BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police are looking for two armed robbers who committed nearly a dozen brazen robberies all across the city in just a matter of hours. 

Kelly McPherson has the frightening video police want you to see.

It’s a useful piece of evidence: surveillance video where you can actually clearly see the faces of two suspected robbers.  It’s one of a string of 10 armed robberies that police say these two young men pulled off before noon on Tuesday.

“All in one morning?” said Megan Stower.  “That’s amazing.  I hope they catch them.”

In the video, you can see the two suspects walk into the store, look at each other as if giving the go-ahead and then the one carrying a gun pistol-whips a customer.  The other suspect pushes another customer out of the way.  The customer proceeds to hand over money.

The suspects targeted pedestrians, stores, bus stops and Baltimore Sun delivery people.  One paper salesperson was nearly robbed and police say the suspect tried to shoot his gun.  Two others were attacked while selling papers, as well.

The two struck downtown, including busy St. Paul Street.

“There’s always, you know, somebody walking at all hours of the night because there’s always something to do,” said Cynthia Lahita.

Police say a bus stop in the heart of Mt. Vernon was the sixth stop for the two suspects.  They say the two men approached someone on the street just before 10 a.m.

“That’s just devastating to even know such a thing.  It just lets you know—I don’t care where you live—you have to always, always be on point, on guard,” Lahita said.

If you recognize the men in the video, you should call city police.

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  1. more problems says:

    This is terrible the economy is so bad the less jobs out here the more crime is going to be committed its going to get worst trust me just watch and see

    1. ARNOLD says:

      i agree with you 100%…it’s just the beginning……

  2. Colin Endicott says:

    What’s it going to take before the idiots who make the laws in this state allow citizens to carry concealed weapons so they can protect themselves from animals like this? For some unknown reason, the politicians care more about criminals than they do law-abiding citizens.

    1. FOOLNOMORE says:

      All this crime… AND WHY???. These people know they will go to jail and sit for a while get out and do the same thing but try harder not to get caught. Bring back capitol punishment and start executing some of these LOW LIFE NO GOOD S.O.B.’S. And watch crime start to go down I betcha. I’m tired of my tax dollars taking care of these people. Too many innocent folks are getting hurt.

      1. sheriffwillie says:

        Foolnomore, Idiot, you can’t execute someone for armed robbery & besides, this state doesn’t execute period.

    2. AT says:

      Get the liberals out, then we can. Or move to PA or VA.

  3. Sam says:

    And people say the kids of today have no ambition. haha

    Just wait, they’ll cross the wrong person before the police get them. The bad economy makes those of us who try to do right now so quick to lie down and play dead when provoked.

  4. Sam says:

    *The bad economy makes those of us who try to do right not so quick to lie down and play dead when provoked.

  5. Brian says:

    Typical Baltimore where the crooks feed and hunt off the taxpaying citizens. Get out there police and do some work. My bet is these knuckleheads have long criminal records.

    1. Tax2deathinMD says:

      And voted for Obama, love that Change.

      1. sven says:

        What does Obama have to do with these crimes? Except a chance for bigots like you to spout off from the mouth. Go back down south with all your hooded buddies!

      2. Bernie says:

        Hey numb nuts Tax2death, These thugs & others like them don’t vote for anybody. Voting is a civic duty & these things are anything but. Shut your pie hole & open your brown hole….OBama rocks anyway.

    2. sven says:

      Hey BRAIN, What do you think the police are omnipresent and all-knowing? Get a clue and show some respect (if you know how) to the brave women and men trying to make the streets safe. Jerk

      1. whatnow says:

        to sven – “Go back down south with all your hooded buddies”?????? Who is the bigot??????

      2. jobaby says:

        SVEN – I have a comment on what you said to “Tax2deathinMD & Brian”

        I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER – These bigots come on line – looking for horrible things that have happen so they can blame Obama. They are so angry that he is president that they are destroying there own souls. What are they going to do when they die and find out that GOD is BLACK?!!

  6. Evelyn Wood says:

    I was the woman they shot at , i work for the baltimore sun.

