By Mike Schuh

PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—The Baltimore County police officer who heads their union is a suspect in a felony. Pulling his weapon and being intoxicated are just some of the allegations.

Mike Schuh has a look at what happened between the union chief and the driver of a sedan service.

Cole Weston has been in charge of the police union since the mid-90s. But early Thursday morning, according to police, he was drinking and pulled a gun on a man outside of his home.

The police report tells two stories. One of a sedan driver struck in the face by an intoxicated man who says he is a police officer who later pulls out and points his gun. The other: a police officer who denies pointing the weapon or striking the man and who says he suspected drug dealers in his parking lot.

Named in the report as a suspect for first-degree assault is Sergeant Cole Weston–the head of the county police union.

“Right now our Internal Affairs section is investigating this case,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police spokesman. “We’re also conducting a criminal investigation. That criminal investigation has been turned over to the State’s Attorney Office for review.”

A neighbor tells WJZ that their complex has two dead ends and because of that, oftentimes there is petty drug dealing.

Weston says that’s what he suspected.

The sedan driver tells police he was waiting for a man to return with the cash to pay for his ride.

The officer who responded notes that the 911 operator advises that Weston sounded intoxicated.

“We do know at this time that he had been drinking on the night in question,” McCullough said.

This is not Weston’s first brush with the law. He’d been charged with a DUI more than a decade ago. More recently, a restraining order had been filed and withdrawn by a girlfriend.

Some officers have privately questioned why in a felony case weren’t Weston’s police powers suspended.

“It’s very important in this case that we first review all the circumstances to ensure that an independent body agrees with all the facts of the case and warrant that it’s necessary to suspend his powers,” McCullough said.

Weston did not return WJZ’s calls for comment.

Since the union made campaign donations to the Baltimore County State’s Attorney, it’s expected that another state’s attorney in a different county will review this case.

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  1. Squaregrouper says:

    Remember this story next time you say that only the police and military should be allowed to own guns.

  2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

    Another abuse of power just like that idiot captain / detective who drove off the side of the interstate a few weeks ago & walked away. That was hushed up quicker than a fart disapears in the wind.

    1. Ex-Baltimore says:

      Bernard MC Kernan! You mean to tell me that you’re against a white cop??? No way! You’re a biggot? Right? Do you know that one of the inncent victims was Black and who was assaulted because the White Cop in his drunken stupor let his racist feeling that a Black man paying a limo driver for service was felt to be a drug dealer because all Blacks who use limos and pull out wads of cash are always drug dealers. Dude, that’s what this case is all about. A drunken White cop letting loose his underlying true feelings that all Blacks who look wealthy are all drug dealers. I can’t belive you’re against this cop. Wow!

      1. Steve says:

        How do you know it was a black male involved? How do you know the officer is a racist? How do you know so much about the incident, do you know someone that is involved?

        I’m not defending the officer at this point because if it happened the way its explained above, I can see know excuse or justification for his actions. at the same time, I’m just curious if you have inside info about the incident or if you are just one of the types that likes to stir racial tensions.

      2. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

        This bird’s story smell like Mother in laws after three days.

      3. Nikki S says:

        get your story straight it was NOT a limo driver

  3. help me says:

    Reason #348,223 why cops should not be trusted.

    Bealefield needs a staff of ten just to police their own.

    1. johnjohn says:

      This is Baltimore County!

    2. helper says:

      I think your beyond help…..

  4. merle says:

    He deserves to be in jail. I hope he has a family, and i hope he is torn from them, and his kids realize he is a crooked cop. POS i wouldnt spit on this cop if he was on fire. I might make a youtube video like “sgt dude” and the skateboarders

    1. devil’s advocate says:

      WOW!!! Merle…. you’re the judge jury and executioner… with information from only one party involved…. Thank god you’re not a judge people would be going going to jail weather they did it or not.

    2. Nikki S says:

      merle, seriously….you don’t even know the whole story yet. I personally know Cole and he is a decent man.

