BALTIMORE (AP) — The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office has laid-off nine community liaisons due to budget constraints.

A spokesman says State Attorney Gregg Bernstein met with each of the liaisons individually on Wednesday and Thursday.

Spokesman Mark Cheshire says the city budget department recommended eliminating these positions last year, but they were retained. He says it just wouldn’t be fiscally responsible to keep the positions any longer.

Cheshire says it’s also part of the office’s transition to a community prosecution model, where prosecutors focus on geographic territories instead of types of crimes.

The duties of keeping communities involved in the judicial process now falls to a combined three-person communications and community affairs office that includes Cheshire and one of the liaisons. A second liaison will take a position with the district court.

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  1. Doug says:

    And now someone please hand Mr.Bernstein his pink slip
    and we’ll call it a constructive day for tax payers.

    1. Sebastian says:

      Way to be sure everyone knows you’re on the side of criminals.

  2. Andrew Timleck says:

    williejoe – you’ve been “reported” – you’re entitled to be a racist – but in your own head and world, not mine.

    1. whatnow says:

      I didn’t know the WJZ website was your world Andrew. This is the USofA. If those horrible people that protest at military funerals are given free speech by the Supreme Court, then who are you to judge someone else. There are a lot of haters on here, I just read them, smile, and move on. That is the American way. I resent your censorship more than I do vile free speech.

  3. Is there a Juvenile work program in Baltimore? Let’s put these kids to work teach them people skills so they don’t have to be out on the streets messing with people getting arrested. We still need people talking to these kids steering them in the right way.

    1. whatnow says:

      Isn’t that the parents job?

      1. bj in bmore says:

        can’t say it any clearer than that!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the parents responsibility to guide their children

  4. andy botwin says:

    that racist honkey laid me off!

  5. sheriff says:

    Interesting, Bernstein seems no better than his predecessor Jessamy. “Let’s make a deal” with a vicious criminal who is not about to change & would do anything to save her sorry a$$. Whatever happened to prosecuting & justice? Both of these maggot porch monkeys should do forty years in prison. Bernstein, u r a disappointment.

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