By Mike Hellgren

EASTON, Md. (WJZ)— Outrage is growing after two high school students are suspended– one taken away in handcuffs– over items found in their lacrosse equipment bags. Those items are banned from school property.

Mike Hellgren explains the zero-tolerance controversy.

The parents of those two students say the school administrators are taking this way too far.

Talbot County schools are under fire for suspending two Easton High School lacrosse players over equipment they kept in their bags to fix their sticks.

“It’s a huge overreaction for a very minor infraction, and it wasn’t handled well at all,” said Graham Dennis, suspended student.

Laura Dennis’ son Graham had a pen knife and a Leatherman that school authorities found while they searched a team bus before it headed to a game. He now faces jail time and damage to his permanent record.

“A police officer came and took him away in handcuffs and they said ‘Give us 40 minutes, we have to process him,’ Laura Dennis said. “So they did mug shots and they fingerprinted. I was able to pick him up from the police department 45 minutes later.”

Doug Edsall’s son Casey had a lighter he also used to fix his lacrosse stick.  The school classified it as an explosive device.

“The school administration apparently stepped in, and I think the wheels came off at that point. I think a big mistake was made,” Doug Edsall said.

“I’m just really terrified of what could happened, and it’s just been real emotional for myself and Graham of what we’ve been through,” said Casey Edsall, suspended student.

The school refused to answer any questions. Instead they sent WJZ a statement that says the students broke state law: “The criminal law does not have an exemption for any class of students. Disciplinary decisions are often controversial.”

“To charge him for having a deadly weapon for a two-inch pocket knife is ridiculous,” Laura Dennis said. “It’s such a waste of everyone’s time and energy.”

The Maryland state school board is already taking a look at whether zero-tolerance policies go too far.

The parents of these students say the administrators’ actions here are out of line and their sons have never been in trouble and didn’t intend to harm anyone.

“You can hide behind a zero-tolerance policy. But I do believe that common sense needs to be applied, and unfortunately was not done in this instance,” Doug Edsall said.

“It makes me feel like I can’t trust people in a position of authority like that,” Graham said. “It’s scary to think that they would do something to a kid that doesn’t have any problems.”

 The students have served their suspension. It’s unclear what might happen next, though, with these charges.

The school administrators say a team of staff members evaluated the case before making a decision about the punishment.

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  1. williejoe says:

    There needs to be an appeal room to talk about these kinds of issues when they happen. Coaches are responsible for dictating the terms of the can do can not do’s & the students need to firmly understand the rules. It has come to this in today’s crazy society.

    1. Ron says:

      The same parents outraged over this will be the same parents outraged when a student is stabbed with a 2″ pen knife demanding the school should have prevented this. If parents fail to properly raise their kids and instill self responsibility then it is left up to the government to deal with your brats hence today’s policy. As far as politics. It is a GOVERNMENT school it is all about politics. Take responsibility for your own kids, HOMESCHOOL.

      1. Pam says:

        Finally an response with some intelligence. It is not Republican or Democrat problem this problem lays at the feet of parents willing to hand their kids over to government union employees. This did not start yesterday this is a manifestation of selling out our children years ago to the government.

      2. Frank says:

        So you’re justifying arresting the kids and giving them a criminal record over the 2″ pen knife used to repair their equipment. The truth is they didn’t stab anyone with the pen knife which in which case arresting them would be justified. Bottom line is the school went too far. It has become common in our institutions for people with authority to think that they can act in an imperial manner with impunity and seeing everyone beneath them as some kind of slave. Sue the school and vote out elected school officials who permit this kind of senseless reaction.

      3. Yirmin Snipe says:

        If knives were banned then he should be suspended, but to call the police claiming it was a deadly weapon is silly. Most states have laws that clearly define what a deadly weapon is and a 2 inch knife isn’t long enough in any state I’m aware of… most have to be beyond 3 inches to be considered deadly, some are even longer.

      4. Mike says:

        Absolutely Ron, and take away pencils while you’re at it so we won’t have outraged parents when somebody’s brat stabs someone in the eye with one. Oh, and books too, so that the little anarchists don’t smack someone in the head causing a closed head brain injury. It is up to the government to deal with these brats, especially those who get good grades, are involved in extracurricular activities like lacrosse, (in order to be on the team, you must maintain a gpa) and show up everyday…

      5. dudette45 says:

        My son played lacrosse for eight years–he was constantly adjusting his “stick” using his swiss army knife and lighter or matches–these are the very well-known tools used by lax players. Coaches instructed him on how to make adjustments.
        I believe this situation needs merits further investigation, i.e. overall record and character of these two students.

      6. Piloit.Dave says:

        So the kid now has a COTIS number – something that can NEVER be removed no matter what. When I was in school, the scool TOLD us to have a pen knife in our pocket (in Michigan 3″ is considered a weapon, unless the NAZI have change that too….

        Nope, this ranks up there with defending the TSA for grpping a 6 year old girl, or the baby in Kansas City yesterday – NAZI Police State, hello. Good By USA Freedom.

      7. Raven Mad says:

        I would certainly file a lawsuit against the school, and get depositions from every school board member, coach and administrator…and ask them straight up if they’ve ever in their life had a small pocket knife, lighter or matches on them on school grounds…even when they were students. If we can keep lawyers out of the schools by putting these ‘escalation’ policies in place, life would be so much simpler. School says ‘we can’t do’s in the police dept’s hands. Police say ‘we can do anything…it’s in the district attorneys’ hands.’ District attorney is running for governor and can’t make a weak decision. Parents are crucified if they hire an attorney to defend their kid, and villified when they don’t get legal help and their kid ends up in jail. System sucks…and it’s all because the school board lets the lawyers determine how much risk they’re willing to take, instead of bringing a number of factors into how you discipline these kids. Perhaps having them run stadium stairs for 30 minutes would have been enough in this case? Come on school leaders…..wake up!!!

      8. Epstein's Mother says:

        Whenever you hear someone — especially a politician — talk about “protecting the children,” be prepared to give up some of your civil rights.

      9. John says:

        Someone should craft a microscopic knife with a 0.1mm length blade that you could only see with a microscope and bring it into that school (along with a microscope) to prove to the school administrators that it is indeed a microscopic knife and see what they do…I can see the newspaper article now – student arrested for having a microscopic knife that can’t even cut through the most superficial layers of the skin….ZERO TOLOERANCE!!!!

      10. Jane says:

        @ Raven Mad: ” Parents are crucified if they hire an attorney to defend their kid, and villified when they don’t get legal help and their kid ends up in jail. System sucks…and it’s all because the school board lets the lawyers determine how much risk they’re willing to take, instead of bringing a number of factors into how you discipline these kids” Clearly, you two have experienced justice the Talbot County way… This is the bigger picture of things here people. We have a school board that is told what/how to think by the school lawyer and “top” people. The board has been prohibited time and time again to reach out to their voters/parents, and just like Raven Mad said, God forbid you try to fight for you child’s rights… for this instance, or any other… my kids no longer attend these public schools because of their upside down politics, policies and bureaucracy.

      11. Brian says:

        We need to clear out idiots like you from the gene pool. Our society is better off without irrational people like you who think they are always right without instilling common sense. I know you don’t understand this concept because you are brainwashed by the fake fundamentals that you have been taught by our all so “normal” society. I don’t even think you read the story.

      12. ChevalierdeJohnstone says:

        Absolutely right. Homeschool.

        It appears a number of people went to U.S. government schools and were thus unable to understand Ron’s comment, leading them to post insultingly outraged comments the gist of which are that they pretty much agree with him.

    2. MinnFinn says:

      A light “an explosive device” and a pocket knife “a dangerous weapon”. These people (school officials) are insane. It’s best to move their familes away from such schools and people of so little capability to discern right/wrong and normal human behavior from true dangers. Keeping their kids in with such pinheaded
      school officials. We really do live in the “Age of Stupidity” (Dennis Prager)

      1. A Voice says:

        In defense of the stance that the pocket knife is a dangerous weapon, please remember that the planes on 9/11 were hijacked by terrorists with box cutters, which also are no more than 2 inches. I am confused by the explosive weapon stance but yes, a knife, any knife, of any length, is a dangerous weapons. And just remember, if someone had used that knife to attack, everyone would be screaming for the heads of the school officials for not protecting the students. These rules are in place for a reason and not because of “stoopid liberals”.

      2. IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!! says:



      3. Stolid says:

        @ A Voice: A pen, pencil, stapler, scotch tape dispenser, and lacrosse stick are all dangerous weapons that could take over a school bus and/or airplane. Matches are also explosive devices – all thanks to illiberal logic.

      4. blame teachers says:

        I would like to have every single teacher searched then. You are telling me that not one of them smokes – that thye do not have a lighter on them at all times…..

      5. LPB1980 says:

        Try taking either onto a plane

      6. Andy C. says:

        @Voice, the hijackers also had malicious intent. Nothing about this story suggests malicious intent, or even as much as common teenage foolishness. The hijackings were successful largely because of our collective policy of sitting quietly and giving into the hijacker’s demands. Should we continue to sit quietly by while our lives and freedoms are hijacked by authorities wielding zero tolerance, rules-are-rules nonsense?

    3. atasteoftea says:

      Juveniles are not to be handcuffed or finger printed. These were white boys and that is why this happened. Were the cops black?

      1. SandriaM says:

        Juveniles are to be handcuffed if the penalty is severe enough, also does anyone here know either of the young men? I know one of the young men, and can say that he has put more then a toe out of line before.

        Besides, rules are rules, if a student talks out in class, they have a consequence, it doesn’t matter if you were asking for a pencil or you were gossiping with your friend, rules are rules, and rules are to be followed.

        Grow up people, if you don’t pay your rent because you lost your job, tough, you still need to pay your rent.

        These students have agendas with the rules on them, they also have a website with the rules posted. You might say “Well, not all kids have computers”, but these ones do, they are the only county in Maryland with laptops for each student, so grow up, and learn the lesson that is offered to you; it will not ruin your life, if an employer or college asks, they find it amazing when a student learns from his/her mistake and grows.

      2. Doug says:

        @ SandriaM

        WHO ARE YOU???

        i am a parent of one of the kids busted.

        Never assume you know the facts.

        Per the Talbot County Student Handbook, students can be assigned detention, suspension, or expulsion for Possesion of Contraband (including “Dangerous Weapons”).

        NO mention is made of a lighter, anywhere. Nor a knife of any size or description. Per section 4-101.a(ii)2. of the Maryland Code, “Weapon” does not include a penknife.

        So, if these students viewed their items as lacrosse tools, used them as lacrosse tools, and they are commonly considered lacrosse tools, how and when did they become weapons, and how were the students to know that?

        I agree rules are rules, but what and where is the rule? With this amount of vagueness, Do Not blame the kids !!!

      3. Ronnie says:

        OH PLEASE…. why play the race card! What difference does it make. Get over it!

      4. SteveG says:

        How about a zero tolerance policy for public schools? Educate your own young; we did. It’s the best move we ever made, and our kids have done very well in life.

    4. NotDeadYet says:

      The reasoning behind zero tolerance is that we are not allowed to use human judgment to differentiate between a two inch leatherman and a nine inch switchblade. Because any attempt to punish the young thugs with switchblades was labeled “racist”. (Obviously, the only reason for punishing a student with a switchblade would be his race.) This is the product of the crazy liberal left being left in charge of education. And it’s probably worth noting that one of the biggest proponents of zero tolerance was Bill Ayers. I know, I know… just another coincidence.

      The mainstream of America is going to rise up soon. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

    5. atasteoftea says:


      Our police have become Union Thugs who are only in it for the money. Now that child who was handcuffed and booked has a record and his life is ruined. How much longer are we going to allow this renegade government continue? The Greatest Generation would never have tolerated this.

    6. Denver says:

      I went to junior high school in 1969-70. Our school offered riflery as a physical education class. 30 of us, 11-13 year old’s rode to school, on a bus, ARMED with 100 rnds of .22 ammo and our favorite .22 caliber rifle.

      Stoopid liberals.

    7. marine camp says:

      @citizen Did you miss the elect cycles of the 90s? The GOP “Contract With America” sold to the american people as “personal responsibility” legislation is all about “zero tolerance”. Every politican who wanted to be elected ran on a platform of increasing punishments and limiting official discretion in legal issues

      1. Dave says:

        Are you talking about the ‘Three Strikes’ Law? How can you compare this school ‘Zero Policy’ rule to somebody who convicted of three felony’s?

      2. marine camp says:

        @Dave Yes and no, 3 strikes were a part of the zero tolerance policies; such as: Felony DUI, plus, ex-felon with firearm, plus petty theft, equal 25 years (min.) to life at taxpayer expense; or any other examples of non-violent felonies being conbined to get the 3 strikes laws invoked (California was a great example of official stupidity run amok.) This is stupid, and a gross waste of money. Judges were stripped of their descretion to use “common sense”. School adminstrators were stripped of their descretion to use “common sense” in cases like this one. The law is black and white–no shades of gray. Officials have all been stripped of their ability to use “common sense”. Hence, the above situation is the norm now, not the exception.

      3. combat vet says:

        @marine camp, you’re trying to use “3 strikes” and “zero tolerance” interchangeably. They are not. Most people agreed that 3 felonies (non-violent or not) were enough evidence to indicate the perpetrator needed to be taken off the streets. Most of these zero tolerance policies at schools came after the Columbine tragedy (Notice how Clinton’s gun-free zones–passed in 1990–failed miserably, but that’s another topic). Many thought they were knee-jerk, overly broad reactions (when kids were suspended for toy guns, pictures of guns, and yes, even using their fingers). Fear of litigation drove a lot of this, and a lot of the litigation precedent is rooted in liberal ideology that eschews individual responsibility in favor of blaming authority, the community, etc. Oh, and aside from liberal judges (you seem to have missed this in your attack on 3 strikes) let’s not forget the juries’ roles. A return to the concept of “individual responsibility” will go a long way to fixing this mess, and that concept is anathema to liberals more so than conservatives.

      4. marine camp says:

        @combat vet You are right the terms are not inchangeable, but they go hand in hand. My point was that people in positions of authority have been stripped of their discretionary abilities by laws enacted during the 90s under the auspice of “personal responsibility” and “tough on crime” mantels. Common sense is no longer allowed to rule the day. I, personally, would like to see only repeat “violent” offenders locked up for a long-long time, especially since it is on mine and your’s dime. Human nature is not balck and white, neither should the laws of this country be rigidly black and white. There needs to be both discretion and common sense available to officials confronted with these types of situations.

    8. Ashley says:

      Athletes need to push the envelope on the over the top regulations of zero tolerance. They are the only “group” in government schools with enough clout to get their community off the couch and back to common sense.

    9. Greg says:

      Look, why don’t these parents sue the school system? And challenge the law in court? After all that would have been the first thing a leftwinger would have done.

      Also why not protest outside the homes, like the union thugs do, of the administrators of this school system?

      Long term, get the law changed. While good sense is never common, it is very much lacking among those educated beyond their intelligence. But I do think that the MD legislature would respond to this given the number of parents who are upset.

      1. Lisa says:

        Good luck getting to court… many, many, many parents have tried, and because the county has “discretionary” funds, you can be sure they have and will continue to use every single trick up their sleeve to exhaust the resouces of those trying to fight for their rights in an impartial, thereby “just” forum. Not a chance and Talbot County will do everything in its power to avoid accountability and truth in justice.

    10. sick and tired says:

      since when was a knife and lighter against the law? School policy okay but illegal?

      1. SandriaM says:

        When students enter a school, they forgo any rights (if they are over the age of 18, under 18, you have none) that they have under the Constitution, so the Constitution argument doesn’t fly here, sorry.

        The school makes the rules, again, it’s the way it is, you can protest to change it, but the only way it will change is with action, not simply hitting reply, if you want something done, go to the schoolboard meetings, and make your voice heard.

    11. Dave says:

      Appeal? Are you kidding? The teachers union would never let that fly, they need the weapons confiscation statistics to justify teachers salaries and benefits.

    12. heartless_libertarian says:

      Vote libertarian, we don’t believe in any of this bull.

      This is typical lefty policy, though the social conservatives have their own set of issues I’ve never thought tit for tat was great argument.

      These kids had tools related to the activity they were participating in, the actions of the school admins, the police, and those that created these rules in the first place defy logic and common sense, whether they were D or R.

    13. Jeff Dege says:

      No., There doesn’t need to be an appeal process. We need to recognize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a kid carrying a pocket knife to school.

    14. YES WE CON! says:


    15. George says:

      Appeals yes, sueing NO!!. Its not the school officials that will have to pay but taxpayers will, since that is where the money comes from. If the officials who made this call had to worry that they would actually have some RESPONABILITY about what they do, then maybe they would act different.