      1. merle says:

        Two things, he broke the law because he was in possession of a firearm while intoxicated. Two, he broke the “public trust” by assaulting a man while simultaneously committing a crime “possession of a firearm while intoxicated” Its a good thing Im not a judge. Its a horrible thing, that this guy is a cop and gets to walk around in maryland with a firearm, while the rest of us who dont break the l;aw are told we dont have a right to carry. So lets see, cops who drink can carry a gun, law abiding citizen who isn’t allowed to carry, ends up being punched in the face. Oh an Niiki S i dont care if hes a decent man, if he plans on doing stuff like this, it creates a large stigmata around the department. I know I will not be donating money to the fop this year, unless they get rid of this guy, expeditiously.

  5. devil’s advocate says:

    I don’t know I watched the video and the said witness did seem shady… if you look up the characteristics of someone who is lying he displays them all. maybe this fop guy was trying to stop a drug deal…. who knows… all i know is we are only getting one side of the story at this point and are passing judgment … when people who are not involved with the police department are accused of something every one yells innocent until proven guilty!!! I guess if you’re a member of the police department that doesn’t apply because you’re automatically considered guilty and trying to cover something up. I also find it odd to run into the woods when your house is right there…. why would you run into the woods to get away from someone with a gun who is your neighbor? If he’s your neighbor he already knows where you live… maybe the reason he ran in to the woods was to ditch the drugs he just bought from the cab driver or vice versa was going to sell to the cab driver.. Maybe the witness or the cab driver had a gun that was not mentioned …the other thing I found odd was the witness statement

    “I didn’t have enough cash on me, so I had to go in the house and get some cash just to pay my Sedan driver,” ok this part seems reasonable….

    “He was just making reference to me being some kind of drug dealer, and (to) get out of his neighborhood,” “And then he punched the Sedan driver, and pulled a gun out.”

    So he came out and said hey I’m referring to you as some kind of drug dealer and then punched the driver and pulled a gun…. Um yeah… I’m not really buying that at all…

    “You can’t just wave a gun, and, I guess, accuse people of selling drugs,” he said. “You pull a gun out, people get killed, so it’s a very serious thing.”

    You can’t just wave a gun and I GUESS ACCUSE PEOPLE OF SELLING DRUGS….. Did he accuse or are you guessing he accused you of selling drugs…… you pull a gun out and people get killed so it’s a very serious thing…. I agree it’s a very serious thing to pull out a gun…. Maybe Mr. Weston’s gun was not the only one on scene that night maybe there was another gun on scene that Mr. Weston reacted to causing him to pull his gun out… because like the witness said you can’t just wave a gun around people get killed….

    I am just playing the devil’s advocate here… this is an alternate view of said events…. If the story was played out like this how would you feel about the situation…. I guess who ever speaks 1st is considered the most reliable source of the events which influence us to our opinion of the incident… I don’t know anyone involved but I know how things get twisted…. Anyone ever play that game where u have a line of people and whisper something in the 1st persons ear and each person in line whispers to the next and the last person has to say it out loud…. And that is distortion without intent to falsify the truth…… only the people on the scene that night really know what happened… and none of us will never really know it… Boils down to who we chose to believe after all the facts and evidence have been reviewed……

    1. devil’s advocate says:

      I referenced the sedan driver as a cab driver which is what the video said from the news channel… so it was a limo not a cab…. wow that throws even more of a twist in things… i didn’t know that you could get a ride in a limo and pay when you arrive at your destination…. i would have thought for sure it would require a security deposit and a credit card…..

    2. gjm says:

      You make many good points but it fall on deaf ears on here. Whenever an officer is involved, the media always paints a negative picture of police because people love to hate police, justifiably or not. When the investigation shows an officer was justified, the media never covers that update, and even when they do, the people that post on here and some of the public scream cover up or police corruption. The bottom line it seems is that many people want to believe police are bad and want to them fail. Why? I have no idea. Part of the problem is obviously the media. Funny how when an officer risks his life to save another or does something positive the media is no where to be found and the police haters have nothing to say. It’s the same with our military….show the faults and leave out the triumphs. It’s sad. And to be fair, the FEW bad police that do abuse their power makes the majority good police look bad because that is what’s sticks in the mind of the public when it comes to police, never the good.

