BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  A 19-year-old woman was killed standing outside a Waverly deli.  City leaders and grieving family members stood side-by-side to call for justice Tuesday night.

Kai Jackson has the latest on the search for suspects.

There are few words to describe the pain that Tanise Ervin’s family is feeling.  If there is one, however, it’s that this promising young woman deserves justice.

Ambitious and caring, that’s how Ervin’s parents describe their murdered daughter.

“She was an innocent soul and she didn’t see the fault in people,” said Tobby Ervin, victim’s father. “I can’t say enough of how beautiful of a soul she was.”

On Saturday night Tanise Ervin and two young men went to the corner store, just a half block from her home. All three were shot.

Ervin’s mom saw her daughter’s body.

“I knew my baby’s dead because police wouldn’t let me touch her,” said Juanita Brown, Tanise’s mother.

But police say she wasn’t the intended target.  They say she tried to get away but was caught in the crossfire and died from her injuries.

“It looks like some of the other individuals that were involved were involved in some type of altercation with the suspects,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police.

The two men, ages 20 and 24, suffered non-life threatening injuries, but police say they are not cooperating.

In response to the violence, police say they’ve stepped up their patrols in the neighborhood with uniformed and undercover officers, but Ervin’s family says that’s not enough.

“Sometimes the police ain’t enough. Think the world gotta get involved,” said Brown. “I want my baby to rest and know I did all I could to find this person who did this to her.”

Ervin, a graduate of W.E.B. Du Bois, was hoping to attend Coppin State for nursing.

Her parents can only hope her death will bring attention to the growing violence.

“I want something more to be done about the senseless murders that have been taking place in Baltimore City,” said  Ervin. “She didn’t hang in the street, she wasn’t a part of any gang and she wasn’t involved in any drugs.  I want justice as any parent would want.”

A vigil was held Tuesday night.

“We’re gonna uproot this violence and get it out of this community for good,” said Mary Pat Clarke, Baltimore City Council.

Police have no suspects. They’re asking anyone with information to give them a call.

Funeral arrangements for Ervin have been made.  A viewing will be held on Friday, March 18 from 4-6 p.m. at the Weatherford Funeral Services at 2431 East Oliver Street in Baltimore.  The funeral will be held Saturday at 11:45 a.m. at New David Baptist Church of Christ at 1401 North Milton Avenue in Baltimore.

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  1. TAY says:

    that is my cusin we going miss u…r.i.p

    1. maddy says:

      Sorry fir your loss! Very beautiful young lady!

  2. Cathy says:

    Everyone that gets shot or hurt they say are innocent bystanders,Hey Tay learn
    how to spell cousin!! , why would someone be hanging out there

    1. TAY says:

      that is how i do it

    2. tiffany says:

      she wasnt hanging if you were reading they went to the store, the dudes she was with was beefing and she got caught in the middle

    3. QT says:

      that young girl was killed and you worried about how tay spelled cousin. And if you read that story you would see she wasn’t “hanging out” you dumb ass!!!!…….Tay sorry your family has to experience this……my prayers goes out to your family.

      1. ME says:

        This chick is crazy & must not know how to READ!!! Learn to read Cathy! Oh and sweetie you forgot to space after your comma before your H. Just an F.Y.I. Sorry for your loss Tay!!

  3. Fly says:

    WOW, someone lost their life….have some compassion and stop being rude!!
    GOD’S continued Blessings to the family!

  4. Nan says:

    Kiwi, Unfortunately they may never find the shooter because in most instances, there is no cooperation within the community. And unfortunately a good majority of the homicides are within the black community. I think we should spend more time trying to clean up our communities instead of pointing fingers. My heart goes out to her family and friends.



    1. ARNOLD says:




  7. Sea Dog3 says:

    The police and lawyers give the criminal element witness information and that is why I believe that Black people are reluctant to come forward… If you talked to teens in urban areas (Balt. city) I can almost guarantee you that 1 out of probably 4 know a murderer or killer that has not been caught.. There are so many killers walking around Balt. city that it is unbelievable.. I know for a fact that most neighborhood police officers know who the bad guys are, but they do nothing!! So you trash talking computer surburbanites, be extremely happy that you don’t go through what LAW ABIDING BLACK CITY RESIDENTS GO THROUGH!!!!

