BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Another day and another search. Phylicia Barnes is missing 11 days now, and the search for the bright teenager who came to visit Baltimore gets ever more frustrating.  

Suzanne Collins explains a special patrol walked the streets to help on Saturday.

It’s a volunteer group called the Guardian Angels which patrols in cities all over the country. Their mission: to help children, protecting them from violence. The question is : Is it too late for that?

The Guardian Angels are discussing what tips and leads they’ve heard in the search for Phylicia Barnes. The 16-year-old North Carolina girl disappeared while visiting her sister in Baltimore on Dec. 28. There have been a number of searches, but no solid leads.

“Every time you come out, you run into different people, you see different things and until Phylicia Barnes is home safe, we’re going to be out here continually searching.  Looking for something new, looking for something someone may have missed in the past,” said Paul Rufe, Guardian Angels.

On Saturday, seven Guardian Angels passed out flyers once again in the apartment complex near Reisterstown Road Plaza, where the teen disappeared.

Police say the missing person’s case of Phylicia Barnes is highly unusual. She is a straight-A student graduating early, has no history of errant behavior, no emotional problems and is not likely to run away. Her parents have made appeals.

“We just want you to please just release her, just let her go,” said her father Russell Barnes.

“This is very, very important. We need pertinent, factual information,” said her mother Janice Sallis.

City police have succeeded in getting national news coverage a few times, but it still has not produced results.

There will be a prayer service for Phylicia Barnes at Browns Memorial at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Police have established a tipline for information on Phylicia Barnes’ whereabouts. If you know anything, you can call 1-855-223-0033.

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  1. Sharonda Johnson says:


  2. Patricia says:

    I know Deena Barnes, since she was a baby; I know her very well!!! She is a very beautiful, very responsible young lady! She comes from a very large, loving and God-fearing family! She loves her siblings very much, and that includes Phylicia too. They are very close, and all 3 sisters love doing things together! Phylicia was so happy to come to Baltimore! She was counting down the days to get here! Deena is a hard working young lady! She doesn’t have time for partying and stuff! The public doesn’t know, the boyfriend has brothers and friends. He has every right, to have his brothers over. Neighbors have said, they have NEVER had any problems with that household! They said there were NEVER, alot of people going in or out. So PLEASE be careful not to judge, Deena or anyone else-cause you don’t live here and really don’t know! Deena does not need to defend herself; what would that really solve? People are going to believe what they want to believe anyhow! Phylicia’s mother is hurting, but spreading lies is not helping; to bring her daughter home. I’ve heard stories about the mother, what she did while she was in Baltimore; but what would that do for me to spread it! NOTHING- she knows and has to live it what she did. Just STOP all the slinging, and remember this: THERE IS A CHILD OUT THERE, EVERYONE WANTS HER TO BE FOUND~ALIVE AND WELL!!!! Will be praying for everyone! God Bless You All!!!!!

  3. Bob says:

    Patricia…I think Deena should have done more to protect her sister. You can put too much trust in people you think you know so well. The boyfriend was there, either a household member or frequent visitor. Yeah…his brothers can visit him but when you have different people in and out and who have seen Phylicia, it somehow made her a target. Someone, who visited whether a friend of a friend or whatever, it still makes Phylicia a target. There are mean people out there and something went down in that apartment. I just think her half sister should have done more to protect her younger sister, who is not familiar with Baltimore.

  4. Lisa says:

    In all honesty, I live in a semi place town in NJ. I would NEVER let a young girl walk around my town at night. Nevermind a young beautiful Southern girl, who has no experience with city living.. She seems like a very sweet girl and someone will take advantage of that. No one should have let her walk around by herself…People need to be more careful there are discusting careless people out there just looking for a girl like that. I pray to god she is alive and will be returned home safe…Let this be a lesson to us all, don’t let your friends walk around by themselves at night!

  5. Melissa Taylor says:

    i believe they should give everyone a lie detector test that seen Phylicia when she was visiting i feel for this fam i have a younger sister an i live in the city i will never let her walk them streets or some wear by her self i bless this family with the bottom of my heart an hopefully she will be return safe to her loving family god bless an who ever has her i will trade spots with her that’s how big my heart is for this girl an her family so just please return her too her family cuz you know everyone that’s commit a crime is just sitting there watching the news media ,internet hearing the radio this girl does not deserves this is u must be a sick person to do this to a young beautiful instant straight a student

  6. Concerned says:

    Have they called a psychic for advice like Sylvia Brown, it might sound crazy, but it wouldn’t hurt? What about the cameras they have all around Baltimore, do they record or just stream live? How about store and individuals cameras in the area? Have they put the sniffing dogs on her scent?

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