      1. devil’s advocate says:

        I appriciate your post… it is really sad….. I know that not all police are good, but I also know they are not all bad… I dont think that people realise what this county, even this world would be like with out police. All crime would be at an all time high and no one would be there to protect us we would have to protect ourselves…. at whatever cost… yet when they protect us at cost they are riduculed and put on trial… would we act so differently if we were responsible for protecting ourselves… If someone was to break into our home and steal our things would we not react violently to protect our home and family when we are being threatened… Would we then face charge of brutality or would we be considered a hero…. I am not making excuses for the ones that are guilty of taking things to far, becasue they should be held responsible for thier actions.

    3. concerned says:

      Thank you devil’s advocate. I live in the community in question and we’ve had issues with drug deals in the past……even the recent past. It’s a shame the media is presenting such a one-sided viewpoint. I think once all of the information comes to light that most people will have a different viewpoint.

      Oh, and one other thing. Take a look at the Maryland Judicial Case Search and look up Sean Manigault (the so-called witness). His arrests / convictions speak for themselves. Yeah….a real reliable witness indeed. (not)

      1. devils advocate says:

        Yeah, I check both the said victim and witness out on the case search…. seems like the both have some money issues….. maybe they are trying to ruin a mans career in an attempt to get some money out of the county to pay off thier judgement debts….. after all we don’t pay enough in taxes to support them already.

  6. steve says:

    I feel bad for the officers that work hard to do things the right way and behave as they should because with the recent incidents involving police, their image is severely hurting.

    1. Jason says:

      I’d feel the same, I suppose, if they did more to weed out the bad apples and rogue cops than they do.

  7. John says:

    Yet one more example of why big brother doesn’t want you recording our public officials. It’s ok for the camera in the officer’s car to record pulling you or for the camera on the corner of the street to watch you pick your nose… but god forbid this driver would have actually recorded this!!! Maryland continues to march towards a totalitarian police state.

    Hey… least he wasn’t tased. THAT seems to be the newest police thing. 11 year old girls, 85 year old granny’s… hell it doesn’t matter… as long as you… how did Eric Cartman on South Park put it? “RESPECT MY AUTHOR-IT-TEE!”

  8. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I saw one of the alledged victims on TV last night. That’s how I know he is Black. And John, I do agree with you that the state of Maryland has become a totalitarian police state. I was so happy that that White motorcyclist won his case in court when the state police tried to charge him with illegal wiretapping for video and audio recording his encounter with that off-duty State Trooper who stopped him for excessive speed and doing stunts on his cycle. While he was wrong for reckless driving, he was well within his 1st Amendment Constitutional Rights to record his encounter as long as the camera was visible and he verbally told the Trooper that he was being audiotaped along with being video taped. However, the court ruled that no one has reasonable expectations of privacy outdoors and that any video or audio recording device that captures you has not violated your privacy. That’s what I told a cop in Ocean City who told me I was going to jail because I took a picture of a fine honey’s behind on the beach. He left me alone when I told him he was violating my Civil Rights and I pulled out a card from the American Civil Liberties Union. That woman was on a public beach in a tight little bikini and had no right to expect any privacy. If that were the case then every security camera or even news meadia who also captured her big beautiful behind would also be violating the law. By the way, I later pulled her up and later got some play! She was flattered that I loved her behind! Sorry for the off-topic tangent, guys, but we have to be assertive with kknowledge of our rights even if it means getting cracked over the head with a nightstick by a rogue cop. In the long run, justice does prevail with good publicity and when it reaches State and US Supreme Courts. By the way, you are always innocent until proven guilty in our country–this includes the White Cop and Black victim. Just keep that in mind! We are not Russia or China, White people!

    1. Eric says:

      The MD Wire Tap law prevents audio recording without consent, not visual recording so in regards to your incident on the beach, you were acting within the law. Despite the fact that you weren’t breaking the law, it does show the distastefulness of your character. Who does that…..going around snapping pictures of a womens’ butts like a over sexed teenager.