    16. Wendy Weinbaum says:

      As a Jewess in the US, I say: Zero tolerance is INTOLERANCE! Stupidity like THIS is why all REAL Americans now put our 2nd Amendment FIRST!! Remember also that America wasn’t won with a registered gun.

    17. coyotesx5 says:

      Friggin idiots. I am so friggin sick of idiotic cops who take things so far. They are empty-headed authority freaks.

    18. keith says:

      These “administrators” are morons. They should not be allowed anywhere near the educational system. Maybe they could work fast food,but not as managers.

    19. Lauren says:

      @citizen, no I was not referring only to abortion, although Republicans DO want to tell women what they can and cannot do with their uteri. I was referring to their attempts to defund PP, forcing millions of low income men & women to skip any sort of healthcare, their attempts to tell us which medicines are good (anything from big pharma) and which are bad (anything else, vitamins, supplements, etc). Medically I was referring to the plan to kill Medicare and Medicaid, again, forcing millions to skip any sort of healthcare. Medicinally I was referring to marijuana laws, the FDA, etc. Religiously I was referring to Republican’s attempts to turn our government into their moral playground to force the majority of this country to live by their minority-held views. Educationally I was referring to their attempts to dumb down our children, destroy public education and make it even more difficult for everyone but the fortunate few to go to college.

      And yet, republicans claim to be the party for smaller government. Their actions certainly do not speak to their words, except when it’s in obeyance to their corporate overlords. Smaller government for business, sure, but they want BIGGER goverment for the rest of us. They want to tell us how we live, who we can love/marry, what we can and cannot do with our own bodies and what we are allowed or forbidden to do in the privacy of our own homes.

    20. Sam Wikwiki says:

      Quote from school:
      “The criminal law does not have an exemption for any class of students.”

      OH YES it does!!!


      Illegal Alien students are not prosecuted for breaking the law!

      AND they get to go to public school for FREE. If you bring your nephew from Switzerland over here – LEGALLY, and sign him up for high school – you will have to pay $7000 per year for him to go to public school!

      What a jacked-up system this public education is……

  2. ben says:

    How is a lighter a weapon?

    1. Piggly Winks says:

      Oh, I guess you’ve never set some papers down in a pile and lit it? I believe that can start a fire, which can cause damage. You can take a stick, wrap a shirt around it like a touch, and go after folks. I beleive that could be a weapon.

      CMON Ben.. think.

      1. Null Crc says:

        No, YOU think. The lighter is a tool in that case, not a weapon.

      2. bill says:

        Why go to all that trouble – just use the stick as a weapon but soon sticks will be illegal also

      3. Tom says:

        Your right Piggly Winks, you could also use a magnifing glass and a piece of paper to start a fire, then wrap your shirt arounf a ruler and you have a torch.

      4. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        Your fists are weapons … you need to be in handcuffs 24/7 .. maybe legs too.

        And we just voted .. so you must no comply. Have a great day.

      5. HaroldJohanson says:

        You can’t carry a torch unless you have a pitchfork too.

      6. Bill says:

        @Piggly Winks – I can use a ballpoint pen to kill someone. Ban those, too, from school? Don’t try to justify the actions of these administrators. They reacted poorly.

      7. useyourbrains says:

        In Texas we learned several years ago that zero tolerance isn’t using your brains. We now look at each individual issue before deciding punishment. In an era where we are trying to keep kids in school, why not use some common sense in a case like this? They obviously use those items in their sport. And, they were great kids. By the way, a match can be just as dangerous as a lighter, if you are planning on setting a pile of papers on fire.

      8. dave says:

        FFS, you can sharpen a #2 pencil and jam it in someone’s eye. Now THAT is a weapon.

      9. Mark The RV Guy says:

        Lil Piggly you think. A notebook, or a magazine can be rolled up and used like a hammer and to deadly effect. It is absurd to say a common lighter is an explosive devise. One cannot make it explode on command. The whole zero tolerance position demonstrates the stupidity of the left. None of those laws prevent violence, and only serve to abuse power of government.

      10. Ratt says:

        You all need to remember that we are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the BRAVE. How brave is it to fear a pocket knife and cigarette lighter? Seriously, in high school, my friend took an axe with him so that we could go straight to the site where we were building a cabin/clubhouse after school. He had it tied to his bicycle crossbar (circa 1979). My father regularly carried his 16-gauge shotgun to school with him, so that he and his friends could hunt after school. He kept it in his locker with his books (1950s). What has happened since is pathetic and should be an embarrassment to our country.

      11. Stagger Lee says:

        Why go to all that trouble ? Just use the stick itstself to hit somebody over the head, its a lot easier, and there are no sharp objects or explosives involved.

      12. Stan B says:

        “How about a magic trick? I’m gonna make this pencil disappear!”

      13. Eric_H says:

        Ok, lets take a look at P.W.’s argument; including terms like ‘I believe’ and ‘can cause damage’. Lets take your ordinary #2 pencil – which could be sharpened.

        I believe that could cause damage, and could be a weapon. Lets just call them a ‘destructive device’. Why not – “I believe” it “can cause damage” therefore its destructive. Lets take the law: (1) “Destructive device” means … incendiary material ( um wood – burns ok), … that is: (i) combined with a delivery … apparatus (a person) so as to be capable of inflicting injury to persons or damage to property.

        MD Section 4-503 of the penal code indicates that manufacture of a ‘destructive device’ is a 25 year felony.

        Should we now arrest teachers that hand out sharpened #2 pencils as ‘illicit arms dealers’? Lets quote the school: “The criminal law does not have an exemption for any class ….” So lets arrest the teachers too. They created these implements of destruction WITH SCHOOL RESOURCES. I suspect that the materials may have been supplied by the administration for said purposes – making it a CONSPIRACY! Jail them all.
        – or –
        Can we finally get some common sense and strike these absurd ‘Zero Tolerance’ rules. Otherwise at some point we may have people being arrested for the mere act of holding a sharpened pencil.

      14. Sared says:

        You sir or ma’am are an idiot

      15. ed murray says:

        I guess pencils and pens are weapons too. I have a ruler with a metal edge, could hurt somebody, must be a weapon. Actually, come to think of it, the courts have determined that shoes are a deadly weapon. Let’s have all kids go to schooll with no pens, pencils, or rulers and definitely without any footwear. Then there was the underwear bomber; there goes underwear. we’re being overrun by the drug adled idiots of the sixties and seventies at last!

      16. troy says:

        Hey Pig, By your logic the pens and pencil’s students use in school are considered weapons as well.

      17. rlo says:

        How many teachers and admininstrators do you think had lighters in their possession at that school? You telling me none of them smoke? This is getting ridiculous. Zero tolerance instead of common sense. And yes, this is all political. Have to treat everyone the same or someone gets their feelings hurt or civil rights stepped on.

      18. Piggly Winks says:

        1st of all, I’m not saying the admin was right. A weapon is something used to attack or defend or used against an opponent. You can hash all you want if its a tool or not, but its still aiding in the injury or destruction of something/one else. A Notebook, a pen, your fingers, are all weapons when used to attack, defend or destroy something. And to the RV guy, a gun technically cannot kill you. its the bullet that does the trick. So in your thinking, shouldn’t the gun be just a tool, and not the weapon?

        that said, the admins and the zero policy is foolish. I never said otherwise, for all you idiots saying or assuming I did.

      19. tylerjake says:

        Piddly Winks your name suits you. You are a whiney, spineless cry baby liberal who knows NOTHING about Lacrosse. Go back to your Volvo station wagon and your tofu.

      20. Piggly Winks says:

        tylerjake… Unless you know what the hell you are talking about, go back home and hush. Don’t like Tofu, don’t drive a volvo (although they are safe). Not Liberal either. I’d throw some other nuggets of info, but why bother, everything you learned was back in Kindergarten. No point arguing.

      21. Laurie says:

        Don’t forget the toilets in the bathrooms! You could drown someone in one of those bad boys….dun dun dun dun *sigh*

    2. daryl d duke says:

      Maybe to light gas as it leaves your body (fart)

      1. Laurie says:


    3. Julian says:

      The kids needed the lighter to smoke weed during the break and needed to carry a knife in case someone messed with them.

      These kids would have been arrested sooner or later for a bigger crime. There is not reason for school kids to carry lighters and knives

      1. Mike Marshall says:

        Julian, Do you know the kids personally? If not, shut up you idiot!

      2. Dave says:

        Julian, it sounds like you are smoking something….

      3. heartless_libertarian says:

        Guilty until proven innocent right, there’s a dictator somewhere looking for you sheep.

      4. Laurie says:

        Julian has a guilty conscious =/

    4. meestergoat says:

      under a new obama democratic plan, all newborns will be deboned at birth. a child with not bones is a quivering mass of protoplasm and much less likely to harm others, pinguins, polar bears and baby seals..

    5. Tracey McCann says:

      Better get those chairs outta the classrooms, and the fire extinguishers off the wall. Get the erasers off the chalk board. I can knock you out cold with an eraser from across the classroom

  3. John says:

    What the heck is “A Weapon”?
    I could argue that anything and everything could be a “Weapon”.

    This country has gotten ridiculous in its attempt to be nannies to us all.

    1. Jennifer Warwick says:

      If they are saying that the items that these kids had in there bags to fix their lacrosse sticks are weapons then they should consider pens and pencils weapons as well shouldn’t they. I mean you can stab somebody with a pen or pencil can’t you.

      I agree with you completey this whole thing is completely rediculous. I mean not all schools have the money or funds to hire trainers to fix the kids sticks and not all kids are rich enough to be able to afford to have a second stick to play with.

      1. LottaMoxie says:

        Pens and pencils – just as I was about to post.
        A knife, fork, spoon, hairbrush, and comb can be used to stab someone.
        And then there are books and shoes to hit someone with.
        Or a shoestring, shirt, handkerchief or bra to strangle someone with.

        Why not accost the administrators on campus and arrest them for carrying “weapons’ on campus?

    2. Bill says:

      Isn’t a lacrosse stick a weapon?

      1. sheriff says:

        My dic is a weapon!

      2. Brooke says:

        My thoughts exactly!

      3. Vlad the Impala says:

        No, Sheriff, yours is more of a public nuisance than a weapon.

      4. Piggly Winks says:

        More like an embarrassment.

      5. Laurie says:

        That’s what I’m saying. That lacrosse stick could F someone up quicker than a lighter or a 2 inch knife. That stick will send both of those dealy weapons out of someones hands without being in arms distance.

    3. Cpm says:

      I have a feeling that lacrosse stick is more dangerous than anything else he carried in his bag. What about the baseball team, travelling around with all those dangerous wooden clubs? Kids look to adults for guidance and common sense and then this happens and all of a sudden ‘adults’ look like morons.

  4. Cathy says:

    Worry more about taking the guns away from kids in Baltimore City than items from sports players used to repair equipment. I agree with John above, honestly everything could be a weapon. My father was in the army in Vietnam and said he could do more damage to someone with just a simple pen than a box cutter or normal knife. Leave the kids who are doing good alone, and go after the ones who are fighting in the streets and killing each other in Baltimore City.

  5. whatnow says:

    Our PC society run amok!

  6. wowsers says:

    Any blade under 4″ isn’t a weapon…you can’t stab someone with a pen knife and do major damage…it’s not long enough to get through the skin and muscle. come on folks,..enough with the babying and whacky rules, let’s get a grip…the kid could do more damage with the lax stick than he could a pen knife…OMG HE’S PULLED OUT THE FILE!!!!! HE’S GONE CRAZY!!!!!!

  7. Bob Usher says:

    goverment run amok. They cannot define a weapon so they ban everything and say they are doing it to protect the children. Bull. They overeact and it the parents who are to blame and the citizens. Its supposed to be our goverment, not the other way around. Thomas Jefferson said it is up to the people to control their goverment or the goverment will control them. Who’s the boss?

  8. Way beyond STUPID... says:

    Any tool can be a weapon. A rolled up newspaper can be a weapon. A ballpoint pen or pencil can be a weapon. What happened to common sense?

    1. AnthonyS says:

      “A ballpoint pen can be a weapon. What happened to common sense?”

      Common sense can be a weapon.

      Let’s start using it and throw these bunch of bureaucrats out with the next round of elected officials that appoint them. The problem is not the politicians, but the agencies that create rules that don’t have to go under the constitutional legislative microscope. We need political leaders who will promise to clean house in these agencies, that’s what we need.

  9. Kevin K Kelley says:

    A baseball bat can be a weapon When I went to school we had buck knifes on our sides and never had any problems

  10. sheriff says:

    Take em out back & knock the snot outa them.

    1. spank em says:

      i agree sheriff, these kids were out of line and need to be water boarded!!! that lighter is the sign of a junior homegrown terrorist in the works…better contact homeland security and fbi to check this kid out….

      1. CommonSense says:

        I think he meant the school officials…

  11. Dave Bell says:

    I am sick and tired of parents who signed onto the Zero Tolerance Policy and when its their poor babies caught in these policies its all hell broke loose. Enough. Rules/laws must be hard to drive home the point of a society based on the rule of law and not individual passions. Its the idiotic kowtowing of school administrators to the loudest voice and not to the principle of discipline and their duty that is the problem, not the rules. I bet good money the cool jock kids knew exactly what the rules were and the parents had the list of items prohibited. Everybody…GROW UP and SHUT UP.

    1. whatnow says:

      Take your own advice.

    2. AnthonyS says:

      Have you SEEN the massive mounds of information government school kids are given at the beginning of the school year? And now it’s May.

      Laws for “average people” will NEVER work, because there’s no such thing as a real “average person”. Individual responsibility is what we need to be teaching these kids, not “collective safety netting”. Knives never killed one kid in my school growing up, and like Kevin above, we would wear them on our belts. Knives don’t kill people. People kill people. And a determined person is not going to be deterred by a rule. That’s the whole point. If he or she is willing to kill someone, they aren’t going to stop because they’re afraid of getting detention over bringing the weapon to do it.

      What complete lunacy. You can’t legislate responsibility OR morality. Get out of my rights. They’re not yours to regulate.

      1. JoeE says:

        I agree. My carrying a knife doesn’t make me a killer, anymore than my carrying a carton of milk makes me a cow.

    3. YouFunny says:

      Sounds like someone was a ‘nerd’ in school and has an axe to grind with the ‘cool athletes’. Better not grind that axe anywhere near school grounds, though…

    4. EHSLAX says:

      You are the one that obviously needs to grow up, “cool jock kids?” You obviously had some problems with people that played sports when you were younger. And as i go to Easton, nobody is handed a list of weapons that are prohibited in school, these kids did not know that their bags would be randomly searched one day right before they left for a game, And they were not worried because they used these items to fix their sticks, and if they didn’t have these items, they would not be able to play in the game as their stick would not be legal in NFHS rules, and as one of the teams coaches is a homicide detective for the state police, he should have been the one to determine the punishments, as he was outraged by the random search and the suspending of two of his players, and the ruining of their lives as one will have a criminal record for the rest of his life, and the other lost out on multiple scholarships as he gets Principals Honer Roll every quarter. So you are the one that obviously needs to SHUT UP and GROW UP as you don’t know the real situation of these kids and you do not know the real story as you just heard it partially from the news.

      1. CAL-LAX-DAD says:

        My son carries these item in his lacrosse bag and the coaches have them in their equipment bags as well. This is standard operating procedure for string adjustments. Next thing we’ll be banning 3/4 inch cleats as possible.

        Our world is full of loony do gooders. Welcome to the Animal Farm!

    5. Doug says:

      @ Dave Bell

      i am a parent of one of the kids busted.

      Never assume you know the facts.

      Per the Talbot County Student Handbook, students can be assigned detention, suspension, or expulsion for Possesion of Contraband (including “Dangerous Weapons”).

      NO mention is made of a lighter, anywhere. Nor a knife of any size or description. Per section 4-101.a(ii)2. of the Maryland Code, “Weapon” does not include a penknife.

      So, if these students viewed their items as lacrosse tools, used them as lacrosse tools, and they are commonly considered lacrosse tools, how and when did they become weapons, and how were the students to know that?

      I agree rules are rules, but what and where is the rule? With this amount of vagueness, Do Not blame the kids !!!

  12. Mark says:

    Northeast High School in Pasadena has a history of teachers sexually abusing their students and none of the female teachers serve any time. Apparently, common knowledge to the students is never available to the teachers and school police officers whose primary job appears to be hall monitor and parking lot director. So much for school feigning legal responsibilities. This is about socializing everyone to be compliant.

    1. AnthonyS says:

      “Northeast High School in Pasadena has a history of teachers sexually abusing their students ”

      Then by the Maryland School Board’s logic, they should ban teachers from school property. After all, it’s for the safety of the children, right?

    2. Charlie says:

      You hit the nail on the head.

      The goal of this is to teach people that “The Authority” can and will exercise power both arbitrary and capricious manor. Stay in line and do what your told, and don’t you dare exercise one bit of initiative because we will crush you.

