By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you were at a small house on Wilkens Avenue Friday, you had plenty of company. It’s the home of a legendary candy maker.

Ron Matz has more on one of Baltimore’s sweetest Easter weekend traditions.

The Easter buzz is on at Rheb’s. The familiar neon sign on Wilkens Avenue beckons customers. Inside is a chocolate lover’s paradise.

“I picked up some butter cream eggs and a couple of pounds of assorted stuff. A typical Rheb’s stop every Easter, it’s a tradition,” said Tom Faraone, customer from Pikesville.

There’s always a crowd inside the small house, especially this week.

“It’s wonderful. It’s been a great holiday here at Rheb’s, busy as usual. The customers are wonderful and they’re great people to work for,” said Rebecca Betz, Rheb’s Candies. “Everybody’s trying to get ready for Sunday and finish up their last-minute Easter shopping. Unfortunately, we’re out of a lot of things, but they’re still willing to come in and finish up.”

“It’s my first time here. I’ve seen it on your show a couple of times. I’m getting some chocolate. My wife loves it and my mother loves it. I heard about the tradition of this place and decided to stop in. I’m looking forward to it,” said Michael Brice, customer from Woodstock.

Customers love the bunny bonanza, but many customers make Rheb’s their candy connection just about every holiday.

“I spent over $100. I picked up my Easter candy. I got two mixed one-pound boxes, five dark chocolate one-pound boxes and an Easter basket. It’s for family and I’m picking up for work, as well,” said Lynn Miller, customer from Morrell Park.

Easter is the only time of year customers can get a certain type of candy.

“The big seller is our sherbet eggs. We only make them this time of year. It’s a vanilla and chocolate butter cream swirled together. The customers wait for them all year. They’re very good,” said Betz.

Rheb’s opened in 1917, and now the third generation of the family is working in the business in Southwest Baltimore.

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    Too expensive.
    I’ll stick with Hershey’s

    1. tina says:

      boo on you

  2. Howard says:

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