BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says she’s done nothing wrong. Now the Baltimore Sun’s editorial board agrees. It sides against questions raised in a recent newspaper report involving the mayor, her husband and ethics.

Adam May has the latest twist at City Hall.

Rawlings-Blake responded to the Sun article and headline her staff calls “exaggerated.” It claims she voted on deals involving her husband’s employer.

“Let me be clear, not a single one of the routine items approved by the Board of Estimates since December has anything to do with my husband’s job,” Rawlings-Blake said.

Kent Blake was recently hired by Hopkins Community Physicians as a patient intake coordinator.

As he was scheduling appointments in a call center, the mayor did vote to approve grants for Johns Hopkins.

But according to a list of the grants obtained by WJZ, the $ 900,000 in question does not involve her husband’s direct employer. Instead most of the money is for HIV prevention and treatment.

The city solicitor is now reviewing the ethics code.  He also told our media partner, the Baltimore Sun, the mayor’s husband works for a separate legal entity than Johns Hopkins itself.

“While I’m waiting for a full briefing from the city solicitor, based on the votes I’ve taken, he sees no ethical lapse,” Rawlings-Blake said.

And now the Sun’s editorial board agrees.

Titled “No Conflict of Interest,” it writes the mayor has voted on a dozen contracts involving the sprawling entity that is Johns Hopkins, but none of them directly involve the branch her husband works for.

Editors also suggest the mayor could have avoided the issue if she had been open about her husband’s new job.

Rawlings-Blake has abstained from votes involving Community Physicians since December.

She’s waiting for the opinion from the city solicitor on how to proceed with future votes for Hopkins as a whole.

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  1. Geri says:

    The article did not say that Mrs.Rawlings-Blake took any money or anything for herself; the article is referring to the fact that she voted on something that involved her husband via his employment or association with Johns Hopkins. If that is the case, to keep from the very appearance of wrong-doing, she should have removed herself. Perhaps she did not feel that she was breaking any laws. Does it say in the handbook of mayors what they can and cannot vote on? Even with the corruption that we hear about in politics and just about every other occupation there is, not all people are the same, you cannot lump all of the clay in the same pot. I was sorry about the downfall of Ms. Dixon. I watched this lady work her way up to that office and believed she would run for governor of this state. We also need to remember that we were never given the opportunity to hear the entire story; Ms. Dixon never testified on her own behalf. What she did was wrong and you can say whatever you feel you need to say about her but she knew the city inside and out. Please take the time to fully read these articles before spewing your venom. He/she who does everything in their lives right one hundred percent of the time, cast the first stone!

  2. Herman Glimsher says:

    what inappropriate comments??

  3. Michael Black says:

    I can’t believe how corrupt the blacks are in Baltimore City and their ignorance and arrogance toward the law. It amazes me Dixon was not charged with ethic violations for giving her ex-boyfriend the biggest contract in Baltimore history. As long as the candidate for mayor is black, the blacks who are the MAJORITY in Baltimore but get minority status for jobs will vote for them. The MTA service sucks, many of the drivers are extremely rude to passengers, they pass by people at bus stops, they do not keep to the schedule, and many of the drivers are obese beyond your wildest jenny craig imagination. Where is the GROWTH in Baltimore? When I go to any City agency the blacks are sitting on their ass playing video games. The blacks milk their jobs to get free money from the goverment. Most are not that educated, they do not like whites and they are , and have been letting Baltimore City turn more and more into looking like the ghetto because they are to frigging lazy, obese, and uneducated to do their jobs, and the white goverment are too scared to get rid of these lazy ghetto blacks ruining this beautiful city acting like everyone OWES THEM!!!!!!! IT IS TIME TO GET PEOPLE IN THE CITY GOVERMENT WHO ARE ACTUALLY WILLING TO WORK FOR THEIR PAYCHECKS AND GET THIS CITY BACK ON TRACK!!!!!

  4. petfriend says:

    Apparantly many of you just like to rant and didn’t even bother to read the article. It clearly states that she has done nothing wrong. Her husband does not work for the part of Hopkins this had anything to do with and there is no benefit to him or her…only to the citizens of Baltimore who may be striken with HIV and other problems that these funds address. This was just another expample of media jumping in and making statements before checking their facts, then quietly retracting their statements. Whatever happened to real journalism, where you checked all the facts before you published? This type of trash just breeds more hatred and devisiveness when it is least needed.

  5. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

    When youse owns da city, youse can dooze what ya wants..

  6. T. RN says:

    I want to know why is she the Mayor of Baltimore City and her husband is only a patient intake coordinator. Wow…who’s the breadwinner in that house LOL

  7. Paul Eric Kilmon says:

    I’m more appalled by the comments to this post. White, black and everything in between – stop with the racism! This is the city’s true crime. How can we expect greatness from our leaders when those they govern act, talk and think like a bunch of idiots? We are better than this. So please stop with the blame game.

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