    1. Joe says:

      My prayers are with you.

    2. AT says:

      And if you were allowed to carry a weapon, this would have been avoided. This state is so ridiculous.

  7. TrueAmerican says:

    We as citizens have a right guaranteed by the second amendment of our constitution to keep and bear arms for the protection of our lives,liberty and pursuit of happiness!! We as a people need to overthrow the tyrannical politicians who infringe on that right of the people! They are the peoples servants to do the peoples wishes,not their own!

    1. sheriff willie says:

      True American, The reality was when there were no standing Army milita to protect the citizens in the early years during the formation of our country especially those of the plain states & far west, people carried guns. With the advent of stronger Military, local police forces the right to bear arms has been watered down except for certain states like Texas. Md is not one of them. I would be willing to bet the farm that we all were allowed to carry guns the bloodshed would triple , maybe quadruple when fueled with alcohol & anger. Throw a few females in the mix at night clubs where they always are the root of most disputes & we would be killing ourselves off faster than the morgue could handle. Funeral directors would love it & vote on the bill.

      1. AT says:

        You’re so wrong. DC had the same carry laws that Maryland does, the DC laws were recently changed. Ever since then, everyone can carry a weapon, and crime has taken a total u-turn. MD is such a messed up state, and Baltimore is second in the country for violent crime and murder, right behind Detroit. Give the innocent people the right to carry a gun again, you can bet that criminals will think twice about robbing somebody who may be carrying a gun. I challenge you to argue that, you know it’s true. Arguing your personal opinion and guessing with actual statistics is going to get you nowhere. Go join the dems if you want to fight that fight.

  8. TrueAmerican says:

    How brave do you think these thugs would have been knowing that anyone of their victims could have turned the tables on them with the ability to defend them selves with firepower! I’m guessing they would have resorted to sneak thievery instead!

    1. JDinBalt says:

      Fool, please. Where they come from they probably expect people to be carrying. The thought that their victims were packing would not deter them in any way. These thugs woulld just make sure to shoot first.

  9. Tony Ross says:

    You can tell by the vid that these idiots were amateur’s. Believe me they will be caught by the end of the week.
    How come everytime i read the comments and its about Afro-Americans Obama’s name always come up.
    @Tax2deathinMD wat the hell does voting for Obama have to do wit this? Especially since those boys dont even look old enough to vote.

  10. Tracey Reitterer says:

    Brazen thugs. When caught, they should get life with no parole.

  11. joe says:

    get a job punk he will be shot soon woooo whoooo

  12. sylvan finkelstein says:

    when the police do caught them..shot first ask question later

    1. AT says:

      Learn some grammar.

      1. sheriff willie says:

        AT, My my you’re such a snotty SOB this afternoon. Panty hose too tight? Cut it & make a good fart.

  13. Doug says:

    Come our way,
    and you losers will be wondering,
    ” Did I fire 5 shots or 6,
    Punk ! “

  14. sheriff willie says:

    These bangers come from an environment that is rife with violence. They only know one way. Violence, thuggery & what they have watched & idolized on BET, video of Jay-Zee, 50 cent, Lil Wayne & other bad, very bad influences as role models. The “EASY WAY” with little effort is what there all about. Instant gratification because in their little black hearts they don’t believe they will ever see age 30. These punk thugs have attended more funerals by age 17 than most of us will in a lifetime. Change? Absolutely it’s needed but it has to start with the people who hatch these things out for a paycheck & turn them over to Grandma to raise. I shudder to think what will happen when this generation of Grandmothers dies off….On the OBama issue, I’m glad there is a Black man in the white House. It’s the first time since Harry Truman that a person with his ability & leadership has been this competent & frankly I give him high marks for most of what he has accomplished. You can hate all you want, it never resolved any issue.

    1. jobaby says:

      You are Okay Sheriff Willie. Tell it like it is!

    2. AT says:

      Yet people like him want to ban weapons, and leave the criminals to their illegal weapons, and leave innocent people unarmed. Get a clue you democrat.

