LOTHIAN, Md. (WJZ) — Two suspects have been arrested after police say they attempted to carjack a man in a Subway parking lot.

According to police, they were called to a Subway in Lothian for an attempted carjacking.  When they arrived, the victim told them that a neighbor of his approached him in the parking lot.  They were talking when the man, identified as Conley Marvin Bell, grabbed him from behind and placed a knife to his throat, demanding that the victim take he and his girlfriend, Charity Marie Bell, wherever they wanted to go.

The three got into the car but the victim grabbed the keys and ran.  The suspects then also ran. 

Police officers found the suspects on Sands Road, where they were arrested.

The victim has not been identified.

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  1. jmo says:

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    AA Co police reported the two people arrested were WHITE…… plus what black person name is CONLEY…… courts records also said that they were white….. black ppl dont att carjackings sorry to say they actually make out….

    1. GCF says:

      No one has ever said there aren’t white criminals out there,it’s just for every white criminal there are about 60 black criminals.


        its people like you who makes this world so f–ked up….. I feel sorry for your kids

  3. me says:

    people like you also make this world f-ed up. your comment about “what black person name is conley” can be considered racist. So get off your high horse and stop talking about other people being racist when you’re also being racist. You’re not helping racism end

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