ORANJESTAD, Aruba (WJZ) — The search continues for a missing Frederick woman in Aruba.  Now a Maryland man is being held in the country for questioning. 

Meghan McCorkell has more on the efforts to find Robyn Colson Gardner.

Police took Gary Giordano of Gaithersburg into custody as he was trying to leave Aruba.  He was traveling with Gardner and reported her missing.

Police in Aruba have detained 50-year-old Giordano.  Investigators say he was with 35-year-old Gardner when she disappeared.  Giordano told authorities he and Gardner were snorkeling when they started to swim toward the beach. 

The Aruban prosecutor’s office says, “He stated further that the woman had not reached the beach together with him and apparently had remained in the water.”

No one has seen her since.

“I just don’t think she was snorkeling.  I think something has happened at this person’s hand,” said Gardner’s boyfriend, Richard Forester.

Forester says he’s been dating Gardner for the past two and a half years.  She told him she was going away with her family but he told WJZ she really snuck away with Giordano, who she met on an online dating site.

“All I could imagine is that while she was there, whatever was happening to her, she was screaming for me and I wasn’t there,” Forester said.

Gardner disappeared in the same city where Natalee Holloway vanished in 2005.  Friends have turned to the Natalee Holloway Resource Center for help.

“In this instance, since it was Aruba, Beth Holloway was able to step in and start working with us on it right away.  She was able to get an FBI contact for us immediately,” said Janine Vaccarello.

But so far, no tips have led to Gardner.

WJZ has obtained court documents that show Giordano has faced criminal charges, including theft.  At least one woman filed a peace order against him.  His lawyer emphatically denied his client had anything to do with Gardner’s disappearance.

Search parties are continuing to look for Gardner along the beach where she was reported missing.

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  1. Maryr says:

    Maybe Aruba should investigate Deepak and Satish Kalpoe who were at one time connected to the Natalie Halloway case. I have a feeling the guy Robyn was with, sold her to a sex slave operation for a handsome fee. It is so strange that both women, Robyn and Natalie both are beautiful and blonde. This guy that was with her probably knew he could get away with whatever he did because he saw what happened to Natalie and to this day her case is unsolved. The Aruban authority did a poor job in their investigation into the disappearance of Natalie but hats off to Peru for doing a much better job in their police work. I have no interest in traveling to Aruba because of what happened to Natalie and the how they handled the investigation.

  2. Baltimore County Man says:

    She’s a liar and an unfaithful cheat. She told her boyfriend of two years that she was going away to Aruba with her family, but in all actuality was there with a new lover she had met on an on-line dating site. This clearly shows why men can’t trust women and need to always have the paternity of our children checked because a woman like this will make us believe the child is ours. So, she’s missing. Well, so what. She chose to lie and cheat with some nut she met over over the Internet because she was probably vaguely unhappy with her boyfriend and needed to keep herself free to be ready to find someone “better”. Vague unhappiness is when a woman is not content with a man even through he treats her very well and is a very nice and decent guy. This just goes to show that nice guys always finish last. This woman leaves her nice long-term boyfriend for some strange dude she didn’t even know.

    1. Baltimore County Woman says:

      Wow! Bitter much?

  3. brandon says:

    LOL…Baltimore County Man needs psychological counselling…I feel sorry for the women in his life….probably doesn’t have any…thank goodness

  4. KottaMan says:

    Well, this woman is part of the 30 to 35% of women who cheat on their significant other. To Aruba, no less. Her boyfriend needs to move on in life and stop being in denial. A sad tale all the way around.

  5. Mary says:

    Wow Baltimore County Man…..you never know and if this is true, she put herself out there and made risky choices. I looked up this Gary Giordano(her travel partner) on Maryland Case search, and saw that a man with the same name had a prior domestic dispute with one woman and a divorce from another. Hmmmm…… if this is the same guy, than stupid move on her part. I suggest anyone wanting to check out a person before you get involve in a relationship, better check out Maryland Case Search. A public website that will provide you with criminal and civil background of another person.

  6. cg says:

    This woman is a Gold Digger, a Cheater and a Liar. Who does not have job, just out hunting rich men, while using her boyfriend to paying for all living expenses. The type of woman like this one, I don’t feel sorry for her. Overall, I don’t think that she’s really missing or something might happened to her. I beleive that she still alives, she was just hiding somewhere after she realized that she cheated on her boyfriend and using him, plus she might has took some money from Mr. Giordano before she disappeared too, who knows. There are a lot of dangerous women out there. Men are the truth victims in this Nation.

  7. cg says:

    US goverment and Authorities are manipulated the Caribian islands and foreign Countries about laws rules and regulations. It’s so sick and sad. They would never tell other Countries around the World of how dangerous the us women are, how slick they are and how good of cheat, lie and steal they are and etc. Maybe the World needs to know how dangerous those us women are. This would help the World to protected themselves, especially when they’re around us women. It should not always immediately convicted the guy without credible..