BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Sniper attack on a Baltimore City policeman. A man is accused of shooting an officer with an assault rifle. Now investigators think he was targeting the department.

Weijia Jiang has the arrest and the disturbing motive.

Investigators say they don’t know why the suspect has a vendetta against the police department, but they’re certain he does. They say that’s why he tried to kill someone in uniform.

Chey Jordan, 20, is charged with the attempted murder of a Baltimore City police officer.

Investigators say he acted as a sniper and used a telescopic SKS assault rifle.

“It’s a miracle our officer was not more seriously injured or someone else in that block,” said Commissioner Fred Bealefeld, Baltimore City Police. “We know the rounds in that weapon were full metal jacketed rounds.”

It happened just before midnight Tuesday when the 24-year-old officer was responding to a domestic violence call in the 1100-block of Cooks Lane.

The bullet hit the officer’s gun, but fragments grazed his hip.

Many neighbors gathered outside at the time.

“It was such a big gun,” said Roberta Montley, neighbor. “He could have wiped us all out.”

“That is something I can’t even tell you how it affects even thinking walking to my door,” said Nadine Stewart, neighbor. “You just don’t feel safe anymore.”

Police say Jordan lives near the scene on Cooks Lane, but he wasn’t linked to the original call for help, and that he saw the resulting investigation as an opportunity to strike.

“He had some large [animosity] toward the Baltimore Police Department and elected to fire shots,” said Commissioner Bealefeld

Jordan’s ex-girlfriend tells WJZ he’s in the U.S. Army stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas and that he recently returned to Baltimore.

Police tracked him down at home Thursday after a tip came in from the neighborhood.

They found pieces of the dismantled rifle in his car and house.

Jordan is being held at Central Booking, waiting for a bail review.

The officer involved was treated and released from Shock Trauma.

Comments (20)
  1. KottaMan says:

    I volunteer to pull the switch on this cro-magnon. Society needs to start getting REAL about ridding the streets of such animals.

  2. Steven Cville says:

    Another criminal in the ghetto. They breed them in Baltimore.

  3. Steven Cville says:

    Just look at crime numbers and see who commits the largest number a crimes in the U.S per capita and you fully understand the population make up of the U.S.prison system. This thug is just a representative of that population group.

    A 2007 study found the following as printed by CNN
    Quote; “Black adults are four times as likely as whites and nearly 2.5 times as likely as Hispanics to be under correctional control. One in 11 black adults — 9.2 percent — was under correctional supervision at year-end 2007 : End quote
    9.2% of the Black Male population! That’s freaking ridiculous that we as a country have allowed it to reach these numbers. Political correctness since the 60’s have made things worst for all!

  4. Sylvan Finkelstein says:

    it’s hot out there ,all the animals are on the prowl, ashame it’s not winter because the animal stay in

  5. Octane818 says:

    The SKS is not an “assult rifle” but a self-loading carbine rifle. It does not have a removable magazine, but a fixed ten round magazine. It does not have a “pistol grip” but a traditional rifle buttstock. Get your facts straight WJZ!

    1. Tom says:

      Typical media. Everything is an AK47 or an assault rifle.

    2. Joe Blow says:

      A SKS is a Soviet Assault Riffle with a removable clip. In fact you could fit a banana clip, automatic kit and a folding stock on it. I dont know where you get your skewed disinformation from but why dont you check out a local gun show.

      1. Tom says:

        Hey “Joe” SKS by definition uses a 10 round stripper clip, and by definition is not an assault rifle. Not all SKS use detachable magazines. The SKS-M is the variant you are thinking of with the detachable magazine. I have a very well-versed knowledge in weapons. Why don’t you stop judging you prick?

      2. Joe Blow says:

        @Tom: Oh for f#cks sake. If you don’t know what you’re talking about without going to Wikipedia, dont chime in and start shooting off your mouth. You don know jack about the subject without surfing google and learning more about it before you comment. You dont need a “variant”. Its very simple to do it with any.

      3. Tom says:

        Nice one Joe. Assuming again, without any basis for the assumption. Go away you troll.

        An assault rifle is classified as a rifle with a detachable magazine, simple as that. The SKS does not have that, the SKS-M does. Get it now? No? I figured as much.

  6. When will it end? says:

    He’s not a man – he’s a punk thug, nothing more and nothing less. He wants to play sniper and under the cover of darkness start taking random shots at a police officer. This is clearly premeditated and deserves the highest punishment possible – not a plea deal. Remove this gene pool reject from the streets of Baltimore and you’ll be doing all of us a favor. Now let’s get ready for the onslaught of excuses:
    (1) Single parent home
    (2) Abused as a child
    (3) He is a good boy – just has problems
    (4) No father figure
    (5) Insert any of the other 20 excuses here

    1. Tom says:

      He’ll get off on some technicality and be out shooting at people again next month.

    2. Crazy says:

      (6) The military messed him up

      1. Joey Dundalk says:

        You just can’t fix stupid

    3. Harley121 says:

      Well said!!!!! It is a shame just how many people chose to close their eyes and not see things for what they really are!!!!!!

  7. Harley121 says:

    I work in Baltimore City,,,,,, this is the result of them NOT locking up and prosecuting all the criminals that they arrest! I’d bet that this simple Negro has a rap sheet two miles long, and should have been behind bars and not out being a predator on the streets!
    I’m very careful during the day,, but when I go into the city at night I CARRY! Smith & Wesson make me feel very comfortable knowing that I CAN protect my family and myself.

  8. All American says:

    Hey Tom, Joe Blow is a liberal activist. Waste no time with such assh@les! They are inward in their thoughts.

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