BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There have been two violent home invasions in less than a week. Both happened in the middle of the night and police say both times the criminals pretended to be police.

Weijia Jiang spoke with one of the victims.

In the heart of Baltimore’s Federal Hill police are investigating a frightening home invasion. They say a couple was sleeping when, just shy of 4 a.m. Friday, three men used crowbars to break into a house in the 1600 block of Elkins Lane. They claimed they were police officers.

“The scares the pants off of me,” said neighbor, Joe Pizzi.

“I just went and bought a dead bolt that locks from both sides,” said another neighbor.

WJZ spoke with the victim who says he’s too shaken up to share his story on camera. He tells us he’s still in shock and relieved he listened to his attackers, but can’t stop thinking about what could have happened if he hadn’t.

“I’ve lived here all my life; it’s never been like this. It’s sad,” said a Federal Hill resident.

The attack is chillingly similar to one that happened on Sunday in Northeast Baltimore. Three men who were also impersonating police officers barged into a house, tied up a man and his wife, then shot the man.

“It’s a tremendous violation of the public’s trust. When a police officer knocks on your door, your immediate reaction is to comply and that’s what concerns us the most,” said Baltimore police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi.

“It’s just going to make it worse for real police,” said Federal Hill resident, Brenda Gurry.

Investigators are working to see if the same people are behind the assaults. Back in Federal Hill, police say the suspects only ended up taking a cell phone. Residents say they were also robbed of peace of mind.

“I thought Federal Hill would be a safe place. It’s not; you’re not safe anywhere,” said one resident.

Police say the victims were not seriously injured.

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  1. JoeFromAACounty says:

    police are “enormously concerned” about the impersonators.


    1. What? says:

      You are a jerk! No cop in his/her right mind would do something like that. Why don’t you lay off the caps lock too. Just because you scream your opinion doesn’t mean people will buy it.

      1. R C says:

        You seem to be uninformed of the facts. There are lots of police crimes and have been since forever. There are a lot of corrupt cops. My family had two cops. They knew what was going on.

    2. phyllis says:

      Yeah, right. Stop making stupid comments

  2. Jamie Dorton says:

    Nowhere is safe anymore! The police need to keep gettin the “Thugs” off of the street & the courts need to keep em off!!! I dont know, It just keeps getting worse & worse. Its looking more & more like the futuristic movies where there is no order & the earth is a wastelsnd. I pray fo our children!

    1. jackie says:

      You are right Jamie, that SHOULD be happening. The cops try to get them off the street but the judges put them right back onto the streets. Until we have jail sentences that properly reflect the crimes and stop having these fool judges handing out the “slap on the wrist” punishment, we will continue to have crime on the streets.

  3. NE Balt says:

    Rumor has it Major Darryl DeSousa of the Northeast District is responsible. He’s been on a power trip since he avoided prosecution for stealing $20,000 in fake overtime from Staples 10 years ago.

  4. Out in the county says:

    I have no reason for any cops to do a “tactical entry” on my house because I am not a criminal and have no warrants or in-house drug operation. Therefore, I will open fire on persons kicking in my door. These criminal punks will get greeted by .44 Mag projectiles!

    1. Kimberly Blackwell says:

      i agree 100% someonim shootin first and askin questions latere starts coming in my house that time of night

  5. donato says:

    Just another reason to get the H out of Zimbabwe, OOps! Balmor

  6. Tammy Patterson Dorr says:

    Where this latest incident took place is not “Federal Hill”. The yuppies call it “Federal Hill” because they are buying and moving here and are trying to change good ole South Baltimore. Where this incident took place is where a lot of druggies have moved into (I’ve been back four years and they moved here after I got back) and this part of the City has gone down severely. Open drug buys on the corners, hanging up by the elementary/middle school. Corrupting our kids that have lived and and grown up here all of their lives. Federal Hill is not this part of the City, it’s down where the actual park is and that surrounding area. We need the yuppies who want to move into our neighborhoods to respect what we have and ask if we mind change and we need the slum lords who are renting to these druggies to kick them out and sell their homes to people who are respectable, law abiding, working class people. But no, they just let anybody in and the yuppies that do move in and force their changes on us, end up moving out before their babies start school because our schools aren’t good enough. This I know for a fact because my mom use to be a nanny and she use to watch these babies and these people were yuppies. And for all of you yuppies who are reading this and don’t like what I’m saying, move. We don’t like you and we don’t want your changes. If we want changes, we will make the changes.

    1. g says:

      u are very dumb tammy. uneducated illiterate woman…. yuppies? hahah we have great jobs that we worked hard to have and provide ourselves with great homes. stupid c*nt

  7. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    Once you cross the threshold of my home, your sole will belong to Jesus, but your *ss will belong to me!

  8. Sheila Flanigan says:

    what race are the home invaders

  9. Ex-Baltimore says:

    Tammy Patterson Dorr:
    Yuppies are highly educated and trained professionals who by the very nature of their higher intelligent, civilized and productive status, improve
    neighborhoods–not destroy them like underclass savages do. You should thank and kiss a yuppy for moving in. It’s a privilage to have a rich well educated person living next to you. What? you’d rather have a crack head welfare queen living next to you with all seven of her illegitimate kids all from different fathers? Lighten up honey, rich people run this world and can quite easily have you removed from “South Baltimore” by the simple signing of a check.

    1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

      Anytime you want to write a check, let me know and I will tell you how much and who to make it out to.

  10. 1st Responder says:

    @NE Balt, you’ve got to be a total idiot to slander a man’s name on a public forum. Here’s to hoping Mr. DeSousa sees your post, tracks you down through you IP address, which is child’s play, gets a lawyer and sues the pants off you.

  11. thinkaboutit says:

    Does anyone honestly believe the victim was your average everyday citizen? He was a drug dealer….they didn’t break in at 345 am to steal a blackberry. Wake up.

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