      I also question all the effort and resources that went into searching a bus full of student athletes with no prior behavior problems. Couldn’t these resources be better spent teaching students and improving educational outcomes.

      Then again this is the same society (ours) that searches everyone at the airport equally and does not focus its search efforts on those most likely to cause harm.

  13. Bob says:

    I don;t think this is a case of an athlete asking for special treatment. These weren’t kids caught at a kegger and tring to avoid punishment. If the cool jock kids as you call them were trying to get away with something, they would have had the items in their pockets, not in a bag on the bus. I think someone should be asking why the bags were searched in the first place.

  14. Keith says:

    Under Maryland Law a penknife is not a weapon unless it has a switchblade.

    5) (i) “Weapon” includes a dirk knife, bowie knife, switchblade knife, star knife, sandclub, metal knuckles, razor, and nunchaku.

    (ii) “Weapon” does not include:
    1. a handgun; or
    2. a penknife without a switchblade.

    1. they got what was coming says:

      Hey Keith,

      That is great to see what the Maryland law says, but why dont you read the Maryland public school law. Are these kids special because they play sports do you think they are above the law, no where does it say it is okay for Athletes to carry knives, and lighters but if you do not play sports you can not. You people need to give it a rest.

      1. Lisa says:

        I agree 100% if my son just a student at the school was caught with the same thing in his bookbag he would recieve the same punishment but i guess because they are lacrosse players it is ok for them to have the items on school property to fix there equipment………… Maybe the punishment was a little harsh but school policy is school policy it would be no different if they were trying to fly somewhere when those items were banned from planes Do you think the airline would have said Oh you need that to fix your equipment go ahead and take it with you.. No

      2. They start with the kids.... says:

        No one is asking for “special treatment” for just these particular kids, it is the whole zero tolerance that is not acceptable. Have you ever read “1984” by George Orwell? You may get a better idea why “zero tolerance” is more dangerous than any lighter or penknife. Commone sense and government/administration are seldom found in the same vicinity.

      3. Doug says:

        The law is the “stupid” part of this. As government tries to protect everyone over zealous politicians use tragic, emotional events as a soapbox for media attention and hopefully votes. It’s sad when a child is hurt or killed but we don’t need another law every time it happens.

      4. AnthonyS says:

        Three cheers for “They start with the kids”.

        Zero tolerance applies FAIRLY to ZERO people.

        How many of these almost forgotten laws are violated by this “rule”?

        Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        Amendment 5 – Trial and Punishment, Compensation for Takings. Ratified 12/15/1791.

        No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

        Amendment 6 – Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses. Ratified 12/15/1791.

        In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

      5. Doug says:

        Don’t run with scissors – you’ll get arrested!

      6. dunny says:

        You have no understanding of lacrosse equipment and how to fix it. There really isn’t much you can use except a knife and a lighter to tighten the net on the sticks. You can try tape, but it can come undone. You need a lighter to melt the leather ties and a knife to cut them shorter. It’s really not a big deal except to those that feel they are protecting people. I mean really. A lighter? An explosive device?

      7. gina says:

        I guess because they are athletes they are above the law! and their parents think they are too.

  15. Brian says:

    I’m glad I’m not a school kid in America. What should be the best days of your life is turning out to be a nightmare and the worst days of a kids life
    A boy can’t be a boy anymore.
    One day these boys are our future soldiers, airmen and navy god help us.
    The schools are bringing up kids to be scared of their own shadows.
    Pathetic really pathetic

  16. stu1105 says:

    Tell the SHERIFF that the airlines let you take “lighters”on an airliner and they dont see it as a weapon…someone pull his head out of his #$%

    1. Keith says:

      Town police made arrest, not the county.

      1. AnthonyS says:

        He was talking to a poster who called himself “Sheriff”. See above.

    2. whatnow says:

      I think he was being sarcastic.

    3. sheriff says:

      Stu1105, Now I see, Yu carry a lighter to see your way through life. Tis you Mon that has his head up his arse!

      1. sheriff says:

        Oh & Stu1105, I forgot, this is school we’re talking about & not airlines. Do know the difference or do you need a lighter again son.?

  17. debia says:

    My daughter’s elementary school had a zero tolerance policy on chap stick. Yes if your child had chapped lips you needed a note from a doctor and it had to be kept in the office and applied in front of the school nurse….government run amok, indeed

  18. Robert says:

    Why is everyone questioning the actions of the administration when it was the kids who violated a regulation by bringing what could be used a weapon onto school proplerty. This was a serious infraction and punishment was evaluated by several school administrators. Rather than whining about how unfair the school’s actions were, the parents should teach their kids that the regulations are there for a reason and that they apply to eveyrone equally. If one of these so called “good kids” had injured themselves or another student while innocently adjusting an equipment item everyone would be asking why did that kid have that knife in their bag? None of these kids are special, and should not be above the school board’s regulations. Life isn’t always fair, but these kids violated a regulation and should be punished just like any other kid that brought what the contraband onto campus.

    1. Ben says:

      Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

    2. Greg says:

      No, you seem to missing the point. The regulation was stupid, maybe even unconstitutional. How many of you protest if the adminstration sets a dress code? What if the administration dictated what religions would be acceptable? Or how your home life is conducted.

      Zero Tolerance is stupid. It is an example of why public education is failing. And why Americans are rebelliing.

    3. Mike says:

      @ Robert—-Are you really that dense? It’s not about violating the rule, it’s the fact that the rule should not be in place to begin with. Zero tolerance NEVER works. There can always be mitigating factors. To ignore them is criminal..

    4. Sam says:

      > violated a regulation by bringing what could be used a weapon onto school property.

      Let’s have a little fight to prove a point. You get a leatherman tool and a pen knife. I get a lacrosse stick. Who’s going to win?

      1. hawker1 says:

        Sam, you beat me to the punch. A pen knife and a lighter aren’t nearly as capable of being used as a weapon as a LaCrosse stick. Hope someone brings this point up at whatever hearing these kids get. Just remember, ANYTIME you give a bureaucrat (Democrat, Republican, or Whatever) any kind of authority, this sort of SAPFU is exactly what will happpen. Everytime! Count on it.

    5. Bryan says:

      The administration took what could have been handled with common sense and went to the extreme with it. Instead of coming up with an alternate solution for dealing with lacrosse repairs and calming the situation, the administration acted stupidly and with paranoia. Now these kids carry pointless marks on their records and are being traumatized for nothing. Most anything can be used as a weapon. Should we lock up anyone with martial arts training just because of what they could potentially do? I guess kids who play soccer should be arrested because their kicks could accidentally injure someone. You drive a car Robert? Well, we should lock you up then because you could use that to kill or injure someone. Sorry, life isn’t fair and we need to make an example out of you.

    6. Bill says:

      Well Robert – you see, the kids never even considered them to be “weapons” by any stretch of the imagination. Both are tools used in the pursuit of their sports.

      Like a few others who posted – During my high school years my mustang was left unlocked and a 30-30 Winchester or a 20-gauge semi-automatic pump occupied my back seat. For after school, I often would go deer or squirrel hunting. A knife stayed in my pocket for many years until I could no longer carry one on the airplanes. I still carry one frequently to work. It is a TOOL – not a weapon.

  19. Baltimore says:

    Its not a weapon unless used for a weapon . It was in his lacross bag and used to fix his stick sounds like a tool to me not a weapon. Stop trying to ruin good students lives.

    1. AnthonyS says:

      You just brought up a REALLY good point, Baltimore.

      The 2 inch pen knife is a weapon, but the 3 foot LACROSSE STICK is not.

      I can hurt a whole heck of a lot more people with a 3 foot weighted metal mace than I can with a pocket knife.

      Complete idiocy!

  20. they got what was coming says:

    Everyone knows the rules. You are not allow to have knifes or lighters on school property regardless of what it is being used for. It sounds like most of you are saying if you play a sport you do not have to follow the rules well think again

    1. beegee17 says:

      RFLMAO! So let’s ruin some kids life over something petty… Why not all the energy on the gang bangers in baltimore city? At least this kid is doing something with his extra time.

      The arrest only serves on purpose… to satisfy the loonie leftwing like yourself into believing we are all “safe” and we should thank you. Sorry! Not going to happen!

    2. elizmardy says:

      These two boys will get what is coming to them for the rest of their lives. Any college application, job application, interest in joining the armed forces, background checks for jobs, security clearance check, the arrest will show up. No matter if they are or are not minors, the questions are based on truth and they cannot say they never have been arrested. Sealing records only set up red flags. They only have a few days to set the arrest aside but they are already in the system. The rest of their lives have been permanently changed because someone decided to be ridged authoritarians instead of mentors who could have encouraged these boys with a teachable moment. Confiscate the materials, call the parents, and act like roll models, and avoid the life crushing results we have witnessed. The government feigns compassion but is only interested compliance. This is too much government at its worst.

    3. LLLBean says:

      Where are these rules written ?? Everyone knows the rules?? You were born with this? Is it on a blinking sign somewhere? The point is that it is not written in Talbot CO. Look it up. Search for it. Spend days doing it. Then repeat that these kids should have just known because EVERYBODY just knows. Where do you live?

  21. cris says:

    nope these are the rules, shouldnt have had the knife in the bag, thats just the way things are. so they need to be suspended

    1. lsbrew says:

      There is a big difference between rules and laws. The arrest, mug shots, and fingerprinting indicates that they somehow broke the law. I agree that they violated the rules and suspension may be in order. But how the the locals law enforcement get involved?

      1. Jamie Phelps says:

        It’s illegal to have it on school property. So they did break the law. When it comes to schools they are a lot tougher and now a days they need to be. They broke the law and school rules, they know better and are getting punished for it.

    2. pyeatte says:

      The opnly one needing suspension is the administrators.

  22. sue says:

    My tax paying dollars is being wasted on all of this? This is just ridiculous. I understand that rules are rules but in the “grown up world” we also know that sometime rules can be overturned. These two young men now have permanent stains on their records and why for this? School administrators, stop taking on the easy pray and go after the real problems, bullies, guns and drugs.

  23. whatnow says:

    They weren’t just suspended. The one was handcuffed and arrested. Do you not get it? What, are some of you still bitter because you didn’t make a sports team in high school. Do you really think having a 2 inch pen knife to fix a lacross stick is worth having a criminal record for the rest of his life????? Every one knows the no tolerance rules were put into effect because really bad kids bring real knives and guns to school were just getting slaps on the wrists. So in our PC world, the only way you can punish a really bad kid is to take down some good ones with them. Come on, I don’t care how jaded you are about your lousy high school experience, does that really make any sense at all!

    1. Eric_H says:

      Its a good point. Why are the police enforcing school rules?
      (because as defined above – he didn’t have a ‘weapon’ – so he wasn’t breaking ‘the law’).

      This reminds me of the story of the student charged with ‘resisting arrest’ for running away from the school’s resource officer.

    2. Eric Hultman says:

      The “really bad kids (who) bring real knives and guns to school” don’t care about and won’t follow the rules anyway.

  24. RG says:

    As an Easton resident, I’m troubled that the cops are wasting time on these two lacrosse players when they should be worried about the illegal immigrant crime down on Port Stree that is ruining Easton’s nice ambience.

  25. Mannie says:

    Zero Tolerance equals zero brains.

    At this point, I would discourage any child from taking part in any school extracurricular activities. Get off the property as soon as you can. To remain in the clutches of the criminal morons who call themselves educators, puts you in danger.

    And vote the idiots off the School Board.

    1. Jane says:

      how do tou vote off the superintendent? that’s the one who calls the shots and only feeds the board “on a need to know” as little as possible and very biased basis.

  26. Common Sense says:

    Hey Cris,

    You’re an idiot.

    1. cris says:

      nope you are, thats the rules no deadly weapons in schoool. so they have to abide by the law they are know different

      1. Bryan says:

        So I guess any kid with martial arts training in that school should be arrested as his body could be a deadly weapon. They are no different…

      2. far left says:

        get realris. your the type of person who stalks little children with that analolgy

      3. pyeatte says:

        These were not deadly weapons, they were tools.

  27. J Ruben Kincaid says:

    Zero tolerance policies are a license to be stupid for teachers and school administrators.

  28. Justin says:

    More prisoner training…

    Why did the authorities search the bus anyways? Sounds like some sort of warrant should’ve been issued prior to this happening.

    Just another “security” joke in this police state.

  29. BS (really, those are my initials) says:

    Zero tolerance in schools = no common sense. Use your heads people… And how is this a police issue?

  30. Susan says:

    This is what happens when you let the mentally ill (read liberals) get in positions of power. It is the slow creep of socialism and obama is putting it on the fast track.

  31. Keyser Soze says:

    Both the school administrators and the moronic police officers who cuffed these hardened criminals should be taken out behind the wood shed and “Reeducated”

    1. pyeatte says:

      Absolutely correct

  32. Joey says:

    They going to start arresting Karate students for showing up with their hands & feet? Seriously, its easier to kill someone with a ball point pen or even a pencil that a 2 inch pen knife.
    This is what happens when a bunch of narrow minded “intelectuals” have to apply common sense to life.

  33. H. Grantham says:

    Zero tolerance = zero intelligence

    1. A reader says:

      Exactly. Those harping on “they knew those were the rules” need to take a step back and evaluate what has happened to our culture and the role of “the rules” and “zero tolerance”.

      Just think – there was a time when high school students would carry their 0.22 caliber rifles to school (in gun cases, of course) for target shooting teams, and when running in the halls and chewing gum were what teachers listed as primary discipline issues.

      Ever-more restrictive lists and zero-tolerance policies will not take us back there, because they are antithetical to developing senses of personal responsibility

    2. pyeatte says:

      That is a good way of putting it.

  34. tricky says:

    What you don’t realize is that there are so many “laws” on the books that ANYONE of you can be arrested for someting, at any time. Our Government is out of control.

  35. Not my baby says:

    All you people who are saying “use common sense” and “this is ridiculous” must be living in a different world. They put Zero Tolerance” in place to let everyone including lacrosse players know that it will not be tolerated. I bet if somewhere else on the school grounds Little Johnny Black was caught with the pen knife in his back pack the same parents would be shaking their heads and saying “where are the parents” and “throw him out of school”. See now it its Little Johnny White Lacrosse player so now we have to “use common sense” and let it be ok. So should these kids be allowed to bring these forbidden items to school everyday of the sports year? Schools probably get sued over the idea of “suspend him but not him”. An unloaded gun is probably a alot less dangerous than a knife but it’s not allowed. Oh he is a Good kid and he is a bad kid. I feel for the school. I agree that explusion is a bit much but suspension or some punishment is in order. All you idiots saying things like “Baseball bats can be a weapon” are missing the point. They are not forbidden items.

    1. name says:

      So there it is….

      The reason you feel “that suspension or some punishment is in order” is because you are a black racist, enabled by your race baiting overlords, brainwashed to see everything through a black/white prism. Retribution for the sins of the father, eh? You people will never overcome until you change your entire way.

      1. cris says:

        no not at all. he is speaking the truth. if these kids were black you idiots would be all over this. talking about how they are criminals and there parents dont raise them right. no the law is the law in school. suspend them

    2. Sean says:

      No, punishment is not in order. And these kinds of items should not be forbidden, especially if they are necessary tools for a school-sanctioned sport.

      Zero-tolerance policies are stupid and wrong. It is that simple. In this country we pay our public sector workers very handsomely. It is not unreasonable to expect they be able to think on the job, do the right thing, and be fired if they don’t. If you are well-paid, you should not be able to hide behind the cloak of “policy” to save your neck. Rather, you should have additional accountability. Instead, we are paying six figures to people who cite a tome of arcane policy verbatim to determine course of action. Either hold these officials to a level of responsibility commensurate with their pay, or cut their pay down to minimum wage. That’s how it works in the rest of the sane world.

    3. Tyler Durden says:

      “Not my baby”, for the same reason a pocket knife used as a tool (it was in his equipment bag, not his pants pocket) can be considered a weapon, a baseball bat can and should be considered a weapon and, therefore, should be not be allowed on campus. The baseball program should be discontinued because of these “weapons”.
      Unfortunately, intent never enters the picture and is the key to the whole thing.

      1. Eric Hultman says:

        Unfortunately since ‘intent’ is subjective – to be ‘fair’ we will have to punish everyone.

  36. mberow says:

    zero tolerance = zero thought

  37. bubba-thump says:

    This is what happens when you let the morons run the government and schools. You could also argue that the lacrosse stick, itself, is a weapon.
    I’m sure there is somewhere in the USA, a case where someone was assaulted with a football helmet too. Baseball bat? YES. School officials have lost their common sense. From banning kickball and dodge ball, to this nonsense, it just shows that the inmates are running the assylum. A PHD in education does not mean you have common sense, nor the abiltiy to run a school, yet that is how they have designed the system so that only bird brains can rise to the top.

