stock of the world with idiots like Polisi and Reed running the show. It is the peoples turn, go Tea Party, keep up the pressure.

  417. Red Ruffansore says:

    Nothing dumber than the average cop. NEVER involve the law if you can handle it personally because justice is not only blind but usually exceedingly stupid.

  418. John Wathen says:

    Venison, the other red meat.

  419. Germina60 says:

    Welcome to a Marxist country where governments are out of control with their tyrannical,oppressive and dictatorial control.

    I read this a few day ago and tried to sum it up here best I could remember. Just in case you forget, remember how these Marxist Democrats called conservatives psychos, terrorists etc. The article went on to describe what they see as happening because of the dollar devaluation going on. I believe it was Kitco I read it on and then again something about it in a blog.

    These Mobsters have forgotten about their taxpayers (Mobsters call them the psychos- terrorists-taxpayers) having their day. They are forgetting about all the veterans, rednecks, cowboys, bubba’s, hunters and conservatives that all own protection and hunting equipment. One day the Mobsters psychoa-terrorista-taxpayera population will get really upset when they can’t buy food or have shelter from the cold. These Mobsters will hire foreign soldiers to come in and take care of their rioting taxpayer-psycho-terrorists and then the fun will start.

    This is a scary thought but I am afraid it will be true sooner than later. God bless each of you in the coming days.

  420. Albert says:

    So if they wore the safety vest, everything would be OK?
    I think that low life would find another way to show his existence.
    Government employee attitude syndrome.

  421. Thomas says:

    I’m amazed by the level of stupidity of people who put their own life or property at risk to try to save a useless animal! A similar such idiotic person almost killed herself, me and my whole family when she stopped in the middle lane of a hiway to avoid hitting a goose. I had to ubruptly change lanes to avoid smashing into her at 60mph. The goose changed lanes walking right in front of me and died anyway. I wouldn’t have risked getting the sniffles to save a rodent with long legs (a deer). I won’t be cruel to them but there’s a big difference in the level of common sense. Some have it, some don’t.

    1. Chris Taylor says:

      No your a moron who does not know how to drive. PLEASE turn over your keys to someone more responsible and STOP DRIVING.


      if you had to take that kind of action to avoid her YOU WERE TOO CLOSE. that is YOUR FAULT

      you have any idea how much DAMAGE a goose can do to a car at 60mph? the ACCIDENT it could cause?

      I bet you are so stupid a driver you were not even AWARE of what was left and right of you when you swerved to avoid her.

      its morons like you that cause accidents.

      1. Thomas says:

        Chris Taylor. Only a stupid liberal gets as mad as you are and thinks they know things about something they couldn’t possibly know anything about. You probably think animals have rights and the same value as a human life. In my opinion that makes you part of the soft underbelly of this country. People who can’t function outside their VERY small area of knowledge. Your opinions are completly stupid, inacurate and, like you, are invalid. In other words you’re so wrong about the world you don’t realy count.
        BTW the goose didn’t do a thing to my Suburban because I’m smart enough to drive a vehical that will protect me and my family against imbeciles like that woman and you who couldn’t think your way out of a wet paper bag.

  422. carolyn52 says:

    Welllllllll, that did NOT surprise me being that DNR and other state wildlife agencies such as NJ DEP, NY state DEC, Colorado DOW, Fish and Games, Fish and Wildlife are all run by hunters and these kinds of humans do not like animals and do not like those who love animals and wants to save them. I know many people who were ticketed for being kind to animals by game warden or instances of having their beloved wild animals they have rescued and taken to their homes to become part of the family , be viciously taken from them by game warden and “set free” so hunters can have game animals to kill. It’s too bad that heartless killers dictates are wildlife and would even condemn those who wants to save them. Thank you for being such a hero to the deer and risking your lives , lets hope the ticket will be dropped.

  423. hatesstupidTicketers says:

    Government will do anything to make a “Buck” when the people are trying to save a Buck

  424. Bernie Bouck says:

    Your TAX dollars at work !

  425. Brian says:

    The officer that issued the tickets must first be exposed and humiliated with public ridicule. Reporters outside his home and lots and lots of really negative attack ads about what a sleazy little weazel he really is. Then he should be fired!!! This BS behaviour should no longer be tolerated.

  426. frances says:

    I offer my thanks and gratitude those folk were there and willing to help save a life. I sure hope that whomever will be/have the authority to take action in this also has some common sense and compassion. And we wonder why more and more people “don’t want to get involved”. If we don’t value all life than do we really value life?

  427. PH says:

    DW, “liberal moron” aren’t you rudundant?

