DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)—A gunfight and high-speed police chase. A real-life drama that started in Dundalk left three people hospitalized and two others under arrest. Now Baltimore County Police have identified the two suspects charged for the shooting.

Derek Valcourt has more on the story and some firsthand accounts from witnesses.

Police believe that an argument that took place earlier in the day at Dundalk Middle School took to the streets and gunfire followed. (Note: Earlier police reports said Dundalk High School.)

Dozens of squad cars converged at Northern Parkway and Reisterstown Road. Two men inside a black Chevrolet Camaro were arrested, marking the end of a lengthy police chase that began in Baltimore County.

Those two suspects were identified as Charles Gregory Robinson, 33, who was arrested and charged with multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and use of a handgun in the commission of a felony, and Quincy Alford, 31, who was arrested and charged with multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder and first- degree assault. 

Police believe the men inside the Camaro were involved in the shooting of two male teenagers and a 31-year-old woman in the Turner’s Station neighborhood of Dundalk, where residents heard and saw multiple shots.

A 15-year-old male and 14-year-old male were transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital.  The female victim was transported to Bayview Hospital.

One witness says she thinks she heard 15 shots fired.

The gun fight happened at around 8 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Avondale Road and Lee Lawrence Court.

“We heard this bang, bang, bang. So we came out—me and the neighbor, we walk down there. We figured it was over and see if anybody got hurt. We get down to the corner, and this guy comes running out of nowhere shooting out into the air,” said Janet Kohler, witness.

“I saw the guy. He was on foot and I saw a black Camaro go by. He was shooting at the black Camaro,” said Ashley Martin, witness.

Police say one of their officers who was on their way to the crime scene in Turner’s Station saw that Camaro leaving the area, and the chase began.

City police officers joined the pursuit as the Camaro entered city limits. One city officer was injured in the chase and had to be taken to an area hospital. 

The three shooting victims are expected to survive, but neighbors are left frustrated that it happened in an area where children were playing.

“When he started shooting, he just was right out in the open. No regard to anybody standing around, nothing,” Kohler said.

“I thank God my kids aren’t in this area because at the time this happened they would have been out playing,” said Harold Probasco, Turner’s Station resident.

“It’s scary. I’m ready to move,” said one witness.

There’s no word  yet on if any of the people involved were students at Dundalk Middle School or what their dispute was about.

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  1. r says:

    Janet Kohler is very smart

  2. Kirk Bradford Myers says:

    What I want to know is what two 30-somethings were doing in the vicinity of a public school that caused them to get in a fight with teenagers. Teenagers! These guys look like they could defecate bricks…they could have just as easily roughed those teenagers up if they wanted to put them in the hospital. What made them so intimidated that they believe that guns were actually necessary in this case? This whole situation smells fishy to me.

    1. Not Guilty says:

      Wow check out captain obvious, thinking something is fishy in this story! This story is about as believable as thinking Baltimore city police do everything by the book!!

    2. sheriff willie says:

      Kirk, Because a drug deal went bad & these brain dead perps only know violence.Bang bang, you’re dead is the name of their game.

      1. Billy says:

        It’s the only way these people know who to solve any of their problems, whether its drug deal gone bad or a fight over a damn video game. Or somebody look’d at’em wrong, always has been always will.

      2. Us People says:

        These people, well the only way yall people know how to get money fast is try to get you spouse killed and collect the insurance money.

  3. J says:

    but what they arent telling you is a different guy was shooting at the camaro and it is not either one of the two pictured above….. and he is still not in custody

  4. Savage RIp says:

    Right what happened to the other guy that was shooting?

    1. J says:

      They dont have him…. when you sit and watch it all go down right in front of you and when you ask did they get him you are told ” we THINK so ” what kind of answer it that


    Dirty rats from the city, it’s just a pure shame. running around like little scared mice in the county. Lock them up and justice will be served.

  6. BIG M says:


    1. J says:

      i care because my kids play there and get on the school bus right where it happened

      1. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

        people dont care because they dont have to live there its a sham. just because people make less and have to live in cheaper housing doesnt mean they should live in fear but thats normally the case

  7. Ex-Baltimore says:

    This is a classic reason why my mother made sure I graduated high school and went to college: to get a high paid enough job to get away from stupid, violent and dangerous underclass blacks! Follow the rich white people she always said and move when they move. Section-8 has unfortunately made this hard for many because they can get up to $1200 in subsidized rent which means they can rent a nice apartment or townhouse near a million dolar community. They are now in Timonium as an example and crime is now up there too. There is really no escaping the black and Hispanic underclass due to Section 8, but that does not mean you cannot fight for your community and get Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) Ours has been very successful in keeping the thugs out. Now, it’s time for you in Dundalk to fight and take back your once safe and peaceful hardworking blue collar community. Don’t give up, Dundalk. Owings Mills is giving you a shout out of love.