  38. RR says:

    I can guaranDAMNtee many teachers and administration have lighters and a form of blade in the cars parked in the school parking lot!!!! This is ridiculous!!! As bad as TX republicans pushing for guns on campus!!! My country is crumbling!!! #WeThePeople!!!

  39. Joey says:

    BTW, their failure to define “a weapon” amongst other things in they cited are nothign more than them CYA against lawsuits.
    Lawyers once again ruining society.

    1. sheriff says:

      Joey, The restrictions are very clear dating back hundreds of years on what can & cannot be carried in a school or school property. Try reading sonny.

      1. Tyler Durden says:

        @sheriff: Source, please.

      2. ed Wright says:

        Must be an Obama supporter. The policy is stupid. NO citizen is required to obey stupid regulations, only subjects.
        Excuse me hundreds of years????????
        Here you see the difference in those who are citizens and those who are subjects

      3. sheriff says:

        Ed Wright, You did mean Denizens & not citizens riight pimples?

      4. pyeatte says:

        Sorry sheriff, that is rediculous. You must be a liberal…

  40. JLin says:

    Several people need an a**kicking and it’s not the student. On top of that, dock their pay. Sooner or later the common sense light will come on.

  41. Bill says:

    The fact that there is even a discussion about this should set off the alarm bells in anyone in the US who still manages to use their brain independently. If I lived there, I would be packing my bags to go somewhere sane until the lemmings all duke it out amongst themselves. This one, along with other unimaginable events such as the dollar crisis, or recent photos of government agents putting their fingers into a baby’s diaper at a US airport to check for explosives, should let us all know that the US social order is extremely unstable and will not last in its present form for much longer.

  42. P. Ballentine says:

    Zero tolerance policies at school are creating future citizens who feel that they have no rights and have to submit to the crazy school policies interpretation of incompetent administrators. If you wonder how young adults today are so accepting of dictatorial mandates, you have to look no further than the public school systems in the country. These administrators hide behind the policies and have no accountability for decisions that are ruining kids lives.
    It is time for common sense to return and get rid of zero tolerance policies for weapons, drugs and alcohol.

  43. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Time to start an investigation into Talbot County finances.

    A complete audit and accounting of all funds spent, expense accounts and a complete down to the penny examination of those in charge.

    These people have no idea what they may have opened and if they have misspent any monies … let the games begin.

    1. hankwarrenisabot says:

      So this is Hank Warren’s other spam NIK pushing for a website as well as your not banned but you call it banned book too now? Give it up liar.

      1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        Guess you’ve never been to the site, now you’ve made an abject fool of yourself with zero information and I have no idea who Hank is and wouldn’t have a facebook page if you paid me.

        Is it the mold in your mom’s basement that causes your confusion or are you just a run of the mill degenerate? Nice to see that the mental deficient can get internet access that is probably paid for by the government.

    2. Jane says:

      Oh please oh please start one! I would love to have it on public record how much they pay the lawyers that fight this case, the fees they have paid for a lawyer to attend the school board meetings, the fees they have paid to have lawyers fight parents who pursue their child’s educational rights…. the actual amount of money being spent on laptops versus books. And of course WHY the administrators are at the top (as in higher than most counties) end of the pay scale? The super makes $180lk a year plus just got a 10k bonus…

  44. Fred Jones says:

    The main proponents of the Zero-Tolerance rules are the people building the prisons. The sooner they can get you into the system the better chance they have of hosting you in one of their facilities later in life. Follow the money!

  45. Sil says:

    What type of example does this set for the students… You have to live your life in constant fear that the police/nanny state will put you in jail for something silly? Pencils in school can be used as weapons. Books could be used as clubs. Ban them too? Common sense has left our State. This is outrageous and the school officials should be fired.

  46. DavosSherman says:

    Common sense is not too common. You don’t want @$$face morons like this in charge of teaching smarts to kids.

  47. twellsy says:

    Couldn’t a lacross stick be used as a weapon? Idiots.

    1. pyeatte says:

      If I was in a position where I needed weapon, I would choose a lacross stick over a small knife anytime.

  48. Sil says:

    What type of example does this set for the students… You have to live your life in constant fear that the police/nanny state will put you in jail for something silly? Pencils in school can be used as weapons. Books could be used as clubs. Ban them too? Common sense has left our State. This is outrageous and the school officials should be fired..

  49. NYGUY30 says:

    pussification of america…. i’m saddened by this nanny state

  50. They start with the kids.... says:

    No one is asking for “special treatment” for just these particular kids, keep your racist ideas to yourself, it is the whole zero tolerance that is not acceptable. Have you ever read “1984″ by George Orwell? You may get a better idea why “zero tolerance” is more dangerous than any lighter or penknife. Common sense and government/administration are seldom found in the same vicinity.

  51. Terri Chris says:

    List of public school teachers who have been caught having sex with their students,

    The more attractive the woman is the more likely the police would apply a lessor charge, and the more likely the judge would suspend the sentence.

  52. jon says:

    America the weak, America the fearful. Rule of law? Thats becoming nothing more than a tryanny of laws. heh, we have so many laws , many that defy any logic that any one is guilty of something. The soviets used to say, give me a name and give me some time and I will find the crime. What a weak nation we have become.

  53. Dave says:

    A tiny knife and a lighter are weapons, but a bus full of people with long heavy sticks is ok?

  54. krusatyr says:

    Walking at dawn one morning in a small, Colorado town near Aspen, I was attacked by three large dogs. I counter-attacked the biggest and broke the neck of the biggest by punting its head with my mountain boots. its cohorts howled and ran off.

    Though I mostly wore them for their practical utility in mountain hiking and construction, were the boots tools or weapons?

    Those school administrators need a good whipping.

  55. Jackie says:

    Here’s the other “government” problem with this tory: “The school administrators say a team of staff members evaluated the case before making a decision about the punishment.”

    A team? Is that like a gaggle of geese? Obviously, too many administratotrs on the taxpayer-funded payroll.

  56. pursuit says:

    I’d bet a few teachers have lighters and pen knives. Oh and the golf clubs!

  57. Don't blame me says:

    Everyone wants to blame government for being out of control but what is REALLY scary is that almost no one says anything about self responsibility. Make a bad decision and blame soneone else for the consequence.

    1. Tyler Durden says:

      What was the bad decision? To have the “tools” for your sport in your sport bag?

    2. pyeatte says:

      Of course we should blame government when it is out of control. That is the only chance of bringing sanity back to the politicians.

  58. Montanaandy says:

    The school ice hockey program has been terminated because school officials did not want hockey players wearing dangerous weapons that could be used to inflict serious harm upon other students…

  59. Shocked. says:

    Ligthers and pocketknifes are common tools for lacrosse players as they are used to cut and burn strings down a length shorter than 2.5 inches, as directed by the rules. Strings longer than this are deemed dangerous and are penalized.

    If you asked these students, I can be almost certain they would not have viewed these “weapons” as nothing more than tools of their trade. If a student in the theatre club was designing a set and brought a hammer to school, is that a “weapon” as well?

    ALL laws are meant to be interpreted by a competent party– I realize this is probably the problem. A school administrator should have reviewed this issue and determined that the law was set in place to punish and deter students from bring weapons into the school with the intent to hurt others. It was not set in place to get as many people into trouble as possible with blind application. These are kids afterall and school is for academic enrichment and growth.

  60. MarkinMich says:

    Obviously, these kids broke the rules. They should be punished. They should be punished to the fullest extent and held up as an example. Their status as good students means nothing. Rules are RULES! Follow the rules or face the consequences.

  61. Rogelio Wilco says:

    Wow – this story almost makes me believe it’s nearly as dangerous attending a lacrosse game as it is to patronize a McDonald’s in Baltimore!

  62. Dave says:

    There sure are a lot of insecure fat kids commenting on here.

  63. Juju says:

    These administrators will later wonder why the community votes down their levies time after time. They are Jackels.

  64. American Diogenes says:

    To those who agree with the school policy, I submit you would also agree to the policies of ethnic cleansing because the authorities said some ethnicities offend them and thus removed from society. You would be the first to be sent to the gas chambers and would go without a peep because of your stupidity and blind obedience to authority.

  65. James Ralph says:

    Another argument for home schooling!

  66. Bill says:

    Express your outrage – email the Principal, David Stofa at to let him know his actions are moronic.

  67. BCDC says:

    Libs have no common sense.

  68. Hill says:

    Is this story true? Would seem apocryphal to me.

    1. EHSLAX says:

      It is true, i go to Easton and know the kids know the kids involved.

  69. too old for this says:

    What a bunch of wimp idiots school administrators have become. So, a cigarette lighter and a leatherman tool are ‘weapons’ worthy of arrest? Even when those tools are obviously and typically needed to repair his sports equipment? And in Texas a teacher stands by and watches a beating take place because ‘school policy’ dictated that he not touch a student.

    Why don’t we just strip search and drug all of the kids each day so the administrators won’t have to do anything? We are allowing teachers to to less and less with each new ‘policy’. And, with the teacher’s unions in charge, they’ll all get raises.

  70. James Corbin says:

    Common sense long ago left the school system. Asking a school official to use a little logic is apparently asking a lot. Small wonder that the schools do such a poor job of teaching our children.

  71. JNCali says:

    Zero Tolerance came into vogue after Columbine. They are simply for the protection of school administrators.. as are most school ‘laws’. Caring about and educating our kids has been way down on the priority list in most public school districts for a long time. Pray for our kids..

  72. David Johnson says:

    It’s called an election folks.

    Sweep out all school board members at the next election.

    Nothing will change until politicians know the public is serious about fairness and common sense.

  73. ryan says:

    I’m pretty sure a laccross stick is a weapon that would do more damage than a lighter.

  74. Tex says:

    Why don’t they search the teacher’s and administrator’s bags/purses/desks? Zero tolerance applies to them too, right?

  75. Jonathan Sarkarati says:

    The problem that is endemic in this country today is not so much a lack of common sense, but “empowerment” run amok. For some reason empowerment has not so much trickled down into building self confidence, but making people with a little bit of authority think they are the alpha and omega and must be obeyed with dire consequences if not. Look at the behavior of our TSA agents, who behave as minimum-wage thugs the second they were empowered by limiting our right to say “no.” That is why so many abuses of authority are making the news (and imagine all that don’t) of school officials over students who are again limited in saying “no.” People are getting drunk with power is creating the problem. Lack of common sense is not the problem because you can’t reason with someone intoxicated with inflated sense of authority who feel they must be obeyed, and any question of it is defiance.

  76. Bill22 says:

    Now we know what happens to unthinking school bullies when they grow up – they become school administrators!

  77. Eddie Van Halen Rocks says:

    Quote all the books you want. I did not read 1984 but I LOVED the Album. Prejudice is alive and well in this country. Whether justified or not people are considered differently because of apperaence and status. I know there are a bunch of people out there going “not me, I judge by actions only” Bulls***! If your car breaks down and you look around and see nothing but black people as opposed to white try convincing yourself that you don’t feel any less secure walking down the street and finding help. F***ing liars! Oh by the way I am not black I am white!!!!

    1. AJsDaddie says:

      Not sure what the point of this post is. How I judge someone individually is a different matter than how I identify possible threats. Walking through a bad neighborhood regardless of the ethnic persuasion (yes, Eddie, there are bad white neighborhoods, too!) makes me uncomfortable. To make that somehow racist is just a lack of common sense, the same sort of muddy thinking that leads school administrators to send kids to jail for pocket knives and lighters used to fix a lacrosse stick, which itself is a far more dangerous weapon than either of those.

    2. williejoe says:

      Eddie Van Halen is a drunk & addict. He also sucs dead donkey dic.

  78. Ed C says:

    One person’s tool is another’s weapon. A magazine can be a weapon if you roll it tight enough. Zero tolerance means that no one is authorized to think rationally and the school administrators are not trusted to make what used to be called common sense decisions.

    Students have had there lives disrupted becasue they drove their father’s car that had tools, axes, sledge hammers or Civil War reenactment (dulled) swords in the trunk.

    Too many bureaucrats are too paranoid.

  79. Mike says:

    I’m glad these two criminals are off the streets and the schools are safe again. Whew! That was close.

    Small minded people have always failed and things and found that teaching was the only thing they could do. Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach. This is what happens when we let those who can’t run amok.

  80. Zman says:

    Zero Tolerance! Is this the beginning of the rise of the machines or just the old portal to the gas chambers?

  81. Vince says:

    This is the “CYA” (cover your a$$).mentality. Instead of getting sued for expelling the minority who may have a knife for gang activity, yet not expelling the lacross player who may have one, they simply expell them all. That way, no lawyer can claim racism or favoritism.

    Its ridiculous.

  82. Rick in Austin says:

    Follow the rules? Absolutely!, But first make sure you have good rules. If you are going to trust these kids with lacrosse sticks, you should be able to trust them with a knife and lighter. Enforcement of the rules is ridiculous when working with ridiculous rules.

  83. Imemine says:

    If the lighter is an explosive device, then I’m thinking the gas tank on the bus is also an explosive device. Ban school buses..

  84. Ole says:

    This has got to be a joke. I was a hockey player in MN and routinely carried a knife, a torch, and lighters to fix equipment. Actually under their rules, we should have skated with dull skates as they were probably weapons.

  85. Hello says:

    One day some kid will be stabbed by a pen knife and some parent will be screaming “Where are the police?”,” Where are the adminstrators?”,”Where are the parents?” and “What, he was a allowed to have a knife on school property?”

  86. DiemC says:

    The Parents should sue the school and the administrators for harrassment, emotional duress, and lost wages based on this negative item ruining the kids future employment prospects.

  87. don says:

    What we need is a zero tolerance policy for stupidity on the part of school administrators and state legislators who pass laws that run contrary to common sense. This all goes back to state legislatures across the US who didn’t take the time to craft a law that made sense. They were too lazy to work through this and instead took the easy way out so they wouldn’t be inconvenienced. As a result, tweetybird nail clippers and maintenance equipment can land students in trouble. Perhaps a nationwide class action lawsuit leveled towards these legislators would be a step towards regaining some common sense. Anyone can pass a law. Passing a well-written and well-crafted law is another matter.

  88. Stagger Lee says:

    And the idiocy goes on:

    Plymouth-Canton schools allow Sikh students to wear ceremonial dagger to class, February 1, 2011
    Plymouth-Canton schools allow Sikh students to wear ceremonial dagger to class |

    A Detroit-area district says Sikh students are permitted to wear a small, religious dagger to school.

    The decision by the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools reverses a ban put in place in December after a fourth-grader at a Canton Township elementary school was found with a dull, 3- to 5-inch kirpan.

    In the Sikh tradition, the kirpan represents a commitment to fight evil. The dagger is a religious symbol that baptized Sikh males are expected to carry.

    Khalsa Kirpans, Artisan-Made Kirpan

  89. Adam in VA says:

    What needs to happen is for the government (federal) to get the F out of the business of local school administrations. A lot of this BS comes from federal guidelines/mandates/regulation that try to put a one size fits all policy acrss the nation. Banning knives in inner city schools might be a course of action to take but doing so in rural communities makes no sense when many times students carry leatherman type tools for everyday use. When I was grwoing up most kids carried a jack knife in their pockets. No one ever got hurt and no one would have thought to use it as a weapon. Let local school systems manage their own affairs where they are more easily influenced by the community and community standards.

  90. Gary says:

    Seems to me the lacrosse sticks would make good weapons too. I can’t understand why they weren’t confiscated and the rest of the team arrested as well!

  91. Bill says:

    Asinine rules drawn up by administrators afraid of jack@ss lawyers. How about we get back to personal accountability and drop the PC BS?

    OMG, is that choclate milk and a lunch from home, those are outlawed because you’re too stupid to eat well…

    1. Jane says:

      Funny you should say that, the talbot county annual report has a section about healthy lunches and the poor kid is smiling in front of a plate of fried chicken! The super did make a point of pointing out the serving of fruit and serving of vegetable when presenting it. Albeit canned high salt veggies and preserved fruit in HFCS. My kid lost 15 lbs when he stopped eating their”healthy lunches”

  92. Roy Jenkins says:

    What a joke, and the public thought the days of Nazism/Stasii/Old KGB tales were finished with donkeys years ago. You are now getting in the USA what Bliar our ex Prime Minister/King/President sold us out to to the EU.

    Who gave these clowns in charge the rights to bring in these petty rules?? don’t they know they are paid by the public to look after the publics interests. People like myself with many years of campaigning against EU invasion have been warning American friends to beware. You have worse to come yet. You would have thought the police would have at least used common sense but it’s all been knocked out of them by unscrupulous politicians. Beware.

    Get snouts out the trough party. UK

  93. Brian Turner says:

    Absulutlly Political! Part of the Democratic nanny state that is eroding freedom here!

