WHEATON, Md. (AP) — Authorities say a woman has been killed and her husband is in critical condition following a hit-and-run in Wheaton.

Montgomery County police say the couple was getting off a bus near the intersection of Veirs Mill Road and Centerhill Street when they were struck by a white BMW about 9:45 p.m. Monday. Police say the 29-year-old driver stopped briefly and then drove off.

The couple was taken to a hospital, where the woman was pronounced dead. Their identities have not been released.

No charges have been filed in the case. Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call police at 301-840-2435.

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  1. psideOnine says:

    how do they know the drivers age and not the driver? ha doesnt make to much sense. get ur story straight

    1. Dee says:

      I am with you…. I thought the exact same thing. Journalism is not what it use to be.

      1. BLK Social Worker Praying says:

        never said they didnt know..they said ” the 29 year old drive stopped and drove off”, They knew the driver was in a white bmw …they are just NOT releasing identifying information such as names…They want witnesses to call in order to get the story straight…geesh..Baltimore THE CITY THAT READS!!!….even when info is right in front of us we assume.

  2. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Confused???? What? Did the BMW driver get out of the car, ID himself as being 29 and get back in and drive away? I agree, the story doesn’t make sense though I have enough common sense to figure it out. The police are looking for a white beemer with some front end damage that stopped at the scene and then left before police came.

  3. john damoniez says:

    or someone got the tag no# of the car when they stopped and the police ran the tag and the identity is coming from the information retrieved from the registration of the owner of the car

    1. Wiz says:

      Then that would prove the owner of the car is 29 – not necessarily the driver. They’re likely going through the process of confirming the owner was the driver at that time.

  4. Homer says:

    I wager the driver is an illegal alien. Doesn’t know the driving laws. Has absolutely no remorse for killing a woman and destroying a mans life. Just a guess but I have driven in Wheaton.

    1. just me says:

      Yea, good thing he is in Maryland. He will receive in-state tuition for this act.

      1. cris says:

        yeah them illegal aliens drive the worse, i just want to run them off the road. man why are they still here

    2. Dee says:

      Its Wheaton…. So illegal is very likely BUT a white BMW…. not so sure about that one.

  5. Matt says:

    ohh ignorant ‘Mericans I swear, the first to get offended by EVERYTHING yet the first to make unfounded ASSumptions!

    1. James says:

      Easy buddy, it’s just the climate anymore with O’Malley making Maryland an even MORE inviting hotbed to illegals, this you can’t deny. We already are one of the worst states with this issue.
      As for assumptions, have a feeling you are fairly liberal and make ASSumptions yourself.
      Hopefully, it was the tag someone got and they will catch this person, legal or not. Problem is that if ILLEGAL, we will be sure to keep him in the states with us ignorant Americans. We are Americans, you idiot, not ‘Mericans.

      1. pigeon says:

        James, I think you may have Matt pegged. He most certainly does make ASSumptions ’cause he ASSumed we ‘Mericans” got offended at everything. Perhaps we do when something is shoved down our throats so “criminals” are treated as equally or more so then honest citizens. Hummmm – don’t like it – go back from where you came.
        Just shows he has total disrespect for America although he seems to like the fact he does have “freedom of speech” here. I would much prefer to be called ignorant then arrogant!

  6. Mary says:

    I have been to that intersection many times. Very congested, not just vehicles but pedestrians, too. This story does not add up. How did they know he is 29? He stopped briefly and then took off. The location is near route 29 so maybe WJZ is confused with this “29” thing.

  7. pigeon says:

    Unreal. Not one posting with concerns for the family of this couple. SHAME on all of you!

  8. Malissa says:

    And you people wonder why we pay such high rates for insurance, we have like the 4th worst drivers in the nation. If everyone pd attention to driving instead of reading newspapers and putting on their make up or talking on the damn phone and looking out for others(YOU DONT OWN THE ROAD) we would be alot better off and alot less people would get hurt or KILLED!! What if these people were your family, think about it!!!!! We all need to pay more attention to our surroundings instead of what ever it is you do when your in your car thinking nothing will ever happen to you!!!!

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