HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Deadbeat parents who stop making child support payments violate the law, but tracking them down isn’t always easy.

Alex DeMetrick reports a little unflattering publicity can make a difference.

Twice a year, Harford County turns to advertising.  Not to sell something, but to catch somebody—actually, 350 somebodies who normally adorn a wanted poster in the sheriff’s office.

“These are all individuals who have active warrants for failure to pay child support,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Monica Worrell.

It’s not a criminal charge, but a violation of civil law.  With missed payments ranging from $400 to more than $30,000, they represent only seven percent of the parents in Harford County who fail to make child support payments.  They’re in the newspaper because they aren’t easy to find.

“Most of the deadbeat parents know that they’re behind and because of that, they typically have employment that is under the table.  They move from residence to residence,” said Harford County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jim Eyler.  “This type of advertisement gets it out to the public and we get their assistance, verifying current addresses for these deadbeat parents or work locations where these parents are working and we’ll arrest them.”

It still takes time.  There’s an ad from 2008 with red X’s marked on the parents who have been found.  Those who have not are in the current ads, along with all the new parents the ads call deadbeats.

Rewards are also offered for information leading to parents who are behind in child support.

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  1. Joyce says:

    what newspaper is this in?

    1. Faith says:

      it’s in the aegis twice a year

  2. Sheriff willie says:

    Come down hard on these people. They wanna breed them, let them feed em. Don’y put them in jail, that’s too easy chain gang hard labor & all funds are turned into a pool for the child support.

  3. Kris W, says:

    The Aeigs it is Harford County’s newspaper

    1. Kris W, says:

      Aegis sorry for the wrong spelling

  4. americanprick says:

    These sub human creatures deserve to be sterilized.

  5. Stef says:

    BALTIMORE CITY COURT SYSTEM SUCKS!!!!!!! I have dealt with this since my son was born, dead beat father of my children has made 2 payments of $340. Which was in 05. My son is 7 and daughter is 9. Just because I work fulltime, and take responsiblity they don’t push the issue. I can’t afford a lawyer to go to court so I am stuck with everytime they throw my case out for something petty. took 2 years to catch him last time, they dismissed my case due to lack of comment on clothes he wore the day he was served!!!!! Find a new system for city residents who actuially use their money to sopport their children, and not support a drug habit!!!!

  6. sheriff willie says:

    Stef, Next time close the legs or take the pill hon.

  7. stef says:

    Willie, you don’t live my life so you must be one of the ones who is the deadbeats, since you take up for them!!!!!!!

  8. Sheriff willie says:

    Stef, You are the architect of your own life. Take a good look in how you decided at one point to become part of the problem. Nah, you ignored all the warning signs. Now deal with it toot’s.

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