  94. David P Redmond says:

    If they had taken me away in cuffs for that I don’t think I would be able to avoid laughing my butt off, I may even have a smile for the mug shot. I would be angry at the inconvenience, but I think the ridiculousness of the insanity would override any anger.

  95. Stupid Teachers says:

    This is just plain nuts. School administrators, eat a hearty, steaming bowl of poo.

  96. TangentToWhat says:

    Wow, in the 9th grade we brought our rifles to school for our after school gun club meeting. How’s that feminization of America working for you all? Keep in mind the anti-male agenda lurking behind “decisions” like this.

  97. What? says:

    The coach should be carrying these lacrosse “supplies” not the players.

    1. Brian Turner says:

      Really? Player can still carry the sticks right?

  98. Clem says:

    I just can’t wait until we get administrators like this in charge of our healthcare. What a job it will be.

  99. FAILED System says:

    “You can hide behind a zero-tolerance policy. But I do believe that common sense needs to be applied, and unfortunately was not done in this instance,” Doug Edsall said.

    Public education apply common sense? Please! Put public educators in a private sector job and they’ll be on the unemployment line in less than a week. The Peter Principle has been applied 10-fold in the public education system and these people can’t survive without their handouts or their bogus rules to hide behind. They have no spine and they have no good judgement. Put honorable people in charge and you don’t hear of these incidents because they just don’t happen. Put incompetent people behind the wheel and the train will crash like this every time.

  100. BinRaleigh says:

    Rules are for the guidance of the wise and the strict adherence of fools.

  101. Bruce says:

    liberalism…Maryland luvs them some Dems…..what’s the probl

  102. nwo hater says:

    see this is bs.osama killed.but the public wants protection……
    2 in knife ooooh scary.and a lighter an explosive atfe quick.this is what happens when america become police guys make .s sick.well it is maryland land of slaves home of the cowards

  103. StanleyCustom says:

    Here’s the problem folks. If the school administration does not persecute (the wording is correct) everyone equally it will be sued. If the kids in question were only warned or nothing was done and if someone brings a 2 inch knife into school and stabs someone or sets someone or thing on fire the defense is my client did nothing wrong, this is what the administration has allwed in the past.

    Personally I remember students bringing, knives, guns, bows and arrows and yes even matches and lighters into the schools. During all my years in school only one kid, who had been bullied by one jerk, took revenge. He stabbed the bully with a 4 inch pocket knife. The stabber didn’t miss any school, the bully missed one day to go to the hospital. The bully kept clear of the stabber from that day on. Everything returned to normal.

  104. Eric says:

    What happened to the days when the teacher or coach would confiscate the item and give the kid a stern talking to? If the kid was not apologetic, or was a trouble-maker, or was otherwise up to no good, then the kid got detention and a note sent home to Mom and Dad.

    In this case, the coach should have taken the items and told the kid that if he needs to fix his stick, then he can have them for that purpose and then give them right back to the coach.

    We don’t need to be making criminals out of otherwise naive but well meaning kids. Unfortunately we have a system that can ruin your life at any moment irrespective of your true intentions. What we have is tyranny.

  105. TexasYankee says:

    Amazing, simply amazing. What makes this ridiculous story even worse are these comments. Now it’s the Democrats fault and Obama’s as well. I am scared to death that there are so many idiots out there. I believe our government is a two headed monster, and while I’m not a big fan of Obama, I am a fan of common sense. Bush started the Patriot act, legal torture, and TSA agents searching baby’s diapers, but somehow, long after this no tolerance policy was adopted, it’s the Dems fault. The complete stupidity of these people making these comments says it all. We live in a country full of morons. Way to go.

  106. Radioman777 says:

    The greatest, and in fact the only, weapon in existence is the human mind. Everything else is merely a tool. We’ve reached the point where there is no common sense left in America and idiots fill most of the positiions of authority. A sad end, it appears to be.

  107. beegee17 says:

    More proof that our education system is completely broken!

  108. JJ says:

    Baby boomers declared war on Gen X anf Gen Y long ago. They drugged the kids over made up ADD, then they zero tolerances them.

    Best you kids know now that this is a police state

  109. jack says:

    Zero tolerance = zero need to think. The stick itself is a weapon. The tape can be used for restraint. Pens and pencils are weapons as are textbooks, staplers, fists, elbows, etc, etc, etc. Zero tolerance was enacted so these overpaid, ignorant school administrators would not need to think or make decisions.

    1. Steve S says:

      Submit yourself. They are only looking out for our best interest. If you don’t submit, they will get mad and besides they are only looking after your best interests comrade.

  110. Steve S says:

    Everyday I thank my lucky stars that democrats are looking out for me and my family. Otherwise we would feel to frightened to get out of bed in the morning, let alone leave the house. The only way we’d feel safer is if we all lived in a commune located in an inner city, where they could keep closer tabs on all the dangers that could befall us. Praise be to them!

  111. Fred says:

    You zero tolerance fools are good little Nazis.

  112. chris says:

    We need to ban rocks from schools too. They can be made into knives AND can be used to start fires. The can also cause blunt trauma to the skull. I insist that these school administrators make sure that there are no rocks on campus immediately.

  113. chris says:

    Those that can do. Those that can’t teach. Those that can’t teach become school administrators. Lets raise a legal defense fund for these kids, so that they can get rid of these hacks. I promise that once they are out of the public school business, the only job that they will be able to get will involve “fries” and they will be too lazy to keep those jobs very long.

  114. Dark Knight says:

    “Zero tolerence” is the theme song of the incompetent.

  115. NotDeadYet says:

    The reasoning behind zero tolerance is that we are not allowed to use human judgment to differentiate between a two inch leatherman and a nine inch switchblade. Because any attempt to punish the young thugs with switchblades was labeled “racist”. (Obviously, the only reason for punishing a student with a switchblade would be his race.) This is the product of the crazy liberal left being left in charge of education. And it’s probably worth noting that one of the biggest proponents of zero tolerance was Bill Ayers. I know, I know… just another coincidence.

  116. Dave Wallace says:

    A persons bare hands can lethal weapons if you are the Boston Strangler. Secondly the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife which has been reviewed and returned to me after going through screenings at certain court houses and federal office buildings should not warrant a criminal booking anywhere. It is time we start using common sense. If however these two gentleman were involved in an altercation at preceding events, or had been involved in ‘burnings’ maybe then it would be warranted. But otherwise we need to use prudence and a strong level of Common sense, with the latitude that is typical of individual school Principals.

  117. Adam says:

    Wow! We’ve come a long way from sneaking a smoke in the restroom. Welcome to Police State USA where PC runs amok! While the murderers and plunderers get a slap on the wrist, they “rule-breakers” pay dearly. I want to move out of this country. This is going too far.

  118. Ron says:

    The same parents outraged over this will be the same parents outraged when a student is stabbed with a 2″ pen knife demanding the school should have prevented this. If parents fail to properly raise their kids and instill self responsibility then it is left up to the government to deal with your brats hence today’s policy. As far as politics. It is a GOVERNMENT school it is all about politics. Take responsibility for your own kids, HOMESCHOOL

  119. Will Kruse says:

    once again….. useless admistrators in our schools choose to abandon COMMON SENSE for so called policy. FIRE the adminstrators!!!!!

  120. mashman says:

    The real problem is that a society is being created that values the ‘social’ above the individual. This society does not trust individuals to use their own judgement in situations like this.

    In the past, an officer would have said – “you called me for this?”, and probably would have said – “sorry son, these items are against school policy, give them to me, and I’ll give them to your parents. But, don’t put them back in your bag.”.

    But the elements of our society (yes, I’ll say it – the far left/socialists), that do not value individuals, have stripped that away. They believe police officers can not be trusted to use their judgement, they must follow the rules that they put forth – “for the good of out society”!

    We are rapidly being marched into “a brave new world”!

    1. sheriff says:

      Mashman, Get bent…..the people have spoken!

  121. C Workman says:

    This is typical of what happens with government schools controlled by democrats.

  122. Mike T. says:

    Fire the school officials. Their actions were ludicrous. It makes me want to eat their children.

  123. Kevin says:

    Haha – you received your first lesson teaching you that the US has NO freedom anymore. And the fact that it affected you emotionally proves my point. You all love the nanny-state and believe that the females around you all know best. How do you like it? You should be sent to prison for at least 10 years for breaking the zero tolerance laws, sheep….

  124. Titainiumman says:

    The school officials involved show a lack of intelligence in this matter and should be fired for stupidity,Once again political correctness has run amok.
    The police department in this case could have used common sense in this matter but obviously that’s not one of their strong points

  125. Scudbuster says:

    The Lacrosse stick is a weapon!
    Why was the bus being searched?

  126. RavciOli says:

    Do you want these people to educate YOUR children?

    A school system that is operated by people educated beyond their intelligence

    One more reason to home school.

  127. jschmidt says:

    Just because people are educated, doesn’t mean they have any common sense. THis a result of lawyers suing everyone for everything.

  128. JJ in CNY says:

    Why was the bus searched to begin with?

  129. nospin says:

    And people want to give bureaucrats more power!! Are we insane?

  130. Disgusted says:

    They should have arrested the entire lacrosse team! After all, they were dressed in body armor and were all carrying long sticks for flinging projectiles at a high rate of speed at other students. I hear they also have direct contact with these sticks with other studens which causes discomfort and could easliy be described as an assault. I hope we eventually can strive to our bubble wrapped utopia when we can finally get those dangerous javelin throwers off the streets.

    Any by the way – it’s everything to do with politics. Nanny *#&&$*$ state and dissolution of personal responsibility and liberties. How can you possibly argue we’re not moving to a police state when our teachers are calling the police to take away our students in handcuffs over a cigarette lighter?!?!. Believe me, they’d come after you if they could and they know it’s just a matter of time.

  131. yo_daddy says:

    You guys in Maryland are slaves. You are reaping what you have sown.

  132. Bob D. Builder says:

    This is where liberal fascism has taken us.

  133. Dave says:

    what a joke!!!!! Under they’re criteria aren’t the lacrosse Stiicks considered ‘deadly’ weapons. How about hockey sticks, baseball and softball bats.

  134. Candy says:

    These kids were set up for this. I lived in Easton for years and this kind of drama seeking behavoir on the part of busy body locals is the norm. If this was policy, these boys should have been made well aware of it and PROTECTED from this mistake, but the busy body locals love nothing more then setting one another up and then enjoying the show. I am sure all ot the “responsible adults” involved are just super pleased with themselves.

  135. Boddie Blook says:

    Let the principal David Stofa know how you feel about the handling of this:

  136. goat says:

    Stop sending your kids to the welfare schools.

  137. Ya think much says:

    I would use the lacrosse stick as a weapon before the leatherman or lighter…just saying.

  138. Melvin says:

    People, people, people, what do you expect from Government drones? They’re bureaucrats, they don’t know any better. Bureaucrats in government run schools are totally incapable of exercising common sense.
    We let them get away with this, people need to learn that they can fight the system, don’t let the system crush you, fight back and drive it back underground.

  139. Darren says:

    Democrats are responsible for stupid zero-tolerance “weapons” policies. Republicans are responsible for stupid zero-tolerance “drug” policies.

  140. Barry Sotero says:

    This isn’t about protection. This is about government officials at the most basic level conditioning our students to expect this kind of tyrannical control. It’s about the move to get us used to the idea that we have no rights, and used to the idea that we can be punished for even the most innocent of things. Wake up people. “Zero tolerance” will soon spread to your home, and your person.

  141. Mike says:

    If this would have been black football players, nothing would have been done. As recent news stories go, black students get a slap on the wrist. They can molest white girls on school, and get away with it. Why, because of the liberal polices which have been ptu in place, not to mention that under these polices, only white people can be racist.

  142. Denise Harding-Driscoll says:

    So you take kids that are staying off the streets and treating them like gang members, robbers, murders and bombers. What are we teaching kids? They may have made a bad decision but it was to fix equipment. Why didn’t the coach or school provide the “proper” equipment to fix the gear so they didn’t need their own?
    I understand that we need to set rules to avoid issues but Zero Tolerance takes things to far. How about we go after the kids causing the issues and leave those in sports, supporting their school and staying out of trouble alone! Suspend them a few days and let it be. Criminal Charges are a JOKE for this.

  143. Sonny Bell says:

    Either get involved by running for your local school boards and enact the changes you want to see going on in your local school districts, or shut up. Complaining on some obscure blog doesn’t stop any of these ongoing abuses of our liberties. Because if think this is a Terrible Abuse of Government over-reaction, just remember that other Progressive Governments have Slaughtered Millions of their Citizens because the state felt it was Necessary! You are the only one who can make our Government get back in the Box we need it to stay in, So be the Change you want to see, otherwise just be quiet when it comes time to march into the cattle cars!

  144. Danny says:

    Robert Sciolino said, “Buddy, What the hell does politics have to do with this?”
    Answer: Everything. Democrats believe in big government “nanny-state” control over individual freedoms liberty and individual personal responsibility. These ridiculous laws are created by lawyers and law makers so as to eliminate personal responsibility. These are not Conservative, Republican values. There’s your answer.


    NYGUY30 said, pussification of america…. i’m saddened by this nanny state

    Just thought that these words of truth needed to be stated again and as often as possible. Also, you can tell a lot the Obamaites by the answers to these good and true statements.

    Also someone commented that these zero tolerant policies came from the Republicans. That is a resounding lie. Zero tolerance came from the left, meaning the Democrats…. period. Anyone saying different please give examples of facts and not what you think.

  145. msliberty says:

    It is the white, so called “Christian Conservatives” that are actively trying to destroy our country with their Nazi inspired theocracy. Clearly, the school is trying to protect ALL the children by fairly enforcing its rules for ALL students, not ignoring the rules because of the thuggish antics of white male athletes (bully oppressors). The parents who wish to exclude their children from the equal enforcement of the regulations on the bases of their children’s race should quit their racist screaming, name calling and threats.

  146. Big Government kKnows Best? says:

    WHo can be surprised at the injustice? These are the same idiots that seek to keep our kids safe from vicious sports such as kickball, dodgeball, and tag. Thse kids should be given a public apology and the person who took the deciison to call the cops should be fired for stupidity. What should have Marylanders scared straight is that the people who make these rules are TEACHING our kids. Welcome to the Democratic nanny state where our kids are safe from kickball and fixing field sticks—and most high schoolers can’t read to level…..I’m feeling protected.

  147. Sam What Am says:

    A lacrosse stick is the most dangerous thing menioned in the article.

  148. CA Teacher says:

    This is insane. I went to high school in Lake Tahoe, NV back in the 80s and usually carried a Swiss Army Knife that I’d sometimes use in my after school job. It was never a big deal.

    Once, I came to school with a hunting rifle behind the seat of my truck. I had been out shooting with friends that weekend and forgot to take it out of my truck. I knew that was a big deal so I immedietly told the assistant principal. He wrote me a pass so I could take the rifle home.

    I guess today I’d be a felon.

  149. Richard Adams says:

    Tyranny comes in many shapes and forms. We have allowed your government to take over almost all aspects of your life from politically correct speech to examples of idiots that profess to know what is “good” for you and your kids. Wake up!

  150. Not my baby says:

    Name.. I am not black. Just think you wasted that little speech on a white person. So there it is.. Guess that makes you prejudice A**hole! By the way “not my baby” is something many mothers say when they are told their kid did something wrong.

  151. Don says:

    Welcome to the New Amerika Graham and Doug. Sorry you didn’t live here in the 60’s and 70’s. Things weren’t perfect then but you really had to go out of your way to get busted.. Now that the “intellectuals” have taken over, a pen knife will get you jail time. Sorry arse country we live in now kids.

  152. Frank says:

    People in power now days act in a more autocratic manner than ever before. They hide behind zero-tolerance, they hide behind their unions, they believe themselves to be members of a unique class of bureaucrats with special privileges. They’re the judges, the jury, the executioners. The rest of us are just the slaves working 80 hrs a week to pay our taxes so they can collect their fat pensions and benefits. So sending your kid to jail for nothing has little meaning to them. Threatening you with jail if you don’t buy government health insurance is totally acceptable to them. Our democracy has turned into a thugocracy thanks to public employees unions and the corrupt democrat party.

    1. Don says:

      Thank you Frank!! Very well said!

  153. Hello says:

    CA teacher having a rifle is not a felony, hell carrying a handgun is not a felony. Still think the stste is overly conservative.

  154. Bob says:

    The administrators at the elementary school in Annapolis recently banned “Tag”.

    And people – don’t try to duck that these people coming up with stuff are liberals – this is the same set of folks the democrats were just screaming about protecting their unions in Wisconsin. Public school admins are 90% + democrats.

  155. Jim says:

    Where was the coach in all of this? He should have stood with the kids and demanded to be arrested also. That goes for the rest of the team. The all knew about, and at some time used both of those “weapons” as TOOLS to repair their gear. Personally I applaud their playground spirit and innovation. Any bets on what the budget for the team is?

