BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been almost three years since a Remington woman was stabbed to death in her home, and there’s still no arrest.

Suzanne Collins reports relatives and friends are trying to spark new leads.

It’s a horrendous crime.  Nancy Schmidt was 74 and well-loved by her Remington community, but the break-in and stabbing death still isn’t solved.

More than a dozen volunteers trekked through the Remington neighborhood in the rainy drizzle Saturday.  They handed out flyers about the murder of Schmidt, which took place in the 200-block of 31st Street almost three years ago.

“If you hear anything—rumors or anything—let the police department know,” said a volunteer.

On April 21, 2008, police found Schmidt stabbed to death inside her home.  At the time, they thought it was a botched robbery.

“She had money on her nightstand, cash.  She had some jewelry on her and, far as we could tell, nothing taken,” said a police official.

The day Schmidt was murdered, police got several calls from neighbors on either side who said they heard her screaming.  They said she said, `Help, there’s an intruder! Help!'”

Two relatives of Schmidt say it’s unsettling not to know what happened.

“Every day, I wish…there’d be a sign somewhere to let us know who did this.  Anything, any little tip, can lead to the person who did this,” said Lisa Spitler.

“It’ll be three years April 21 and we would like closure and justice for her, answers for her.  No one should have to die like that,” said Lista Wolford.

Some Remington volunteers made buttons with Nancy’s picture.  Others paid to print color flyers.  Those who walked door-to-door said they didn’t mind the rain and it was symbolic because it was raining the day she died.

There is reward for information leading to a conviction.  Anyone with information can call the City Police Cold Case Unit at 410-396-2121.

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  1. maybeajunkie says:

    You should first start with the know trouble makers and junkie like the cook family and there in-laws are famous for doing that kind of stuff i over heard someone talking something around that time if it was winter then 100% R COOK and wife C COOK AND son J BENNETT they have been doing alot of that type stuff over the past week mainly the son

  2. Doug says:

    Just when you thought no one got away with murder

    1. resident says:

      so far they have

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