Some of the rain today and early tonight could come down hard enough to cause flooding, especially in some areas of poor drainage. Also, because of the soaking that occurred on Sunday, some area rivers and streams may encounter some flooding tonight and tomorrow, too.

A thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. A general 2-3 inches of rain is expected between today and early tomorrow.

Radar shows two bands of rain with a gap in between that extends from a little west of Baltimore out across WV. The heaviest of the eastern rain band is now over the Eastern Shore region. This is the kind of situation where parts of the area will get “ripped off” while other parts get clobbered and the models will not do a good job discerning between the two (and thus neither will we). As a general forecast, periods of rain, some heavy, seems to be the best way to go. All indications are that the rain will be pretty much over with by daybreak tomorrow and the rest of the forecast looks good.

Have a good day !!!