TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — A toilet set off a security scare outside the court building in Towson, but that’s just the beginning of the story.

Kelly McPherson explains the bizarre discovery.

A decorated toilet on the sidewalk in front of the old County Courthouse in Towson triggered a bomb threat.

“I walked right up to it,” said Jennifer Taff.

Taff said the kid-sized toilet had been on Washington Avenue since Sunday afternoon.

“It almost looked like an art project or something because it had all of these articles taped to it,” Taff said.  “And the cell phone was sitting on top of the box and the cell phone had googly eyes attached to it.”

Baltimore County Police brought in the bomb squad, evacuating nearby stores Monday morning.

“They just said move because they had something out there.  They didn’t say what it was,” said Anthony Curtis.

Workers watched from several floors above.

“First there was a robot that came out and looked at it and then they had a guy in a bomb suit and then the dogs came out and that’s when I guess they determined it was nothing but a toilet,” said Rob Erdman.

Police have arrested someone but won’t say who. 

One man, Duane G. Davis, wrote on Facebook: “Monday morning madness.  Left my toilet at the Baltimore County Courthouse.”  He has posted pictures of decorated toilets.

He wasn’t at his Northeast Baltimore apartment but police were.

“We can’t speak directly to the suspect’s motive in this case other than at this time it’s an ongoing investigation,” said Lt. Robert McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

“No, there was no theme.  It was just random stuff.  And it said something about Facebook like, ‘Get all of your movies from Facebook’ or something crazy like that,” Taff said.

On Facebook, Davis (who goes by the nickname “Shorty”) talked about leaving “materials” at the Baltimore Basilica.  The church confirms finding a bedpost.  Police have not said he is their suspect.

Comments (9)
  1. Homer says:

    The situation was not deangerous but police were feeling a bit flushed after tthe incident.

    1. Atim Ant says:

      ba-dum tsssss!

  2. Sandra Kendall says:

    This is another example of the sign of the times. People that do things like this are nuts. When and if they are caught nothing happens because the poor person had a terrible life with no ma and pa that guided them, or they have a mental problem, and the courts feel so sorry for them.This is endless.

  3. Robin says:

    I think the toilet was a great prop to use, considering our taxes are being flushed!

  4. ams says:

    This toilet had been sitting there since 4 pm Sunday afternoon. When the police were approached after this incident commenced on Monday morning, they were not interested. The toilet may have been a great prop to use based on our taxes being flushed, but it took the police almost three hours to determine that this toilet was just a toilet. Isn’t that a waste of tax payers’ money? Also, it took the bomb sniffing dog approximately 30 seconds to do what it took the police three hours. Way to go K-9s!!!

    1. dave says:

      The k9 probably gets paid more than me…

  5. D. Battle says:

    SHORTY ! GOod job ! HAVE. Fun in Jail !

  6. Towson Tiger says:

    Says in Maryland Court Case Search, he has been charged with: FALSE STMT-DESTRUCTIVE DEV and PHONEY DEST DEVICE

  7. collin mcCann says:

    thats really dum who leaves a phone in the toilet

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