    1. keepmesafe says:

      Why are you all about race?
      Couldn’t you just say hard working people?
      Alternatively, law-abiding residents?

    2. Jay Rice says:

      RIGHT ON…Nail on the head

  8. rayna says:

    why must we make everything into something racial….this woman could have been just going into the store or leaving it when it happened did the story say she was just hanging there?? If so I missed that….point is most of the cops are the drug dealers and crooks so until you clean up the force its gonna be a revolving door….and yes the community/cops know the killer but with the BS witness protection who in their sane mind would come forth only to be another victim……Praying that this young lady’s familiy gets some closure.

  9. Denise says:

    No parent deserves to bury their child. My heart goes out to them. Not everything is or should be about race. A young life, black or white, was taken way too early.

    1. InezMonroe says:

      Exactly! She was to young. This Baltimore life is like playing Russian Roulette. I pray for peace to her family and that they have justice in this so she may rest in peace.

  10. The honest 1 says:

    Everyone in Baltimore city wants the violence to stop but I’m not seeing or hearing about enough within the community to actually stop it. I hear a lot for a little while, but then nothing. It’s like the community is ready for change until the fresh wound heals a little bit, then it’s picking at scabs until the next innocent murder-then the community is in an uproar. I know the first step is always the hardest, but it takes determination and dedication to make the second step and that’s the failure I see in Baltimore city. My heart goes out to this young girl and all the others who are innocently shot because these gang bangers or vengeance with a bullet can’t hit their target.

  11. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Hardworkingblackman: I used to live in the city. Hince my name on here: Ex-Baltimore. I’ve given up on trying to live around urban savages that are so many in the Black city environments. I’ve had it with my fellow Black people and have just done what all races do–including Black people who have made it: I escaped to a mostly white community where all the lifestyle and good living issues I mentioned above are abundant.

    1. antoinette shorter says:


  12. xnepobia1127 says:

    Their all innocent after their shot.

  13. Jay Rice says:

    Typical of IGNORANT RACIST to spew their POISON on such a story as this….perhaps anything black is grounds for racial stupidity, BUT not to contradict myself but many of the inner city black YOUTH or communities have not given anyone a reason to think anything otherwise because it appears as tho GENOCIDE and HATE is practiced among ourselves more then UNITY or anything else……We Rob each other, Kill each other, Hurt each other, HATE on each other and quite frankly as a WELL STANDING BLACK MAN such as myself to things I gotta worry about…My own people and Racist white people…..WHEN DOES IT STOP??????? NEVER

    1. xnepobia1127 says:

      Jay, F….k U nigga.

  14. must be me says:

    Very sorry for this girls death.
    Since race was brought up, like to say its the blacks killing the blacks why
    Does the white man come into play?
    Blacks always have to make it a racial issue.
    It gets old.
    Jay Rice as a white person I have to worry about criminal’s black and white o yes and Racist blacks.
    When will it stop?
    Stop making everything a race issue.there are plenty of blacks and whites that have a hard life.No reason to be violent losers who kill and live a life of crime.

    1. Jay Rice says:

      ACTUALLY @Must be me…… but if you’re able to READ it was a white person that made this a racial issue and for as much as you want to sweep it under the carpet it IS a racial issue……if yoiu have to worry about “RACIST BLACKS” then you just walking a short distance in the shoes of a Law Abiding black person that deal with “RACIST WHITES” EVERY SINGLE DAY….Pulled over for being black in a nice car, Discrimination on your job, STEREOTYPED as a thug or a gangster, IGNORANT COMMENTS, Media reporting ONLY BLACK NEGATIVITY then after all that? you are ROBBED by a young black kid on your way home….hahahahaha GO BACK TO YOUR QUIET SUBURB and enjoy American Idol and your picket fence

      1. must be me says:

