WASHINGTON (AP) — Wednesday is a special anniversary for some married couples in Washington.

Wednesday is the first anniversary of the day same-sex couples began marrying in the nation’s capital.

Officials don’t track how many same-sex couples have married in the city, but applications for new marriage licenses more than doubled last year. In the year before same-sex couples were legally allowed to wed, there were some 3,000 applications. Last year there were some 6,500.

City officials began accepting applications for marriage licenses from same-sex couples on March 3 of last year, but because of a mandatory waiting period March 9 was the first day the couples were allowed to pick up their licenses and wed.

About 150 couples applied for marriage licenses on the first day they were able.

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  1. Herman Glimsher says:


  2. pigeon says:

    Isn’t that wonderful. Big Deal! It’s going to rain today – that is God crying for America because the courts have allowed morals to be flushed down the drain!
    I do hope this meets approval since they wouldn’t post my prior comment that only consisted of 3 letters – B _ D.

    1. Kerrie says:

      “the courts have allowed morals to be flushed down the drain!”

      oh right, the US has such morals except for this sinful SSM debacle. After all, just look at our celebrity role models – charlie sheen, britney spears, lindsay lohan, oj simpson, paris hilton, just to name a few – and our wholesome cities like Flint, Baltimore, and St. Louis. Look at all the drug addicts, divorcees, prostitutes, pedophiles, rapists, murderers all over the country. Just look at the rest of the headlines in todays news- I’m sure GOD has been EVER SO pleased with America up until this SSM thing came about.

  3. P of the Dollo says:

    Our country seems to be capitalized on the BAD people. All the Satans are having much fun. We good people are feeling very sad about these things because we try hard to keep it RIGHT. Seems the more right we are about keeping it right the left of the world takes turns. I think we are living in HELL.

  4. Scott's County says:

    I love how all this legislated sodomy has been shoved down our throats (no pun intended) by the Ultra-Liberal Left. State sanctioned unnatural sex practices and I can’t get a gun carry permit to protect myself in the dangerous city of Baltimore.

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