    1. Racist Jerks says:

      Yeah you not the only one that completed high school and graduated college. I’m a successful African American women how not only own my own house, I have my own business at the age of 32. So Dundalk is not just for white folks and if yall think so think again.

    2. johnsonj3 says:

      And there is no escaping white people either.

    3. ignorant because you are says:

      I have not seen someone as ignorant and less educated in the workings of the world in some time. You waste most of your time scanning heinous Baltimore news thats allows you to comment on why you moved. If you were enjoying your life where you were you wouldnt check the news here so frequently. Reverse inner racial racism is the dumbest theory out besides general racism. Get a fcking life. Section 8 has nothing to do with this,…. And if you knew your hiistory you would know that Turner Station was one of the most affluent hard working Black neighborhoods prior to the crash of the Steel Industry 35 -40 years ago..

      “to get a high paid enough job” tell your momma she should have sent you to an even better school that would have taught you proper grammar and sentence construction.

    4. baltimorelady617 says:


  8. RavenLude says:

    Im sure they are innocent or misunderstood. i think they should put them on super top secret probation and rehabilitate them. im sure all there prior contacts with police were also misunderstandings or simply the police picking on black men

  9. Reality Check says:


    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE GET OVER YOURSELF. Crime is everywhere. The difference is that the NEWS only showcase the crime in the poor urban areas of the city. Also, have you heard about these exclusive areas of the city? ROLAND PARK, and GUILFORD. Yes, they have million dollar mansions and yes they are in the city. Yes, they are quiet neighborhoods. See you don’t have to go to the BURBS for peace and serenity.

    1. TELL THEM REALITY says:

      Thank you Reality, its just as much happen in the dam county as it does anywhere else. And athese people act like only their kind can live in nice areas, go to college, or get good jobs. NOT!!!!

      1. KeepinItReal says:

        Yeeeessssss where are u now Billy Bob….LMAO! You know ur the very type of RACIST who has much to say via web, they call ur type web gangsters! However, when surrounded by US BEAUTIFULLY MADE ETHNIC PEOPLE, ur the very type that’ll be that scared individual crawled up in a corner like a SHE DOG! When truth be told, its not US you should fear, its YOU and ur type YOU should fear most…..Do some research HOMEY then get back to US! I to am not a fan of urban areas, but trust when I tell u, I wouldn’t reside amongst Trailer Park Trash, Jerry Springer, kill my wife, kids and the dog because I lost a job individuals either!!!!! Go sit ur, my mama couldn’t afford to send me to Harvard azz down somewhere, relax and watch the Simpsons……DOPE! LMAO AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    2. johnsonj3 says:

      I agree it only the blacks that they show.

      1. sheriff willie says:

        That’s because Blacks commit 98% of all the crimes in Balto….Duh?

    3. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

      you are true but statistics do show there is a much much higher rate of crime in poor areas and thats a fact! but i do agree crime is everywhere but think do you think more crime is in white lock or huntvally um i know im sure you do to. i lived in both areas i lived in upper and lower class i know both so i must say way more crime in poor areas

  10. He says:

    Dundalk is a filthy ghetto, what is to be expected? I moved here thinking the people in Catonsville just didn’t give the less fortunate a chance, but nope, these people are inbred, uninformed, white trash.

    1. Chichi says:

      Dundalk is not a filthy ghetto. Being a large community, it has some run-down areas just like anywhere else, but for the most part it is a good place to live. Many people who criticize Dundalk have never visited here and have no idea what it is like. My own neighborhood is racially diverse and we all look out for one another. (And I don’t live in a $300,000 house or in a gated community!) It’s not race that’s the problem, it’s personal standards of conduct.

      1. sheriff willie says:

        Are you enjoying your double wide trailer in Dundalk?

