FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service says an internal study supports closing a mail processing and distribution center in Frederick that employs about 160 people.

Plant manager Bruce Wall told The Frederick News-Post on Monday that about 85 of the workers could apply for jobs in Baltimore and the rest would be reassigned to other jobs.

The study says the consolidation would save the Postal Service $4.2 million.

A Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposal is scheduled for the evening of May 10 at Frederick High School.

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  1. Guest2 says:

    I wouldn’t put much stock in what the Postal Service says that they will save. Their benefits package for their employees are completely funded by the Postal Service. The employee do no contribute. If truth be told they will be spending more to truck the mail to Baltimore, sort, and then return to Frederick for distribution. They are proposing the same for the Easton Distribution Center in Easton on the Eastern Shore. They want to truck all of the mail from the Shore to Baltimore and return it to the indiviual Post Offices after it is sorted in Baltimore. They say that it will be done faster. How, especially when there is Beach Traffic during the summer. You know the back ups on the Bridge. Why would you want to mail something in Salisbury to be delivered to Salisbury, but taken to Baltimore to be sorted and return it to Salisbury? Where is the logic in that. That is going to kill at least two days to get something delivered locally! I wonder who thinks these wise ideas up?

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