BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore school system is trying to get its most experienced teachers to retire—now.

Kai Jackson explains why and how this could impact your child’s education.

The city school system seems to be making teachers an offer that’s hard to refuse, but some believe in the end, it will be students who pay the price.

Hundreds of Baltimore’s most seasoned teachers are expected to quit at the end of the year.  Between 350 and 750 teachers with more than 10 years’ experience are being offered a lucrative buyout: 75 percent of their salary for five years.

Dr. Andres Alonso says it will save the district money.

“The salaries of more veteran teachers more than pay for the initiative in the difference between the top salaries and the salaries of new teachers,” he said.

But there is a downside.

“I don’t see how we avoid larger class sizes, not only in Baltimore but other districts across the state because of issues with funding education,” Alonso said.

In Baltimore, the schools face a $73 million budget shortfall, plus an additional $15 million in cuts from the state, if Governor Martin O’Malley’s budget proposal passes in the legislature.

The city teachers’ union, often at odds with the administration, likes this deal for teachers. 

“These are difficult times,” said Marietta English, president of the teachers’ union.

English sees this as a financial win, expecting many members to find new jobs while collecting the buyout. 

“At least this way the district has a clear idea of how many teachers are going to retire, which every year is a guesstimation of how many will retire,” English said.

Approximately 3,200 eligible teachers were notified about the plan.  Administrators hope at least 750 take the offer.

Parents like Philicia Butler have concerns.

“I think it’s a bad thing for the students because I feel as though that the older teachers that are professional need to stay in the classroom,” Butler said.

The deadline to take the buyout is April 15.  Teachers who take the buyout would be allowed to serve as substitutes.

Comments (31)
  1. Calvin Roman says:

    What happened to the money from the slots that was supposed to go to the schools ?

    1. derrickman says:

      It was squandered of course by the likes of Glending, Shaffer, O’malley & Erlich

  2. Ogie-Wan says:

    You don’t go into whether that’s 75% of their salaries for 5 years or over 5 years….Big difference!

    1. John says:

      I thought the same thing Ogie-Wan
      (musta been the force…Ha!)

  3. BRENT BARBOUR says:

    I would get all my money up front when dealing with Baltimore City Schools. Next year they might be in bankruptcy or worse. If the school cant pay all 5 years now, forget it!!!!!!!

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Brent…How many people took buyouts from Western Electric, Bethlehem Steel, and the military (yes to balance the force the military will offer payouts) only to have the rules changed when a new leadership took the helm and now their healthcare, and payout benefits can no longer be paid? We are losing an amazing amount of experience and the children will suffer. Baltimore City has just offered its heritage and future to China since our kids won’t receive the education they need.

  4. j says:

    man 2 more yrs service and i woulda jumped on this ship!

  5. OHH NOOO MR BILL says:

    Let me get this right . You work at a job TEN YEARS and you get to RETIRE and you will not only get a full pension but also 75% of your salary. Wow sign me the hell up. I know BC school teachers go through hell but that’s more like combat dissablity pay!!!!!!!!!!

    How about all State employes that when you reach a set time (30 years served is normal to be fully vested) You are given your over paid pension and medical package and nice ADIOS AMIGO !!!

    1. D. Bos. says:

      @Ohh Nooo Mr Bill, you are right, who wouldn’t accept this deal!!

    2. Owings Mills says:

      You can’t collect the state pension until you hit 30 service years or 62 years old. Take a deep breath and relax.

  6. D. Bos. says:

    What they should do is weed out the Teachers who doesn’t care about whether or not the kids learn anything, and let those worthless teachers go, without pay.. Also, the trouble making kids should be sent to ROTC (Boot Camp).. Hold parents accountable.. Thank You

    1. Actually... says:

      ROTC is not “Boot Camp.” ROTC is Reserve Officer’s Training Corps. Secondly, ROTC is for College students, for highschool it’s JROTC. And they usually have an ‘option’ as a summer thing to go to a “mini” boot camp.

  7. Terrance Taylor says:

    “This is difficult times,” said Marietta English, president of the teachers’ union.

    Difficult, indeed, when the BTU president cannot speak a simple, grammatical sentence.

    1. LMW says:

      AMEN!!!!! The children will miss out on a lot of the seasoned professionals who can help guide and mentor the newer teachers already in schools. And what about the one teachers that will be coming in the new school year? Although the school system schedules “professional days” throughout the school year, heaven help the newbies that do not have anyone willing to help.

      1. LMW says:

        My bad….the comment is correct, These are difficult times…”.

    2. bd says:

      She should know. Unions have ruined this country in recent years, nothing but an arm of the liberal political arm of the Government. Just check their political donation records.

