BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s housing authority is facing nine court judgments totaling nearly $12 million from lawsuits filed by people exposed to lead paint in the city’s public housing.

But the authority is refusing to pay any of them, even in cases where it agreed to the dollar amount or lost on appeal.

Housing Commissioner Paul Graziano tells The Baltimore Sun the authority simply can’t afford to pay. He says paying for the harm caused by lead paint would make it impossible for the agency to adequately serve the 25,000 housing units it supervises today.

But lawyers for the plaintiffs say the authority has plenty of money to pay the judgments.

Besides the judgments against it, the authority faces 175 more lead-paint cases with potential claims of more than $800 million.

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  1. $$$$$$ says:

    one billion WOW

  2. susan says:

    The city does not want to pay for anything do they? Like it is coming out of their own pockets.

  3. Doug says:

    Instead of suing Baltimore into the ground.
    Did you ever think of NOT letting your kids chew in paint chips.
    Oh,that’s right.
    You’re NOT raising them or watching them.
    You only hatched them.
    It’s the city’s responsibility .
    Nest they’ll sue Exide,when the darlings start eating the lead from
    old car batteries.

  4. thomas says:

    These kids have more problems besides chomping on paint chips. The all have been tuned into late night T.V & the lawyer bottom feeders that tell them they can win the lottery. Yeah, we’ll sue the city, I’ll get you a new ride, home, gold necklace, You be one Bad Mo-Fo.

  5. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I know of two twins, now adults, who successfully sued the city over lead paint exposure as children. I have to say all the money is now gone due to being spent on cars, jewelry, clothes, and boyfriends. I agree non of these kids will benefit from any financial payout because the money will get wasted on depreciating assets like Benzes, shoes, clothes and Jewelry. But, that’s the ghetto economy. At least if it were whites or Asians, the money would get spent on a college education or at least a house that you own!

  6. Miseducation says:

    I wish they had a filter for uneducated statuses like the ones above me. If you were educated just a litle but than you know lead poisoning from just breathing in the air or drinking the water (not eating paint).

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I know all the possible ways lead (a very toxic heavy metal) can get into a person’s blood stream. However, the big payouts from law suits should go into interest bearing trust funds that are not accessible until the poisoned children reach the age of 30. People usually mature fully by that age and are usually wiser to not waste the law suit money on things that loose value the moment you leave the store with it. Like a car. Black Americans in particular have been found to be the worst ethnic group in this country when it comes to wasting money on depreciating assets. Yes, fellow Black people, I read this in Essessence magazine–a Black
    owned publication!

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