  156. notsocommonsense says:

    What most of the comments seem to ignore is that a Leatherman and a lighter are standard equipment for fixing loose or broken strings in a lacrosse stick pocket … The intended use of these “weapons” was clearly to tune equipment at or before a game. I’m really troubled by the increasing number of incidents where kids are made into felons because adults are completely devoid of reason! Where was the coach to step in and make this distinction clear? Why is the cop such an idiot that when presented with what seem to be pretty obvious facts, he still chose to handcuff these two high school kids. I hate how litigious or society has become, but I would use every penny I earned to sue the cop, the coach, and the school for jeopardizing the futures of these student athletes because they lack common sense!

  157. Nemo says:

    Who is John Galt?

    1. Joanne says:

      Read the book Atlas Shrugged. It will set you free! Individual vs. the collective

  158. Joanne says:

    What pathetic excuses for adults and intelligence.

  159. BobL says:

    Seems to me, that by these definitions of “zero tolerance”, then the parents should have a right to “zero tolerance” as well! Think about it… Zero tolerance for teachers who come to work hung over. Arrest them for dereliction of duty, give ’em 30 days in the slammer. Zero tolerance for the schools failing to take action against verbal bullies. Arrest the administrators, 30 days in the cooler, expel a board member. Zero tolerance for zero tolerance “mistakes” of judgement. Arrest administrators for false arrest situations, send them to the gaol for 2x the standard suspension period. Fine them $10,000. Hold their driver’s licenses for 90 days. Zero tolerance for unruly classrooms. Throw out the teachers on second complaint. Zero tolerance for incomplete curriculum accomplishment due to teacher incompetence. Tenured or not – toss em out. Zero tolerance for broken school equipment. 5x cost fines to school. Throw out janitor staff. On third infraction, suspend school board. Zero tolerance for mismanaged budgets – fine admin 2x the waste, and 1 day in jail for each $1,000 overbudget. Zero tolerance for “in service training”, which costs all parents babysitting or other costs. Zero tolerance for bigoted antireligious censuring. America LAW guarantees freedom of thought and speech. Any teacher who insists that a religious display is inappropriate gets a week in jail as a category 2 misdemeanor. Zero tolerance for teachers and staff that fail to wear UNIFORMS. Zero tolerance for any staff member exceedign 40 BMI. Zero tolerance, fines and jail time, for teachers who strike.

    Yes, I’d go with that. As soon as there is a CONSEQUENCE to the “zero tolerance” mindset that affects the persons who nominally enjoy immunity to Zero Tolerance censure, and that affects them in their pocketbooks, their public record, and their social standing – then you will see plenty of lobbying for laws to repeal all the stupidity. It would be wonderful. Oh yes, and fines and jail time retroactively applied, to all administrators who were overzealous applying “the law” before its repeal. That’d make ’em think twice – even before the law is changed.

  160. jnsesq says:

    This is what happens when Americans allow themselves to be governed by lawyers and liberals. Can anyone here old enough to remember being in school, say, 30 years ago think how UNthinkable all this politically correct nonsense is as we destroy ourselves from within?

  161. Tom Davidson says:

    Did the school have a search warrant, detailing the items/persons being sought and the location of the search, as well as the probable cause to suspect a criminal threat, as required by the 4th Amendment to the UC Constitution?

    I didn’t think so.

    1. What? says:

      Please read up on Jersey v. TLO. You don’t need a search warrant in a public school. You don’t even need probable cause to search. You only need reasonable suspicion.

  162. bozo says:

    I play lacrosse also. I carry around a lighter, tape and scissors with me everywhere ad just keep it in my bag at school. this is straight up ridiculous.

  163. greatcaesarsghost says:

    People can be placed in positions of leadership and authority well beyond their capabilities to discharge those functions. That can be true of school administrators and people who comment on internet blogs.

  164. Tony says:

    This alliance between white liberals (single white women, Gays, and Goyum haters) and so called ‘minorities’ comprises the vast majority of the new Democratic Party, and is the perfect storm. The administrators of this school, to their great joy, threw the book at two white males for the sake of moral equivalency. “You see! White males are bad too! They carry weapons and explosives, just like the Blacks and Hispanics do! In fact they (white males) are the cause of all the world’s ills. Let’s abort their futures! Then women and minorities won’t have to compete against their higher IQ’s. For the sake of FAIRNESS don’t ya know!” Don’t bother taking a look at YouTube and seeing for yourselves what might be considered standard equipment for repairing a lacrosse stick. It still won’t change your minds. Australia/New Zealand you are looking better and better. Liberalism is a blood disease.

  165. Halsey says:

    I don’t see one comment here that mentions that the “offending items” were things the students used to repair their lacrosse sticks. Is this a common way of fixing something that happens to a lacrosse stick?

    If so, maybe the school needs a policy on THAT but to haul away a kid in handcuffs for being prepared and ready to play a sport, a school activity? These people (regardless of their political persuasion) have lost their collective minds!

    Sounds like another “Lacrosse Lawsuit” in the works. Hope these kids at least get a good settlement out of it. Maybe some college tuition money?

  166. sdbatboy says:

    I am so glad this happened. Let’s the public know how ridiculous we’ve become as a society. Hopefully the same will happen to a politician’s kid then maybe something will be done about this.

    We let thousands of criminals walk across our boarders every year but feel the need to arrest a couple of lax players.

  167. rupert says:

    We let people this stupid “educate” our children and run around with badges and guns arresting , tazing and shooting people, so what does that say about the intelligence of this entire country?

    Why I went to school in Maryland we played mumbly peg – scary, huh?

  168. kelvin says:

    Seems to me that Lacrosse sticks, and baseball bats are far more dangerous than a 2″ pen knife and a lighter.
    Will they now ban lacrosse and baseball?
    Political correctness forced on us by liberals will be the demise of this nation.
    Time for the alleged adults to get a grip.

  169. micoz says:

    Our schools are run by idots who ought to have their heads examined…before heads roll and budgets are slashed!

  170. Joel Weymouth says:

    I think it is time the “rabble” need to violently remove these petty little dictators and then adopt a zero tolerance policy toward them. Execute them. What they have done for years with seat belt laws and child safety seats and smoking laws, and now TSA pat downs -where they molest your children in front of you is to slowly see how far we will let them go, and we have allowed these people too much control. They WILL NOT relinquish power by democratic means. Look how they acted in Wisconsin. They must be rooted out and destroyed. The survivors have a choice – death or banishment. That is the only way we can deal with them.

  171. mark says:

    Hear’s an idea. I think every kid in that high school should have a lighter sit in. everyone of them should bring a lighter to school and then have a rally. Dare the administrators to suspend the entire school.

  172. HeyHey says:

    teacher unions go after them here, and then they hand them over to the police unions to keep those pension funds coming.

  173. Steve Hollar says:

    As I have always said, take any loony stories like this and trace it right back to liberalism. Let the government and authorities take complete control over every aspect of our lives.

    What do they think these kids are going to do, run through the school on a rampage stabbing everyone with their big “pin knives”? Zero tolerance my butt. This is the loony left at it’s finest.

  174. TxnByBrth says:

    This is a good example of what happens when school district policy is drafted by an attorney in order to minimize the school district’s exposure to litigation…and in the process the policy prevents anyone along the way (teacher, coach, custodian, principal) to utilize a little common sense…if they have common sense. These stupid extremes in policy are designed to minimize any school district employee usage of their brain…they’re not allowed to make any decisions that might avoid the school district’s administration from looking like fools…which in this case they do. They can plead student “safety” and “best interest of all students” all they want but parents and students alike lose respect for these intellectually deficient administrators and as a result trust them and their judgments less and less…been there done that!

  175. Ralph Gizzip says:

    It’s no wonder our schools are in such decline. Teachers and administrators have lot the ability (or desire) to think.

  176. ZMEEKER says:

    It is heartening to know that the contributors to this comment forum represent <1% of the US population.

    1. Bill says:

      Since most comments are against the ridiculous actions of the school and police, you must be for these kids getting charged with serious crimes.

      Something is wrong with you.

  177. ricardo maxwell says:

    This is the change that many of you voted for. A rapper/ poet praising criminals and cop killers is invited to the White House but once again lacrosse players are persecuted. Is is because you don’t see many black lacrosse players? really? When

  178. Robert says:

    What needs to be done is this:

    1) Pick up OFFICIAL recall forms from the school board
    2) Collect enough signatures to recall EVERY school board member
    3) Put the zero tolerance issue on the next board meeting
    4) Pack the meeting with parents and demand a ROLL CALL vote
    5) Win or lose, file the recall petitions for ANY school board member who voted to support this crazy “Zero Tolerance” policy!

    This method worked wonders when our local school board tried to ban Cub/Boy Scouts from using ALL school building because of a “Zero Tolerance” policy for discrimination (no openly gay scouts/leaders)

  179. billg says:

    liberals are the result of failed partial birth abortions

  180. chim says:

    they should also get in trouble for carrying around those lacrosse sticks. they could be used to club another kid over the head. i bet those kids were planning on taping the knife to the stick and jabbing other kids with it – it’s only safe to assume that they would light them on fire after the mauling. throw the book at them!!

  181. larolyn says:

    They had better outlaw pencils too, because a 6 inch sharpened pencil is more dangerous than a 2 inch pen knife. That’s what we need, a law against pencils on school property. Can’t be too careful. Back to crayons for everone.

  182. Jim50 says:

    Time to arrest the school board for terrorism and kidnapping. This zero tolerance S#$% needs to stop! Parents need to go to the next school borad meeitng with torches and pitchforks!

  183. lew says:

    Stupidity compounded! Just incredulous that the leftist idiots have been allowed to win- what is wrong with you America, that you cannot put a grinding halt to these mindless PC acts?

  184. Bob Ho says:

    Welcome to Nazi America run by the DNC

  185. Shaniqa says:

    If you were going to fight someone, which weapon would you pick up? A lighter? A two-inch pen knife? Or maybe a Lacrosse stick. I’d take the stick. You liberal zero tolerance whiners get your pick of the two “dangerous” items.

  186. GoodGriefCharlieBrown says:

    What has this world come to? When I was in high school, 36 years ago, in rural Illinois, we used to carry pocket knives with 4 inch blades to school and amazingly nobody got stabbed. Today, we’re supposed to be educating our children and preparing them for the real world, yet at 16 they can be responsible enough to drive a lethal weapon down the road, but not responsible enough to carry a pocketknife with a 2 inch blade or a pocket lighter to school without being arrested.

  187. Tom EE says:

    Otherwise law abiding citizen should not be punished for what a handful of radical Muslims have done!

  188. Lax Dad says:

    The fact that this is even being discussed is evidence of how out of control our government has become, and how willing the citizens are to go along with insanity.

    Second point – if somebody criminalized me like this when I was 17 – I would have given them a lot more crime than they could handle – for years.

    Sorry to say – but i would have learned the lesson.

  189. Bama Guy says:

    The surest way to be unfair is to treat everyone the same. Pathetic.

  190. Mike says:

    In Talbot Coounty where this incident took place, the school superintendent has the discretion on how the policy is applied. That discretion should be used to have the best outcome for the students invloved without compromising the safety of the rest of the student body. This school superintendent has repeatedly used her discretion to create the worse outcome for the students involved. Talbot Couonty would be wise to get rid of her.

    1. sheriff says:

      Talbot county is a Right wing bunch of losers. They helped give us the patriot act that can look up your a….holes in the name of national security, want to do away with Medicare & Social Security but will give tax cuts to the top wealthiest people in the country. A bunch of old white rich folks. Talbot co is suffocating.

      1. AnthonyS says:

        I don’t know about Talbot county, but I do know that “tax cuts for the wealthiest” is not part of the conservative platform. Tax cuts for EVERYONE who pays taxes is.

        The fact that the bottom 50% of the country pay virtually NO taxes is the fault of liberal policy, not a fair or impartial tax code.

        You might also like to look into the structure of the tax code. The WEALTHY don’t pay a lot of taxes, only EARNERS pay taxes. The Ted Kennedys and John Kerrys and Jay Rockefellers all have UNEARNED income, which they have carefully protected at lower or zero tax rates than regular “income” taxes. Put $10 million into tax free bonds and get $200,000 a year in spending money and no bill from the IRS. Go out, start a company, take all the risk, employ a dozen people, and pay yourself $200,000 for your efforts, and you lose almost $100,000 to the government to be redistributed.

        True “wealth tax” is never on the liberal agenda, because 90% of the richest members of Congress are all Democrats. Who’s your party?

  191. Mike says:

    Bama guy,

    Nice quote from Aristotle, True today as it was a century and half ago

  192. Chicken Little says:

    This is EXACTLY what the Republicans wanted. The propagation of fear, blind obedience to preventive guidelines, and obliteration of common sense.

    1. overregulated says:

      What the Republicans wanted??? What state is this? Republicans have no voice here.

      We have been controlled by Democrats for 4 decades in Maryland that has led to the Nanny State, and “zero tolerance”.

      Another liberal with head in rear end

  193. Had enough? says:

    THIS is why we need school vouchers…

    Families need to be able to walk away from schools like this, and tahe their business elsewhere.

  194. Common Sense ins't very common says:

    Do you think the lacross stickes were locked up and not available to the players unitl game time?

    I just raised the percentage of stupid people in this country to 97.8% and thats being kind

  195. Airedale73 says:

    Just another example of the extreme lack of common sense in this country. The statement made by the school district was such a cop-out. If it was one of their kids, I betcha the outcome would be different. I feel sorry for any lacrosse player, hockey player (blades, hmmm), or any other athlete who needs to use a knife, lighter, torch, or some other item to alter or fix their equipment. What’s next? Suspending the school’s dance team for using scissors, needle and thread to alter their dance shoes? If they are so concerned about safety, maybe they should eliminate sports altogether, since there isn’t a safe one out there anyway. One step closer to the Progessive Socialist’s Utopian society of everyone being equal.

  196. Dee Wolfe says:

    just as I keep telling people: someday we’ll all be libertarians.

  197. Leon Miler says:

    Professing to be wise, they have become fools….

  198. Dee Wolfe says:

    school is basically taught in little prisons.

  199. Dennis says:

    As a teacher in a no tolerance school, I must say that we have very few problems.
    The students are advised daily, in various ways, of the rules. The rules were first voted on by the city because we work for them, not the state or Federal government. But the Administration deals with each infraction with common sense.
    Intent of infraction is gaged to determine the final solution. The kids don’t always like
    the results, but know they are fair to all involved, based not on politics, but for the good of all. Fairness and common sense appear to be lacking in this case. I believe the students can show their disapproval by ALL student athletes quiting their team in protest . Thus showing the school programs for what they truly are based upon.

  200. Realist says:

    Anyone notice society has gone downhill since racial integration? Hope your panties aren’t in too big of a knot. Look at Africa it is a constant war zone, why would anything be different here? Most war zones are fueled by drugs but they kill each other because they wear a different color.

    You can label me a racist but it is true.

    Also, I would rather use a pencil to stab someone in the neck than a little 2″ pen knife that would fold on my fingers if I tried to stab someone.

    It’s time for a revolution and with our overcrowding it won’t be pretty.

  201. Rick Steward says:

    There’s a rule that says all laws, whether good, bad, or indifferent, must be enforced to the letter. That’s because you can’t, or at least shouldn’t, be able to make a bad law go away just by ignoring it. Ignoring it can get you into trouble if it turns out that there really is a good reason for it. On the other hand, enforcing a BS law will aggravate enough people to get the law changed.

    In connection with this last, has anyone noticed that this happened just as the California state school board is reconsidering the zero tolerance policy? Sure, the school administrator might be jerks. They might also be crafty, experienced bureaucrats trying to put a spotlight on a BS law.

    PS: Hey, CBS News, if you think this shows an imaginative and intelligent response, I need a job and, from what I hear, Katie Couric is getting ready to leave.

  202. dmd says:

    My football coach always had a meeting or practice on the opening day of pheasent season. We still went hunting and when we got to practice our shotgus were in the trunk and the shells were still in our pockets.

    Nobody died

  203. Mike says:

    School administrators said a team of staff members reviewed the situation before taking action. Add the team of administrators to the list of people that should never be allowed to deal with school children ever again. Also on that list should be any Easton school officials and Talbot county school board members that were a part of this decision. If they are elected, kick them out. If they are employees of the city, county or state, fire them. Another case of gross incompetence by public employees or officials. They should all end up disgraced and unemployed.
    I hope Mike Hellgren can get this story in the national spotlight. How’s that prosecutor in the Duke case doing?

  204. Leon Miler says:

    Exactly why my grandchildren are all home schooled. It’s the best way to deal with institutional stupidity.