  8. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    First year business 101…personnel actions will not fix the budget. Stop spending period. So when they shoved the lottery down the throats of the population, it was the wonder source to save education. We now have kids who can’t read and we are falling behind third world countries in math. We are now “offering” buyouts to save the budget. Whose pockets are being filled with a lottery?

  9. Brian says:

    Lottery money for education. Sorry guys that was just another bunchof lies by the good govenor and his cronnies to get us to vote for slots.
    Lets not forget money has already been syphoned off to support horse racing.
    We have the president in town visiting a school to promote higher education standars and on the very same day Baltimore city wants to get rid of it’s most experienced teachers. There is something wrong with the thought chain of Baltimore City education authority. Maybe some of them and the idots running the city should be looseing there jobs.

  10. sheriff willie says:

    Lottery, slots? all flushed down the drain via the general fund. Alfonso & his ilk can go somewhere else with their stink. Baltimore & America in general spend more $$ per student than any other industrialized country in the world & we have one of the worst in results…..Something is terribly wrong & I would say it falls mainly on the teachers. Too many ill prepared & poor attitude teachers are running our childrens futures but oh,…wait, the teachers need those retirement bennies, raises & work year less than 8 months with twelve months pay.

    1. TeachersPet says:

      I’d blame the parents before I blame the teachers. Sending your kids to school in the first place is a good first step. Take an interest in their education and grades… help them with thier homework and studying (when did this go out of style?). Send your kids to school with a set of manners, morals, and a general interest in their futures and education, and I bet they’ll learn a heck of a lot more.

      I know more than enough teachers who deserve so much more than what they get. A classroom can sometimes resemble a combat zone… I can name a few teachers I know personally who have been assulted and even hospitalized by their students. If those at the retirement age are ready to skip out with incentive… I’d think of it as more of a performance bonus for SURVIVING as a teacher long enough to reach it. And … whens the last time you saw what a teacher makes around here?

      1. LMW says:

        TeachersPet, I am a parent and send my kids to school everyday, save real sickness OR THE SCHOOL HAVING A LEAK OF ONE TOXIC FUME OR ANOTHER. They know manners, moral, and the like and use them. I applaud the teachers who fight against the grain of being negative and bringing negative vibes into the classroom and are being assaulted. The kids are also faced with this in the class and are hurt by those who disrupt the class and are only given warnings for their bad behavior. My prayer for all th teachers and students is that the ones in charge really get into the classroom and not just look at numbers to make critical decisions.

      2. TeachersPet says:

        LMW – not all kids are disinterested in school, I’m not trying to say that. What I am trying to say is before you go trash talking teachers and blaming them for all that is wrong in the world, take a look at the kids. It’s the teachers job to educate the kids, it’s the parents job to raise them. The kids who are disruptive and violent are coming into the school like that, the teachers aren’t instilling that kind of behavior. You send your kids to school, they know manners and moral and the like… do they learn something in school, or do you agree with Sheriff Willie that teachers are ruining our childrens futures? Also – is it the teachers fault that the buildings are in poor condition? Is being a master plumber with a bachelors in education a job requirement?

      3. JOJO DANCER says:

        I agree, learning start at home. Rasie a child in the way he or she should go.
        Many of this stuent do not respect them selves let along authority.

  11. Robin says:

    The slots at Arundel Mills have barely broke ground. How do you expect that money to go to the education system? Also, do they want to get rid of these 750 teaches so more black men can become teachers? One story last week, another story this week. Boy, am I glad my daughter is out of school!

    1. Willie man hanging says:

      Robin, When the lottery broke ground in the early seventies in Maryland, the cause was for the teachers & education……I suggest you get educated. Arundel is B.S.

  12. ron says:

    look all alonso want to do is hire all of his gay friends along with him. he has been terrible from the start. they will agree to this then change it next year with the help of rawlings blake

  13. LMW says:

    3 kids total; 2 kids started in baltimore schools, 1 finished in GA, the middle is finishing here, the youngest is in 4th grade now. The oldest is glad she didn’t finish here, the middle wishes she didn’t have to, and the youngest has told me she is not learning anything and wants me to home school her. What does that say. My hope is that with schedule changes and other things to be put in order, I will be able to home school the youngest for at least do just that for two school terms. Maybe just maybe the school system will be back on track.

  14. jefferyone says:

    Baltimore schools & teachers blow donkey dics.

  15. jmo says:

    Put them n the county where the kids want to learn…Keeping the good teachers in those ghetto school where the kids act like lil monkeys setting fires and having orgies is a waste of MY tax payer money. Let baltimore deal with it’s STD rate………

  16. bd says:

    So hows that hopey change thing working out? Must be great if you have to retire so many teachers.

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