      Ahh, the old white cop black victim line! You do know that not all officers are white and that there quite a few black officers and other minorities on the police forces in the nation. If the white officers are just a bunch of racist rogue cops like you hinted at, then why are the minority officer speaking out? It sounds to me like your a bit of a reverse racist. Racism is evil no matter who is targeted.

      Anyway, I applaud the fact that you provided a well supported argument in your defense when approached by the officer on the beach, although if he was a white officer, I’m sure the delivery of your defense was far less than tactful. Then again, he was probably just on of those racist rogue white cops trying to victimize a black male, right? Or, perhaps he was just trying to stop an idiot from running around a family beach snapping pictures of women.

      1. Jason says:

        The Maryland wire tap law only prohibits audio recording without consent *when there is an expectation of privacy.* Out in a public place- like a parking lot- there’s no expectation of privacy. Moreover, the notion that a public official performing public duties in a public place has an expectation of privacy is so ludicrous it defies any claim of a good faith belief in it.

  9. Chalkie says:

    Its amazing how they paint the cops as the guilty automatically, but let it be elected offical and they are never in the wrong. Case in point steala Dixon. Yes there are some bad cops and there are some good elected officals. But this news station doesn’t always report all the facts. And there is alot of cop haters on this comment area all the time. Maybe some of them if they weren’t doing wrong and had a run in or two with the police would be more understanding to the cops. I know quite a few cops and I would trust them with everything I have. But they know you do not carry your weapon when drinking. That is a accident waiting to happen. I am also surprised someone hasn’t made the comment its just another drunk cop abusing his or her authority. But I am sure thats coming. These men and woman in uniform have a ruff job and sometimes it comes home with them, but if you have ever seen what they put up with you would actually feel sorry for them. Like making a good arrest just to have a judge slap the criminals hands or a states attorney plee bargain them out for next to nothing.

  10. devils advocate says:


    The alleged incident occurred after Weston arrived at his home in the 100 block of Ford Court in Parkville just before midnight on March 23, McCullough said.

    It was then that Weston saw a car that was parked but running. A second man approached the car with money in his hand, McCullough said.

    “Sgt. Weston said he became suspicious and approached the car but the two men didn’t want to talk to him,” McCullough said, adding that Weston and the driver became engaged in some sort of disagreement.

    “At some point, Weston feels threatened and pulls his weapon and places it down at his side,” McCullough said, adding that everyone interviewed “agrees about this.”

    The passenger, identified as Sean Manigault, ran off. Weston allegedly “pushes or hits (the driver) with his hand,” McCullough said.

    Manigault told WBAL TV, which first reported the story, that Weston also pointed the handgun at the driver, who police have identified as Hosseim Taranpisheh.

    McCullough said Weston was armed but it is not known if the weapon was his police issued gun.

    A medic was called to the scene to treat Taranpisheh. McCullough said there were no visible marks on the driver, who ultimately declined treatment.

    Weston, a sergeant, joined the force in 1984.

    Weston, because of his role as president of the union representing county police officers, is considered part of the department’s administrative staff.

    Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger’s office is reviewing the case. McCullough said the case will likely be turned over to another jurisdiction for review because Weston’s union donates money to political candidates, including Shellenberger


  11. devils advocate says:

    the plot thickens……

    “At some point, Weston feels threatened and pulls his weapon and places it down at his side,” McCullough said, adding that everyone interviewed “agrees about this.”

    Yet this witness claims the gun was being waved around in other interviews….i guess like he guess he was being accused of being some kind of drug dealer…..

    and there were no visible marks and treatment was declined by the said victim Hosseim Taranpisheh….


    1. J says:

      There are many portions of the story so far that don’t make sense when you hear the alleged victims side which is the only story being reported.

  12. katy says:

    A sedan service is not a limo. It is a regular car that is licensed to carry passengers. A sedan service is less expensive than a cab. My husband uses a sedan service often to go to and from the airport.