      2. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

        It’s not race that’s the problem, it’s personal standards of conduct so true

  11. NO 1 ABOVE THE LAW says:

    Did ya’ll c what the article said the above mentioned where being shot at!! NOT doing the shooting, *I saw a black Camaro go by. He was shooting at the black Camaro,” said Ashley Martin, witness!!*

    People make me sick wit speculation, if u were not there how can u pass judgement or condemn these to men, and then placing the guys record up on here wow!! They’ll have there day in court n lets hope the shooter is caught n that all injured will recover! Don’t throw stones n a glass house!!!!!

    1. Duane says:

      I noticed that as well. Where is the person who was shooting at the car?

    2. J says:

      I am not ashley but i was there and saw it all go down that is why i posted above that they have not caught the 1 shooter…. they may have done some shooting but they were being shot at by another male

      1. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

        im sorry but if i have a gun on me n someone starts shooting im fighting for life n i will shoot back but im also sure they where getting shot at for a reason maybe because most of time in area like this drugs are involved

  12. SMOOTH JAZZY JAY says:


  13. Never Judge That's GOD Job says:

    It’s So Sad That A African American (Black) Person Has To Talk Down About Another African American Just Because U We Able To Go To College Get A Nice Job & Not Live In The City (Hood) Doesn’t Make U Any Better Then The Ppl Who Do Live There Yes U Went Away To College But Clearly U Didn’t Get An Education Speaking The Way U R This Is 2011 & There R No Slaves U Have Just As Many White Ppl Out Here Getting N Trouble Doing Wrong Things Just As Much As African Americans (Blacks) & Hispanics It Doesn’t Matter Where U R So B4 U Go Taking S**t Bout The Next Person Look @ Yourself Believe Me U Have Flaws We All Do & If Anything U Should B Proud To B A Black Man Or Woman We’ve Come Along Way Our Presdient Is Black Enough Said Have A Nice Day

    1. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

      I agree!!!! I was knowing she was african american because the statement her mother said follow the rich white people smdh! Minorities and females in general have come along way. and just like i stated there are people educated in hard times and laid off right now. maybe she or he will be next and then have to move in the city where she lease desires maybe that will do them good. Personally i lived in upper class areas in md huntvally and lower class white lock and more but you know what ? there may be more crime but i know one thing living in them bad areas i found people who related to my struggle made real friends the kind that dont stab you in the back and learned even though i was poor we tend to help each other! and thats something i didnt get in some of the other areas that was upper class . A tight bond

  14. GG says:

    It really makes me sick when I hear people say our President is black!!! He is MIXED!!! So why do black people insist on saying he is BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ha ha says:

      Honey, do you think you are strictly black? I guarantee there is a little cream in your coffee somewhere along the line… and before you jump up and down defending your blackness, check your statistics, if you are straight out of a pure African family you are unique among the rest of your peers… and, if you have a problem with that, then you are one seriously racist airhead and I’m sure your “friends” who are of color would find your opinion of them pretty disdainful.

      p.s. Crime and violence aren’t a racial thing, they’re a class thing, and I’m sorry, I do live in Dundalk (‘ish) and the trash here is multi-colored…pick what ever color you like, trash is trash.

    2. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

      well honey get educated in america even when mixed they go by minority levels . so if you was hispanic n blk u are considered hispanic . if you are white and black they consider you black . get it! thats why you see white not any hispanic orgin cause they go by minority levels. And Obama looks more african american then caucasian why does color have to be an issue always why

  15. gg says:

    they will continue to slaughter each other and that is not going to change. Every time I turn the news on it’s the same story….shootings, rapes, robberies…99.9% young black males are involved. Don’t worry though our Country will dish out more money for ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS…MAYBE THIS WILL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you have to drive through the city and look at all the trash on the ground and there are trash cans every where!!! They get everything for free so they act like animals. Drive through a working class area and you can lick the streets, now why is that!!! Oh, I know it’s the white mans fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ignorant becuase you ar says:

      Every time you turn on the news you will continue to see crime by minorities because that is the manner in which the news decides to capture news in this counrty to give you a scewed view of whats going on. If you look at crime in total in this state and Country, statistically, whites will have committed the most crime- Murder- Rape- Sexual Assault and Burglary more than any other group… The only crime stories told are those surrounding issues of drug sales.. Know whats really going on

      1. Sheriff willie says:

        Hey a….hole Because you R, That’s only because Whites outnumber Blacks 15 to 1 Duh?……Walk in my neighborhood & it is safe & it is racially mixed with Whites being still the majority, Walk in a Black neighborhood in East or West Baltimore as a white person & you will at best, get your ass kicked & robbed. Whites unite, stamp out blight & that is the low class welfare I don’t give a f…..k coons.