        @ Jay Rice If a black police officer pulls me over, I do not cry race.
        Police pull over tons of people, does not matter what race you are you will be pulled over.
        Stop playing the race card every time something does not go your way! Racism goes both ways.
        Anytime if the other party is black and the white did the crime it is a hate crime.
        However, when blacks attack whites it is not believed to be a possibility.
        The media is just reporting what happens do not blame it on the media.
        Blacks have so many groups and are allowed to have black only groups.
        But heaven forbid some whites want to have a white only group it would be racist.
        How racist of you to assume I live in a suburb and watch American idol.
        Do not like American idol @ all.
        You are part of the problem. Thinking whitey is out to get you.
        Whitey is just trying to live life .stop being paranoid. Take accountability for you actions.

      2. Jay Rice says:

        @Must be me…point well taken….apologies for assuming you enjoy American Idol….HA!

      3. Jay Rice says:

        Must be me…point well taken….apologies for assuming you enjoy American Idol….HA!

  15. Hallelujah People says:

    I hate you racist people that downtalk black people and there communities. Some ones Child has been Killed.Do we blast you whites who kill your whole families over financial issues. NO!! Watch the things you say Karma. Next time it will be your child in your suburban community.

    1. must be me says:

      Actually, blacks do blast the whites “who kill your whole families over financial issues”
      Ive seen it on other sites when the situations happen.
      The same racist comments.
      It is a two way street.
      Just as the media portrays the black crimes, they portray the white killers.
      Whites are more to serial kill or kill those they know.
      It is just the truth.
      I do not blame anyone its just people are messed up.
      Really, it is the individual’s responsibility about what they do.
      The black community does try to help and come together and mentor there youth.
      I would hate to see how bad it would be if they did not.
      But really white me goes out says I want to help my white youth stop committing crimes.
      Now I am a racist if I try to help my people.
      It should not be like this and this issue should not be a racial issue but we all get caught up & emotional .

  16. Baltimore sucks says:

    Its blacks killings blacks with black witnesses that won’t cooperate. Yeah let’s blame the police….WHAT?

    1. Jay Rice says:

      a majority of the Police force is black and grew up with the black inner city killers and are cool with the killers family…SOOOOO if a witness came forward, that person will be considered a snitch and the nice cop he told the info to will pass it over to NOOK NOOK the killer which is the cops friend and Mr Nice Guy witness is now on WJZ NEWS 13 FOUND DEAD….GET IT???

  17. baltimore sucks says:

    Jay Rice
    So you are saying that they should not cooperate and this girl”s murders should stay free?

    1. Jay Rice says:

      I’m saying that this is a SAD REALITY and why people don’t come forward……sounds more to me like you said that because NO WHERE in my reply did I mention those words……I URGE anyone to come forward but just like cold cases in the past THESE ZOO ANIMALS will be free to murder again and again

  18. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Look at this reality:

    More Blacks die at the hands of other Blacks than by the KKK in the 1920’s through the 1960’s. In fact, there are virtually no killings of blacks by the KKK anymore. They have been put out of business by the ghetto Hip Gansta’
    thugs. See the movies “Boyz N’ the Hood” and “Menace to Society”. Both of these movies by black directors I might add, show a true depiction of inner city black America from West to East and North to South. Black communities are 90% crime infested cesspools–even in places like Anchorage, Alaska for God’s sake! Sarah Palin territory! Yes, there is a chapter of the Crips from L.A. who went up there to deal drugs and are still there as a menance. Black people and crime just go hand in hand. Yes, White’s commit crimes too, but not at the rates per person as Black’s. We are only 12% of the US population, but make up 53% of the US prison population. We are six times as likely than Whites to end up in prison! We need to focus on our peoples’ criminality tendencies and not just blame White people. Next time Bill Cosby mentions the facts about our own Black people, listen to him and don’t live in denial and chase him away. Bill Cosby was right on!

    1. Jay Rice says:

      Very accurate from the diary of a SELF HATING black man but here’s the million dollar SLUM DOG question…WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT??? EX-BALTIMORE seems as if you left the hood now living among your house masters spewing hate toward your own kind??

