OVERLEA, Md. (WJZ) — An illegal prostitution ring was going on right under the noses of Baltimore County neighbors, according to police.

Andrea Fujii explains how the women were moved from state to state for sex.

Prosecutors say these women traveled thousands of miles, got into the country illegally and ended up as sex slaves.

When federal agents raided an unassuming Overlea house, they say they found women forced to sell their bodies as workers in an international sex ring.

“It was always open at night.  We were like, `Oh, that’s weird.’  It’s a happy endings [kind] of place,” said neighbor Lindsey Miller.

It was called the Elite Spa on Bel Air Road.  A lengthy indictment paints a gruesome picture of what went on inside.  Prosecutors say the victims were lured into the U.S. from China, Korea and other Asian countries, some of them illegally.  Then they’d be shuffled from motel rooms to brothels in four states.

“They charge them large fees to be smuggled into the country, then they basically hold them as indentured slaves,” said Mark Bastan, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Neighbors say the girls would be dropped off in the very back of the house.  Then they’d rush inside, looking over their shoulder, almost like they were scared someone would see them.

“You can put two and two together and assume what’s going on with a lot of cars coming and going,” said Mike, who works next door.

Court documents show customers paid managers $50 to $60 an hour, but the women’s only income came from tips.  Some serviced up to 14 people in one night.  They were forced to move every two weeks to offer men variety. 

It’s a horror story not too shocking to ICE agents, who say tens of thousands are trafficked in for sex every year.

“These number of cases are not uncommon.  We’ve had cases here in Maryland,” Bastan said.

Federal agents say in taped phone conversations, suspects bragged that their operation brought in more than a million dollars a year.

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  1. Savage RIp says:

    Wow no one commenced on this. Now if this happened in Baltimore city and everyone assumed the defendants were black it would be comments up and down here. Now being as though they were probably white no one bothered to comment. SHAKING MY HEAD

    1. Darryl says:

      So Sad!!

    2. Silly says:

      That’s because their spouses were the johns!!!

    3. just saying says:

      @ Savage Rlp- You hit the nail right on the head. Thanks for the comment…

    4. Fed-Up says:

      The article clearly states: Prosecutors say the victims were lured into the U.S. from China, Korea and other Asian countries, some of them illegally.

    5. Chachi says:

      They WEREN’T white, you tool. Why is it always the ones complaining about racism that are the first to toss down a Race Card and make a racist comment themselves?

      Tell me: How many Race Cards come in a standard deck nowadays, anyway?

    6. jenjen says:

      shut it.

      1. jenjen says:

        my shut it comment was to Savage RIp..so sick of the race card…

    7. Foo says:

      Asians are not considered white.
      Stop race-baiting!!!
      It is sad and disgusting whomever is exploited in this way.

  2. weas says:

    The worst of the black community live in the city.

    1. Savage RIp says:

      Is cracked out white dopepheines in the city too. Black people are still a minority and a race of dominance and y’all scared of them.

  3. Patricia Smith says:

    hope the prostitutes can get unemployment..

    1. Tom says:

      Did you even read the article?

  4. jessi says:

    This isn’t a white or black thing. These women were sold as sex slaves. They were HELD AGAINST THEIR WILL. It’s sad that humans have the capacity to do this to one another.
    And what does “the worst of the black community live in the city” have to do with this? This was Overlea. I happen to live in the city, and have both white and black neighbors and no one has any issues with one another. Stop spreading hate.

  5. jz says:

    its not spread hate its the true! ok that was force but its was some kind of way they could have got away, korean,china,white,black its don’t matter what clolor they need to start defending themself. runawway or get help or tell someone so they can get help,let someone no was going on so we can help. so that its won’t happened to no one else.jz

  6. Savage RIp says:

    This isn’t a white or black thing, but assuming these defendants are white and not black no one commented. Look at the article about the women who killed a cyclists on Richie Highway and look at the comments that sort got because to someone she looks like a black ape. I’m stating facts and some people can’t handle it. No one knows my race I could be white just pointing out the things White people say on this very site about black ppl regardless if the news is positive or negative.

    1. SMH says:

      They were ASIAN…..The race was clearly stated in the article. White and Black were not even infered…….Your comment had no bearing whatsoever on the article printed.

  7. Savage RIp says:

    I’m not complaining I’m calling all you racist pricks out.

    1. walter says:

      you are ridiculous..plain and simple

  8. Eliza says:

    Slavery is cultural blind and race blind. These women were not prostitutes, they were slaves. They were trafficked, beaten, tortured and have their lives and families overseas threatened. This is the reality and it’s happenening everywhere in your own back yard. When you are in a country, don’t speak the language, and don’t understand our laws, and are being told you will be locked up if caught, you believe it. My heart goes out to these women. Their lives have been hell and I hope they will find peace. By the way…what about the men who paid money to rape them over and over again?

  9. Lyndi says:

    It is always about race on here. Ridiculous if you ask me. These women were smuggled in from Korea, China and other Asian countries. Unless I missed something in the article, it doesn’t say if the smugglers are black or white nor does it matter. The whole thing is sick! These women have been put through hell!

  10. RavenLude says:

    agree w/ Lyndi. why is everything always turned racial? sad, there was probably whites blacks and asians involved in this. asians overseas put em on the boat and blacks and whites here were probably responsible for moving them all around and pimping them out.
    some of u need to get a life and stop pulling the race card on every topic. ive never seen a larger group of racists (both black and white) until i read the comments on this site.

  11. divide and conquer says:

    You’all play right into these manipulator’s hands, divide and conquer. While you’re all calling each other names they continue to take advantage of the system. Race, religion, gender, political affiliation, etc whatever it takes to keep you at each other’s throats is music to their ears. The Baltimore Sun is such a joke by reporting this while running advertisements in their paper for these establishments. Hypocritical and sad. These places are all over the county, look in the Sun paper.

  12. Victimless Crime says:

    Baltimore County shuts down prostitution ring my eye! These places are all over the county, this one will probably reopen by the end of the year under a different name.

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