      2. ha ha says:

        I am so glad I don’t associate with hate mongers. I mean, can you imagine having to listen to that garbage all the time. Truly, it’s like listening to the loud mouth drunk at the restaurant who just can’t control herself and she keeps on making a fool of herself. Gee-wiz. I sure am grateful for the beauty, intelligence and kindness I see everyday when I meet with my friends and family. They are the best.

        I hope that they can round up all involved and get it straightened out.

      3. BC says:

        Probably because whites make up 75% of the population. Your statement is idiotic.

      4. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

        to sheriff willie below im not black and guess what i lived in west and east bmore city n guess what i was raised near port n orleans it all about knowing people yeah i dont want to live there no more but if i have to i will walk with head high and most of the time if people know u are from there or live there they leave you be but it is bad around them areas just because your not black dont assume you cant walk there because i don and have

  16. joe says:

    i agree gg i agree 100% hay just let them keep killing each other while the kkk kicks back and says wow who would of thought they would kill each other there own people this is great we can just watch now.

    1. sheriff willie says:

      Problem with that line of thinking is that they breed faster then they can kill each other off. They never learned self control & Birth control? are you kidding & not get my welfare checks. Look, the real problem here is that those you need to read these message boards ar so dumb & ignorant or don’t own a computer unless they stole it, never read these truths.

      1. Li says:

        Wow!!! It’s pretty sad that you guys are being as RUDE and disrespectful as you are!! It just shows your ignorance and lack of intelligence. Educate yourself and stop trying to make yourself feel more superior than what you really are by talking down about other people. Your ignorance comes from SELF HATE and nothing else. A person saying the things you guys are saying can not love anyone including yourself. GET A LIFE!!!

      2. Ignorant Because You Are says:

        60% or more of the Welfare Recepients are Caucasian in the US.. Know whats going on.

        Your taxes are taking care of whites first who dont work … so address that issue and then go to the smallest population

      3. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

        by the way do the lookup 50% or more md are on welfare due to the economy buddy white blacks and hispanics not just one race and again get educated on the matter before you speak thank you

  17. joe says:

    there was an old rap song i herd one day and laughed my ass off… the man said yo yo yo yo brothers killing other brothers i thought we was suppose to love one another yall keep this up thell be no one left

  18. whatnow says:

    I have a lot of questions about this story and would love to converse about it but I see as usual, the blogs have dissolved into lunacy.

    1. ha ha says:

      LLOLOLOLOLOL,….. it’s funny because it’s true.

    2. Duane says:

      Like where is the guy who was shooting at the car?

    3. J says:

      you can contact me i was there and can answer any question you have

  19. Somebody says:

    Man those guys look way older than that of them being in their early 30’s. Drugs and crime takes a toll on a person lol

  20. sheriff willie says:

    Ignorant because & Li, Come see me when you have experienced a famiily member that has been raped, a parent beaten almost to death & the perps given but seven years in prison. They both had priors. The rapist was never caught & both these incidents happened thirty years apart in different cities. Low life Blacks are not going to change & need to be eradicated. Don’t tell me it could have been whites, it wasn’t so STFU. I have my reasons. I applaud Blacks who make a go of it but I still prefer to not interact with them…..Bottom line is they all think about Basketball & their Dic’s.

    1. Li says:

      Ok sorry Sheriff Willie I didnt get the memo that ALL blacks raped and beat someone close to you. So you still sound silly so you STFU! Also, sorry again that you didnt know that white men cant jump and have small packages. You are ridiculous. I’ve seen stories where white men have raped people….should I run from every white person??? Uhhh no genius. My point is EVERY race commits crimes, but your brain is so small you probably havent figured that out as of yet. I may need to give you a pass because you are probably old and lonely and dont know any better. Love a little and I bet your life would be much brighter. And who knows you may actually like being happy……

      1. sheriff willie says:

        Li. You missed the whole point so therefore this conversation will go no further. Yes, I am older but not old, these eyes have seen what your young eyes have yet to see & will be wide eyed open one fine or not so fine day. Sorry? I don’t think so, Your phony gratuitous attempt to make a social amenity reeks. Let me ask you a question & this is for all your same kind of friends. Where would you feel most comfortable as a Caucasian walking, In a all Black neighborhood at night on a weekend or in an all white neighborhood on the weekend?…So, once again, You STFU. Oh, I am a grandfather of nine , retired & sailing with my wife & very happy. You on the other hand sound like a short order cook @ a Chinese take out by the name of LI.