  428. Morris says:

    Mars Needs Women and Maryland Needs Revenue!!!

  429. C in OC says:

    For heaven’s sake, folks!!! Humanity has to pop into our realm of thinking from time to time, don’t you think? In Michigan, a Fire Department boat and helicopter spent several house rescuing a coyote spotted floating on a patch of ice hundreds of yards out on Lake Michigan this morning. Hopefully the judge in this case has a bit of common sense and will throw this ticket in the round file. But you can’t always count on their common sense, either.

  430. Me says:

    Sorry ass cop. I spit on your honor

    1. Farouk Gonzalos says:

      Sorry ass wanker. I spit on your mother, the camel.

  431. John says:

    I’m sure we’ll hear about the “what if’s” that will be supplied by the government enforcers for the endangerment to human life in the attempt to rescue the deer. Typical response of government lovers. The bottom line is this ticketing was just plain wrong and had this cop been an actual Peace Officer instead of a law enforcement officer the ticketing would have never happened. This can still be stopped though. It’s up to a DA to actually prosecute and the DA does have discretion. Watch to see what the DA’s office does. That will tell you who needs to be removed from office or not.

  432. Joel Weymouth says:

    Why wasn’t that Natural Resources Police Officer trying to rescue the deer? Isn’t that HIS JOB? Why aren’t you in the news media going after him and questioning him as to WHY HE ALLOWED CIVILIANS TO RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO HIS JOB. IS HE A COWARD?

    40 years ago – police were given a personal background check. Investigators would interview the people from their home town and get an idea of the person. Now police are simply given a psychological test (which any sociopath can ace). Hence- we have sociopaths in uniform who do things like “watch” someone “commit” a minor crime- then ticket them after the fact: instead of saying, you need a life vest – or – this is an emergency – just go ahead.

    1. Thomas says:

      It’s not his job to risk his life to save a stupid deer Joel! You can think all you want about him giving them a ticket but he was smart enough to NOT risk his life to save a deer.

  433. Joel Weymouth says:

    Why wasn’t that Natural Resources Police Officer trying to rescue the deer? Isn’t that HIS JOB? Why aren’t you in the news media going after him and questioning him as to WHY HE ALLOWED CIVILIANS TO RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO HIS JOB. IS HE A COWARD?

  434. frank wilcox says:

    I’m amazed at the caliber of person they’re pinning badges on these days. Good grief!!! Hire the mentally handicapped, but don’t give them authority to arrest people.

  435. Lou Marinos says:

    Government gone wild under good ole liberal maryland elitist control issues all the bureaucrats there have !


  436. Flacco fan says:

    This is all about Money, just like NY small businesses are leaving the state because of high taxes, the county needs to find any way they can to make revenue. It’s pretty cheap to make money off of good Samaritans..

  437. Always Independent says:

    They should have refused the ticket and made him arrest them. Then they could have sued for a false arrest.

  438. max666 says:

    That moron of a DNR blowhard needs to loose his badge. Surely, there are plenty of people with better judgement in the state of Maryland who could use that job.

  439. lman says:

    Has to be a M.O.M. appointee who gave the ticket. Obviously another state employee taking up space and oxygen under the current DEM regime. Sounds like a good candidate for forlough

  440. Juan Garcia says:

    Maryland used to be “the land of pleasant living”. Now is is the land of high taxes, high fees and fines.

  441. jabusse says:

    it always bothers me that the name of people like the law enforcement officer are rarely published. Whether its a school principal who suspends a student for drawing gi jow with a gun, or an idiot officer who tickets these rescuers the names need to be published on the “laughing Page” of the news paper so everyone can see who these misfits and dumbed down public servents are.

  442. you get what you deserve says:

    Fascism is most government, not least.

  443. Jim Forbes says:

    Can somebody post the name of the DNR officer so we know who to laugh at when this thing gets thrown out of court. I guess there are Barney Fife’s everywhere. Great Job Guys!!

  444. Pen Is Enormae says:


  445. Farak Nobama says:

    That is the People’s Republic of Maryland. Democrat-ruled since Agnew and with an Iron Fist!

  446. Easy Street says:

    We need to REMOVE at least HALF of our government at almost EVERY LEVEL.

    And make sure the purge includes those, who like the clown that issued the ticket, respect the people and the Constitution they serve, the least!

  447. Ralph Gizzip says:

    The oars and paddles should have been used on the DNR officer that wrote the ticket.

  448. Taxpayer550 says:

    Sadly, there are people at this time of season who become more agitated or miserable. I can’t think of another reason why a police officer wouldn’t use good judgment and just make sure that everyone returned safely from the icy water.

