BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Let the light of the day brighten your night.

Mary Bubala reports homeowners can use solar lights to harness the sun to illuminate driveways, paths, steps and decks.

Solar lights are easy to install and they can recharge during the day for free.

Most solar lights are powered by a built-in photocell, which turn on automatically at night.

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  1. steve says:

    these things store the electric in JUNK batteries provided when you buy them. Making them JUNK, from the getgo. I wouldnt give you a plug nickel for em. Make a product worth while, then we can talk. BTW who writes this ^#)@ anyway? I guess they got bored!!!!

  2. Codeblue says:

    They are just that, junk.. They do charge during the day but if your overcast, dont count on them all night. Secondly the savings are so small. If you just turn off the lights in your home when your not using them, would be enough to pay for the lights outside so “Turn off those lights! ” LOL.

  3. Doug says:

    Most are Chinese junk.(not the boat)

  4. john harrison says:

    I found a J. McDermott barge solar light washed up on on the beach. Amazingly bright. USA made. I called to congratulate him on a great product, and he does sell them individually. Much pricier than the cheap ones described above, but worth it.

  5. Robert Falter says:

    I have several types of solar lights that came in handy when I had power failure
    sure is nice not getting in a panic when the lights go out looking for flashlights.
    and find the battries are dead .The spot lights work well for lighting out of the
    way things such as the shed that is away from the house.

    Thanks Robert Falter

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