      2. Riley says:

        Well Li, at least its safe to say that willie doesnt like anyone but his wife and 9 grandchildren. I guess Asians bother him as well. Im sure if he lives in Maryland its in Carroll or Cecil County.

        Its sad but, his family member was probably raped by a cousin and he just doesnt want to admit it. You know incest is big amongst the Caucasian population. Im sure his mother was his sister and his wife is his first cousin

    2. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

      well honey my uncle like my brother was in early 20s and killed in his home in front of his children whole house shot up around them and one guy got no time you know why because he snitched and plea bargain and he was the one who set it up . guess what they where blk n he was wht. instead of choosing hate i went to school for forensic and you know what what if it was wht people who did it because i to know people who have been beaten and rape by white people. i hate the people who did that to my uncle but i could never blame a whole race!!!

  21. Robert Long says:

    You can see it in there eyes. They are animal’s. They are the true meaning of Ni@@er’s. not the raciest term. The way its used to describe an ignorant person who cares only about them selves and always has to shoot someone. for any reason. they kill each other with out a care and kill anyone who makes them mad. they have no respect and they belong in jail.

    1. Jerry says:

      Jails to good for them.

  22. Jerry says:

    To the SOB that smiled at the camara , he should have his face bashed in. Now for all the shootings and stabings in the city, why don’t we fence in one area and put all the murders in there and let them shoot each other insted of locking them up. That way your caught with a gun or blade no slap on the wrist and the ever popular not my child. If you noticed scince the projects came down crime went up in the better parts of the city and county. WHEN IS SOMEBODY GONNA SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  23. GG says:

    I can not remember the las t time I turned on the news and saw a story about a white person shooting a white person. I am also not saying it doesn’t happen because it sometimes does, but my GOD EVERY SINGLE day I hear on the news about a stabbing, a beating, a murder and it IS ALWAYS INVOLVING black people!!! I mean there is know denying that. They are slaughtering each other like cattle and have NO respect for human life!!!

  24. J says:

    All of you are as ignorant as can be with all this racism… Here are a few facts for you WHITE People do commit these crimes but the news choose what to show and what not to show seriously what about the white woman in new york who drove her van over a bridge killing her children… what about a couple of months ago two with males were arrested for murder they beat their victim so badly that even though he survived he died 3 months later because of his injuries…. and the white male they found murdered right in roland park and the suspect was a white male….. and how about this one I am a WHITE person and the shooting was right in front of my house no i dont live in the ghetto no i am not dating a black person and even though it doesnt matter all the houses on both sides of me are white

    1. sheriff willie says:

      J, This is for you a…hole, last wk a Black women drove her van in Newburgh N.Y. with four kids & drowned all but one. For every White crime involving a killing, there are fifteen Blacks or more. They are incapable of committing a Columbine type killing because they are too stupid. Period!!…They could be smarter but elect to all wanna be P-Diddy’s, fifty cent & Lil Wayne a…holers. Now you run along & get your head out of your a$$ & stop being in denial about your race.

      1. J says:

        my head isnt in my a$$…. you sir are the one who has his head so far up his it is disgusting, I am not in denial about my race i know exactly where i came from and i know my heritage im sorry your parents raised you to be such a horrible person….. and i pitty your children and grandchildren if they are like you because they are going to have a hard time growing up in todays world with that attitude…. my mother raised me to be respetful of everyone and to treat people the way i want to be treated…. so i pity you one of this days you are going to come across the wrong person with the attitude you have and you are going to be sorry…

    2. Wandemberg Eriqita says:

      thankyou god tell them im so with you on this

  25. pinkette says:

    My brother quincy is not the person Yall r mking him out to be he just made a bad decision!

    1. ppl need to grow up says:

      sweetie these people are just ignorant racist people who are blind that think that all blacks are stupid and criminals for instance sheriff willie is one of them….. these people disgust me dont let their ignorace and stupidity get to you

      1. sheriff willie says:

        These two niggas are just monkeys.

    2. sheriff willie says:

      Pinkette, WYF? Yeah & I guess his rap sheet with a million arrests were the result of his bad mistakes also. Grow up.

  26. HooDatIS? says:


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