  19. from the shore says:

    Wow Jay Rice makes ALL black people sound bad!! Jay Rice are you black? And do really feel that way?

    1. Peace says:

      What that have to do with it? She dead. She dead. It dont matter what her skin tone is or was cause She dead.

      Peace to the family …RIP young one.

  20. increase the peace says:

    Jay it sounds like Ex Baltimore has opened his eyes.

  21. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Hey, Jay Rice:
    I don’t hate myself, but love my college educated six-figure hard working, non-crimnal self. I don’t shuck and jive to no house master, you dumb field hand! If I’m so self-haiting, then why is it so perfectly Ok for Hip Hop culture to degrade black women by calling them Ho’s and B—-ch’s? Why is it ok for young black men to walk around with their pants around their knees showing off their filthy drawers? Why must black boys and girls hide if they are smart and get good grades from their black peers for fear of being accused of being and trying to act “white”? What? Only white people are supposed to get straight A’s in school and go to college and do well in life? Is this not self-hatred by our fellow blacks? Huh? talk to me field hand. What you gonna’ say now, boy? Nothing right? So go back to the fields and I’lll continue living the good life up here in the big house. Don’t stay out there too long, boy. I have cars for you to wash and shoes to shine for me, field N—rl!. Yes, I am Black!

    1. Jay Rice says:

      You make a very good Point Mr EX-Baltimore…..and yes you are very educated my issue is all the African Americans with a complaint about black youth and culture but once you have made it…you sit in your nice big house and keep all the knowledge for yourself BUT STILL COMPLAIN…hahahaha SIR. with all do respects teach youth or the struggling black community how to be successful not ridicule and pass judgment….and FIELD HAND?? i deserve that because my comment was a bit disrespectful

  22. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Whatever, Jay Rice.
    All I know is that I am so sick and tired of our peoples’ constant failures in life due to personal stupidity like being anti-intellectual, dropping out of school, and getting into criminal activity. I get so sick and tired of all the senseless Black on Black crime. I get sick of the fact that Black people do not get married anymore and just have no problem with producing all these out of wedlock Black children who will not have the privilages of White’s and Asians due to poor education and stupid anti-social conduct that leads to criminal prsosecution and priison. I used to live in the hood and have been shot at, robbed, and beaten. Every assailant against me was a Black male. I even had a violent encounter with a teenaged Blood’s gang member who attacked me, but I fought him off only to be charged myself, but got off because I have no criminal record and this kid had a long rap sheet. I’m just sick of “us”, dude. Truly sick. I do try to mentor and counsel you Black males, but I think that the Hip Hop thug rappers and thug ball players have a stronger hold than I do and I’ve just given up to just focus on me and my own family. I truly have given up hope and don’t really care about Blacks who don’t want to do better in life. Just let the prisons and undertakers handle them. I’m out of the game.

    1. Jay Rice says:

      just think….if Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, NAACP, Malcom X and the forefathers of the struggle have given up? you would still be a field hand right beside the rest of us….we are not lost we just have lost guidance and strength… can give up and enjoy your fruits and you have that right…But I will not …Good Luck to you SIR…….

      1. Sad but true says:

        Whoa. All of the leaders you listed never experienced the Black on Black hatred that exists today. They weren’t fighting each other (they just disagreed on methods in which to protest, etc) — and they certainly weren’t fighting over turf. They also weren’t degrading their women…and all of the other things that ex-baltimore so eloquently outlined.

        Wise up and follow his example.

  23. Kenneth Merriman says:

    You’re all idiots who will eventually kill each other. THIS is why white America does not and WILL NOT trust you. You DESTROY everything you put your hands on.

    1. Michael says:

      Sooooo you’re saying that white America is the RIGHT way to go huh??….Blacks destroy everything they put their hands on?? Typical of a White person to sweep everything under the carpet and pretend they are the victims and BLAME everyone else……smh…Well White people trust blacks enough to run this country…..and whites are becoming MINORITY hahahahahahahah

  24. more problems says:

    Omg please stop talking about race someone just lost a love one and they are trying find some answers. Its sad that people are more worried about race then concerned for this young lady that had a bright future ahead of her before someone took it away from her this was a young lady who just got off of a long shift she was hungry any decided to get something to eat! That could have been anybody how many times have we gotten off work and decided to stop else where! Come on people! My heart goes out to her family may god be with you.