  205. Joshua says:

    Justice gave way to law which has given way to settlement. Decisions used to be based on Justice – “doing the right thing.” Then they were based on a law, but now it is just settling by putting into place ridiculous “zero tolerance” so that people who should be serving the community and the children do not have to make difficult decisions. It is sad.
    And while I understand the comment above concerning “the same parents would complain if someone were stabbed. . .” I must say that, again, it has nothing to do with making a safer school environment, but removing choices and responsibility.
    If we want safer schools, then we must teach our children that they will be faced with choices in life and to make the right ones, no matter what they have in their bag.

  206. Jon says:

    I see only one possible solution: Ban Lacrosse.

  207. John Sheridan says:

    “The problem with common sense is that it’s just not common enough”

    Will Rogers – Cowboy Philosopher, Humorist

  208. pmg251 says:

    Forgive me, but this kind of insane ‘by the book’ stupidity makes my blood boil. The community should bring pressure to bear on the school board to have the school administrator(s) fired as an example. If school board members don’t take action the voters should begin a campaign to remove them. I guarantee that will get their attention.
    You may say this approach is an overreaction. Perhaps it is. But it may be exactly what is needed to instill common sense back into the system. Otherwise, the school board and school administrators hide behind ‘zero tolerance’ insulated from reality and the absolute stupidity of the policy.

  209. S says:

    Laws only work if you have common-sense enforcement.

    The police could lock up everyone who jaywalks and claim they have no choice. But they don’t, because they understand their time is better spent looking for murderers and rapists.

    There’s a big difference between kids fixing their lacrosse equipment with small knives and kids threatening students with large knives. There’s a difference between kids fixing their lacrosse equipment with a lighter and kids smoking underage at school with a lighter.


  210. Matthew Holycross says:

    This is a government wide problem. Not Democrat or Republican. They all want us trained to bow and kneel at command to their system. They are traesonistic people who have fraudulently passed ridiculous legislation and told us we wanted it for our own good. No one I know ever asked for these kinds of policies except the Government. Then they get all bold and say our hands are tied. Its the law we must serve.
    This stinks of public conditioning of our children for future policies. Who should these goons be serving? The people or the law forced on the people?
    You know the answer.

  211. deskboy says:

    How sliipery the slope of ‘Zero Tolerance” is. What, no appeal process? No court to address grievances? Wow, that kind of thinking ticked off those old longhaired radicals back in the 70’s.

    The 1770’s.that is.

    Better watch out, history repeats itself, and woe to those who do not learn from history’s past mistakes.

  212. Bob says:

    These types of school administrators are a leading argument for retro-active abortion.

  213. p3orion says:

    What makes something a weapon is not its design, but the intent of the person holding it. Every day, children as young as first grade play with sharpened sticks more than capable of putting an eye out or even causing fatal stabbing wounds. Classrooms even have machines for making them sharper! But no one considers a pencil a weapon.

    A gun is a tool for hunting or a weapon for killing a person. I can use a stapler as a tool for fastening papers together, or I can bash your head in with it. A two-inch penknife can stab a classmate, or fix lacrosse equipment. The difference is in the person, NOT the item, and that is where the attention must be paid.

    Any administrator who is too stupid to see this distinction (or too intellectually cowardly to defend it when some idiot sues the school) should not be involved in education, or any other field where the use of logic is being demonstrated for young people.

  214. Jeff says:

    … another brick in the wall.

  215. JJ Swiontek says:

    These students will be made an example for all the others students to learn that authority is absolute. They will be CRUSHED and their future RUINED because they did not follow the rules to the letter. That will be the lesson for all the rest. OBEY or be DESTROYED! That is the lesson for all parents who put their children in the hands of government programmers. Government knows best!

    People get the government they deserve.

  216. bilbo says:

    Zero tolerance = no judgement. in the hands of your typical moronic school education major that’s about as deadly a weapon as there is. They’ll ruin a kids record and emotionally scar them for life all in the interest of ‘protecting’ the students. Why? Because they don’t know any better. They’re idiots. So go after them one by one untl they’re gone…relentlessly…replace the board, the principal, the superintendent, the bad teachers. But be prepared for an increase in the homeless because they’re not qualified to do anything else so expect to see them on the street begging for money and giving advice.

  217. normkat says:

    ‘When civilizations self destruct’

    Playing now at your local schools

    Congratulations, Adults.

  218. Bruce Baker says:

    I’d like to be a school administrator. Where do I check in my brain?

    If the law really is “Zero Tolerance” and left the police (and the administrator who called the police) “no other choice but to arrest”, then it’s time for a little civil disobedience. That means breaking the law on purpose as a form of protest. That would be the easiest and fastest way to get a law that stupid taken off the books when it went to count before a presumably sane judge.

  219. Mark S says:

    Ok, that means every teacher at that school that is a smoker must be removed in handcuffs for having a explosive device.

    Oh wait… That’s ok… for them to a ligher (explosive device) that they use to kill themselves and others by lighting up.

    Get a grip folks.

  220. nostromo says:

    So my principal used to tell us to leave our guns in the car during hunting season.

  221. Red Ruffansore says:

    So, have you had enough of nanny state politics and liberal union dog schools?
    If not then enjoy your collar and leash.

  222. Bob Kutz says:

    2nd Amendment; the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

    If the school doesn’t like it, throw him out, but arresting him is a grave transgression. Our government no longer cares to obey the law.

  223. PowerPC says:

    Zero tolerance is code for zero common sense….What a bunch of stupid arse’s!

  224. Brandon Riley says:

    The fact that this is even being debated shows how pathetic we have become. As a former Lacrosse player this is an outrage. This young man just like me and all most other Lacrosse players keep these type items to maintain the stings on the stick. To all you idiots saying idiotic stuff like “Rules and rules” etc blah blah blah Remember these items were in his Lacrosse bag. WHY? Because he needs them to keep his stick legal. What a bunck of wussies we have become. Clearly this is a good kid with no history of criminal behavior. But he gets suspended from school and arrested with horrible charges for stocking his Lacrosse bag with common tools uses to maintain and keep your stick legal. We have become a nation of idiots.

  225. HankB says:

    School rules are one thing . . . but CRIMINAL CHARGES? Does STATE LAW define carrying a pen knife and Leatherman as carrying deadly weapons? Does STATE LAW define an ordinary lighter as a prohibited explosive device? If, not, the arresting officer should be charged with false arrest, false imprisonment, and various other sundry charges. If, on the other hand STATE LAW in fact DOES contain these definitions, the police are obligated – OBLIGATED – to raid every sporting goods, WalMart, and convenience store in the state. THis is beyond insane . . .

  226. Jonathan M. says:

    All jokes aside people, lets look at what we’ve done here. We’ve taken two kids who according to the article have never been in trouble before and are participating in a school sport (building leadership skills, learning to work in a team, staying healthy) and we are not only giving them a criminal history that will follow them for the rest of their lives but also kicking them out of shcool which is where they should be in the first place! This is terrible to say the least and If I were the parents I’d be filing a lawsuit already.

  227. Lax Dad in NC says:

    This is insanity. Lacrosse is practically a religion in Maryland. My son and all the other players carry SOMETHING to cut the lacrosse strings and a lighter to burn the ends of the strings so they don’t fray, after making a stick repair. Every school administrator throughout the state, or any state, could probably get charges against 90% of the players at any given time.

  228. Mike says:

    Deskboy, I guess you dont like lacrosse. Get a life, its just a game. Defining these studnts by the games they participate is just stupid. Mostly they are just a cross section of the student population. This type of group condemnation is what started this mess.

  229. AlanM says:

    Take away their FORKS and SPOONS too!! After all, someone could stab someone else with a fork, or they could scoop out someone’s eye with a spoon!! I say take them away (joking) for the safety of everyone!!

    Oh, and don’t forget to take away their BELTS and SHOELACES too!! After all, they could strangle someone pretty easily with them as well…

    We are getting ridiculous about ‘safety’ – especially in our schools… I remember a ‘show and tell’ I did in 6th grade (late 60’s) – my project? Show others how to whittle safely!! Yep, brought in my favorite pocket knife and some wood, explained about always cutting AWAY from yourself and making sure the knife was SHARP so it wouldn’t ‘slip’ and such… The teacher even asked others to come up and try it out!

  230. Hupsters says:

    And we plkace our children in the hand of school administrators like this every day. Really, really, we should abolish public scool.

  231. myother says:

    master locks make nice brass knuckles.

  232. myother says:

    How about them shoes with spikes on the bottom!

  233. myother says:

    Paper cuts! Most painful and sharp as a…well pen knife.

  234. Navin Johnson says:

    All these teachers with Master’s Degrees have to hide behind asinine zero tolerance policies, because they don’t seem to have common sense and the ability to apply simple reasoning to be competent enough to handle even thebasic problem. I am a trained martial artist who has the ability to wreck havoc with only my index finger. Any object, with a bit of imagination can be used as a weapon. It’ amazing to note that the zero tolerance policy applys only to students. Teachers can hide behind their unions, the law, when they get caught with their hands ina student’ pants, sexually suggestive emails, or any questionable behavior. I have invoked by zero tolerance policy. I will never ever again vote for for any tax levy. I promise to be a vocal and outspoken opponent. And marine camp, you have to ask yourself how we got this way, why laws were written as they are. Do a bit of research and it will soon come very clear to you. Teacher’s Unions and the Democratic Party. Its clear we have lost our way, and the control over our future.

  235. wch says:

    This is what a combination of ‘zero tolerance’, social agendas, idiotic ‘equalities’, etc. get you

  236. ontime1 says:

    Stop the complaining and get involved in the running of yoiur damn school and you won’t have as many of those idiots laying waste to your kids education. Your a parent, your paying the taxes and you have input make yourself clear and put a stop to this hypocrisy.

  237. John says:

    I used to live in Maryland and they really ARE that stupid. One hundred years of Democrats running amok. Place to start: fire the entire state school board. None of those idiots earn their multi-million dollar salaries.

  238. Larry says:

    Every adult who participated in this farce should be fired.

  239. Gina says:

    I fully agree with the school. So what, these kids were lacrosse players. How does that make them any different from the rest of the kids at the school? If this article was written about a teenager who had been in some trouble already, or a teenager who wasn’t involved in sports and no one really like, more of a loner, this would have never made news. It would have just been another troubled teenager who brought a knife to school, end of story. But because these were kids that are well liked, and part of a sports team, they suddenly make news. You CANT tell them that they are allowed to bring such objects to school and that they will only suffer a slap on the hand, if you won’t make that available to ALL the students. Has everyone forgotten why the school system installed the no tolerance program to begin with??? This is put into place to help protect YOUR children., to ensure that they return safely to you evey night. I can’t believe that anyone feels as though these kids should just get a slap on the wrist. YES, they did something wrong, and YES there are consequences to their actions. They are not 5 years old, they know right from wrong, they knew what the school policies were and they knew that they were not allowed to do what they did, and yet THEY CHOSE TO DO IT ANYWAY. Treat them like the adults that they want to be and allow them to have consequences for the choices that they made.

  240. Hell, they are checking baby diapers for poop bombs. What is so surprising that they are searching gym bags with out a warrent. It seems that we have all just forgotten that we have civil rights.

    Remember what Benjamin Franklin said.

    Those that give up freedom for safety, deserve neither

  241. Doug says:

    @ Dave Bell

    i am a parent of one of the kids busted.

    Never assume you know the facts.

    Per the Talbot County Student Handbook, students can be assigned detention, suspension, or expulsion for Possesion of Contraband (including “Dangerous Weapons”).

    NO mention is made of a lighter, anywhere. Nor a knife of any size or description. Per section 4-101.a(ii)2. of the Maryland Code, “Weapon” does not include a penknife.

    So, if these students viewed their items as lacrosse tools, used them as lacrosse tools, and they are commonly considered lacrosse tools, how and when did they become weapons, and how were the students to know that?

    I agree rules are rules, but what and where is the rule? With this amount of vagueness, Do Not blame the kids !!!

  242. Indianboy says:

    look at the HS school mascot it’s an ugly Indian they should be ashamed of themselves

  243. Reality Sandwich says:

    Part of the trouble in this country is letting the school administration Nazis do things like this, then handcuff police who try to fight gangs on the street. My son was expelled by a narrow-minded school administration for having a small Leatherman in his pocket that he used for work and forgot to take out.

  244. Lighters are a banned item? What about those poor high school smokers?

    Leatherman is a tool. Much like plenty of people involved in this story

  245. Joe Prez says:

    I’m I the only one who noticed they “searched” the bus before they left? What the hell for? who said they could search the bags?

  246. Arnold S says:

    A 2-inch pen knife is more dangerous than his lacrosse stick??? Gimme a break. what idiots are educating our children. Maybe they need a lacrosse stick to drive some sense into their nanny state minds.

  247. Mike Hunt says:

    These kids were using these objects as tools, not as weapons or in a threatening manner. In this case, as in hundreds of others, common sense is tossed aside for a ‘zero tolerance’ policy that doesn’t fit every situation. I hope the journalists and media keep an eye on this until someone up the chain of command uses common sense and turns this silliness around. Such a waste of tax dollars and time to punish innocent kids and leave negative marks on their records. This school board should all be ashamed of themselves. Maybe they can all be booted out of office.

  248. Very Curious says:

    Does anyone know why their bags were searched in the first place? I imagine it would be pretty hard to spot a Leatherman and a lighter without doing some digging around. There is more to this story.

    1. Guest says:

      Supposedly they searched because someone reported the players had beer. No alcohol was found.

  249. nobozons says:

    I think that the students should boycott until they change the law or policy

  250. Hank Warren says:

    Draconian rules implemented by dumbed down teachers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  251. Joe Greenwell says:

    This is just another example of “stupidity” and why teachers (aka principals) should not be in charge of schools. Zero tolerance policies are in place because no one has any trust in the ability of administrators to make appropriate decisions. Yet another reasons to disband the monopoly public schools and turn it over to the public sector. This would never have happened at a Catholic school.

  252. fordarwin says:

    bunch of paranoid americans

  253. Adele Lynn Conner says:

    Overactive attorneys, spineless administrators, and dumbed-down teachers (borrowing from someone else’s great phrase here), is how this happens.

    God forbid we teach young men how to be self-sufficient, resourceful, and think about how to fix something themselves.

  254. Joe Greenwell says:

    How many of the teachers have the same items in their classrooms or purses. I’m sure some of those teachers smoke. From experience there are sharp edged weapons in the biology labs. “Don’t do as I do, do as I SAY” that is why no one trusts public schools.

  255. Gary LaPook says:

    This is hard to believe (even for me and I was there) that the first time I ever shot a rifle I was 12 years old and I shot it in the rifle range in the basement of my high school as part of Junior ROTC! And this was not in some small farm town, this was at South Shore High School in Chicago in 1960! There were racks of M1 rifles in the arms room and we drilled with them. OH my god, I think I am getting the vapors just thinking about it!

    1. Kay says:

      Lol. “getting the vapors” I love that expression, you never hear it anymore.

  256. joeman says:

    Sorry to say it, but there is a common pattern to the loss of our civil liberties.

    Underclass students (mostly minorities) knife, shoot and kill one another To get tough, they adopt a zero tolerance policy. The policy takes away the civil rights of regular, law abiding well brought up kids such as these.

    The underclass continues to commit crime.

    Answer: Reduce, don’t increase the size of the underclass. It is currently growing dramatically through illegal immigration. Parents work as gardeners but kids want quick money and join gangs.

    Show common sense and don’t count, athlete with tool in bag to fix racket same as thug with knife he intends to use to stick someone.

  257. Black Prince says:

    Boy! I sure feel a lot safer now that the “authorities” have taken this dangerous person out of our society. GIMMIE A DAM BREAK!!!

  258. LLLBEAN says:

    Easton High Handbook lists only “Dangerous Weapons” as contraband in a list containing squirt guns, cell phones and lazer pointers. NO lighters. No pocket knife. Because rules and policies are either not written down or not followed in Talbot County the Administration can behave however they want. Anyone who thinks the teenagers should have known state law or MD state school law is as crazy as our BOE. Any student who want to stay in school wants to obey the rules. These LADIES should not be entrusted with our community’s youth.
    The TOOLS were not “dangerous weapons” to the players because they had used them as tools on many fields throughout MD and NO ONE had ever told them differently. This Stealth attack has taught nothing to all the students except that the administration is not to be trusted. There are so many more valuable things that should be taught to our kids.

  259. Hill says:

    Talk radio? Viral informing of the public? Advocacy assistance by lacrosse associations? Editorial writers who know lacrosse? Handout tracts at next weekend’s lacrosse games? TV appearances?

    If this story is true as presented, it could and should spiral nationwide.

