BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP)—Two new searches have begun for missing honor student Phylicia Barnes.

Mike Hellgren explains what prompted these new efforts.

They’ve been in the works for some time.  Police want to keep this case in the public eye, but it’s growing colder. They’re asking the volunteers to meet them near Reisterstown Road Plaza on Saturday morning.

The two searches will last until sundown. Police hope to crack one of the highest-profile missing person’s cases in Baltimore history.

How did 17-year-old Phylicia Simone Barnes–a promising high school student visiting her sister in Northwest Baltimore–seemingly vanish?

“I wish that I would be in her place, and she would be in my place,” said Janice Sallis, victim’s mother. 

Police want volunteers for one search—canvassing the area around the Reisterstown Square apartments and Reisterstown Road Plaza, where Barnes was staying. A community is still on edge.

“Truthfully, I think it’s crazy for it to happen in this area,” said Jaron Hansley, neighbor.

“It’s just very sad, and I’m glad that they’re still looking,” said another neighbor.

“I do wonder about her, though, and I hope she’s still alive,” said Porsche Dyer, neighbor.

A second search will canvass a wooded area police are keeping secret.

Police say they picked the spot because of information they gleaned from a person of interest.

It’s a place they’ve searched before. More than 200 cops will do it again.

A criminal justice class taught by former police commissioner Leonard Hamm is helping in the volunteer search, along with several churches.

“As a father, I would want to know that somebody’s helping today and is anxious to help on this,” said Bishop Walter Thomas, New Psalmist Baptist Church. “So when the call came, there was no second thought.  Let’s get involved.”

Barnes disappeared Dec. 28.

“I hope that God sees me worthy enough to lead me, to give me the insight to where she’s at,” Sallis said.

Volunteers will knock on doors, distribute flyers and hopefully help solve this case.

WJZ will continue to follow this case and will let you know as soon as Barnes is found.

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  1. Vonzella barnes says:

    am willing to help as a single mother and as a community helper it really sad she had a bright ahead of her.

  2. Bullfrog says:

    May Phylicia’s guardian angels lead you to her,. and May god’s healing HANDS and LOVE help you cope through this trying time. I will also pray that Phylicia will be brought back home to your family once last time,

  3. ratm33 says:

    What ever happened to the sorry lead detective in this case. The one that wrecked his police vehicle on the side of the road and then left the scene. I Hear he is still t work and did not get in any trouble. Why? Sounds to me that he is not a trustworthy person. The type of cop you dont need on the street.

  4. ratm33 says:

    You dont care because you are one of the people who let there jerks get away with whatever they want. They break the law and it is ok with you. you are a idiot.

  5. Ro S. says:

    I’m praying that Phylicia is brought home unharmed and that the God of comfort strengthens & comforts her parents during this difficult time.

    1. MsTeri Kendle-Advocate says:

      AMEN !!

  6. b-more- careful says:

    another victim another victim, baltimore it keeps going on obvioulsy you as a city don’t care either no one is fixing it

  7. MsTeri Kendle-Advocate says:

    The comments are amazing here … WOW !!! What if it was your child …

    1. snoop dogs mama says:

      but it ain’t fool what if that

  8. True Bmore says:

    It’s so easy to hide behind an anonymous blog. Cowards will say anything at a distance. Go into that community and say you don’t care, so you can become the next victims, PLEASE.

  9. Mary-Frances Alcoser says:

    My prayers are with Phylicia’s parents…I hope someone has her and is just afraid to let her go and that they do find the courage to do the right thing and let her go home

  10. jack says:

    who’s missing now JACK

  11. rbygrrl1977 says:

    I wish for a good outcome either it be that Phylicia is brought home safe or that your family gets closer to this horific ordeal. my thoughts and prayers for your family and Phylicia, may the Angels bring you to her.

  12. WonderWhy says:

    I am just couriuos why the police seem to think she is at St Marys Collaga and Thistle Mills.. Far from Balto!

  13. Nae Nae says:

    Ppl on here talking bout they don’t care about a young girl being missing. Wth is wrong wit yall if this was ya child I’m pretty sure tha same ppl that are looking for her would help yu look for your child. Her parents could be looking at this nd yall write rude stuff. Man get ya life together nd come at this girl nd her family wit RESPECT. Just like it happen to her it could happen to yu or ya love one. Think ahead b4 yu speak DUMMY!

  14. Nae Nae says:

    And flat out idc who has something to say bout it. Yall not gonna disrescpect this girl or her family!

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