GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — Police are investigating a suspicious device found in Glen Burnie.

Police say the device was found inside a home located on the 300-block of North Dublin Drive around 12 p.m.

Police are still on the scene investigating.

Comments (26)
  1. dkafjldslfj says:

    great article!!!!

    1. pigeon says:

      Yeah, it tells you nothing. Guess they had some extra room and just threw this one it. Got to love it. Certainly should be able to give us an update 10 hours later.

  2. derrickman says:

    It’s Glen Burnie, land of dumb & dumber, what do you expect?

    1. George Walters says:

      Glen Dirty!!!!!

  3. Stacy says:

    What does that even mean?

  4. Tyrese says:

    Too many details. Can’t they just give a brief description that conveys absolutely no information????????

    1. pigeon says:

      They tried their best to do just that but I guess their best just wasn’t good enough.

  5. Walter c says:

    This is a very informative piece of journalism.

  6. Christina Betz says:

    Thanks everyone, grow up in Glen Burnie, went to school at Lindale and Andover High. Not everyone from G.B. is an idiot

  7. B Rizzle says:

    Bunch of Glen Burnie Ernies

  8. clstran says:

    Unfortunately, the person who authored this news item flunked Journalism 101,
    probably for chronic absenteeism. As written, this item totally fails to answer the
    requirements of a news story: the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY. Goodness gracious the next great step ahead for this person’s career would obviously be as a political reporter, perhaps at the Democratic Party’s National Headquarters, where outright lies, half-truths, and innuendos are commonplace. He would do well there, me thinks…

    1. Bah says:

      Why turn it into a political bashing? What does the Democratic Party have to do with ANYTHING? Lame.

      You realize this person was probably told by his editor to write an article, right? If he doesn’t have an info, and isn’t privy to any, what is he or she supposed to do?

    2. sheriff willie says:

      Clstran, do you drive a pickup truck with a gun rack & keep hoods & a cross in the back you a…hole.?

    3. pigeon says:

      You forgot the “HOW”!

  9. einar jolle says:

    Very detailed reporting!!!Pulitzer prize material we have here!!!

  10. Glen Burnout says:

    The author must be from Glen Burnie.

  11. Glen Burnout says:

    Couldn’t this blurb be about EVERY house in Glen Burnie?

  12. fguyfj says:

    my dog could write a better news blurb…

  13. rastus simpleton says:

    I see obama wrote this article

  14. Mary says:

    Wjz must be cutting back.

  15. TJN72 says:

    The suspicious device was a toothbrush. most people over there have never seen one.

    1. Romeoatyou says:

      How about a bar of soap & some underwear? No wonder those wankers smell.

  16. Edward G. Strawley says:

    Witnessed just the first responders. Very professional. Glad they are in my neck of the woods. I do not care if it was a bar of soap. Reporter did their job.

  17. romeoatyou says:

    Hey, Yo, Leave these White niggas alone & let them get back to their trailers & Budweiser.

  18. ravensgal26 says:

    There has always been extreme competition among news agencies to “get the scoop” ahead of the others. Unfortunately, in today’s hi-speed, instant access environment to news “as it happens”, this means fact-checking and actual information come second – if at all – to getting the story posted. Even if there is no story, as in this case.

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