      1. Sheriffwillie says:

        AT , it’s people like you if allowed who would buy a gun , take some B.S. courses & then let it sit in the nightstand drawer to be stolen when someone broke into your home, raped & killed you then used that gun on the streets. OR, You make vain attempt to confront the invader, shoot yourself in the foot or have it taken away from you & used against you killing you & then it ends up on the street. You & other like you are dreamers & watch too many movies.

  15. joe says:

    checking back not shot yet darn it

  16. Billiam says:

    These punk thugs have no remorse or concern for anyone except themselves and their so-called “lifestyle.” This has nothing to do with the economy – it has everything to do with a complete disregard and respect for life. I don’t believe either of them would care if they were killed because they don’t care about the people they are attacking. It would seem they probably have records already, although that may be judgmental on my part. But please, don’t blame the economy – this economy has nothing to do with the fact the punks rob and injure people. It’s all about instant gratification – it’s all about “me” in today’s society.

  17. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I mean it. The absolute worst thing about the Baltimore/ DC connected areas are the endless supply of ignorant, poorly educated, and criminally minded black underclass. These thugs are a product of sexually loose black women who lie down with any thug they find to give birth to these underclass worthless trash! None of them have two parent married parents. They have been committing robbery crimes in my part of the county too and believe me, the .44 msg is at the ready in my house!

  18. Ex-Baltimore says:

    That is the .44 magnum! I only wish Ultra-Liberal legal gun hating Maryland government officials would get out of bed with the criminals and just let us have concealed carry laws and we would see a huge drop in crimes like the 75% drop in car jackings in Florida after they passed easy concealed carry laws.

    1. jobaby says:

      I think you really miss us here in Baltimore. You are constantly in our business.
      COME HOME – some might forgive you – but don’t let the rest know when you get back…….. Good Luck!

      1. willwilburwanda says:

        jobaby, Take your POS tar baby a$$ & just hurry up & die.

    2. AT says:

      @Ex-Baltimore – I agree, we need CCW back. Won’t ever happen though.

  19. MIJAXN says:

    Maybe if these young American-born males had the same access to the privileged illegal aliens………just maybe their lives would take a different turn.

    1. whatnow says:

      They have had the same access and more since the 50’s and have thrown it away. It is the culture, and their is no amount of money to fix it, it has to come from within.

  20. Ex-Baltimore says:

    I’m in Baltimore City right now. My job is on St. Paul Street. I come into the city daily and gladly leave back out to my affluent and peaceful neighborhood daily. I’m not in fear of any criminal trash from this vile city. I’m brave stand up to thugs. I even took on a little Bloods punk and the gang he was trying to start in my old neighborhood in Woodlawn. I even went to court and testified against some thugs in a driveby shooting I witnessed ten years ago. I stood the gang trash right in their faces the whole time in court. Please don’t think your thinly veiled threats are going to scare me. I didn’t watch the “Stop Snitching” video. Your threats of violent retribution are typical and predicable from violent underclass ghetto trash like yourself. You don’t scare me, ho!

    1. jobaby says:

      Are we offended? My, my – what a nasty mouth! I did not threaten you with any violent retribution. It seems as though you are only familiar with violents. As for me being a “ho” – you should not say that – I’m your MOTHER and I was not married to your father – which makes you a – B—–D!

  21. jobaby says:

    This is for “willwilburwanda”

    Temper, temper temper. Besides being ignorant, you are also funny. Never rush someone to die – bad luck! Ok, it’s time for me to go and stop playing with you two internet/trailer trash. Goodbye – enjoy the rest of your day.

  22. jobaby says:

    One last question for “willwilburwanda” Does your name mean – you will as wilbur and wanda – go both ways huh?

    1. williejoe says:

      jobaby, I’ll go both ways upside your head in forward & reverse. I’m quite adept at that. Now run along & clean uop your room & wash that T-shirt that you’ve been using to masturbate in before your Pappy get’s home & gives your sorry a$$ no count a$$ a good beat down..

  23. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Your blasphemy is not appreciated, jobaby Not by me and not by the God you disrespect. God has no color. He is pure spirit.