  449. Ho Chi Min says:

    The cop is lacking intelligence. When i encounter mentally challenged cops I enjoy beating them and locking them to a tree with their own cuffs.

  450. bilge says:

    Government gone wild!!! Idiots.

  451. razerback53 says:

    Too bad the cops are in a elected office and have to face the local voters every couple of years or so. Bet that might put a different ending to the story.

  452. jaco says:

    Remember now, if one of these “cops” falls into the water, don’t go in to save him, he might give you a ticket after you get him out.

  453. Guy Macher says:

    Someone please publish the name of the moron who wrote the ticket.

    1. fargenkneipper says:

      We couldn’t get THAT moron’s name, so we’re publishing one of equal “moronicity”.

      “Guy Macher”.

  454. Charles says:

    Pretty dumb to risk one’s life for a deer. these 2 men ricked theirs and potentially the people that would have to come rescue them.

  455. Bob T says:

    The average person in this country is decent and has a heart. I thank the men who rescued the deer. They no doubt are excellent people. For anyone who thinks it’s okay to let an animal suffer and die when one is in a position to help, you need to be reminded that porpoises have come to the air of drowning people and have shielded humans from shark attack. It’s a shame the officer apparently suffers from a psychological disorder. (It’s not just a lack of compassion on his part.) This is a small man who needs the power of his position to feel important — and that makes him a danger to society. We don’t need such people in positions of power.He should be relieved of his duties immediately for that reason, plus not knowing the law.

  456. john says:

    Surprised? Same thing happened after Katrina, except FEMA prevented people from saving many “human” lives.

  457. Code4Code6 says:

    You’re all dead wrong!!! The cop failed to use discretion in deciding whether or not to issue the summons. Period. It has nothing to do with what political party he belongs to. DISCRETION

  458. Frank says:

    Let’s hope a TV news station is allowed in the courthouse. Let’s get a look at this misfit officer. Someday he’ll be a useful idiot for the New World Order, probably working in a homeland concentration camp or on the street intimidating decent, law-abiding citizens who have the courage to stand up for their rights, if they still have any.

  459. Amy R. says:

    Everyone knows that the Maryland Department of Natural Resources only cares about killing animals; not saving them. They are avid supporters of hunting first and foremost. Resources for hunters is all they care about. Disgusting.

  460. Joe D says:

    We must get the officer’s name. We must know what he looks like. He should be publicly shamed for dishonoring other officers of the law who do the right thing and risk their lives. This officer who issued the rescuers of the deer a ticket is mentally and spiritually twisted and needs to be relived of his duties immediately. If not, his supervisor needs to go too. News media — stay on this story!

  461. F.R. Duplantier says:

    We lived on the Wolf River in Weyauwega, Wisconsin in 1989-91 and found out firsthand how the frustrated little thugs in the state conservation department make themselves feel superiort by abusing their authority.

    It’s the “Click It or Ticket” mentality.

  462. bt3 says:

    Had it been an illegal alien pulled from the water, the rescuers would have streets named after them.

  463. Angie says:

    that is sooooo civil servant of him…. there should be a mandatory intelligence test for these people and mandatory sterilization if they fail …

  464. MJW says:

    We need to name the names of the IDIOT DNR officer. Stupid idiot of a government servant. More interested in a quota and being some big shot government employee than he is about using his (lack of) intelligence. I just wish I could write what I really ting about him.

  465. Huston Anderson says:

    When will u people learn. Police are not on your side. They police go only to pick up in a crime area, they do not prevent. They tell u anything u say can and will be used ( not for you) but against u. Police are people who have less than a high school education and are trained as such.

  466. Bob says:

    Here in Wisconsin our DNR treats people this way too.!!! do a good deed and get a fine.

  467. piper says:

    Islia, enjoy hell.
    We are to be good stewards of the land. There are those who’re idiots, and they shouldn’t be involved in anything outside eating cheeto’s and watching tv…but you think its ok to just stand by and watch….
    This officer should have received a baseball bat upside the head from another interested party. Illegal to help a distressed animal? Who are the ANIMALS here?

  468. lt dan says:

    i bet he is a liberal cop.

  469. Biff E Jones says:

    Did that cop ride the short bus and lick the windows? What an idiot

  470. Quick Draw says:

    Seeing a cop that makes decisions like that carrying a gun is a scary thought.

  471. michael anderson says:

    I do not think that it matters what kind of animal it was. When human beings see suffering, it is natural to want to help. Did it make more sense to ignore this anima