  260. Kenneth says:

    You left wingers can’tbe that stupid. Wait…

  261. brian says:

    an explosive device! HA! i havent laughed like that in a while

  262. John Fox says:

    The lacrosse stick is far more dangerous than either item, schools have gone bonkers to try to create the illusion that kids are safe. When I went to school back in the 70s, kids carried real knives because they are TOOLS YOU MORONS, not weapons.

    This BS has got to stop, our kids are faced daily with stress from the slightest infraction. Kids are denied breakfast because they have the wrong shoes, kicked out of lunch because they expose their shoulders, given sexual harassment punishment for calling a girl a ‘fat pig’.

    I am so glad my kids don’t go to school anymore. I feel pity for the parents and kids of these school systems that are enamored more with image than with actually teaching kids.

  263. Rational P says:

    So let me get this straight – the overwhelming argument here is that knives and lighters are good to have in school? Wow, where did you all attend school, Terhan, or did you not attend…

    1. More Rational says:

      It’s not about having the PENknife or lighter in school (btw, I was a rebellious teenager so I always had a lighter with me to be “cool” and smoke my cigarettes after school lol). It’s about the way these kids were treated. They did not need to be arrested or charged with a crime. A warning and a call to the parents should be sufficient if there was no malintent. For those of us who were fortunate enough to attend private schools, we never have to deal with this BS. I could’ve brought knives to school everday and no one would have cared and you don’t see kids killing each other at private schools. The punishment does not fit the INFRACTION (not crime).

  264. TruthMeister says:

    Okay, zero-tolerance laws have been an interesting social experiment for the liberals’ fancy. Now let’s get back to common sense and make reasonable judgments about the intents of these so-called ‘weapons’ like the kindergartner that brought a small plastic gun to class attached to a toy soldier if I recall correctly. Let’s put an end to this liberal game that treats good kids like common criminals and leads our 3rd graders away in handcuffs. Enough is enought already.

  265. Seven says:

    For those of you confused between Republican and Democrat, Ref Vs. Blue, or Coke vs. Pepsi – always remember the common denominator is ZIONISM! and the NWO! everyone else are puppets.

  266. mbhandball says:

    Athletes (and musicians) have been repairing their gear since athletics started.
    The leatherman and lighter are easy to understand. What was BEHIND the search of the athlete’s bags? Some kind of rumors or vendetta on the part of the administrator.

    The hijacking of the comments to politicize this thread is despicable, but understandable in our polarized society. Wow.

  267. Hasta Mahn says:

    Schools really need to start considering hiring good administrators from other walks of life other than education that can exercise common sense. Promoting teachers to being principals and other school administrators severely limits the pool of potentially good managers that can do a much better job exercising common sense. Anyone can learn the education administration part of the job but you can’t teach people truly important qualities like common sense and this school principal is a glaring example of that!

  268. far left says:

    What we are all missing here is that Principle Stofa with malice intent deliberate called police before he talked to the coach, students or parents. He contacted the police long before the bus even left the school. Principal Stofa had already made up his mind before even talking to any one about finding out the facts. Shame on both Principle Stofa and the Talbot County sheriffs department. This is what impotent males do when they grow up as sissy’s they bully children

  269. Leahcim says:

    This is why home-school and the Khan Academy will upturn the public school systems.

  270. Dunnyveg says:

    Law enforcement loves to tell us that ignorance of the law is no excuse. That may be true, but it is also true that ignorance is no excuse for the law.

    What these kids need to do is withdraw from school, take the GED, and head straight to college where the laws haven’t become quite so insane. When the best and brightest students begin to show up in the dropout figures, maybe the idiots who force these insane laws on the rest of us will themselves be forced to drop out.

  271. Dief says:

    What utter idiots. It’s the administrators who should be punished here for using the law to inflict potentially permanent damage to these kids. And what of the poor parents, who are now faced with the awful reality that their kids have been trained and “educated” by people who clearly are idiots?

  272. CB says:

    As a high school lacrosse player, I find this story ridiculous. I have always kept a lighter and a knife in my bag. If a string breaks on my stick during practice or a game, you need a knife to re-string it. And a lighter is used to keep the strings from fraying. These items are very common among lacrosse players and they are both necessities. To criminally prosecute someone for this is very shortsighted.

    1. far left says:

      cb thanks for the input , do you guys have a equipment manager of some kind. This is what i would expect the families to use as a defense

  273. Biker says:

    C’mon guys. When did this culture of fear begin? After 9/11 and the Patriot Act. Was it put in place by liberals? I don’t think so! Zero Tolerance is a mistake for sure if people are driven to not use their common sense.
    Try to change the law. Guess who will fight to change it? Think!

  274. far left says:

    Real quick before I crawl back in my hole. As the law states, administrators have the authority to defer, conduct and even dismiss allegations on all local and state laws pertaining to school policy not criminal. After speaking to three parents that have children on that team (not any of the students parents), it was obvious that Principle Stofa was looking to make the papers. Just read his initial reaction to his deeds. He felt good and was glad he did this. What is his background?

  275. robert m says:

    Hey Guys, Just move. These characters don’t like white games and throw the same net over the innocent while they excuse the part of society that is sucking high standards, social services, decency and common sense.
    This is Duke without the black dancer
    You need to leave any place that is on it’s way to becoming a detroit, central LA, clevland getto.
    Look at the low rent guest of the white house. Kill our cops and ex president.
    Pray for this Country

  276. Richard_Iowa says:

    Excellent example of people who were passed through the system are now running the system. They cannot think, analyze, comprehend, make rational decisions, or effectively run our educational system. Because of their abject failures they focus on a 2″ pocket knife, call it a crime, have a student booked, and then tout about how well they are protecting our children from the evils of a dangerous world. Wonder what their union salary and benefits are?

    1. Jane says:

      Last publicly available was $180k +

  277. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I am so tired of hearing about how much we need the “public servants” who keep pixxing on us and pixxing on us and pixxing on us. I don’t always think about sex. Sometimes I think about overthrowing the government. Destroy these bloodsxcking tax-eaters!

  278. Kevin says:

    These families need to lawyer up and sue. There is no way a judge is going to tolerate this nonsense. If our school administrators lack the discretionary powers to handle incidents like this with some common sense and rationality, then their positions need to be eliminated.

  279. Isaac Bickerstaff says:

    How bizarre will the government schools have to become before the nation’s parents wake up and realize they don’t have to let these broken institutions raise their children?

    Students (and parents) are supposed to be the customers. Would anyone continue to patronize a business that treats its customers the way public schools treat children? Never.

    The institution that most resembles public school is the prison system.

  280. Mark Richardson says:

    I would like to know how to make a lighter blow up. I am certain the manufacturer of that lighter would take great offense with anyone saying their product is a potential explosive, and am equally sure they have gone to a good deal of effort making certain their product was safe to use for it’s intended purpose.
    They might even be willing to join a lawsuit in defense of the student, as they would want to defend their product.
    Who made that lighter??

    1. ChevalierdeJohnstone says:

      Of course, it is not possible to get a container full of compressed flammable gas to blow up. That would be crazy! There are not numerous internet videos detailing such explosions.

  281. Anon says:

    We’re supposed to mentor our children, not saddle them with police records.
    Common sense has jumped the shark. They need to give their heads a shake.
    Amerikka, land of the free.

  282. Anon says:

    Let’s all take a minute and bow our heads in memory of common sense and doing right by our kids.
    (them are some DANGEROUS Lacrosse players right thar…)

  283. Matthew Jacobs says:

    If you’r scratching your head trying to understand how adults can do such stupid things Read ” The Death of Common Sense” by Philip Howard. It tells the tail of how decision making had been removed from much of bureaucracy. The principal had no option but call the cops and the cops had no option but to arrest and transport the student to jail. Everything is codified so the individual has no impute they just follow the book.Must Read Book

  284. Anon says:

    This is adult bullying. Drop these charges.

  285. Afterheart says:

    What a totalitarian state we are fast becoming. The sad part is that our young people are beginining to believe it has always been this way. .A common pencil is capable of killing an indiividual if used in a criminal wayf. Students still use pens and penciils don’t they? For that matter, do they sitll use utensils in the lunch room? This maddnes has to stop..

  286. This country is in the toilet... says:

    Aren’t there bigger problems for the police to be dealing with in the Baltimore area?

  287. Greetings. says:

    I’m Canadian, so forgive me for adding my two cents here…but every hockey player I know (there must be millions) has similar tools in their gear bag to tape their sticks. Where I live, it’s only the toddlers that shouldn’t be trusted with a knife or a lighter. What gives?

  288. excaliph says:

    Clearly more of the same, Democrats, unions, and insanity, are what we need.

  289. Bob says:

    MD sucks! So glad to have left it after living there for 17 yrs of my adult life. Now that I’m a resident of a real state that doesn’t pride itself on its Liberal leaning population and being an Illegal alien sanctuary state, I’m enjoying my political life much more. I’ve even obtained a Concealed Carry permit for my handgun!! Goog luck, Marylanders, you’re gonna need it.

  290. bluecrab says:

    There are a lot of questions that are missing from this article. WJZ needs to do a follow up. Does anybody know what prompted the search? Can school officials search a student personal belongs without cause? These items where not found in their locker where the school has the right to search without permission. Did the students allow the administrators to conduct the search? Also when did the Talbot County govt. become the third reich and search student athletes’ equipment bags before heading to a game? Don’t they have something better to do.

  291. davo says:

    We put complete morons in charge of Schools snd wonder why Johnny can’t read.

  292. kodabear says:

    We have empowered fools to make rules. And so we get foolish rules enforcxed by bigger fools. sad, very sad!

  293. Muhammed says:

    Gov’t schools just create more space at the top of the ladder for privately-schooled and home-schooled kids.

    You want your children to be losers in life, just send them to gov’t schools.

  294. Anon says:

    I’m more afraid of a lacrosse stick than a pen knife or lighter as tools.
    Better cancel all lacrosse.

  295. Brandon Riley says:


  296. Ray Walker says:

    Simple solution. Vote Libertarian. End the Nanny State. GOP and Democrats have run the nation long enough and mostly into debt.

  297. John says:

    Someone should craft a microscopic knife with a 0.1mm length blade that you could only see with a microscope and bring it into that school (along with a microscope) to prove to the school administrators that it is indeed a microscopic knife and see what they do…I can see the newspaper article now – student arrested for having a microscopic knife that can’t even cut through the most superficial layers of the skin….ZERO TOLOERANCE!!!!

  298. LUCY says:

    They get the police involved? Was someone injured or threatened? What a waste of law enforcement resources. Why can’t the school try to solve the issue and warn the kids or suspend them. Call their parents. That is their job. The boys used the items as a tool not a weapon. Every situation needs to be handled case by case and being thought thru before contacting police. Bet the school principal was a female who gets paid big bucks.

    1. Anon says:

      If an authoritative person can’t tell the difference between a bagged sports tool to enable a kid to play lacrosse and a bonafide threat, perhaps they shouldn’t be in that position of responsiblity. A police record for a kid like this is an unjust travesty.

  299. astounded says:

    guys these are basic lacrosse materials. this is riduculous

  300. Jane says:

    For those of you interested, there are many concerned parents in talbot county… and this is sadly, not the first injustice….and unfortunately, this county has apparently enough reserves hidden somewhere to avoid justice. There is a Facebook page, “Talbot County Concerned Parents”. This county has numerous problems.. The board and top administrators are above reproach, and also, unapproachable. Thanks to everyone here who support the boys.

  301. TiminPhx says:

    Democrats being democrats. Meanwhile, if a pack of wild thugs beats up someone, but the race ratio wasn’t quite right, you would seek the school system bending over backwards to ignore it.

    This is the death of common sense, especially in the Blue State areas if the country.

    Let’s hope this didn’t interupt any teacher being able to date one of their students by the way.

  302. iamsam says:

    all students are told that their belongings are subject to searches on school grounds and related activities. why should these athletes be treated different than any other students in the same situation? these athlete students are no better than any other students. get off your high horse and get a grasp on reality, folks. if the two that got caught were not athletes, everyone would applaud the laws.

    1. Anon says:

      You volunteered for hall monitor, didn’t you.
      I’ll tell you why. You need these tools to maintain your stick when you play lacrosse.

  303. Hill says:

    “Kafkesque,” be sure to have the boys study Kafka to be able to refer to when discussing this incident.

  304. James says:

    “Disciplinary decisions are often controversial.”

    WRONG – stupid decisions by people in positions of authority that the average person can not combat are often stupid.

    This is what you get when you revoke your rights to some governing body. By the way, why was the bus searched before leaving anyway?

  305. Hanson says:

    Total BS
    Adminstration needs to be fired. Dr. Salmon has shown incredibly low awareness, poor decisionmaking and no common sense or guts.
    The police look silly. They rush to the school and make the arrests–why did they do this? They didn’t have to do this.
    Parents and teachers are afraid to speak out because of fear of retribution by the administration–who can blame them based on events so far.

    Not all objects can be used as weapons. Some objects can be used as weapons or for legitimate purposes. Baseball bat, scissors, letter opener, toothpick, etc. Deadly weapons? Yes in the wrong hands and with evil intent. In this case two good kids had a leatherman and a lighter they used to maintain their sticks (lacrosse sticks require constant maintenance) they use to represent their school.

    Terrible lesson to teach the kids.

    This is tyranny in it’s worst sense. The Superintendent has failed to lead. The School Board has failed to protect. The police made poor choices.

    When you are wrong admit you are wrong and learn from your mistakes. What a bunch of amateurs.

  306. FlameCCT says:

    This is ridiculous. They have a pocket knife, a leatherman, and a lighter. They also have very long, flexible clubs (aka lacrosse sticks). As another poster stated, what about the golf team or better yet, what about hockey players. They not only have clubs (aka hockey sticks) but they also have two dual edged razors (aka skates). Perhaps the schools will now target the baseball, football, and soccer teams because of their shoes. Soon their will be no sports allowed because of “safety” concerns. Geez, a little common sense would go a long way. After all you are trusting these kids with all kinds of weapons which are used in their sports.

  307. kam says:

    They are trying to condition young Americans to have a slave mentality like they are in prison. Sending your child to dumbed down public school is child abuse.

  308. Dave Willard says:

    Shoot, they should arrest them for rape. After all, they have the equipment for it!
    This kind of foolishness needs to end! Now! it’s now wonder Johnny can’t read- if this is the kind of intelligence administrators exhibit the teachers can’t be very smart either…

  309. A. Patriot says:

    As an alumni of Easton High, all I can say is I am glad to have escaped the nanny state mentality of Maryland and Talbot County. It was not that way when I lived there, but I smelled a changing tide and left when I saw the influence of the District of Criminals on the area. Wake up America. Return to a Constitutional Republic and respect the Bill of Rights. Restore personal honor, integrity and responsibility in our citizenry. Declare your Independence. Join the Re-love-ution!

  310. Kay says:

    School officials are taking humanism out of school. Common sense and attention to the welfare of their students future need to be applied. Our children don’t like going to school because they are not treated like individuals but are treated like wanna be criminals. Calling the police was totally out of order in this situation.

  311. Rose says:

    Each school teacher should also have their bags searched while on school property.

    Any violations? Then the school teacher should be put in front of a firing squad. NO questions asked. After all, zero-tolerance should be a two-way street!

  312. JLP45 says:

    ABSOLUTLY rediculous–seems funny these kids that were making good use of their time are subjected to these rediculous charges, while almost every felon arrested in Baltimore has a wrap sheet as long as these comments and doesn’t go to jail until they kill someone–maybe—-we have lost all common sense—thank you my government –thank you !!!!

  313. JLP45 says:

    NEXT TIME YOU HEAR—-THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW—THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD—FOR THE CHILDREN–IT TAKES A VILLAGE—hang on you just asked the Government to take your money to act like they are going to solve a problem that N E V E R gets solved, but costs more money every year. Solve yourproblems at the lowest level possible get the Government out of our lives !!!

  314. no relief says:

    Reminds me of when I was a kid. (1970s-80s). I used to carry a pen knife on me all the time as well as a lighter. I used them in school to do stuff, occasionally sharpen a pencil or clip the nails. Nobody gave it a second thought. Now THAT is common sense. There was a “smoking area” outside the school where the 16 year olds could light up, and people used their lighters. I didn’t smoke, but I didn’t judge people who did. I didn’t kill anyone with my pen knife either.
    If I wanted to stab someone, I could easily use a pen or pencil to do so. I could do serious damage. Should we outlaw pens n pencils? Maybe we should force kids to use chalk instead…much safer.

  315. linda senft says:

    enough already, the school is totally wrong. those boys deserve better. for how many years have those boys wear the school uniforms proudly and play to the best of their ability to represent their school. many athletes carry items to fix their equipment. i have a suggestion for the next lacrosse game, when a stick needs to be fixed,stop the game, give the stick to a school administator and have them fix it, then resume the game. most of the school administators done even attend games yet they can sit back and judge. the two lacrosse players deserve more from the school then a criminal record.

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