  25. Baltumorebob says:

    You people make me sick there is a familay missing a loved one no matter what race she was it is truly sad how some people think we all need to open are eyes up and join hand and hand and take back ourcity and god bless ur famaily and my she rest in peace

  26. Baltumorebob says:

    Very true hardworking black man and ps I AM WHITE

  27. delores perry says:

    i hate we people get on here talking about everything that dont have nothing to do with the topic A YOUNG LADY LIFE WAS TAKING AWAY AT A VERY YOUNG AGE and everybody going at each other SHE WAS A BRIGHT YOUNG BLACK LADY WITH A FUTURE THAT WAS IN THE WRONGE PLACE AT THE WRONGE TIME MAY GOD BE WITH HERE FAMILY AND MAY SHE REST IN PEACE

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Sorry but if you are young & black, being in Baltimore is always the wrong place at the wrong time. The only ones that can clean up this killing are the black people themselves. It’s your city. You have a Black mayor, a mostly black city council, a mostly black police force, teachers, what in the hell is wrong with you all? No, all you want to do is drink malt liquor, smoke dope, drive a baby Benz, have gold chains & teeth & think you’re the next Puff Daddy or Jay-Z. Sorry ass lot. Stop blaming whitey.

  28. Tiffineyreadyforachange Snowden says:

    the two men who were shot and were the intended targets should be locked up until they speak.

  29. TAY says:

    we going miss u….r.i.p

  30. Xaniaa says:

    Imm Soo Sorry 4 Yurr Loss . . .

  31. Common Sense says:

    This is truly the incorrect platuea to discuss race, economics and personal opinions of society. A young woman, what she was before all things, lost her life and we should acknowledge the loss and have respect for her soul and her family. If you are not helping the problem then frivilous commentary only aides the problem.

  32. Bones says:

    All I know is I had to purchase undergarments for my cousin, my friend, someone who was always there for me dead body…and I just can not compute that; it’s just is not registering that TANISE not here. I won’t get a text abou when we going out or updating her iPod…I’m so broken. I just believe God has her now and those at fault God has you too

  33. Latisha says:

    Tay Tay was my cousin. We will all miss you. Taken too soon to heavens steps. Bless you tay tay, you made you mama proud.

  34. fran says:

    no one wants to lose a child, regardless of the situation.this young lady had a future, therfore , all the folks that r negative about death will be taking that same road one day.Do not be so sweft about stereotyping some one life, u could be next.the devil is watching u to, be careful about words words are powerful.Your days could be number.

  35. truthteller says:

    what about all the drug dealers and gang members hanging out on PENNINGTON AVENUE?

  36. Myheartisbreaking says:

    It saddens me to see all the comments left. This child was innocent. Regardless of whether she hung on the corner, walked to the store, or whatever the case may be. That bullet was not meant for her. So many race comments are unnecessary. This should be about condolences for the family.

    As human beings we should be trying to find a way to make it right. There are so many senseless murders from all races for stupid reasons. We have all given up on each other. Moving away does not solve the problem, because believe it or not, it will follow you one way or another. Fighting about who is at fault does not solve the problem. But if each one of us mentors a child who may feel as if they don’t have hope it may. Most children have no place to go to release the energy that they have.

    My house is considered a multi-purpose center. I welcomemy childrens friends, help them with their homework, give them a shoulder to cry on, supply them with advice, and we plan things to do so they won’t have to be outdoors trying to avoid the people who try to pursuade them that doing the wrong thing is the best thing. My oldest child is 22yrs old. All of his friends that I have allowed in my home over the yrs are in college or have graduated and are doing something with themselves. I am not taking the credit, but I’d like to think that having people around to support them helped. Turning a blind eye to our children doesn’t. Because the violence that you speak of will come to you indiredtly or directly.

    To the family: I am so sorry for your loss. My heart and prayers go out to you.