    1. devils advocate says:

      Really Katy,

      so i can get a ride in one of these for less then a nasty cab.

      1. devils advocate says:

        according to for hire driver:

        name # 19
        Mr. Hosseim Taranpisheh

  13. Dave says:

    Abuse of power is an epidemic in Washington DC and at all stae levels, not to forget about the UNIONS. It is some sort of illness people get when they have a position of authority. It is abused the most by our elected offices, yes and the police/FBI/CIA etc. It should be a diagnostic catagory in the DSM (diagnosis and statistical manual of mental health). It should be treated as you would a socialpath or psychopath. The Kennedy family is a good example of out of control abuse of their positions of power.
    I suggest electro shock treatment in a public square.

  14. Sea Dog3 says:

    Baltimore County Sucks Anyway!! I like How They Call It Petty Drug Dealing!!!!!! The County Has Plenty Of This, Believe Me, I Live Here..

  15. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Eric, your little diatribe against my character only shows what a pole smoking little feminst girly man that you are. Yeah, I sometimes take pictures of fine woman on the beach. So what! I do it out in public and don’t hide the camera. It is fun to add to my collection of vacation photos that I bring back from beaches and cruises from around the world. It is not an obsession, just something done every now and then for fun. Many people harmlessly take photos of attractive people on beaches. I don’t hide in bushes or peak through windows. Like I said, I’m out in the open with all of my photography. I’m sure you’re the type of little de-masculinized little wimp who never got any play from the ladies. Like I said, the chick that I photographed, later went out with me and enaged in “relations” with me if you get my polite way of saying it on this message board. I’m hapily married now, and guess what? Me and my wife often take very naughty photos of each other. Now, what negative comment will you make of a loving couple engaging in very adult behavior in their own bedroom? Get a life you little F-g worm. Oh, by the way, I was very mature and assertive with the Ocean City Cop. He didn’t arrest me as I said; therefore, so much for your theory that this Black man didn’t act civilized in a confrontation with a cop. I’m always polite to cops. Never been arrested and never seen the back seat of a police car. You, by your very afraid to admire females mentality have probably seen plenty of car back seats with your male friends. Was it good? Get a life f-g!

  16. Eric says:

    I’m glad you were respectful of the police officer, I’m sure he does too. I’m also glad you have a good relationship with your wife. I’m sure the girls on the beach are too. Lol. As for the rest of your post, I think its funny how much you brag about the ladies you ate out with. Most people that brag about something are trying to compensate for something. What are you trying to compensate for? Lol.

    1. Bernard Mc Kernan says:

      Man, this is getting personal about weenies & stuff.

  17. Nikki S says:

    the ‘witness’ said that Sgt Weston waved his gun around and then he (the witness) said he ran/fled into the woods but yet he saw Sgt Weston hit the ‘victim’ AFTER he fled. Please….get your lies straight. Besides his house was close to where he was, why didn’t he run into his house instead? Story is more full of holes than swiss cheese (PS the police have been called to the same area multiple times for drug deals AND underage drinking)

  18. Alla Bradley says:

    Duncaster Village has been a sad state of affairs for years. It does not surprose me it happened there. I moved to Harford County and we sure do have our share of problems out here to. I thought they put a Police Substation there?

  19. Stanton Wilson says:

    Plain and simple Weston wasn’t using common sense. You never mix alcohol and guns. If the 911 operator notice that it sounded like he had been drinking, he was probably pretty drunk. Common sense says wait until the on duty police arrive. Just because you carry a badge doesn’t mean you get a free pass on drinking and pulling your weapon. I’m a retired Marine and served 7 years as a Mi corrections officer. I have been a weapons instructor for both and I am currently an NRA certified firearms instructor. I’ve trained officers in the use of deadly force. A bullet has no color barrier. Bad decision on Weston if this is the case. Also if the 911 operator noted that Weston sounded intoxicated, what was the response of the first officer on the scene. Was Weston given a bac. Although I live in Michigan I also have a home in Baltimore.

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