BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Finding common ground from the four corners of the world.  It’s not the UN; it’s a soccer field. 

Alex DeMetrick reports it’s right here in Baltimore.

The documentary is called “On One Field” and it was shot during pickup games at Baltimore’s Patterson Park.  The players literally come from all over.

The documentary took Mauricio Osorio five years.  Originally from Bogota, Colombia, the film comes from his own experience.

“I play soccer with these people.  They are immigrants from all over the world.  They have different backgrounds and stories and have come here to start a life in the United States,” Osorio said.  “This is not just Patterson Park.  You can go to Towson, you can go to Bolton Hill, you can go to any field in America and see the same stories.”

This documentary may be structured around a game, but it brings into focus how difficult it is to make a new life in a new home.

“People want to come here to make a new life, but it’s hard because sometimes you don’t know anybody.  This is a way to start a new life,” Osorio said.

Educated as an architect, Osorio made his documentary by himself while working two other jobs.

The next showing of the documentary will be at a festival in San Francisco.

Alex DeMetrick


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