BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s a decision in the trial of a man charged with killing an off-duty police detective. 

Weijia Jiang reports jurors found Sian James guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

James testified he threw a concrete block at Detective Brian Stevenson in self-defense during a dispute over a parking space.  Stevenson was out celebrating his birthday in Canton when he and James got into an argument. 

James said the rock-throwing was self-defense and he thought the officer was going to shoot him.  He said the officer was threatening him and his friend.

“Facts indicated he was surrounded, he feared for the life of his friends and his life,” said defense attorney John Denholm.

Jurors found James not guilty of first- and second-degree murder and not guilty of voluntary manslaughter. 

Stevenson’s family say this is not the outcome they were hoping for.  They were stunned and broke down in the courtroom.

The sentencing is set for July. James faces a maximum penalty of 10 years.

Stevenson was an 18-year veteran of the police department.  He leaves behind a wife and four children.

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  1. Chalkie says:

    Personally the only thing that matters is a man lost his life over something really stupid as a parking place. They need to change the laws here. Anyone that murders rapes or molestating a child should automatically be put to death by any means needed. Our court system has created most of our problems in this city, by giving all these criminals a slap on the hands for thier crime. It use to be, you commited a crime you were to go to jail and be reformed so you could become a active member of society. Now you go to jail and just become more of a criminal. They use to use things like hard labor and educating people to change them. Until we get rid of the useless judges and all the political people who make our laws, we are never going to see a change. Crime will just keep getting worse. Nobody fears the police anymore. Maybe they need to let the cops take the gloves off like they use to 20 years ago and further back, when they use to do what they had to to crack a case or make a difference in keeping us all safe.

  2. chalkie says:

    Go look at what other cases this guy has pending. He is just another product of our society. Unreal how much trouble 1 person could get into at such a young age.

  3. Bernie says:

    This James character will be involved in another murder in less than a yr from now & I hope it’s his.A real POS this animal. Cops will be extracting their revenge on all the porch monkeys as a result of this jury scam.

  4. Korcoran says:

    It truly saddens me to hear how we are speaking to each other. There is a great deal of healing that needs to take place in our nation. To assume that one segment of the community, i.e. black people, is solely responsible for the violence in the streets or in the nation as a whole, is to ignore the blatant sin and injustice that permeates so many aspects of American life. You do not have to like the slain officer or the accused to feel for each family, which is now impacted by this tragedy. The officer did not “get what he deserves”. I wish both young men could go back and change what happened, but this could happen in ANY area among people of ANY race. Ex-Baltimore, pride comes before the fall. I hope that you will truly consider and change your views. Yes, you have “moved on up”. Congrats! However, I do not believe that you can HONESTLY state that you have NEVER done anything wrong. I hope that if one of your children goes down a bad path, they will find better attitudes and acceptance than you are giving off.

    1. Bernie says:

      Korcoran, You over simplify the situation. Blacks need to come up to Caucasian standards & not the other way around. They can walk in my neighborhood & not be attacked but I can’t in theirs. Case closed.

      1. whatnow says:

        Very good point Bernie.

  5. john says:

    ex-baltimore I am with you as a white man in this city

  6. sheriff willie says:

    This POS thug at the time of his arrest was out on bail for sex offenses & attempted rape. Just your average nice guy killer. Where in the hell is the justice? I tell you where it’s at with these porch monkeys & the cure for them is Smith & Wesson.

  7. Kevin Mack says:

    What a lot of you don’t realize is that the police are thugs too.

    1. bernie says:

      Kevin Mack. That kind of attitude is going to get you killed one day or at best an ass whipping like you never got on the farm.

  8. Ex-Baltimore says:

    No Blacks are condemning that horrible murderous cop killing thug. Just goes to show the criminal mindedness off Baltimore’s black people. Just goes to show that Baltimore is thug nation: a city owned by gangster black thugs! It’s their city everyone. Let them have it. But after we non-criminals all leave, let’s just wall the city in and just make the whole city one big prison like in the movie, “Escape From New York”.

    1. the way it goes. says:

      guess what ex. when you get pulled over by an over zealous officer he’s not going to care that you live in the suburbs or that your making over 100k. to them you will just be another black man and you will be demeaned and dehumanized by them just like the thugs your condemning. time seems to make us all forget the truth of this racist nation. but i bet my life the before you leave this earth an affluent caucasion member of society will remind you that your nothing more than a N___A too!! so I implore you never to forget where you came from. and if you have young African American male children that you are giving them the real of what they are going to encounter as black men in America. I congratulate you on your success but it dispicable to down a race of people who have had and still are fighting for equality. some of us make it and others do not.

    2. hvillage says:

      Amazing.. all that success and money, and you are still a slave to ignorance. Some of us don’t take our money then run away and hide like sniveling little rats. No, some of us might have taken our big education and our big money and put it to use by helping the other people who want to help other people who want to help other people…. but no. Not you, you want stay nice and safe in your gated community where the big bad uglies stab you in the back pocket rather than in the back. OK, you left. Take your big ego and stay gone. Thanks for nothing.

  9. RavenLude says:

    if memory serves me correct, the suspect in this case was out on bond for sex offense charge when he killed the officer. clearly he is “innocent” and simply “defending himself” and his statements of the incident should be held to a high standard.

    good job baltimore commissioners and prosecutors for allowing a sex offender out on bond pending trial. maybe this wouldnt have happened if bail was denied or set higher.
    and good job baltimore jurors for only finding him guilty of the lowest of the homicide charges.
    criminal justice in baltimore is broken beyond repair

  10. sexy diva says:

    No one of any race or creed deserves to die. But i just want to add that education is important in today’s society. I am just appalled by these comments and i wonder what would have been said if it was the other way around. crimes does exist in every neighbor hood. I hope the convict at least have some remorse and i also hope the family of the cop find the strength to move on. And yes I am black but i am not racist or a narcissist.

    1. hvillage says:

      DIVA, I’m with you on your comment…. but I have to call you out on naming yourself “Sexy Diva” and then claiming not to be a narcissist. 😀

  11. joe says:

    what a waste of tax payers money find a tall oak tree and hang’em

  12. the way it goes. says:

    I feel that justice was served in this case. Not one person here was a member of the jury. Our great justice system states guilt can only be established when there is not reasonable doubt. And although this young officer lost his life for a very idiotic reason. My common sense allows me to see how a jury could downgrade the charge to involuntary manslaughter. You all are talking as if he wasn’t found guilty. He was just of a lessor charge. I mean who really thinks they will kill someone by throwing a rock at a car. I was not intentional or premeditated. Maybe we all need a lesson in the U.S. laws. I do feel sorry for the family of the officer because untimely death is alway devastating. But this is the country we live in and love and justice was served.

  13. General Disgust says:

    Yes, all people who care about their grammar are ultra-liberal democrats… that makes complete sense… I think SCOTTS COUNTY has returned.

    Ex, you’re just another loser in a fancy suit. You’ll never fit in with your new community because you are still ghetto. You’re a racist in the worst way, you hate your own, and what’s worse, you think it’s commendable. You think people will respect you because of your money and because you “also” hate black people. Sorry, pal, true respect is reserved for those who deserve it.

    I apologize for going off topic, but I cannot listen to this creepy little loser insult black people for being beneath him and white people for being so shallow as to only see him for his money and status. What a seriously lost soul you must be.

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